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7 Best Cabinet Table Saw 2023 – Expert Reviews & Guide

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Choosing the best cabinet table saw for woodworking can be confusing because people suggest different types. Some people say portable saws are better, while others suggest hybrid and contractor saws. But traditional cabinet table saws are actually better because they offer high performance, accuracy, durability, and versatility. If you’re a professional who wants a saw that can cut well and last a long time, a cabinet table saw is a good choice. Just make sure to choose one with useful features.

So keep reading if you’re still trying to work out the best one to choose.

Cabinet Table Saw Comparison Table (Top 3)

Grizzly G1023RLWX Cabinet Table Saw Grizzly 10" Cabinet Table Saw DELTA Unisaw 36-L336 3 HP Table SawDelta 10" UNISAW with BIESEMEYER Fence System 3 SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Sliding TableSawSawStop 10" Professional Cabinet Saw


5HP 4200 RPM

5HP 4300 RPM

Table Size

‎30.5 "L x 29.5"W
87 "L x 37 "W
85.25" L x 33" W

Maximum Size Cut

45º Angle: 2.125" 90º Angle: 3"
45º Angle: 2.375" 90º Angle: 3.375"
0º Angle: 3.125"

Dust Collection

Underside Dust Collection System 4” Port
Medium Efficiency Bi-level System 4” Port
99% Efficient System 4” Port




1 Year
5 Years
2 Years

Best Cabinet Table Saw Reviewed For 2023

Choosing the best cabinet table saw can be tricky because there are many different types that look similar. This can make it hard to pick the right one and you might end up buying the wrong saw. But don’t worry, I can help! I’ve done a lot of research and found some great cabinet table saw options that I can recommend.
So here we go….

#1. SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 Cabinet Saw

SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 Cabinet Saw

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Starting up this post with the number one seller cabinet saw in the market right now, so on the very first spot, we are here with the SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 Cabinet Saw. The biggest highlight of this cabinet saw is the safety feature that it comes with; for better clarification, we want to let you know that there is a special trigger mechanism present. This feature is capable of stopping the full speed rotating blade in less than five milliseconds only. In this way, you can ensure that the saw won’t cause any cut issue to your finger and hand. Moving down to other special features, so let’s focus on the fence that it comes with. Unlike other saw types, this cabinet saw comes with a highly adjustable slide thanks to the rail sliding feature that manufacturers provided. However, the impressive fence adjustability enhances the overall accuracy in your construction project too.

Talking about the performance section, we don’t think that you’ll find it incomparable with other saws, because the primary motor can generate more than 3 HP power. However, the primary rotating belts are also very durable and flexible so that you can expect a much better experience from them. The price measurement functionality is also there; you’ll find two adjusters at the saw side for this. Therefore, you will not only be able to attempt the cross cuts, wide cuts, and long cuts but also the tilt feature of the blade allows you to make the bevel cuts on various angles.


  • The superior build quality seems very promising, and there is nothing to complain about it so that you can expect a much longer lifespan from this saw.
  • We found the safety system of this cabinet saw to be the best, its because this saw puts the safety feature first instead of any performance and other functionality features. 


  • The price might be an issue for some people since it is higher than other options on this list.
  • The safety feature might be a little overbearing as it may sometimes get in the way of completing a job and  

#2. Delta UNISAW with BIESEMEYER Fence System

Delta UNISAW with BIESEMEYER Fence System

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Are you looking for a table saw that can handle a small shop’s woodworking projects or something? If yes is your answer, then here we want to let you know about the Delta UNISAW with BIESEMEYER Fence System. The price point is not much different from the previous spot of the cabinet table saw, but the functional differences you will see will be completely different. The first and foremost significant highlight of this saw is its fence system. The Delta manufacturers have maintained simplicity, but they kept the higher side’s usability by providing this simple and sliding fence system. It comes with an extended table so that you can easily use this table saw for larger woodworking or carpentry projects.

But the thing that we and other uses like the most is the precision that it offers to you. And we are saying this because it offers a tremendous precise cutting experience because you can measure the cuts very closely with the measurement marks that present on this saw’s tabletop. Not only this, but the adjustability of the fence makes it more precise than other ordinary table saws. Moreover, you can also adjust and tilt the blade as per your need to attempt the bevel and other angled cuts without having a single issue. The 3 HP of motor power works like the icing on the cake, but importantly it is the main factor that always matters. So, the 3 HP generating primary motor is behind every smooth cut you can make with this cabinet table saw.


  • 4300 RPM of speed won’t give you feel of anything less because it cuts much smoother than other average and less power of cabinet table saws.
  • The mobility always is an issue with cabinet table saws, but not this one; the overall weight is not that heavy; therefore, it got good mobility.


  • Many people have found the packaging to come with missing parts and having to wait for them to be delivered.
  • After sales maintenance/servicing could be better, especially after the first year.

#3. JET 708675PK XACTASAW Table Saw

JET 708675PK XACTASAW Table Saw

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The only problem that people complain about table saws is that these saws produce too much noise. And if you are looking for something that performs amazingly and supports the quiet operations, this table saw option is only for you. We have decided to come up with the JET 708675PK XACTASAW Table Saw on the fourth spot of this list. The main reason behind the silent performance of this table saw is the Poly-V Drive Belt system. When the primary motor rotates the belts on the higher rotation speed, they get much quiet by the increasing speed. And you will only be able to notice the noise while cutting the wooden pieces or boards. Talking about the design section of this table saw, so it comes with a typical table saw look. And the manufacturers have provided an extended and detachable table with it, so you can expect to cut wider and longer wooden boards and pieces.

But the thing that we liked the most about this table saw is its stability and top-notch accuracy. The fence is the main reason behind the impressive accuracy of this saw, it’s because you can easily adjust the fence as per your need, and unlike other saws, you don’t even need to set it every time. There is a dedicated lever present in this saw; you can use that lever to tilt the blade on the left side from various angles. In this way, you will be able to attempt the bevel and angled cuts on the wooden pieces and boards.


  • Three horsepower of primary motor performance amazingly well, and you won’t find the performance less in any way.
  • The mobility is another biggest reason we are suggesting this cabinet table saw on our list, and it would be an easy thing to shift this saw from one Jobsite to another.


  • None so far

#4. Grizzly G1023RLWX Cabinet Table Saw

Grizzly G1023RLWX Cabinet Table Saw 

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Up next, we are here with a highly affordable range of cabinet table saws that can fulfill all your needs related to moderate uses and even related to big woodworking projects. So this time, we have given a chance to the Grizzly G1023RLWX Cabinet Table Saw. Talking about this table’s specialty saw, so there are multiple things to talk about, but as if now, let’s first focus on the performance. As if you know, it is a highly affordable range of saws, but the best part is that you don’t even need to compromise with the overall performance. This table’s primary motor saw runs on 240 V and can rotate the primary blade with up to 4200 RPM. It indicates that this table saw is capable of handling heavy workloads and finishes work with buttery smoothness.

The only thing to keep in mind before making the purchase decision in favor of this cabinet table saw is that it doesn’t come with an extended tabletop. It means it is perfect for the small shop to cut the wooden pieces and boards’ standard size.  Still, the accuracy and the versatility that this cabinet saw is offering are just fantastic. The adjustable raid sliding enabled fence is also present here, which helps you with measurement, more specifically precise measurements. On the other hand, the primary blade’s tilt feature makes it more versatile to attempt various angled cuts.


  • This compact-sized cabinet table saw comes with a highly powerful primary motor that can generate around five horsepower without any issue.
  • Build quality doesn’t  seem cheaper, even if it is an affordable range of table saw, the manufacturers really did a great job in the overall design. 


  • The only drawback that we found in this table saw is that it doesn’t come with the dedicated and extended tabletop.

#5. Baileigh TS-1248P-52 Cabinet Table SawBaileigh TS-1248P-52 Cabinet Table Saw

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To make this post a bit versatile, we have decided to come up with another high price to value ratio of the cabinet table saw. This time we have given a chance to the Baileigh TS-1248P-52 Cabinet Table Saw. The best part is that this compact looking table saw can easily handle a heavy load; therefore, it would be an excellent option for you to buy for a heavy load project. First, let’s look at the performance section of this saw, so it works on the 220 V, and the primary motor can generate more than five horsepower of energy on regular load. Because of this saw’s high performance, you won’t be going to find it less than other options of this list.

The manufacturers have offered a full-sized top with a length of 52 inches, and therefore you can expect the longest cut of more than 52 inches. However, the table is a particular cast iron built and scratch-resistant table; therefore, you can expect that it won’t get scratches easily while working with hard materials. Now let’s talk about the stability of this saw, so the motor is present on the one corner of this saw, but the overall stability that manufacturers have maintained is incredible. That’s why the vibrations and other things don’t disturb you while working with this table saw.


  • Unlike other table saws, the manufacturers have provided a dedicated and extended tabletop with this saw, which helps you while attempting long cuts. 
  • Because of the safety features like blade guard, and overload protection, you can expect a much safer and convenient use. 


  • None so far

#6. Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw

Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw

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Are you in need of a budget-friendly, efficient, powerful, and accurate table saw? If yes is your answer then here we got something special for you, on the seventh spot of this list, we are here with the Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw. But one other thing that we are sure that most of you will like is the lightweight design that this saw got. It simply indicates that it will be much easier for you to shift this table saw from one place to another, unlike the heavy and more than 600 pounds of table saws. Moving forward to the performance section, so this saw comes with a primary motor that works on 115 V power consumption. And the surprising thing is that this motor can rotate the primary blade with up to 3800 RPM speed.

Another biggest highlight that you should consider is the dust collecting system; basically, this saw comes with a dedicated dust collector. In short, this saw won’t spread the dust all over the workplace, that is also an important point to consider. The measurement printed fence is behind the top-notch accuracy of this saw, and the sliding or rail enabled functionality lets you set it easily and as per your need. This table’s upper top contains the hard cast iron material, making this saw the sturdiest saw at this price point. However, because of the iron material, the tabletop doesn’t get too many scratches easily, ultimately it is the scratch resistant surface.


  • The measurements and blade adjusting levers are present just by the side of the power button, which allows you to take control of the saw by standing at one side only.
  • The most significant plus point that all users liked the most is that this table saw has decent mobility that usually no other saws provide.


  • None so far

#7. SAWSTOP PCS175-TGP236 Cabinet Saw

SAWSTOP PCS175-TGP236 Cabinet Saw

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Finally, we are on the last spot of our list, and as we started this post with the SAWSTOP’s specific model of a cabinet saw, we are also ending this list with the SAWSTOP PCS175-TGP236 Cabinet Saw. The first spot of the cabinet saw was the saw’s premium category, but this one is a budget-friendly category of the saw with almost all the essential features. This specific saw comes with 1.75 hp generating primary motor, and a 36 inches long extended tabletop.

Same as the first spot of the cabinet saw, this PCS175-TGP236 model of saw comes with the advanced safety system, that can easily stop the running blade within five milliseconds only. However, the 10 inches of primary blade is perfect for almost all the cutting tasks; also, the tilt functionality makes it more versatile for the angled cuts.


  • This saw comes with a great feature of collecting up to 99% of dust at the time of cutting materials; in this way, it can keep your workspace clean.
  • In terms of build quality, you won’t get any chance to complain about it, because the quality is already on the next level. 


  • None so far

Best Cabinet Table Saw under $1500



How To Choose The Best Cabinet Saw

If you’re not sure what kind of cabinet table saw to buy, don’t worry. Our buying guide will help you make the right choice. We’ll give you some important things to think about so you don’t buy the wrong saw. It’s important to follow these tips or you might end up with a bad product.

Primary Motor

No doubt that the motor is the most important section of a saw or any other power tool because this is the power portion that generates and rotates the primary blade to cut down wooden pieces. But the confusing thing is that there are too many varieties present in this section as well, which ultimately makes it challenging for a buyer who doesn’t have too much knowledge about it. But we suggest that you should go with a cabinet table saw that must comes with a motor that can produce at least three horsepower. And here is the good news for you: the majority of saws come with more than three horsepower on the above-listed options.  

Tabletop And Fence

The tabletop and fence both are the most useful parts of a table saw, and if you want to buy a highly usable saw, you should keep an eye on both of these parts/sections. Let’s start with the tabletop, so we suggest that whenever you select a cabinet table saw, make sure it comes with an extended and metallic tabletop. Otherwise, you should skip that option and look for another saw that offers these functionalities. Talking about the fence section, so make sure to go with a saw option that comes with a sliding or rail slid enabled fence for easy adjustments. 


Of course, the blade is the point that no one can’t ignore while choosing a saw because the overall smoothness and cutting perforce of the saw ultimately depends upon the blade it got. In our opinion, you should always prefer buying a saw that comes with at least 10 inches or 12 inches length of the primary blade with impressive teeth density. And there is no doubt that the blade’s material also plays a huge role, so ensure that you are getting the blade’s hard material.

Safety Features

While selecting any power tool, you should always keep an eye on the safety features that it is coming with. And this same thing applies to the table saws too, so make sure to put your safety first. Here we are trying to address the importance of safety features like blade guard, overload protection, and, most importantly, the instant blade stopping the feature. This post has already added some table saws with the advanced safety feature that can stop the full-speed running blade within five milliseconds only. So, if you are a person who prefers safety over price and quality of the product, then this type of advanced safety feature is a must-have for you.  

Additional Features

By going with additional features like a dust collecting system, precise adjustment levers, lightweight design, and other additional features, you can enhance your user experience with a specific saw. But always keep one thing in mind, to find these features in table saws, you may have to invest more time. And thankfully, for saving a lot of your time, we have already listed some options in our list that come with these additional features. 

Cabinet Table Saw Safety Tips and Guidelines

I have previously written an entire article on How to Use a Table Saw Safely. When you’re using a cabinet table saw, you can learn new ways to make good cuts. But it’s also important to know some tips to make things easier and safer. Here are some essential tips to help you.

  • Check Blade Sharpness

The blade doesn’t fade easily, but after intensive use, the sharpness starts fading. Using the same unsharp blade will be risky because it will be creating intense pressure on the motor and the chances of blade cracking increase. On the other hand, it won’t be effective to cut any material this way. Using the right blade type is also crucial to ensure efficiency, cutting speed and effectiveness of cabinet table saw.

  • Ensure no Cuts on Wire

Checking the wire and ensuring that there are no cracks is important for everyone to have perfect usability. If there are any cuts, always replace the wire to the same extent or you can reduce the length of the wire or use electrical tape. While working in such an environment, wires might get cut due to any sharp object.

  • Wear appropriate safety equipment

Safety equipment should be considered compulsory while using power tools.  Thus, you can use a face shield, wear fire-free clothes, hearing protection & sunglasses. Although, don’t wear jewellery, neckties and fitted clothes when dealing with the table saw. The safety kit will help you to get rid away from any damage or loss. Among all type of safety equipment, buying the best one is mandatory.

  • Maintain Neatness around the working area

Every woodworker should maintain cleanliness while using a cabinet table saw. Keep the working table clean of dust, cut-offs, and other items. Decide a specific space for cutting and chopping woods so that there is no mess around you. Clean working space will help you to decide where saw can be moved or not.

  • Read Safety Manual before Use

It is the best way to maintain proper safety for life long. If you are not professional and do not know how to use the saw for a different task, then go for the safety manual. The safety manual involves complete safety features and functionality of the product. There are some safety tools available in the market which is thoughtfully designed to offer complete protection. Some of them include a riving knife, saw blade guard, anti-kickback pawls, etc.

Cabinet Table Saw Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best Cabinet Table Saw under $1000?

Unfortunately, there are no Cabinet Table Saws in the market under $1000. If there were, I wouldn’t be able to recommend any from a reputable company. A good Cabinet Saw is an investment for life. So consider the purpose you’ll be using it for and preferably, get a durable one for a decent price.

However, if you’re tight with the budget, I suggest considering a good Hybrid Table Saw or a Contractor Table Saw. You would still be able to get the job done although not as powerful, without having to break the bank.

What is the best Cabinet Table Saw under $5000?

You can find the Best Cabinet Table Saw under $5000 – Expert Analysis & Guide here. 


Do I need to purchase a cabinet table saw for household DIY tasks?

A cabinet table saw is not an easy table saw to use. There are some complicated functions and features that the cabinet table saw offers. However, for performing simple DIY tasks, a cabinet table saw is not required. Instead of cabinet table saws, you could consider purchasing hybrid or jobsite table saws.

Which one should I purchase? Miter saw or a cabinet table saw?

Cabinet table saws and almost all the table saws could make longer cuts than a miter saw. The purpose of miter saw is different, miter saws are best for making miter cuts, bevel cuts, angled cuts, etc. These types of complicated cutting cannot be done on cabinet table saws. Therefore, it is all up to your purpose of use.

Most of the experts and professionals prefer purchasing and using cabinet table saw over other table saws, why is it so?

Cabinet table saws are designed in such a way they could cut larger work pieces with ease. This is why the cabinet table saw is one of the most common and preferred table saws for professionals and experts. Apart from that, cabinet table saws are designed to offer much more precision and features when compared to hybrid and contractor saws. The majority of the parts of a cabinet table saw tend to be stronger and have the power to perform heavy-duty work with ease.

What is the difference between a table saw and a cabinet table saw? How to choose a suitable saw?

There are several differences between a table saw and a cabinet table saw, here are a few of the differences that might be useful to you. Table saws come with a riveting knife feature that could reduce the kickback experience while cutting. But, cabinet table saws do not have such a feature, instead, they use induction motors that run for a long time without heating fast. Yet another difference is that table saws come with folding arms that could be used to make crosscuts and to rip work pieces that are large and thick. On the other hand, cabinet table saws come with extensions that allow the user to cut and rip large work pieces. Apart from all these differences, table saws are designed for heavy-duty cutting and ripping without much precision. But, when it comes to the cabinet table saw they are designed for heavy-duty construction cutting and ripping tasks. Now, you know the difference.

Cabinet table saws are expensive, are they really worth it?

Yes, for the price tag each cabinet table saw carry, it offers good features. If you are planning to purchase a cabinet table saw, you should consider the advantages and check if a cabinet table saw is appropriate to serve your purpose. If your requirements could be satisfied with a cabinet table saw, then, the price you pay is really worth it. Most of the experts who have used a cabinet table saw have reviewed and mentioned it to be the best of the table saws available on the market today.


Are you struggling to find the best suggestion related to the cabinet table saw, even after spending a lot of your precious time? If yes, if your answer then congrats, you clicked on the right post because this whole in-detailed post was all about you. Before presenting this post in front of all the readers, we have conducted in-depth research to find the eight best cabinet table saw options that you can buy right away.

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