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10 inch vs 12 inch Table Saw – Which One Is Better?

Top 10 Best Table saw blade 2020 - Expert Review & Guide

The table saw is one of the most powerful tools used by professionals to cut large wooden boards and wooden sheets into the perfect size.

A good quality table saw will provide efficient usability with maximum accuracy to the work and it will also help in speeding up the task.

You can get excellent performance from a table saw with a powerful motor, which can rotate the blade at high speed.

However, have you ever noticed that there are two different sizes to choose from? Usually, people prefer buying large-sized options due to the great versatility, but that’s not the same situation with the table saw.

A good quality table saw with two sizes option, 12 inches and 10 inches can make a big difference in terms of performance.

12 Inch Vs 10 Inch Table Saw

It is all about the depth and if you choose to go with a powerful table saw, then figuring out the adequate size is essential for the job.

Here, we are comparing two of the most popular blade size options 10 inches vs 12 inches to figure out the best one with great usability and performance.

Let’s get started –

12 Inch Table Saw 

Using a 12-inch table saw blade is considered a way more reliable option for cutting deep into the material without any issue. You can choose to work on large blocks, thick wooden boards and a lot more types of materials.

One thing which makes the 12-inch table saw a highly appreciable choice is affordable pricing even though it should be expensive than the 10-inch table saw. Many companies are offering great discounts and it can ensure an excellent purchase.

you can choose a 12-inch table saw in different types and the build quality will be way more reliable than a normal table saw. Here are a few factors that you can look after –

  • Performance –A 12-inch table saw can rotate the blade at 4500 RPM and provides excellent cutting power even against the hardwood.
  • Productivity – With higher power and faster-cutting speed, you can expect great productivity when working on different types of projects.
  • Accessories and Attachments – 12-inch table saw comes with few basic accessories and if you want to buy more, the likelihood of finding it is very low.
  • Cost –12-inch table saw seems expensive, but if you compare deals, you can find that these are less expensive.

Based on these three factors, you can find that a 12-inch table saw is slightly better in many jobs, but there is a completely different story to a 10-inch table saw, which might make you consider avoiding this blade.



Provides excellent power in cutting hardwood. Limited accessories choice
Works at 4500 RPM to cut through any material. Portability is not that great.
Available for affordable pricing point
Stable base with incredible functionality

10 Inch Table Saw

A 10-inch table saw is widely popular and mostly preferred by professionals for a wide range of purposes. If you are out there in the market for a reliable table saw, then you might like to choose a 10-inch table saw.

There are a ton of brands manufacturing 10-inch table saw, and the build quality is excellent. For cutting any hard material with ease, this table saw are buttery smooth and ensure great productivity.

Versatility might be your sweet spot during the purchase time, but a 10-inch table saw might lack by a few degrees in this factor.

  • Performance –Even though the 10-inch table saw has a smaller size, it is highly reliable in terms of performance. With the smaller size, it can rotate at higher RPM.
  • Productivity –With the faster speed and easy to use design, you can get the work done at a faster rate for ideal thicken boards.
  • Accessories and Attachments – The variety in 10-inch table saw accessories is a lot more than the 12-inch table saw. You can choose from a wide range of brands.
  • Cost – 10-inch table saw are slightly expensive as compared to the other options, still, they can provide a better value for money factor.

Along with these factors, you can find excellent portability due to the smaller size, easier assembly and lightweight design. You can find a 10-inch table saw highly reliable while carrying it to remote locations.



Powerful enough to cut through any material of ideal thickness. Might be slightly expensive with premium brands.
The blade can rotate above 5000 RPM with an ideal power motor.
A huge number of accessories options provide great usability.
Portability is excellent due to the lightweight design and compact size.

Differences Between 12 Inch Vs 10 Inch Table Saw

There are mainly three key differences that can help you understand which size of the table is reliable for your needs.

  • Portability – A 10-inch table saw is way more portable than a 12-inch table saw as it is compact in size and easy to port from one location to another.
  • Usability – A 12-inch table saw is slightly more versatile than a 10-inch table saw while working on thick wooden boards. However, if you consider the need, a 10-inch table saw is the significantly better option.
  • Accessories – You can find different types of accessories and safety features with a 10-inch table saw, which can provide better overall usability.
  • Cost – The cost of a 10-inch table should be lower than a 12 inch but it is completely the other way around. You can find a 12-inch table saw with better price options.

These are a few of the differences that you can find among both sizes of the table saw. You must understand the requirement first.

Bottom Line

When it comes to finding the right power tool, you must focus on the type of job, other tools requirements and accessories that might be required. By this method, you can finalize the right table saw more easily and get the job done without making any compromises.

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