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Which Delta Table Saw is the Best in 2023? [Top 4 Compared]

What Delta Table Saw is the Best? Delta is definitely a brand that’s slowly becoming one of the most recognized tool brands in the market. However, just like every other brand, not all their tools will be hitcanapele tamilia ghencea  tracciato tav firenze  разклонител пвц ппк ф40 ф40-87градуса  מרכז הלבשה סניף נתיבות  camiceria turri prezzi  […]

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Which is the Best Dewalt Impact Driver for 2023? [Top 5 Compared]

DeWalt is among the most well-known power tool brands that are currently available in the market. It’s a no-brainer that the company makes great tools, so what abbrooklyn nyc original jersey  pyjama jaune femme  leifarne ikea  barbie ház fából  папки 10бр  adidas pure boost white  nålar strumpor fishnet beskrivning  vans led zeppelin  pink running tights […]


Which RYOBI Table Saw is the Best in 2023?

RYOBI is among the top brands for power tools and leads the way in terms of quality and quality. In this article, we are going to review what the best RYOBI Table Saw is. RYOBI creates table saws which are perfect for not only professionals but also for DIY enthusiasts. We are going to discuss […]


Which Ryobi Pole Saw is Best in 2023?

Best on a Budget

3 Expand-It 10 in. Universal Ryobi Pole Saw Attachment

Expand-It 10 in. Universal Pole Saw Attachment


Best Overall

1 Ryobi One+ 8 in. 18V 9.5 ft. Cordless Electric Pole Saw

One+ 8 in. 18-Volt 9.5 ft. Cordless Ryobi Pole Saw


If the thought of climbing a ladder and powering your chainsaw to prune trees makes your blood run cold, you are not alone! Luckily, a Ryobi Pole saw can help you do the job without needing to risk your life. The chainsaw attached to an adjustable pole can help you reach heights of over 8 feet. And because you’re here, I’ m assuming you already know some things about Pole Saws and got your heart on a Ryobi Pole Saw. So continue reading to find out more about the Pole Saw selection offered by Ryobi.

Feel free to skip to the product comparison if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Things to Consider Before Buying Pole Saw

At this point, you must be wondering what factors to consider before buying a Pole Saw. Don’t worry! Here are some key factors to focus on when finding the best pole saw for your needs.

1. Cutting Bar Length and Working Height

The crucial factor for any pole saw is the cutting bar length and the height your tool can reach.

Ryobi pole saws come with 8-inch to 10-inch cutting bar lengths suitable for cutting branches 6 to 8 inches in diameter. Usually, a cutting bar length of a pole saw should be a couple of inches more than the branch diameter for optimum results.

On the other hand, the working height of a pole saw is the sum of the tool’s length and the average arm’s length. Ryobi pole saws can easily reach heights of 8 ft. to 10 ft.

2. Power Options and Weight

Power options and weight are other crucial factors that can make or break a deal for you.

A manual power saw requires your body strength to cut and prune trees but is super light in weight. A gas-powered pole saw is the heaviest on the market and is used in industries. Those at home can choose from electric and battery-powered pole saws.

Electric pole saws are light in weight, but the corded design can restrict movement. However, battery-powered options are heavier than electric ones yet offer greater flexibility. Battery-powered Ryobi pole saws operate on 18V or 40V batteries.

3. Runtime

The power option also affects the runtime of a pole saw. Gas-powered and electric pole saws depend on fuel and AC supply for operations.

A gas-powered pole saw tank needs to be refilled in 2 to 4 hours, whereas cordless designs can run for as long as it’s attached to an AC supply socket.

Battery-powered Ryobi pole saws can run for 30 to 60 mins (depending on the battery’s capacity). After that, you need to charge the battery for at least an hour. Thus, spare batteries are handy if you need to run a battery-powered pole saw for long hours.

4. Add-Ons

Add-ons can be beneficial in making your experience using a pole saw comfortable and safe.

Since pole saws wield a powerful motor, they can generate vibrations that make it challenging to handle the tool. Look for pole saws with non-slip grips and anti-vibrational features.

Ryobi pole saws have a self-oiling mechanism that can save you precious time prepping the tool.

Now that you know what to consider before buying a pole saw, let’s dive into finding the best one for you.

3 Best Ryobi Pole Saws

1. Ryobi One+ 8 in. 18V 9.5 ft. Cordless Electric Pole Saw

1 Ryobi One+ 8 in. 18V 9.5 ft. Cordless Electric Pole Saw

The first on the list is the Ryobi’s One+ 8-inch pole saw, P4360A, that runs on an 18 V Li-ion battery. Ryobi One+ is a popular series among the masses for its versatile catalogue and cordless designs. This Ryobi 18v pole saw can extend to 9.5 ft. to easily reach taller trees. Unlike other pole saws on the market, this one comes with a self-oiling mechanism that saves you from the hassle of oiling your saw every now and then.



  • Powered by an 18V Li-ion battery
  • Working length of 9.5 ft.
  • Blade length of 8 ft.
  • 7.4 lb. in weight



  • Cordless design
  • Compatible with any 18V One+ battery by Ryobi
  • Considerable backup with 4 A-hr battery
  • Self-oiling mechanism



  • Battery and charger sold separately

2. Ryobi RY43160 6 Amp Pole Chainsaw

2 RY43160 6 Amp Pole Chainsaw

Ryobi RY43160 Pole Chainsaw is your best bet for robust applications. This variant is an electric pole saw with a 6 A electric motor for quickly cutting thick branches. The design offers extreme flexibility to users as the telescopic fibreglass shaft can expand to 9 ft. You can cut tree branches in a jiffy with a narrow kerf bar of 8 inches. Other features include an instant start option and an automatic oiling system to keep the chainsaw and other moving parts well-lubricated when it matters.



  • Corded pole saw
  • Expandable working height to 9 ft.
  • Cutting length of 8 inches
  • 8.08 lb. in weight
  • Angled head for precision cutting



  • 6 A electric motor for exceptional power
  • Ideal for occasional homeowners
  • Instant start option and easy maintenance
  • Can reach high spots usually inaccessible without ladders



  • Reduced flexibility due to wire
  • Need to be close to the power source

3. Ryobi Expand-It 10 in. Universal Pole Saw Attachment

3 Ryobi Expanding attachment

The Ryobi Expand-It pole saw, PD-27937, offers greater heights for cutting tree branches that cannot be easily reached by other Ryobi pole saws. Also, Expand-It Ryobi 40 V pole saw can be used with other universal trimmers, edger, blower, tiller, prune and weed wacker.



  • 8.08 lb in weight
  • Working length up to 10 ft.
  • 40V battery powered
  • Cutting capacity of up to 8 inches



  • Pole saw attachment can be used with other universal power heads
  • Angled head for precise cutting
  • Self-oiling mechanism



  • The blade can be caught on the wood if the rotation speed is slow

End Note

While Ryobi Pole Saws offers a limited selection, they do have a couple of strong contenders in the list. But before buying one, look for the specifications mentioned above per your needs. If you’re still unsure on whether to buy a Ryobi or another brand, feel free to check out some of my other articles that may help you pick the best one for you.


Best DeWalt Oscillating Tool in 2023

If you’re looking to trim down pipes, floorboards, etc. a DeWalt Oscillating Tool is among the best to get the job done for household and workshop needs. Want the same tool to remove abrasion or rust from metal? Consider it done. And if you want to wield one for your workshop or a DIY project, this article will give you all the options DeWalt provide sot that you can pick the best one out of them. First, here’s how we’re ranked the best, but feel free to jump into the tools straight away.

Best on a Budget

1 XTREME™ 12V MAX Brushless Cordless Oscillating Tool

XTREME™ 12V MAX* Brushless Cordless Oscillating Tool


Best Value

4 20V MAX XR® Brushless Cordless 3-Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

Cordless Brushless 20V Max Variable Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit


Most Powerful

2_2 20V M2AX XR® Brushless Cordless 3-Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool

20V MAX* XR Brushless Cordless 3-Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool


Things to consider before buying an Oscillating Tool

But before diving into our best picks, you must understand what you should look for in an oscillating tool.


The motor inside an oscillating power tool is tiny but powerful enough to perform most of your desired tasks. An oscillating tool comes in brush and brushless motors. Brush motors are cheaper, but brushless motors use less power for similar output. A brushless DeWalt oscillating tool has 57% more runtime than its counterpart.

Oscillation Speed and Angle

Oscillation speed and angle are also crucial when deciding on an oscillating tool. If you are looking for a not-so-fancy tool that can get the job done, look for at least 18,000 Oscillations Per Minute (OPM) and an oscillation angle of 3.2 degrees. DeWalt has a range of tools that match or exceed the specs above.

Variable Speeds

Another factor that you must keep in your mind before deciding on an oscillating tool is the option of variable speeds. Since you’ll be using it on different materials, you might need to set it at different speeds. Here, DeWalt oscillating tools come in handy. They come in three different speed settings with a trigger instead of a switch for easy handling.

Ergonomic Design and Weight

DeWalt’s power tools are known for their ergonomic designs, and their oscillating tools are no exception. DeWalt has two grips on its oscillating tools to ensure top-notch precision and control. Not only this, the tools are lightweight and easy to handle.

Power Mechanism and Batteries

Another factor contributing to the comfort and portability of power tools is their power mechanism. DeWalt Oscillating tools are available in both cord and cordless designs. Cordless designs offer ease in handling but need a powerful battery to operate. If you are looking for a cordless design, DeWalt has 12V and 20V options to meet your needs.

Best 5 DeWalt Oscillating Tools

#1. DeWalt XTREME™ 12V MAX* Brushless Cordless Oscillating Tool

1 XTREME™ 12V MAX Brushless Cordless Oscillating Tool

DeWalt DCS353B is a perfect companion for you looking for a compact power tool for a myriad of tasks at hand. A 12V battery (sold separately) powers the powerful motor and generates 18,000 OPM. The cordless design and ability to mount tools at 3.2 degrees oscillation angle to work on intricate designs. It is a perfect tool if you already own a DeWalt 12V battery and other accessories.



  • 18,000 OPM
  • 3.2-degree oscillation angle
  • LED lights
  • 1.85 lb.
  • 9 in length


  • Portable because of cordless design
  • Variable Speed
  • Easily changeable attachments


  • Low battery potential of 12V
  • Batteries and attachments are sold separately

#2. DeWalt 20V MAX* XR® Brushless Cordless 3-Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool

2 20V M2AX XR® Brushless Cordless 3-Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool

If you are looking for a more powerful option, DeWalt DCS356B is the best fit. You can set it at a maximum oscillation speed of 20,000 OPM or choose from three variable speed options for precision and control. For this tool to work, you must buy a DeWalt 20V battery separately.



  • 20,000 OPM (Max)
  • 2.33 lb.
  • 11.2 in length
  • LEDs to illuminate dark surfaces


  • More cutting power than DeWalt DCS353B
  • Cordless and ergonomic design
  • Three variable speed options
  • Easily changeable attachments


  • Bulkier than DCS353B
  • Batteries and other sold attachments are sold separately

#3. DeWalt ATOMIC™ 20V Max* Brushless Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

3 ATOMIC™ 20V Max Brushless Cordless Oscillating Tool

DeWalt’s 20V Atomic series is ideal for those intending to use it in tight spaces or overhead conditions. The compact design and enhanced components in DCS354B make it a viable cordless oscillating tool for DIYers and Professionals alike.



  • 18,000 OPM
  • 2.33 lb.
  • 11.2 in
  • LED Lights


  • Compact design allows you more freedom to work in confined spaces
  • Powerful motor that generates 18,000 OPM for all-purpose work
  • Easy mounting and dismounting of blades


  • Battery, battery charger and other attachments are not included
  • Different speeds are unavailable

#4. DeWalt 20V MAX* XR® Brushless Cordless 3-Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

4 20V MAX XR® Brushless Cordless 3-Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

The DeWalt’s DCS356D1 is a perfect option if you want a robust multipurpose tool with all the accessories and attachments. A 20V battery that can last a good 20 to 30 min of arduous work powers it. With the DeWalt oscillating tool, you will find a 20V MAX 2.0 Ah battery, a charger, a toolbox and bag and 28 popular blades.



  • 20,000 OPM
  • 2.33 lb.
  • 11.2 in length
  • 20V 2.0 Ah DeWalt Max battery
  • LED lights


  • XR (Extended Runtime) series by DeWalt for optimum performance
  • All necessary tools and attachments are sold together with this model
  • Ergonomic design and Dual-Grip™ offer control on speed for different application (3-speed control)
  • Quick-Change™ accessory system allows easy attachment of tools


  • Heavier and costlier than other oscillating kits

#5. DeWalt 20V MAX* XR® 3-Speed Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

5. 20V MAX XR® 3-Speed Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

DeWalt’s DCS356C1 20V XR variant offers three-speed control options with a max speed of 20,000 OPM delivered by a 20V MAX battery. As a toolkit, you will find a 1.5 m Ah battery, a Li-Ion battery charger and wood cutting blade, wood/metal blade and a universal accessory adapter.



  • 0-13,000/ 0-17,000 and 0-20,000 OPM
  • 11.2 in length
  • 2.33 lb.


  • Powerful 3-speed oscillating tool
  • Easy to hold and control during cutting
  • Easy speed management with triggers


  • Additional blades and attachments to be bought separately

End Note

We have enlisted the best DeWalt Oscillating Tools for DIYers and professionals in 2022. These tools are more than capable of delivering their best in every condition. However, it is crucial to consider the motor and max oscillation speed, variable speed, ergonomic design and other features before purchasing.


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5 Best Tube Bender Brands to Consider in 2023

A tube bender is ideal if you want to easily bend pipes to precise shapes and angles. They are available in different shapes and sizes and suit different needs. However, finding the one that best matches your needs can take time and effort. If you want to buy one, it’s your lucky day! We identified the 5 best tube benders bend aluminium, brass, and copper pipes.

#1. DURATECH 3-in-1 Tube Bender

DURATECH 3-in-1 Tube Bender

DURATECH 3-in-1 tube bender is a sturdy yet lightweight bender to shape your pipes in three different sizes. It is made using a high-quality aluminium alloy, making it light without compromising toughness. You can easily bend ¼ inch, 5/16 inch and ⅜ inch pipes up to 90 degrees. Lift the shoe handle, insert the tube into the desired size channel, and slowly bring back the shoe handle to bend it to the desired angle.


  • 15.5 oz weight
  • Hand powered tool
  • Made from Aluminum alloy
  • ¼ inch, ⅜ inch and 5/16 inch slots are available
  • Bend pipes to 90 degrees


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Perfect for bending pipe to 90 degrees
  • Aluminium alloys give it toughness and strength


  • Not suitable for pipes outside ¼ inch, ⅜ inch and 5/16 inch in diameter
  • Cannot bend pipes beyond 90 degrees
  • Hand tool

#2. Capri Tools CP21105 Tube Bender

Capri Tools CP21105 Bender

If you are looking for a compact design that can fit any toolbox, consider the CP21105 tube bender by Capri Tools. It’s easy to hold and use as it only weighs 5 oz. Despite being lightweight, the tool is sturdy and can easily bend copper, aluminium and brass brake pipes. Not only this, but the tool can bend three commonly used pipe diameters: ⅛ inch, 3/16 inch and ¼ inch.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Hand powered tool
  • Three pipe slots of ⅛ inch, 3/16 inch and ¼ inch
  • Bend pipes to 120 degrees


  • Compact design and least weight of all tube benders in this article
  • Suitable to bend pipes up to 120 degrees


  • Pipes need to be bent manually
  • Can only bend small tubes
  • Tricky to manage while bending due to the miniature design

#3. CPS BLACKMAX BTB300 Tube Bender (in 7 Sizes)

CPS BLACKMAX BTB300 Tube Bender in 7 Sizes

CPS BLACKMAX BTB300 is the best option if you want a tool to bend pipes of different sizes. In fact, this tool can bend pipes of 7 different diameters, unlike any other bender in this article. It has a ratchet crossbow design that uses an electric motor for bending. However, it’s expensive as it comes with a kit carrying 7 colour-coded mandrels.


  • Ratchet Crossbow design patented by CPS
  • 7 mandrels to bend different diameter tubes (1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8 inches)
  • Electric (Corded) bending tool
  • Bend pipes up to 90 degrees forward and reverse directions
  • Weighs around 9 lb


  • Electric bending tool requires less manual efforts
  • Mandrels and ratchet crossbow designs make it suitable to bend 7 different tube sizes
  • Accurate bending without bulging and other damage to the pipe


  • Heavier than hand tools
  • Needs assembling
  • Only bends up to 90 degrees

#4. OCT 6515 3-in-1 Tube Bender

OCT 6515 3-in-1 Bender

But if you want to bend the pipe to 180 degrees, consider the OTC 6515 tube bender. OTC is a popular tool manufacturing company known for innovative solutions for technicians. With this tool, you can easily bend a ¼ inch 5/16 inch and ⅜ inch pipe. However, one downside of this tool is that it is not powered by an electric motor.


  • 3-in-1 tube bender for soft metal tubes
  • Bends pipe up to 180 degrees
  • Hand tool
  • Weight around 1 lb


  • Can bend pipe up to 180 degrees


  • Heavier than other hand tools
  • Cannot bend pipe other than three fixed-sized pipes

#5. ICOOL 3-in-1 Tube Bender

ICOOL 3-in-1 Tube Bender

Last on our list is the ICOOL 3-in-1 tube bender that can bend copper, brass, aluminium and thin steel pipes up to 180 degrees. Like the OCT 6515, the ICOOL tube bender is suitable for bending ¼ inch, 5/16 inch, ⅜ inch pipes. The tool has an ergonomic design with wide hook grips. Handles are also knurled to ensure a non-slippery grip.


  • Weighs 1.03 lb
  • Made from a machined Aluminium alloy
  • Bends pipe up to 180 degrees
  • ¼ inch, 5/16 inch, ⅜ inch tube slots are available

Pros and Cons

  • Ergonomic design ensures safety while bending tubes
  • Can bend pipes to 180 degrees


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Only suitable for conventional tube sizes

FAQs on Tube Benders

Can I cut pipes with tube bender?

No, unfortunately you can’t cut pipes with these.

What does ORL on tube bender mean?

ORL is for user guidance and helps you bend the tool in your desired direction. Use the R mark to bend the pipe to the right side. Similarly, use the L mark if you bend the tube towards the left side.

Can I make a coil out of it?

Yes, but making a coil from a tube bender is not recommended. But if a tube bender is your only choice, go for a 180-degree one.

Can I mount the ratchet crossbow tube bender on a vice?

You can easily mount tube benders based on ratchet crossbow designs on a vice. This would give you a more stable base to bend tubes.

Can I straighten an already bent pipe with tube benders?

No, tube benders are unsuitable for straightening an already bent tube. A spring tube bender is a better choice for this purpose.


Selecting the best tube bender is vital to achieving the desired result. We are sure that our picks for the best 5 tube benders will get most of your tube bending job done. However, before buying one, you should consider specs, designs, features and bending angle to pick the best option.

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Husqvarna 525pt5s Pole Saw – Expert Review

Husqvarna is one of the oldest running companies in the tools world, known for gardening-related power tools. Its catalogue has a versatile range of power tools, including chainsaws, leaf blowers, pole saws and hedge trimmers. So, whether you are looking to prune your trees or clean your garden, Husqvarna got you covered. The Husqvarna pole saw 525pt5s is a popular option for trimming trees down. But is it really worth the hype? This article attempts to answer this question by reviewing its features and weighing its pros and cons.

Husqvarna 525pt5s Pole Saw Review

Before diving into the nitty and gritty of the Husqvarna 525pt5s, it is essential to discuss the types of pole saws available on the market. Pole saws typically come in gas-power, electric and battery-powered variants. Gas-powered pole saws are the most potent options on the market but heavier than others. Meanwhile, electric and battery-powered are light in weight and lack the power for professional use.

The Husqvarna 525pt5s is a gas-power pole saw that offers the maximum working height and ease to its user. Made for professional use, the tool is super comfortable to hold because of its superior balance and ergonomic design.

husqvarna 525pt5s

Features and Specs

Let’s discuss the impressive features of the Husqvarna 525pt5s pole saw:

Auto Restart Button

To ensure maximum user safety, Husqvarna 525pt5s comes with an auto restart switch as a button. It automatically returns to the original position so you can easily power on the pole saw for the next round.

Intuitive Controls

Husqvarna pole saw 525pt5s has intuitive controls, especially the position of purge and choke for easier access. Thus, any new user who hasn’t used a Husqvarna pole saw before can easily understand the mechanics and get the job done.

Telescopic Tube

One of the critical components of any pole saw is its extension rod. Most pole saws have unreliable and confusing mechanisms for extending the length of the rod. Luckily, 525pt5s uses a telescopic extension tube. This way, you can easily adjust the height of the rod to suit your needs.

Sturdy Clutch Housing and Impact Guard

Husqvarna 525t5s pole saw has a sturdy clutch housing made from magnesium alloy. It is lighter yet durable than traditional aluminium alloy casing. Also, this pole saw comes with a rear impact guard that protects the engine from wear and tear. As a result, you won’t have to spend much on maintenance and servicing.

Automatic Oiling Mechanism

Most pole saws now have an automatic oiling system to keep moving parts well-lubricated. The Husqvarna 525pt5s is no exception here.

Air Remover

Air bubbles trapped in the fuel compartment can reduce the performance of a pole saw. 525pt5s has a specialised air removal system that removes air bubbles from the fuel system and carburettor.

Air Filters and Metal Plate

Husqvarna 525pt5s pole saw further saves your bucks on maintenance. The metal skid plate attached to the engine protects your pole saw from heavy objects. While the efficient air filters keep the engine cool and free from debris.

X-Torq Engine

The X-Torq engine is a two-stroke engine innovation by Husqvarna. It offers high torque values over various rotation speeds to generate excessive cutting power. As a result, the X-Torq engine reduces fuel emissions by up to 60% and fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

The important specs are:

  • The Husqvarna pole saw has a cutting speed in the range of 3,000 to 8,500 rpm.
  • The X-Torq engine, at its peak, generates a power of 1.36 hp.
  • It wields an impressive 12-inch bar saw that can easily cut branches up to 10 inches in diameter.
  • The Husqvarna 525pt5s pole saw, excluding the weight of the cutting tool, weighs 15.4 lb.
  • Considering average arm length, this tool can cut branches 14 ft from the ground.

husqvarna 525pt5s

Pros and Cons of Husqvarna 525pt5s

All these benefits ensure the following pros:

  • Powerful pole saw made for professional use
  • Easily cut thick branches
  • Maximum working height of 14 ft

You must also consider the following cons:

  • Heavier than most electric and battery-powered pole saws
  • Needs to be close to the fuel source
  • Must be stopped for refilling fuel
  • Ear protection must be worn while using a pole saw

husqvarna 525pt5s



What’s the bar chain length?

12-inch long bar chain.

How thick of a branch can this tool cut?

Can cut branches 10 inches in diameter.

What is the maximum speed that the 525pt5s Husqvarna pole saw can reach?

Can reach the maximum rotation speed of 8,500 rpm.

What is the length of this tool?

Fully extended with the cutting tool, is 158.3 inches (13.2 ft) in length.

Is the Husqvarna 525pt5s pole saw available in electric power mode?

No, Husqvarna 525pt5s is a gas-powered pole saw specially designed for professional usage.

Do I need to add oil to the moving parts?

No, you do not need to add lubricant to the moving part yourself. It has an automatic oiling system that can do this for you.

Which lubricant do I need for the oil system?

Husqvarna 2 stroke or equivalent lubricant at a 50:1 ratio.

Is this tool suitable for homeowners?

This Husqvarna 525pt5s pole saw is not suitable for homeowners. It will surely get the job done, but it is wise to choose from Husqvarna occasional-uses pole saws for better results.

End Note

The Husqvarna 525pt5s is a powerful pole saw with incredible features. It is a decent option if you plan to buy this tool for professional use. But could be an overkill for homeowners, and occasional users, as gas-powered pole saws can be tricky to manage. Therefore, you must consider the pros and cons of this pole saw before ordering it. Now, if you’re still in the look out for pole saws in general, feel free to have a look at ;

And if you’re more interested in maintaining a pole saw well, have a read of;