Best Band Saw Under 500 – Top 3 Picks Of 2023

Top 3 best band saw under 500

Whether it is the carpenters of ancient times or the woodworkers of the modern world, their workstation is incomplete without a band saw. It is one of the major tools commonly used to cut wood, but it can be used to cut other materials as well. These include plastics, meats, and metals. In this modern era with the expansion of technology, band saws have been unified at numerous positions. They come with smart features, which will help to slice wood or metal sheet in great consistency, and even criss-cross patterns.

Buy Best Band Saw Under 500 Reviewed

 Endless competitors are engaging in manufacturing band saw from higher to least price. You’ll find numerous options in the online or local market with advanced and convenient features. Of course, it will confuse you to determine which one may be the best band saw and economical at the same time. There are a few popular brands which include DEWALT, Milwaukee Supply Bands which are seen at very budget-friendly prices. Keep reading to know about them:

#1. DEWALT MAX Band Saw




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DEWALT is itself a popular and trustworthy brand in this business. They have been producing several tools. The MZA DCS371B 20V MAX by DEWALT has a 2-1/2-inch cutting capacity from metal to wood. This portable band saw with a centered handle promotes superior balance. This will also help you to make accurate cuts without exhaustion. The ergonomic construction of the saw makes it durable, effective and perfect for long-lasting use. Since it comes with LED light; you can easily work even on a dark surface and make accurate cuts.

Furthermore, it features an integrated hang hook, which enables the operator to hang it without damaging the base or front handle. Some other good features of the saw include blade tracking adjustment, dual-bearing blade, and tool-free blade. In addition, it has equipped with an ergonomic handle that provides flexibility and comfort. At $ 384.68, you’ll get an effective cutting tool. Due to the special blade tracking feature, you’ll be able to use its blade for a long time.


  • It has equipped with special blade tracking adjustability.
  • It features a soft-grip handle. 


  • It does not have variable speed settings.

#2. Anbull Portable Band Saw 


Anbull Portable Band Saw 


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Anbull saw with a 10 AMP powerful motor can cut a wide range of materials such as steel pipe, steel, aluminum, solid steel, wood, cable, solid plastic, etc. It will allow you to make deep-cut for rectangular and round stock with variable speed settings. You can set as per your requirement & specific material Another notable feature in this band saw is the ergonomic soft-grip handle, which provides comfort during operation and allow for more accurate cuts. For adding safety, it is equipped with rubber cushions and a serviceable steel shroud that allows protectors to tolerate Jobsite difficulty. The blade of the saw is adjustable, and you can avoid jamming that can prevent injury. It weighs 6.6 Kg and measures. 20.67 x 6.5 x 11.42 inches. For even precision cutting work, you do not worry as it comes with a workbench base that provides better stability. 


  • It features a base for safe cutting.
  • The package includes three blades for different materials. 


  • It is a bit small.

#3. Milwaukee 2729-20 M18 Band Saw


Milwaukee 2729-20 M18 Band Saw


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Milwaukee is a popular brand in the Band saw making on this list. The 2729-20 M18 is lightweight but influential in performance. Its cutting ability is up to 5 with the sharp cutting blades. It can be used to cut a wide range of materials. If you’re looking for a band saw that provides deep cuts with ease, it would be a great option. The M18 band saw runs through lithium batteries, which ensure durability and better performance.  It weighs 15 Ibs, making it portable and lightweight. It is one of the heavy-duty band saw that will become your cutting companion. The dimension of the saw is 22.2 x 12.91 x 6.14 inches. The five-inch blade of the saw will allow more precise cuts through wood or metal.


  • It is a cordless model by Milwaukee.
  • It is much lighter and more compact as compared to others.


  • Not found.

How to Pick A Band Saw Under 500?

No matter, whether you will be using a band saw for personal or commercial use, the best band saw will make the job easier. As we mentioned, a band saw has a corded and cordless type, so look for something that has extra features. Here are some aspects that you should consider while buying cordless or corded bands under 500.


The size of the saw is one of the crucial aspects keeping in mind while buying a band saw. It can be measured via distance from the blade to the gullet. If you are going to use the jigsaw to cut large pieces of wood, the saw blade size you choose should range from 9 to 21 inches.


The stronger the construction of the band saw, the higher will be its remoteness and efficiency. A fragile band saw will not last long enough. Look at something that is perfectly made. The band saw is usually made of two materials, cast iron, and steel. Cast iron frame isn’t suitable for professional purposes. But, it is one of the well-performing and durable units. On the other hand, the steel frame of the saw is very efficient, robust, and durable relative to others.

Blade Guides

Band saw’s cutting efficiency depends on the blade guide. A blade guide is a crucial part for a saw to make even precise and perfect cuts. There are commonly two types of blade guide, which include bearing blade guide and ceramic blade guide.

Cutting Speed

You can measure the cutting speed of the band saw in feet per minute. Most models create a 100 FPM so that these models are effective on wood. For achieving uniform cuts, you need to maintain the same speed. 


To cut large wood, you need a wide blade, but this will increase the risk of injury. To add protection, you can position the table and blade guard.

Final Words:

These woodworking machines operate a thin-steel, constant-loop blade, allowing you to make curved cuts on metal or wood even faster and safely on a table saw.