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9 Best Chop Saw 2024 – For Steel, Aluminum, Metal & Wood Cutting

10 Best Chop Saw 2020 - Expert Review & Guide


If you often work with metal, you might need a saw that can cut through the metal. One such saw that can be used for cutting metal bars and other similar things is a chop saw. They are very powerful, and they use a drop-down blade assembly that cuts the metal at a 90-degree angle. Chop Saws have a huge motor that delivers high torque performance when you are cutting the metal. The big blade makes it easy for you to cut through the metal, and you can even use a chop saw to cut through thick pieces of wood. It is mostly used when you are cutting wood for making beams and foundation of the house.yeezy sneakers kallax korkekiilto hylly blogspot isolateur cloture electrique ruban mallas para hombre nike custom baseball uniforms converse blanche et doré converse blanche et doré isolateur cloture electrique ruban años 20 hombre disfraz carhartt uk mascarilla pelo sebastian tapis de reception gonflable raptor suport tableta bord mallas para hombre nike mallas para hombre nike 

Best Buy Chop Saw Reviewed For 2021

We have listed the top 9 models of chop saws for the money that are available in 2021. You can go through the reviewvictoria outlet ρουχα  מרכז מבקרים זכוכית  basket veja argenté  מתנה לחברה הכי טובה גיל 20  מרכז הלבשה סניף נתיבות  guess slippers  מרכז הלבשה סניף נתיבות  wildleder portemonnaie damen  casio rangeman gpr b1000 1ber  hawaiian prodotti solari  bioscalin nutricolor prezzo  drone autonomie  pyjama jaune femme  espadrilles slippers  חזן צוקרמן שמלות כלה מחירים  s, and we assure you that you will find a suitable chop saw for your workshop. Let us now move ahead and see what we have on the list for you.




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The first chop saw on our list is from Porter-Cable. This saw comes with a 14-inch blade, and it weighs 32 pounds. The saw has a spark deflector which enables you to cut the metal safely. For cutting the material precisely, the saw also has a cutting fence with miter adjustment. In addition to this, the material clamp can be used for quickly releasing the material. The chop saw has a powerful 15 Amp motor that can rotate at a maximum speed of 3800 RPM. The saw is available at an affordable price, and it offers the right amount of durability to you. The miter adjustments make it possible for you to make cuts of up to 45 degrees. This feature helps you in cutting angled beams for the framing work. The saw also has a spindle lock, and it enables you to change the blade within a few seconds. The brand offers a limited three year warranty that covers you from any kind of defect. With a cord length of 8 feet, you would not feel any restrictions while working with the saw. Overall, it is one of the most reliable chop saw available in the market.


  • It has a powerful 15 Amp motor, and the brushes of the motor can be replaced as well.
  • The machine has a very duty steel base, and it offers a high level of stability to you.
  • The quick release clamp speeds up the work.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#2. DEWALT Chop Saw


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One of the best brands for power tools is Dewalt. This brand has an excellent market reputation, and the tools from Dewalt are unmatchable. If you are looking for a chop saw with exceptional quality, then you can even consider this model. It features a 14 inches blade, and it also has a quick change technology that enables you to change the blade quickly. You do not need a wrench to change the blade of the saw. The machine has a 15 Amp motor, and it generates 5.5 HP power. The quick fence adjustments are also tool free, and you can make cuts at an angle of 45 degrees. It is possible to work with the soft and hard materials if you are using this chop saw. The quick lock mechanism allows you to work with different kinds of materials. The motor comes with a soft start system that improves the life of gear and the motor. It should be noted that the stock blade offered with this product is abrasive. Many people reported that the blade is not of outstanding quality.


  • The saw has a powerful 15 Amp motor that generates 5.5 HP, and it is capable of running at 4000 RPM.
  • The brand offers a three year warranty on the saw, and it also provides a 90-day money back guarantee to you.
  • The base is very sturdy, and this feature adds stability for the user.


  • The tool is manufactured in China, and many people avoid buying Chinese appliances.

#3. Toolman Chop Saw – Multi-purpose Tool


Toolman Chop Saw - Multi-purpose Tool

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If you are looking for a multi-purpose chop saw, we are sure that you will love this model from Toolman. This model can be used for cutting angle iron, rebar, iron, aluminum profile, and plastic. Apart from wood, the saw is capable of handling everything. One of the saw’s fantastic features is Quick Lock that locks the material quickly and releases it quickly. Another thing that we like about this saw is the multi-angle cutting system. This saw comes with a carbide teeth blade that offers a faster cut than the abrasive blade. The saw has a motor of 15 Amp, and the blade has a standard 14 inches size. The motor generates 5.0 HP power, and it runs at a maximum speed of 3800 RPM. Apart from this, the blade or the saw doesn’t get heated when you are cutting steel. The accuracy levels are very high, and it comes with a double protection system. In addition to this, the blade has a quick release clamp that quickly changes the blade.


  • The saw is very versatile, and you can use it with various kinds of material.
  • This saw comes with a carbide blade, and they are surely better than the abrasive blades.
  • It is available at an affordable price, and hence it offers excellent value for money.


  • This chop saw is not suitable for wood.

#4. Makita LC1230 12″ Metal Cutting Saw


Makita LC1230 12" Metal Cutting Saw


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At number 4, we have a metal cutting chop saw from Makita. This saw offers four times faster cutting when using it to cut light pipe, tubing, angle iron, iron bars, or other similar things. All the credit for this speed goes to the fantastic carbide-tipped blade that comes with the saw. This chop saw has a sturdy base, and the total weight of the saw is 42.5 pounds. The motor of the saw generates 15 Amp power, and it features a quick release fence that can be used for quickly removing the material. The miter cutting mechanism enables you to cut the material between an angle of 45 degrees and 90 degrees. The maximum cutting depth offered by the saw is 4.5 inches, and it usually covers everything. Apart from this, the saw has a D shaped handle that provides an ergonomic grip to the user while they are using the saw. The blade doesn’t lose the sharpness even after long term usage, and it proves to be very cost efficient in the long run. The blade, along with the powerful motor, helps you in getting clean and accurate cuts. This chop saw is also equipped with a Lock-off button to prevent any kind of accidental runs.


  • The saw comes with a high quality carbide tipped blade that lasts 50 times longer than the abrasive blade.
  • The saw also comes with a shaving collection try, and it also helps you in easy waste disposal. 
  • The blade has a maximum speed of 1700 RPM, and it has a 12 inches blade assembly system.


  • You need a wrench to change the blade of this saw.

#5. Evolution Heavy Duty Metal Cutting Chop Saw


Evolution S380CPS – Heavy Duty Metal Cutting Chop Saw


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Next on our list is a saw from the Evolution Store. This saw comes with a carbide-tipped blade, and by now, you would understand that the carbide-tipped blade has a better utility than abrasive blades. The blade also has 66 teeth, and it has a kerf of 0.094 inches. This chop saw offers a high cutting accuracy. After the cut, the metal is ready to welt, and it doesn’t require and cleaning. This chop saw features a 15 Amp High Torque motor coupled with the gearbox for optimal performance.  The chop saw base is made of aluminum alloy, and it also has a chip collection feature. The dry cut technology works great, and it even outperforms the cuts that you will get via an abrasive blade. The blade eliminates the spark by over 90%, and the cuts are also very smooth. Another advantage of buying the saw is that it is compatible with both 14 inches and 15 inches blade. These blades can cut metals like aluminum and even stainless steel. The quick release mechanism makes it quick for you to clamp the workpiece. Lastly, the saw also has miter capabilities that enable you to get cut angles between 0 degrees and 45 degrees.


  • The brand offers a three year warranty on the saw.
  • The saw can be used with a 14 inches blade or with a 15 inches blade.
  • The metal clamp works very well, and it takes just a couple of seconds to remove the material because of this clamp.


  • The metal chip catcher doesn’t work very well.

#6. Ironton Dry Cut Metal Saw


Ironton Dry Cut Metal Saw

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The next brand that we are going to talk about is Ironton. The chop saw from this brand is priced at a premium, but it is worth the price. The tool saw is equipped with 15 Amp motor that operates at high torque levels. The no-load speed of the saw is 1450 RPM, and it is also possible to cut 4.75 inches round metal or 4.125 square stock. You will be able to use the saw for cutting angle iron, cutting pipe and conduit. The saw also features a comfortable D shaped handle. This feature improves your control over the saw. The 14-inch carbide blade works very well, and it is powerful enough to deal with any kind of hard metal. The carbide blade also reduces the amount of spark. The saw also has a thumb lock to ensure that you do not start the saw accidentally. Apart from this, the saw has a shield on top, which protects you from blade and debris.


  • This saw has a 15 Amp motor that generates 3.38 HP power, which easily tackles any hard material.
  • The D shape handle offers the right level of comfort.
  • The saw has a carbide blade that generates less amount of spark.


  • This saw has a maximum speed of 1450 RPM only.

#7. Hitachi CC14SFS Portable Chop Saw


Hitachi CC14SFS 14-Inch 15-Amp Portable Chop Saw


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Hitachi Power Tools was a famous brand when it existed. Metabo tools later replaced it, but the fact is that many people would still prefer buying power tools from Hitachi. If you are also looking for a chop saw from Hitachi, then you can check this out. Before you move ahead, please note that the brand has been discontinued, and hence you might face a challenge during repairs or warranty claims. Apart from this, the saw is excellent, and it offers you great utility. The saw is portable, and it is easy to carry it to the worksite. The trigger of the saw can also be locked, and the spark chute is adjustable to get the optimal performance when you are using it. The spindle lock enables you to remove and change the blade without any tools. Apart from this, the miter can be adjusted to get an angle of up to 45 degrees. The motor of this chop saw is powerful, and it operates at a maximum speed of 4000 RPM.


  • The brand has an excellent reputation in the market, and it is very durable.
  • The saw comes with a tool-less blade removal system.
  • The motor operates at 4000 RPM.


  • The model has been discontinued, and hence you might find it challenging to find the spares.

#8. SKILSAW Abrasive Chop Saw


SKILSAW SPT64MTA-01 15 Amp Abrasive Chop Saw


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At number 8, we have a chop saw available from Skilsaw. This saw is also a powerful option that you can consider. Just like all other saws on our list, it also has a 15 Amp motor. The saw has an average weight, which also gives it a lot of stability. To be precise, the saw weighs 33.9 pounds. The blade comes with a guard that diverts the sparks away from you. Moreover, the D shaped handle offers better control and comfort while you are using the saw. The brand has also integrated a miter fence in this chop saw that enables you to cut 45 degrees on the left or right. The vise of the chop saw can also be adjusted quickly, and this improves your efficiency while you are working on large projects. The stock blade provided in the pack is an abrasive type blade that is more suitable for cutting metal. You also need a wrench to change the blade. The wrench can be stored in the base of the saw.


  • This saw has a powerful motor, and it works very well.
  • The abrasive blade provided cuts metal easily, and it gives a clean-cut.
  • The saw is not very heavy.


  • Nothing as such.

#9. Metabo HPT Metal Chop Saw

Metabo HPT Metal Chop Saw


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Metabo replaced the Hitachi Power Tool a few years back. If you are not happy with the line item at number 7 and are looking for a tool covered under warranty, you can go for Metabo as well. This chop saw has a 15 Amp motors, and this motor can take care of the toughest job as well. The design of the Metabo HPT Chop Saw is very portable, and hence you will not find it difficult to carry it around. The trigger switch comes with a lock button, and the spark chute comes with a mechanism that enables you to adjust it. This way, you can ensure that no spark escapes the machine while you are using it. This saw also has a D handle, which gives you additional control and comfort.


  • The motor has a maximum speed of 4000 RPM, and it can be used for cutting pipe, shaped steel, and rebar.
  • The saw has a 14-inch blade that can be used for cutting hard material.
  • The chop saw has a lot of safety features in it.


  • This saw is slightly unstable.

What is a Chop Saw used for?

Many people confuse the chop saws with the miter saws, but there is a glaring difference between the two. One of the significant differences between the chop saw and a miter saw is that chop saws can only make a 90-degree cut. Another difference between the two types of saw is that the chop saw uses an abrasive blade, whereas the miter saw uses a regular blade with teeth. The abrasive blade is the reason you can cut through the metal using the chop saws very quickly.

Most of the chop saws have a 14-inch blade, and they are very quick in delivering the results. You can even tackle big projects with the chop saws. If you often work on projects that need a framework, then you would certainly need to make space for a chop saw in your workshop. Many of these chop saws come with a hydraulic system and foot switch as well. This makes it easy for you to feed and cut the material. If you are not sure which chop saw is a good option, then we are here to help you.

How To Choose The Best Chop Saw

Choosing the right chop saw is a challenging decision. It is not easy to select the right chop saw without knowing the factors that will impact your purchase. To make it easy for you, we have listed some of the best chop saws available. Below are all the points that you must consider while you are buying a chop saw.

1. Power Delivery

Start by looking at the power delivery of the motor. You can look at the speed of the motor and the amperage as well. These factors will give you an idea if the chop saw is powerful enough to deal with the thick metal tubes that you are trying to cut. Power delivery is the most important factor and don’t buy an underpowered saw for yourself.

2. Power Source

The next thing that you can decide is the power source of the saw. In the market, you will find the corded as well as cordless versions of the chop saw. In our opinion, it is better to go with the corded versions of the saw. They might offer lower flexibility in terms of the movements, but you would not have to worry about stalling the work because of the low battery. Moreover, you would not need to go for battery replacements after the battery reaches the end of life.

3. Size of Blade

Look at the size of the blade as well. This factor also has an impact on the performance of the saw. The standard size of the blade for a chop saw is 14 inches. Anything smaller than 14 inches might not be handy for your purpose. You can opt for the larger blade, but it might not be as portable as it should be.

4. Extended Fence & Spark Deflector

An extended fence adds more stability to the chop saw, and this feature makes it easier for you to use the chop saw. Another feature that you can look out for is the spark deflector. You will need a spark deflector if you plan to work with metal or are planning to use an abrasive blade. This module will keep the sparks away from the work area.

5. Type of Chop Saw

You must also look at the type of chop saw that you are buying. Map it up with the purpose of the purchase. The first type of saw is the one that is designed for cutting metal. These saws are ideal for people who only work with metal. They have a high torque motor, and these saws are not very suitable for cutting soft material. The second type of saws is the multi-purpose that can cut through softer materials. These saws are more like versatile tools that can even cut through metal.

6. Type of Blade

There are mainly two types of blades that are accompanied with the chop saw. The first ones are the abrasive blades that are designed for grinding the material. These blades are used for cutting stainless steel and other hard material. Abrasive blades have a diamond layer in a metal mesh. The second type of blades provided with the chop saw is the cold cut blade. These blades have a carbide tip that cuts the material at high speed without heating the material. It should be noted that cold cut blades are more expensive than the abrasive blades.

7. Saw Stand

Chop saws are not a very portable saw, and you would always have to lay it on a flat surface to use it. In such a case, it makes sense to buy a unit that comes with a stand. These stands often work as a stable surface that enables you to cut the metal easily. 

8. Safety Features

You can even look at the safety aspect of the chop saw. You can look out for features like the lock-off button that would prevent any accidental machine start. You can even look for features like overload protection and overheat protection. These things will make a lot of difference when it comes to the safety of the user.

9. Price

Another point here is the price associated with the chop saw. You can decide a range before you start looking out for the saw. A decent price range would be between $150 and $200. In this price range, you will get chop saws from all the good brands available in the market.

10. Warranty & Brand

You can also look at the brand, and the warranty aspect of the chop saw. Ensure that you buy a chop saw from a good brand, and this will save you from the maintenance expenses in the late lifecycle of the chop saw. You must also look for the warranty policy applicable to the chop saw. This point will ensure that the chop saw is covered from any manufacturing defect.

Tips for Chop Saw Safety and Precautions

A chop saw provides a ton of benefits with productivity, speed, precision and much more. But, using a chop saw in the right manner is crucial to ensure your safety. All kinds of saws are dangerous that’s why you should always follow the given tips –

  • Always unplug the power cord after using the chop saw. Make sure that you turn off the saw before unplugging the power cord.
  • There are many times that the power cord gets damaged while working in such an environment. You can ensure safety by checking the power cord every single time before using it.
  • Protective gears like gloves, goggles, masks and earbuds can ensure that you have a safe use. Goggles prevent you from micro-wooden particles produced by while materials. Using a mask will help you avoid breathing this harmful debris.
  • When you are using the chop saw, considering the placement of your hand is necessary before pulling down the liver. There are many times when people get distracted while working, and they end up hurting themselves.
  • Always ensure that the blade is in perfect condition and there are no rust signs, chips or broken teeth of the blade.
  • Using the right type of blade to cut specific material provide you with better performance and ease while cutting. So, always equip the right type of blade to reduce the chances of hurting yourself.
  • Do not take any wet object close to the chop saw. Even using water while cutting is risky. Some people use water to add lubrication and increasing the speed of cutting, but it is a risky approach.
  • The best way to ensure that you get a perfect cut is by marking on the cutting material. After that, you should use clamps to keep the cutting material in place for great work done.
  • Working in a properly lit area will provide you with the perfect view of cutting objects, and you can make fine cuts. If you are working in a dark or not adequately illuminated area, you might end up cutting in the wrong manner.
  • Storing the shop saw away from the reach of kids is essential. Many manufacturers offer storage cases of the chop saw, which will make things easier if you don’t need the chop saw on the daily basis.

After learning all the crucial tips, you can use a chop saw effectively. Make sure that you get the benefit of all the offered safety features in a chop saw.

Chop Saw Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to rip a piece of hardwood with a chop saw?

No, rip cutting or ripping is not a functionality of chop saw. To perform this function you need to consider purchasing a circular saw or rip-cut circular saw.

I find it confusing to distinguish between Miter saw and chop saw, are they different, if yes, how?

If you have seen both Miter saw and chop saw, you will find it easy to distinguish them. However, I guess, you haven’t seen them. The key difference between a Miter saw and chop saw is that chop saw could cut only at 90-degree angles and the blades incorporated are larger. The cutting head of the chop saw cannot be moved or rotated. On the other hand, Miter saw could cut angled, compound, and bevel cuts. The blade incorporated is small and the cutting head could be moved or rotated based on the requirement.

Is it possible to cut a 4×4 wood with a chop saw?

The answer question depends on the type of chop saw you are planning to use. However, if your chop saw does not allow the blade guard to be adjusted according to the user’s requirement, then the chop saw cannot be used to cut 4×4. To cut a 4×4 you must consider using a compound Miter saw.

I own a chop saw and for the past few days, my chop saw is not making any straight cuts. Why is it so?

There could be two reasons why a chop saw does not make a straight cut. First, the cutting head of the chop saw is loose or out of standard position. You need to re-position the cutting or tighten the screws. This could help avoid the issue. Second, improper clamping, no matter the size of the material, if you do not clamp the material properly, improper cuts are natural.

Could a chop saw used to cut metal?

Yes, of course, a chop saw could be used to cut metals. However, it cannot be done using the same blade. To cut metals or other materials, there is a specific type of blade to be used. You should first find out if your product is designed for such a purpose and then purchase an appropriate blade. Remember, if the chop saw is too old, we would recommend not to try cutting metal. If you try cutting metal with an old chop saw, the motor could burn.

Is it possible to cut aluminium with a chop saw?

Yes, chop saws are designed in such a way that it could cut metals, alloys, wood, and plastic. However, the right type of blade should be loaded. Carbide tipped blade is one of the best blades for cutting aluminium. However, while cutting aluminium with a chop saw, wear maximum protective gear. Aluminium chips are very hot and they could be flying around while cutting.

What is the maximum blade spin speed of a chop saw?

The speed of blade spin in a chop saw or any other saw is denoted by RPM (Revolution Per Minute). As the RPM increases, the blade spin speed also increases. In general, a chop saw would have a minimum of 4000 RPM, however, the maximum RPM could be around 10,000. The maximum blade speed could depend on the product model and brand.

Is it true that chop saw requires calibrating after frequent use?

Yes, even if the chop saw is designed with a stationary cutting head, it needs to be calibrated after frequent use. However, some of the models do not require recalibrating. Unlike other saws, calibrating a chop saw could be done easily. It does not require any expert help.

Final Verdict

This was all about the chop saws. We have covered all the major brands that are available in the market, and this way, you will have a lot of options to choose from. Before you buy a chop saw, ensure that you know the difference between the chop saw and miter saw. Also, ensure that you know what is more suitable for your usage. If you are sure that you need a chop saw, you must also go through the buying guide before buying a saw. This research will make it easier for you to pick the right tool that also fits into your budget.

Never compromise on the quality of the tool for saving a few dollars. It is always better to buy a versatile and high power saw that will serve you for many years. Be careful when using a chop saw and ensure that you use all the mandatory safety gear. For any more information, we recommend visiting the product page. This page will have all the specifications and details related to the chop saw that you are interested in. If you still have any questions, you can reach out to us in the comment section, and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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