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80t vs 100t Tooth Saw Blade: Which Is Better?

80t Vs 100t Tooth Saw Blade

What do you mean by table saw blade? Are you also confused about which one is more suitable for your purpose? You might think about which blade is preferable or if one blade is manageable for the distinct task. Of course, not. Multiple tasks are done in industries. Therefore, approaching the perfect option of the blade is essential. The fundamental objective of a saw blade is to cut down everything related to lumber and Sheet goods. There are different blades for all the purposes, whereas, if you are picking up the perfect option, it may be helpful for a particular task.

However, if you wonder what type of table you are supposed to have, whether 80t or 100t, then do not worry, here you will get a solution. Although, it’s essential to invest your time in buying an appropriate instrument. Otherwise, you may be developing the wrong habit of woodworking. There are enormous options for table saw, but each of them has a distinct application. Here you will find out the application for 80t and 100t. That will guide you on which one is more suitable for your purpose.

Difference between 80t and 100t-

80t Vs 100t Tooth Saw Blade

The first point to discuss is the primary purpose of 100 tooth count of table saw to cut the hardwood easily. There is discrete hardwood, but the blade with 100 teeth cut it smoothly and with a breeze. So, if you want to cut your wood smoothly, it is a perfect option. The essential feature about 100 teeth is that it uses a unique pharma shield coating responsible for resisting rust and corrosion. These two critical things are significant to prevent gumming and protect the blade from heat. Now, if you are thinking about how it is responsible for doing smoother cuts, it is because of the laser-cut stabilizer. It helps to reduce noise and vibration. At the same time, it is slightly expensive!

Whereas, the table saw with 80 teeth has few advantages and disadvantages. The blade with 80 teeth is a precise cutting tool. Since it is responsible for giving accurate cuts, which is extremely useful. If you want to crosscuts smoothly, then it ensures you the above factor. Apart from this, it is the best instrument because the amount of waste material introduces minimally. Another best feature about 80t is it is pretty durable. At the same time, it gets dull quickly as compare to 100 tooth. The instrument is also responsible for wearing out relatively. Another disadvantage of the equipment is it made a loud whistling sound at the time of operating.

The blade with 100 teeth cuts the wood faster and provides unique factors for making the process easier. The very first thing is it works for a more extended period. If you want to invest in buying an instrument to cut wood pieces, then it will be better to consider the blade with 100t. This is because the sharpness of the blade remains for an extended period. That is even responsible for being used for the distinct task.

In comparison, the table saw with 80t is wastage of money for most of the time. Since the blades of this get done efficiently and also it stops function earlier. The blades are not that sharp, which will run for an extended period. That’s the main reason why people go with the above one rather than considering the table saw with 80t. Moreover, it is not available for doing several tasks that means one has to buy more pieces of equipment.

Application of 80t-

  • The instrument with 80t increase accuracy.
  • The unique feature is its reduced noise and vibration.
  • It cut the board in positive hook angles.
  • The coating done on the blade is a Parma shield non-stick.
  • The blade with 80 teeth cut the wood slowly.
  • The Finnish produced with the help of 80 teeth saw blade is rough.
  • The blade gets dull quickly as compare to other brands.
  • It is not very smooth in the process of cutting boards.

Application of 10t-

  • The blade with 100 teeth works fast as compare to another blade.
  • At the time of working with such a blade, it does not get heat.
  • The blades are done with the coating known as Parma shield non-stick.
  • The instrument is slightly expensive.
  • The two standard features are not seen with these blades are rust and corrosion.
  • It is not noisy and causes vibration.
  • The blades have high-density carbide that stays sharper longer.
  • The blades are responsible for cutting the wood smoothly.

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80t or 100t, which one is better:

The imperative point to understand is the instrument with more teeth will cut the wood pieces accurately. It not only smoothly but is cut with different angles. In comparison, the blade with a small number of teeth will have less power. The blade with 100t will give you speedy performance with perfection. After considering the quality of both: 80t and 100t table saw blades, it can easily state that 100 teeth blade has better quality. The process done with the instrument of 100 teeth is faster and precise as compared to other ones.

It never allows the blade to get the heat; however, that allows running the tool for a longer time. Even most people get their hands on such a tool because it is an excellent investment. The process is relatively smooth and fast. Moreover, it is responsible not to let the waste come out in more significant numbers. People always prefer to go with the tool with trendy but also sharp and make things easier. This drive, it offers people to perform the separate task with a single object. That means table saw with 100t is multi-purpose. The boards are complex, but the blade of 100t makes the process smoother.


The table saw blade is a piece of equipment that cuts the wood into different pieces. In between 80t and 100t, there are some specific differences. For example, the blade with 100 teeth is performing with perfection. In contrast, 80t is slow and often not valid for a specific purpose.

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