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10 Best Camping Saw 2023 – Expert Reviews & Guide


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Camping saw is the most important tool that you may require in your toolbox for many reasons. You can use the saw for any outdoor purposes even while you are camping. As you see, a camping saw is also useful for safety purposes. The main reason people buy this is to keep one handy at home that can serve you anytime, as such camping saws are capable of cutting green and dry wood. Picking up the right camping saw for your requirement can be tricky. 

Best Buy Camping Saw Reviewed

As there are many models and varieties available, it is always best to select the best one that exactly matches your requirement. With that in mind, we have lined up the ten best camping saws that are foldable. There are many reasons to say they are the best. But for you to make a final decision, we should mention the reasons we used to identify that they are the best. Further, this detail shall be helpful for you to pick the right one.

#1. Folding Hand Saw with TPR Handle


Folding Hand Saw with Ergonomic TPR Handle


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It is emphatic camping saw that can be useful to chop the green as well as dry wood. A versatile saw with a sturdy handle makes the complete unit very useful and handy. It saw not only helps cut the wood, but it can also chop through the plastic and bones. The versatility goes with the way it is used in pruning the shrubs as well. If you are planning to trim the fence and make it look beautiful, this saw is a very useful tool for that. The length of the saw is 17 inches in which the 8 inches blade plays the prime part. The stainless steel blade cuts through the wood with the utmost ease. The handle is build-up with a high-quality fiber that does not shake as you cut through the hardest of the materials. The Teeth per Inch of the saw make it easy for any thick wood cutting too. The 7 TPI is commendable and makes life easy for you. The paracord the saw has is an added advantage also. You can hang it anywhere you like, and it gives the utmost comfort to carry it too. The safety lock of the saw makes it safer and can be carried anywhere you like. You can be assured of the blade as it gets locked while you cut through the wood.


  • You get a lifetime warranty for the product
  • The device can help you chop through the green as well as dry wood
  • The TPI plays a vital role in keeping things accurate
  • The performance of the saw to cut through the wood is so fast and commendable.
  • Safety lock makes it more convenient and safe.


  • The handle can be a bit more light to handle

#2. Coher Folding Hand Saw

Coher Folding Hand Saw


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Coher has the best of the Saws in place, and this one shall never disappoint you. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you must need this folding saw. The best of the tools is required for you to keep your vision to explore dense forests. If you are planning to prune and trim your garden, you can easily get it done with this. The speed in which you can get the job done needs a mention here. The finest quality blade is used, which is a mix of carbon steel and stainless steel. The TPR material used makes it rust-free as well. The excellent design allows you to handle the saw with care. An amazing saw with excellent features comes with a comfortable grip. The non-slip grip is the plus point in this saw. You can rely on the handle to cut through any type of wood with ultimate ease. The leather strap the saw comes with adds to the security while carrying as well. Also, the compact size makes it highly portable. The two angle-adjustable blades are for the safety factor. The folding system brings compactness, while the blocking system brings safety. The strong blocking system sets the blade firm, and you can cut anything without getting hurt. It is a complete tool for your house and the toolbox. The multi-purpose usage and versatility make the hand saw the best.


  • The TPR material makes the blade anti-rust
  • The compact design makes it easy for carrying too
  • The safety blocking system is appreciated
  • The leather strap is a fantastic aspect of the saw
  • A very comfortable grip


  • Nothing as of now.

#3. Folding Saw, Heavy Duty Extra Long


Folding Saw, Heavy Duty Extra Long


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The SK-5 durable steel brings long life to the blade. It is a highly reliable camping saw that has amazing features. The anti-rust material gives a life long service. The sturdy and robust body keeps the saw intact even if you cut the hardest of the woods. The blade is capable of cutting even the wood that is 7 to 8 inches in diameter. The best part is, it does at a quick speed. The body of the saw and the tensile strength of the blade make your cutting job so easy. The best feature of the blade is the length. The folding saw has an 11-inch blade. That means to say; it can cut through even the harder materials. The teeth per inch ration ensure the ultra-smooth cutting. This saw has a TPI of 7, and this is convenient for any type of cutting. We are sure that if you are a nature enthusiast and willing to go on a trip to any dense place, this can be very handy. The speed in which it cuts is one side, the smoothness of the cut is on the other side. The fantastic blend of blade and handle makes your life easy; The high-quality polymer is present with rubber-coated grip. You will never miss a cut with such a grip in place. Most importantly, such grips shall not hurt you as well.


  • Extra Long Blade brings complete convenience in cutting down harder woods too
  • The grip is fascinating
  • The stainless steel blade makes it very sturdy
  • 7 TPI ensures smoothness


  • Nothing as of now

#4. SE Folding Camping/Pruning Saw


SE 10-1/2" Folding Camping/Pruning Saw - PS185


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With a blade length of 5 inches, this is the most compact camping saw ever. What makes it perfect is the triple teeth saw. It means to say; the saw can easily cut through the toughest of the materials. And that too with ultimate ease. The effective cutting technology begins with the material in which the blade is made. Incomparable stainless steel with powerful teeth makes all the talking. It is perfect camping saw as it is not only compact but also highly portable. The best aspect is the weight of the saw. You can carry it just like a knife. The safety precautions are the best in this tool. The safety release tool is one of its kind. It helps not only to handle it safely but also to fold it appropriately. A well designed saw with an amazing body. The rubberized plastic handle makes the design exquisite. Also, it allows you to handle the saw conveniently. The total length of the saw is 10.5 inches, with which blade is of 5 inches. You can use this tool for camping and gardening too. The high-quality material makes it live long; on the other hand, durability is pretty good.


  • The compact design makes it highly portable
  • The tripe teeth saw is one of its kind
  • The rubberized grip offers non-slip feature


  • The product can be a bit more sturdy

#5. GRÃœNTEK Folding Pruning Saw


GRÃœNTEK Folding Pruning Saw


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It is the fastest, and the most efficient camping saw ever we have seen till now. The powerful blade and the sturdy body makes this saw the best in the market. The cork type handle gives a complete grip. And this is the plus about this camping saw. The Teflon coated hand saw can easily get the job done. The feature that you need to look in for such tools is the thickness of the blade. The 7-inch blade can easily cut through the wood and other sturdy materials with utmost precision. The accuracy of the cut is highly commendable. The handle is sturdy; it allows you to cut anything with complete convenience. The complexity of other saws comes in the form of the handle. It is this type of handle that can keep the saw in place while you cut. The folding feature of the saw makes it more safe and conducive for any portable factors. The weight of the saw is optimal, and this feature makes it sturdy and durable. The high-quality Stainless steel can cut through any material with seamless ease. The 24-month warranty given to this product that means to say; it is highly reliable as well.


  • A commendable pocket saw
  • The Teflon coated blade is the best feature of this saw
  • The saw is highly portable
  • The teeth offer the 3D cut, and it makes the job easy


  • Nothing as of now

#6. Fiskars PowerTooth Folding Pruning Saw


Fiskars 7 Inch PowerTooth Folding Pruning Saw


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If you are looking at a compact saw that can cut through the woods with ultimate ease, this must be your choice. The triple tooth blade that offers the smooth cut is one side while the non-slip grip on the other side. And it is a perfect blend of excellence that you can purchase at an affordable price. The top-class stainless steel makes your job easy and efficient as well. A saw must get through the wood easily, and this one accomplishes it with ease. Moreover, the power tooth does not miss a cut, and it is as accurate as a laser. The fabulous gripping system of the saw makes it more reliable. The saw is of the smaller size, but the blade is of 7 inches. The sturdiness of the blade and power tooth technology matches well in this combination. The triple ground teeth are of massive support in cutting through any type of material. The safety features established in this saw is appreciated as well. Right from the grip till the safety lock, this is a complete system of excellence. The straight blade feature is highly useful to cut harder woods. Moreover, the linear blade gives it more strength while cutting too. The handle is in such a way that it does not harm you either. What else do you want?


  • Cost-effective camping saw
  • A powerful blade with larger TPI
  • The saw is named for accurate cutting aspects


  • Nothing as of now

#7. ENPOINT Folding Pruning Saw


ENPOINT Folding Pruning Saw


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It is a perfect Saw for pruning fruit-bearing trees. The excellent Manganese steel makes the blade a sturdy one. The sharp teeth and their teeth per inch gets the task done at faster rates. Moreover, the anti-rust coat makes the saw long-lasting as well. The thickness of the blade makes it even convenient to cut tougher wood too. The 1.4mm blade has everything in it. The saw can easily cut through any material with great ease. If you are looking at a saw that can cut faster, this is the one that can accomplish the task as per your requirement. The high tensile teeth seamlessly cut through the wood without much effort. The saw comes with a top-class safety feature as well. Right from the grip to the folding technology, the camping saw is perfect for camping purposes. Also, portability is commendable. The saw is weightless compared to many in the market. The compact size also couples with that feature to make it highly portable. You can easily carry it in a bag, and it will certainly not damage your belongings. The saw is capable of cutting longer diameter wood. It is possible because of the long blade. Also, the strong teeth edges get past the wood easily.


  • Long blade saw capable of cutting harder wood
  • The saw is capable of cutting the wood faster than many of the camping saws
  • The excellent handle makes an effort easy too


  • The durability is under question

#8. Tarvol Folding Hand Saw


Tarvol Folding Hand Saw


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The 2 inches wide when completely folded, the camping saw will be your best companion when you head for a camp. A powerful 7-inch blade makes the saw the best in the industry. The TPI being seven is optimal for a smooth and accurate cutting process. The blade is 100% corrosion resistant. It is one of the reasons why people seek it. Moreover, the weight of the saw is pretty less, and you can carry it easily. This feature makes the saw a portable one. Also, the ergonomically designed handle leaves you amazed. The handle absorbs the complete shock while you cut without hurting your hand. The pistol designed handle gives more control as you cut. You can also hang this saw anywhere you like. It shall be a value-added to your toolbox. It is a complete tool that has maximum usage when it comes to gardening. The durable materials used can be attributed to its long life too. There is a 100% money-back guarantee also. It shows how reliable the product is. The sturdy body and powerful blade make it the right combination of success.


  • Well designed handle makes it convenient to cut the wood
  • The blade is sturdy and lasts long
  • The 1.2 mm thickness can cut through all types of materials
  • Very cost-effective


  • The handle may shake while you cut harder wood

#9. Shine hai Folding Hand Saw

SHINE HAI Folding Hand Saw


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Complete camping saw with utmost safety features. Shine Hai has come up with a master-class. The triple cut blade is a trademark of excellence. It ensures cutting any type of wood. Be it green or dry; this can cut through in seconds. The handle that assists the cutting makes it very easy to cut too. The excellent blend of strong blade and sturdy handle makes the product the most sought by people. If you are looking for a value add to your toolbox, this must be for the performance and the price. The safety locking system and the easy to carry methods add to the attraction of the product. The brilliant engineering behind the design makes the saw very convenient to use as well. Also, this shall be your perfect companion for your next camping trip, The hardness of the blade and the tensile strength of the material makes this saw a convenient one to cut through wood with must greater precision. This saw is famous for its accuracy, and you shall find it in every instance.


  • The sturdy blade and powerful handle makes it a perfect combination
  • The 7-inch blade is sharp and cuts through any type of wood


  • Nothing as of now

#10. WilFiks Razor Sharp Blade Folding Saw


WilFiks Razor Sharp 7" Blade Folding Saw


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It is by far the best tool that you can find in the market. The saw is easily faster than many of the camping saws available so far. It is all because of the rigged 7-inch blade that can seamlessly cut through any wood. Also, the handle suits the blade the best, which means to say, it supports well during the cutting process. Also, the push and pull are made easy with its ultra-sharp teeth. The pistol-style grip offers the best support to the blade; It gives control to the way we cut. At the same time, the grip is so firm that it shall not miss a single cut too. If you are planning to redo your fence, this shall be the perfect companion. Also, the safety factor needs a mention as well. The convenience the saw offers in usage has no words to describe.


  • The saw is convenient for any user
  • Less effort and more work can be easily accomplished
  • The compact design makes 100% convenient to carry it
  • The high-quality stainless steel gives all the necessary rigor to cut


  • Nothing to mention as of now

Factors Used In Lining Up Folding and Camping Saws

Brand: This is the primary aspect we had chosen to select the good camping saw. Although many brands are available that make the camping saws, we have chosen those who have established trust. Also, we have chosen those brands that have utilized maximum effort in producing well-qualified goods. Moreover, the quality of the material and the functionality is most important when it comes to Camping saws. So we have displayed those saws that match all the quality requirements.  

Top Class Quality: As we see, the brands are the best, and the second aspect we have taken is the quality of the material this saw has. Especially the quality of the blade as well as the handle, these are two essential aspects of a camping saw. So we have done intense research in giving you the best camping saw. Also, the blades are selected based on durability and the type of steel. You can be assured of the quality of the saws that we have lined up for you. 

Ease of use: This is one of the primary aspects that you and a possible buyer should Consider. End of the day, the usage must be very convenient. A folding, camping saw must be easy to use. It is the prime aspect that everyone should Consider as if it is not easy; there is no point in buying them. This aspect includes the weight and grip. The tool must be balanced and also provide convenience when you use it too. The saws that you see on this list are of utmost convenience that you can enjoy using it. Having said this, we shall find the best-rated Camping cum Folding Saws below.

How To Choose The Best Camping Saw

We have seen ten products right now, and all of them are the best. As we already said, selecting the one for you shall remain still tricky. We have also eased that out for you. This buying guide shall help you know what to check when we buy a camping saw. It is a comprehensive requirement of every camping saw and read through it one by one while you can find the product.

Blade Material

This is the most important factor you must look into. It decides the life of your camping saw. Camping saw comes with a carbon steel blade or a stainless steel blade. Of course, the latter is expensive but can last very long. The carbon steel is good too but tends to corrode in the longer run. If you can find camping saw with carbon steel with a corrosion-free coat, you can undoubtedly go for it.  

Performance of the Blade

Now that we know what material to check, it is also good to know which type of blade to use. To ascertain this, you must check three things.

  1. Blade Angle: it can be straight or curved. It would be easy to cut down the thin branches with the curved blade this saw has. On the other hand, the straighter ones are easy to cut the thicker ones.
  2. Teeth Positioning: Buy the blade which has the teeth slanted towards the handle. It offers more control while you cut the branches. Further, these blades are thinner than those that have the teeth slanted away from the handle. It also proves good to be a lightweight tool.  
  3. Teeth Density: TPI is the method to measure the teeth per inch. It is the factor that determines the accuracy of the cut. The simple formula is more TPI, more accuracy. On the other hand, More TPI causes the blade to cut slowly. For performance and accuracy, it is better to have blades that have 8 to 9 TPI. 

Handle and Design

This is one of the features that you must always check when you buy the camping saw. It determines safety too. Always buy a camping saw that is bigger than the blade. Also, buy dense plastic material, or metal handles with rubber coats on it. 

Weight and Size

Camping Saws are meant to be useful more often. It must be easy to carry, as well. At the same time, storing must not occupy more space too. Please find the one that matches all these two features to be easy to carry and use. 

These are the features that you need to look for when you buy the camping saw. Check for the balance of all these features and match with your preference. You will certainly find the one for you from the list that we have already given. 

Camping Saw Safety Tips and Guidelines

As you’ve read before, camping saw includes three types of saw: folding hand saw, Bow saw and pocket chainsaw. The folding hand saw is considered to be one of the best saws. Whether trees are dense or soft, you can easily cut them with this type of saw. But it is necessary to change its blades if it is damaged or not working properly. Keep yourself safe while using a camping saw. The following safety tips would help you to use the saw properly:

  1. Plan a Task

The right time to get your camping saw is when you’ve decided you need to make a trimming cut. Different types of saws are made for a specific task. Talking about folding saw, it is used to build a shelter, cut wood to size for a stove and clear bushes. Do not do it for other specific tasks or wood or object cutting.

  1. Read the safety instruction manual

It is one of the significant ways to keep safe while using cutting tools. You must read the user safety manual that came with your saw. Through the user manual, you should need to know about the tool and find all safe things. Within the user, you know the operational procedures, safety precautions and technical specs. Notice all warnings and safety labels mentioned on the box or on the saw itself.

  1. Wear a safety kit

Before operating camping saw, wear all personal protective equipment. You should wear safety goggles, a face shield, helmet, non-slip work gloves, steel-covered boots with good grip, thick long pants to protect yourself from top to bottom. Tie your hair and take off your tie and jewellery when using a saw. It can crush or be damaged when coming in contact with the tool.

  1. Inspect the area

Check the condition of the area targeted for operation. You should check the weather forecast before going outside. As you can’t operate a camping saw if it’s dark, windy or rainy. Apart from this, check the condition of the tree operating for cutting.

  1. Inspect the Camping saw before the operation

Make sure the teeth work freely. Check the saw is properly greased or oiled if it has missing out teeth. Try moving it on another object to see if they are functional.

  1. Clean your saw before storing it

To release the sawdust and dirt, keep the tool on dead wood. Use a sturdy cloth to wipe sawdust out of the teeth. Packing tools dirty them to destroy, damage, and misplace edge.


The camping saw has many benefits. The compact design shall bring a lot of versatility in place; however, your requirement is a must when selecting the best Camping Saw. Check out the features and match with your requirements, and you shall get the best one. All the best!!!

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