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Barrel Grip Jigsaw vs Top Handle: Which One Is Better?

Barrel Grip Jigsaw Vs. Top Handle

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, professional carpenter or purely involved in woodworking tasks, you would need a powerful tool for the repetitive wood cutting task. When it comes to handy tools, our two top choices are top handle and Barrel Grip Jigsaw.

We would recommend picking the barrel Grip Jigsaw for intricate and precise cutting tasks. For simple and ideal applications, it is good to have a top handle jigsaw. Both have their advantages and benefits. They both are enough versatile and can be used for all trimming and cutting tasks.

Which one is better depends on your cutting needs? When choosing between them, you can consider the size of your hands, as the wider hands require large Jigsaws for better grip and safety. You may have checked that the consistency, power, control, comfort and convenience vary between these Jigsaws.

Both Jigsaws are different in terms of blades and functionality. To know more about both options, go through the whole article. In this article, we have listed the major differences between a Barrel Grip Jigsaw and Top handle so that you know which would be ideal for you.

About Barrel Grip Jigsaw

Barrel Grip Jigsaw

Jigsaw is categorized into two different types – Barrel Grip Jigsaw and Top Handle. Barrel Grip Jigsaw is a powerful tool, and comparatively sturdy and new to the traditional top handle designs.

On a barrel grip saw, instead of being a handle over the motor, the motor lodging acts as the handle of the tool. The tool offers incredible accuracy, as it has lower center gravity. Since they are directed not from above but from behind, it is easier to stable the shoe flat in the workplace and follow the finest cutting line.

Most barrel Grip Jigsaws is equipped with a handle. This handle has been fixed at the front of the tool. A handle with proper grip enables the users to clasp the tool with both hands.

Since the barrel Grip Jigsaw has a little larger boundary than the top handle. Carpenters having small hands can face difficulty holding the tool comfortably.

Here are a few aspects that you can look after:


Barrel Grip Jigsaw provide smooth operation and soft-start presentation. Apart from that, it sustained speed for steady performance under load.


This professional tool has an ergonomic body that is equipped with a gripped handle. This will offer maximum control and comfort.


The powerful motor delivers up to 3,100 strokes and fine cuts per minute. Depending on the model of Grip Jigsaw, you can expect steady and more cuts from them. Most grip jigsaws also offer a speed dial set for operating or setting the speed for your different cutting tasks.


The precious machined plunging system and low-vibration mechanism enhance accuracy.


Most of the Grip Jigsaw features a tool-less blade change system that allows fast enclosure while the blade discharge lever eliminates. Due to these features, the hot blades keep secure.


  • Barrel Grip Jigsaw offer different blade strokes for aggressive and smooth cuts.
  • The barrel Grip Jigsaw is slightly larger than regular top handle jigsaws.
  • It offers a better view and helps you to make a straight cut.
  • It can be used in every direction.


  • It is not ideal for plastic material, as it holds dust & doesn’t make accurate cuts.
  • It is less useful for longer sessions.

About Top Handle Jigsaw

top handle jigsaw

The top-notch & popular option of Jigsaw is a top handle. As the name implies, the jigsaw is equipped with a top handle. It is also known as D-handle or bow handle. This type of Jigsaw has a speed control dial and trigger switch. The simpler and easier handle of this tool makes them best for the variable cutting task than barrel grip jigsaws.

Due to handling design, this type of jigsaws is even popular for both beginners and DIY enthusiasts. It is difficult to cut the perfect visible line, especially tight curves. When operating a top handle jigsaw, you need to keep your hands above the tool rather than behind the motor. The top handle is best suited for dense thick and dense material.

Their ergonomic design and slim grip are considered to be best for DIYers. Some top handles are designed in such a manner to allow you to use both hands during operation. One of the key drawbacks of top handle jigsaw is that lack of visibility. It is harder to watch the cutting activity when using the top handle saw.

Action tool Setting 

Most of the top handle offer various blade strokes for aggressive and smooth cuts.


It comes with a fast insertion & features a toolless blade alters system to eliminate the touch of the hot saw blade.

Comfort and Security 

Top-handle Jigsaw has a sturdy & long die-cast foot with a steel insert in it which delivers fine cuts.


The variable speed setting option and trigger control enable you to operate the speed of the top handle. It also has a safe lock-on button which is user comfortable.


The low vibration and machine plugging system allow you to move the jigsaw smoothly and enhance accuracy.


  • Top handle jigsaw is perfect for woodworking, countertop cutouts, professional woodworker, countertop installation, DIY projects and furniture building.
  • The lock-on button ensures better safety and comfort than Grip Jigsaw.


  • Traditionally used top-handle jigsaw is not suited for every wooden task.

Difference between Barrel Grip Jigsaw and Top Handle

Barrel Grip Jigsaw Vs. Top Handle

Choosing a jigsaw might be difficult, especially for beginners. As jigsaw is differentiated between two top options Barrel Grip Jigsaw and Handle Model.  Here is a certain aspect that helps you to make a clear idea between these two Jigsaws:


Many research has shown that the top handle jigsaws affects the cutting blade control and level of functioning comfort. On the other hand, the handle in barrel grip is mounted above which is slightly extra comfortable for the user.

Safe and Secure use 

Top-handle are considered even comfortable to use, as it offers a natural position to hands. Whereas the barrel grip jigsaw provides extra control during the cutting task. Sometimes this may become crucial to cut the pieces in the right direction.


Barrel grip products promote direct visibility to the material. Hence, seeking a cutting line with this jigsaw type can be better for beginners. Top handle jigsaw can be a hassle for DIY users and beginners.

Power Source

you will not have to think twice about power sources because both jigsaws come on battery-powered and corded options.


Most of the jigsaw types feature simple blade ejection lever for steady blade change and variable speed setting options. Both barrel and top handle jigsaw has compact & sturdy bodies and an advanced control motherboard. In our opinion, jigsaw taking battery-powered is user and pocket friendly. It can be best suited for hobbyists, craftspeople, DIYers and even professional carpenters.

Final Words

Jigsaws are not all about looks; even it is all about comfort, control and security. It depends on your working tasks how often you used jigsaws. Talking about top handles, they provide better grip than cordless barrel grip jigsaws. For frequent cutting tasks, it is good to select a barrel grip jigsaw.

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