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Best 10-1/4 Inch Circular Saw 2023 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Skilsaw worm drive circular saw

A large number of people grew up seeing their fathers and grandfathers operate in a woodshop. If you did or did not, you may find yourself enjoying the process of creating and constructing things. The necessary instruments are required for this task, or a circular saw may be the most appropriate option. It’s quite versatile, and it’s one of the very first tools that any new woodworker should get. In terms of timber framing, if you could have only one saw in the toolbox, it would be the greatest 10 1/ 4 inches Circular Saw on the market. In most cases, they can cut 8x timber in two cuts and 4x materials in a quick pass, allowing you to cut 90% of the timber that would normally pass through a conventional shop. For those that work with 6x material, a 16″ saw might have been an option, but you’d still need either of these hand tools in your arsenal.

Best 10-1/4 inch Circular Saw Reviews

With these saws, what professionals are referring to it is a tool that is intended for business use. It is reasonable to anticipate them to perform effectively, and they are designed to withstand the arduous task of carving a timber framework. You will also have a dependable partner for many years to come, no issue which one you decide on. Don’t get confused between a tool’s AMPs and its power. The horsepower and torque of a saw are responsible for its performance. To put it another way, the capacity to manage dense or wet stuff without becoming entangled in it Circular saws are generally classified into two categories: Sidewinders and Worms. Sidewinders have motors that are placed right to the right of a blade and thus are designed to create higher RPMs than conventional winders. Worms have their motors positioned back, and as a result, they create lower RPM while producing higher torque. Worms, by their very nature, have a better sightline, and as such, they are the first choice in this lineup. Let’s take a look at the best 10 1/4-inch circular saws below. The right design incorporates safety elements that enable you to make superior cuts.

1. Top Pick: Skilsaw worm drive circular saw

Skilsaw worm drive circular saw

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This worm, which goes by the name “Sasquatch,” can turn at speeds of around 4,600 RPM & also has a cutting power of 3 11/16 inches at ninety ° and 2 3/4 inch in 45 degrees, respectively. Because of the depth, it is no longer practical to use an 8x lumber in two cuts due to the practical limitations of the depth.

With a weight of only 16.5 pounds, the lightweight worm can handle 4x neatly and is easy to carry around. It makes use of a 15 AMP dual field motor with a magnesium housing that is designed to be long-lasting and durable. The motor is designed with cooling capability in mind, which can lessen the likelihood of the tool becoming overheated as a result of extended use. A well-balanced and streamlined design is characteristic of the overall appearance. It has superb worm-design sightlines, but it has a regular right-handed front handle, which is a little disappointing. It has a relatively slender shoe.

The product and the nickname seem to be attempting to take on the mascot Big Foot. The distinction between Sasquatch & Big Foot seems this Skilsaw model is more geared toward the DIY audience than professional framers, as evidenced by its lightweight design and significantly reduced cutting capacity. Lastly, beware of the excessively short chord length of 8′, which can cause you some difficulties from time – to – time. Alternatively, you might get a lengthy cord & replace it right away.

Specially Designed Blade

The SPT70WM circular saw has a cutting capacity of 10-1/4 inches and uses diablo blades that are specifically developed for worm drive. These blades are capable of cutting 4x headers, beams, and 2x sandwiched headers in a single pass with great efficiency. The use of Tico Hi-density carbide in the blades ensures that they have a longer cutting life than other types of blades. Furthermore, its Perma-SHIELD nonstick coating reduces drag, which helps to protect against heat, rust, and friction. Additionally, you can utilize the blades to make simple cuts with a thinner kerf.


The Sasquatch is well-known for having a worm drive in its tail. Unlike other circular saws, the motor of a worm 5 circular saw is still placed at the back of a blade. As a result of the space between the handle as well as the blade, the saw has a narrow profile as a result of its narrow profile. Because of the increased torque in the engine of a worm drive saw, cutting in a restricted space will be more effortless.

Dual-field motor

The worm drive on this Skilsaw 10- 1/4 sasquatch is powered by a twin field motor, which further enhances its functionality. This 15 amp double field motor maintains itself cool by preventing heat from accumulating within. It is therefore unnecessary to be concerned about the engine of the SPT70WM circular saw becoming overheated. The higher torque of the engine gives the necessary power for the big blades to spin at high speeds. Because of this, larger cuts become extremely smooth.

Saw materials

The magnesium used in the manufacture of the SPT70WM Skilsaw’s foot and gear housing ensures that the saw’s longevity is increased.


  • The ability to make a variety of cuts with bevel
  • With a magnesium body, you can expect long-lasting durability.
  • Because of the high torque, cutting is extremely effective.
  • The comfortable grip


  • The blades may wobble a little.
  • Many people feel the cord to be a touch too short.

2. The Runner Up: Big Foot Tools

Big Foot Tools

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Using his nearly three decades of professional framing skills, a professional framer created the very first Big Foot drive saw, which flawlessly cut timbers plus 4x or 2x posts in a quick cut. Today, with the assistance of some expert tradespeople, the instruments have gotten more refined, allowing them to complete the cuts in a single pass.

Big Foot Blade

The blades with 36 carbide-tipped teeth for general-purpose use have a good mix between durability and toughness. Typically, carbon steel is used in the production of the blades, which are then heat-treated. You can eliminate blade flex by using the finest carbide teeth available. Because of this, it ensures that your cuts are clean, even, and controlled. In a single pass, the Big Foot 10-1/4 circular saw can cut 4x and 2x sandwich headers, varied beams, and other materials with great precision and ease.

Worm drive

The Big Foot 10-1/4′′ circular saw will astound you with its cutting capabilities. The worm drive mechanism will provide you with sufficient power to cut through the materials you desire. Furthermore, the cutting edge is more evident with the worm driving shaft than it is with the sidewinders. Cutting wet materials is made flexible by using a worm drive, which has a high torque capability.

Lightweight design

When operating for extended periods, the heaviness of a power drill is critical. Users become fatigued as a result of this. Taking into consideration the fact that Big Foot designed the 10-1/4′′ worm drive saw, it is significantly lighter than comparable saws. Aluminum and magnesium were used in the construction of the saw. It becomes lighter and more stable as a result of this transformation.


  • High-capacity motor with increased torque
  • Effective for hefty timbers
  • Excellent performance with no stuttering or lagging
  • The presence of hidden nails and knots in scrap wood will not cause the saw to slow down.
  • A comfortable weight that is also long-lasting


  • The top guard of this saw is poorly designed, which is a negative.

3. Best Overall- MILWAUKEE’S Circular Saw

MILWAUKEE Circular Saw

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Milwaukee’s 6470-21 saw has earned a reputation for being a powerful and well-designed tool. It can extend in 3 13/16 inch deep at 90 degrees, just like the Makita HS0600. This incredible saw can also make a 2 3/4-inch-deep cut at a 45-degree angle. It could be extremely beneficial for both experts and do-it-yourself


With the strong 15 amp motor spinning at 5200 rpm, one can cut through practically any 4x material, such as roof rafters, beams, or trusses, among other things. Although the saw moves more quickly and without stuttering when cutting the hardest materials, it does so without causing any bogging down.


The arbor of a blade is 5/8′′ in diameter, and it is capable of cutting materials up to 4′′ in-depth in a single process. The 60-degree bevel on the circular saw allows it to cut through even the most difficult of materials very immediately. In addition, the electric brakes in the saw can be used to cease the blade after the trigger is released.

Comfortable grip

For added comfort, the Milwaukee 10 14 circular saw offers a padded handle that is easy to hold. It will help you feel less exhausted because you will have more control over the items you are cutting. You can operate the saw with no discomfort.


  • Suitable for use in heavy-duty applications
  • Because the shoes are made of aerospace aluminum, they are more durable. A steel box is supplied.
  • Outstanding design
  • Excellent cutting speed even when working with thick stock
  • The guarantee period of five years


  • Some people find it to be rather cumbersome.

4. Least Expensive- Makita Circular Saw

Makita Circular Saw

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The Makita 5104 saw has a side Rotor Drive and is a side blade circular saw. Using 90° angles, it is capable of cutting a 3 34-inch-deep hole. It can penetrate to a depth of 2 34 inches when the angle is 45°. The saw also is capable of cutting four times the amount of material in a single pass.


The Makita 5104 is equipped with a powerful 14Amp motor, which is located to the side of the blade and spins at 3800RPM. It has adequate power for cutting beams, timber, and other common woodworking operations. Because of its ball and needle design, which allows for reduced friction, you will experience accurate and smooth cutting performance.

Electric brake

The electrical brake that comes with the package safeguards the customer from any unexpected injury. The electric brake brings the brake’s spin to a complete stop in 2 seconds, which is significantly faster than the normal circular saw. An accident-prevention feature is also included: a lock-off button.

Adjustable top guide

The Makita 10 14 circular saw has an adjustable top guide that makes it easy to align notches and cutting lines when cutting using the saw. This alignment will aid you in achieving the highest level of accuracy in your cutting.

In addition, you will find a blade wrench connected to the saw, which will allow you to change the blade quickly. Because of the flat motor building designs, you will enjoy a more convenient experience.


  • With three handles, you have more control.
  • Port for the expulsion of sawdust
  • The usage of an electric brake makes driving safer.
  • A blade wrench is included for easy blade replacement.
  • Lightweight and well-balanced in its design


  • In tight settings, it is less effective.
  • It’s a little pricey.

Things to know about 10 ¼ inch circular saw

If you need to cut four or two times the amount of material in a single pass, a circular saw with a 10-inch blade is essential for heavy-duty employees, such as construction workers and home improvement enthusiasts.

As a result, they must purchase the greatest one possible to meet their needs for a longer length of time. It would be better if you took some time to analyze some facts before making a purchase decision.

Sidewinders vs. Worm drive

The majority of the 10-1/4-inch circular saws are available in two configurations: sidewinders and worm-drive. Sidewinders are a type of saw that is relatively more well-known among all saw users.

The blade is often located to the right of the handle. Because they are less expensive than a worm drive, sidewinders are preferred. The blades inside the sidewinders rotate at a quicker rate than the worm motor does. In the case of home saw users, the sidewinder is the best option available to you.

The handle of the worm drive, on the other hand, is situated behind the blade, parallel to the blade. As a result, the blade is still on the left. To properly spin the blade, the drive requires a gear system. When compared to worm drives, sidewinders produce less torque. Worm drives, in general, are preferred for heavy-duty applications.

The Strength of the Motor

When cutting through heavy timber or other materials, it is common for the motor to demand more cutting power than usual. When it comes to having more cutting power, it would be beneficial if you have a higher ampere in the motor. For the 10′′ circular saw, a 15 amp motor is standard, but you may optionally purchase the saw with a 14 amp motor for an additional cost.


Before purchasing a 10-1/4-inch circular saw, one should consider the comfortability and weight of the tool in question. Check to see if the handle is comfortable in your hand. Choose saws that aren’t too heavy in weight. The use of a hefty saw may cause your body’s strength to deteriorate. As a result, you will be unable to perform your job owing to muscular tiredness.

The grip should be well-shaped so that it fits comfortably in the hands. Furthermore, a well-balanced frame of the saw will provide you with greater comfort while you are working. As a result, when selecting a 10-1/4 circular saw, you should consider the features listed above.

Cutting visibility

It is necessary to keep a close eye on the saw’s cutting line at all times. Because the motor is located at the rear of the blade, cutting sight is improved while using the worm drive. Because the blades are on the opposite side of the machine, the cutting sight is improved. For right-handed users, on either hand, the slashing sight inside a sidewinder is less accurate than it is for left-handed users. As a result, purchase saws that meet your requirements.

Additional Characteristics

  • To be satisfied with the circular saw for the long haul, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:
  • The casting magnesium foot of these saws is superior to the steel foot.
  • A useful power brake for preventing unexpected injury
  • The blade lock-off system is used to prevent the blades from starting.

Final words

As we progressed through the evaluation, we attempted to clarify all of the essential characteristics that a good-quality 10 1/4 inch circular saw must possess. When all of the details are taken into consideration, the favorite choice is the Skilsaw SPT70WM-. It offers all of the additional features at a competitive price. The Big Foot Tools stands on the second, followed by MILWAUKEE and Makita on the list.

Make a best decision after considering the above-mentioned best reviews of 10-1/4 inch circular saw.

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