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 Band Saw vs Table Saw: Which One Is Better?

There are several types of saws available on the market today, each type of saw designed in a different way to serve the primary function of cutting wood. The basic difference between each saw is the basic design itself. While most saws serve a simple basic function, the way it does the cutting would be different.

A band saw and table saw are two of the top saws used by woodworkers. When it comes to design, both of these saws are entirely different. Anyone could differentiate them based on their looks. However, the advantages and disadvantages of both are unknown to most people. Here is everything you need to know about the band saw and table saw.

 Band Saw vs. Table Saw

What is a band saw?

A band saw is one of the most commonly used saw on the market today. A band saw is a power saw that is long and has a sharp blade. Unlike a table saw or a circular saw, a band saw comes with blades that are entirely different. A band saw has a blade made of a continuous band of tooth metal that is stretched between two or more wheels. This setup rotates to cut wood easily.

Advantages of a band saw

  • Making curve – Band saws come designed in such a way that it is best for making any curved cuts. This type of saw could attain such cutting only because of its design and the blade. Another thing about this band saw is that its design resembles scrolling saws, and therefore, it could make scrolling cuts on wood with ease. Apart from all these, a band saw is best for making cabriole legs and could cut in such a way that no other saw could deliver.
  • Work with diverse material – While a band saw is designed to cut wood, the functionality is not just limited to cutting wood. The sharpness and strength of the blade are so good, it could cut metal, meat, and plastic with ease. However, the metal should not be very hard. Some band saw comes designed to cut even hard metals.
  • Quiet operation – This is one of the unknown and most important advantages of a band saw. While most other types of saws produce annoying sound, a band saw comes designed in such a way it does not produce such annoying noise. This does not mean that a band saw does not produce any noise, it just means that the sound is comparatively less annoying and low.
  • Safer operation – To be frank, no cutting saw safe to use. But, the safety could be high or low based on the design. When it comes to a band saw, we will not guarantee that it is completely safe to use, but the level of safety offered is comparatively very better than other saws.
  • Comes with kerfs – Most woodworkers consider wastage of wood while cutting a serious issue. While most of the saws use thick blades that waste a lot of wood while cutting, a band saw comes with a thin blade that could cut wood or any material without any considerable wastage.
  • Could cut thicker material – While most of the saws are designed to cut thin material, a band saw comes designed in such a way that it could cut wood with a thickness of more than 3.5-inches too. 

Disadvantages of a band saw

  • Cannot cut grooves – One of the biggest disadvantages of a band saw is that a user cannot adjust the height of cut and it cannot make groove or dado in a piece of wood. 
  • Not easy to bevel cut – If compared to other types of saws, a band saw is designed in such a way that is comparatively hard to make bevel cuts.
  • Lacks power – When compared to all types of saws on the market a ban saw is very slow and it lacks power. Yes, while this saw could cut thick wood with ease, the speed of cutting would be very slow.
  • Rough edge – This is one of the biggest disadvantages of a band saw. A band saw cutting always leaves a rough edge. However, some band saws come designed in such a way it could make better edges, but not completely smooth edges.

What is a table saw?

A table saw has a flat surface and it is designed in such a way that, on the surface, it will have a circular blade protruding upwards that could cut wood fed to it. A table saw is designed in such a way that it is best for cutting wood. Maximum accuracy is one of the greatest features offered by a table saw. This feature is achieved with the flat surface that would come incorporated with a guide that will guide the wood to the cutting blade, which delivers precise cuts. All he/she has to do is simply load the wood on or between the guide and move it towards the blade to cut the wood precisely. An advanced model table saws today comes with additional features that would allow the user to adjust the angle of cut and height.

Advantages of a table saw

  • Accurate and precise – One of the biggest benefits offered by a table saw is that it is precise than any other type saw. When it comes to accuracy or precision, most woodworkers prefer using a table saw. One of the main reasons is that a table saw comes designed in such a way that it has a flat surface that has guide rails on it that could guide the wood to the cutting blade; therefore, helping to maintain accuracy and precision in cutting.
  • Efficient leftover disposal – Of all types of saws, a table saw is designed with a feature that removes the sawdust with ease. While other saws do not have this feature and the user has to remove the sawdust manually; a table saw comes with a setup that would remove the dust automatically. The system used is simple, a table saw would cut wood in such a way that the dust moves in one direction and this dust falls into a compartment. This compartment has to be cleaned manually or automatically.
  • Make cross-cuts and ripping boards with ease – A table saw comes with a feature that could cross-cut and rip boards with ease. Most commonly this could be done only by experts, but when it comes to table saw, it is easy for cross-cutting and ripping boards.
  • Very easy to maintain – While the size of a table saw is comparatively high, people assume that it is not easy to maintain. No, this is not true, as the size of a table saw is large, it makes maintenance easy. The number of moving parts in a table saw is less and the size of each part is large, removing them, replacing them, or cleaning them is easy.

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Disadvantages of a table saw

  • Not portable – If you have seen a table saw, then you would know that a table saw is commonly not portable. Even if there are table saw types that are designed to be portable, the size of table saw is comparatively bigger than other types of saws. 
  • Expensive – It is a well-known fact that a table saw is very expensive. One of the main reasons is that they are comparatively bigger and they have a powerful motor that could handle almost any size wood.
  • Dangerous to use – Among the disadvantages poor level of safety is the most important. A table saw comes with an open cutting wheel that could lead to accidents if handled carelessly. While most other saws have a design where cutting blade is not exposed too much, a table saw has its blade protruding outside too much. Most commonly, accidents related to saws happens with table saws.

A band saw v/s table saw, which is the best?

The band and table saw are entirely different. When it comes to cutting a band saw, it could make curved cuts and also intricate cuts. On the other hand, a table saw cannot make such cuts. If you are making furniture, a band saw would be better used than table saws.

However, both these saws have one thing common, they both need the experience to use. If the user is inexperienced, the output efficiency would be unsatisfactory.


There is no absolute way to select the best among the band and table saw. The simplest possible explanation for this is, the best could vary with the user’s requirement. If the user requirement is a tool to cut a large piece of wood, then the table saw is the best. If your requirement is diverse cutting, then the band saw is the best for you.

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