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The 9 Best Circular Saw Rip Fence Guide Rails 2023

Best Overall Milwaukee Rip Fence Kit


Using a rip fence with the circular saw is critical, whether you’re a novice hobbyist or a seasoned professional carpenter, for both quality and safety reasons. With a guide rail, it is much simpler to implement straight cuts, conduct rip cuts, and cut more cleanly in general when you are using a table saw. Additionally, it makes it easier for you all to maintain consistency in your cutting. Rip fences are also essential for your protection. With a guide fence, one can guarantee that the blade travels in the proper direction while keeping the hands away from the cutting edge. This is critical for preventing mishaps, which can be life-threatening while dealing with heavy gear and high-powered tools such as a high-powered blade

Best Buy Circular Saw Guide Rails Reviews

When buying an all-new circular saw rip rail, there are several characteristics that you should consider. After considering the above, you must be able to locate the ideal new circular saw rip for you and your preferred instrument with relative ease. This article includes a detailed review of the most well-acclaimed circular saws available on the market as well as an explanation of their most advantageous characteristics.

1. Dewalt Circular Saw Fence 


DEWALT Circular Saw Fence 


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This DeWalt saw track is suitable with DeWalt models, which makes it quite limiting when contrasted to other track saw guides on the market today. It does, however, have an extremely lengthy track, measuring 1.5 meters in length, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who have to make a lot of really long cuts. Make precise cuts with this steady and powerful tool. At 1.5 meters in length, it has an extraordinarily long track and is, therefore, a good alternative for individuals that need to make a lot of extremely long cuts. The rails are strong and durable, and this particular model even includes a blade attached to the rails. Those who process a large amount of lumber without having to do any intricate work will find this tool for circular saw to be an excellent choice.


  • 5-meter long track
  • Materials of superior grade
  • It includes a blade that is usable with most circular saws, as well as a built-in measurement scale.


  • Only DeWalt items are compatible with this product.

2. The Runner Up Milescraft Saw Guide


The Runner Up


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Milescraft as a corporation is a little-known entity. However, the very first glance at the equipment makes you wonder what kind of wood is being used. It is not a conventional guide where a sled is fixed, as is the case with most others. A set of upright rulers that must be arranged in a specific way to guide the saw is what it is instead. You are correct in a sense; the saw is fixed to these thin metal bars, and by choosing the appropriate one from among them, you can get the needed compliance with any specific saw. It takes some effort to find out how the bars and connecting clips are supposed to work together. But, if you do, you might find that this option is even better than more expensive alternatives.

The length of such bars can reach approximately 16.3 inches long. They allow a circular saw for carving details up to one foot wide with a single pass. Well, the mass of these is only one pound, which is a pleasant surprise after the previous ones, making them as portable as they come. One of the most remarkable qualities of these bars is that they allow the circular saw to create circle cuts, which is a unique function. All that is required is that you position this kind of bar in the center of the created circle and secure it with a joining clip, after which you may rotate a saw around using it. They can accommodate circles ranging in diameter from 4 – 19 inches. The precision, on the other hand, is determined by the circle’s diameter: the smaller the diameter, the less precise the circle.


  • Construction that is both versatile and easy to store and transport
  • Compatibility with virtually all circular saws
  • Excellent for cutting circles
  • Extremely affordable


  • It could be better
  • It’s difficult to find out using them properly

3. Best Overall: Milwaukee Rip Fence Kit


Best Overall Milwaukee Rip Fence Kit


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Rip Fence Kit (Milwaukee Model 49-22-4146) Milwaukee has had a singular vision from its establishment in 1924: to manufacture the greatest heavy-duty electric power hardware available to professional users at the most competitive prices. Presently, the Milwaukee name is synonymous with the highest-quality, most lasting, and most dependable professional instruments available. A smooth cutting edge is provided by this Rip Fence when it is attached to the Milwaukee Circular Saw types. Two thumbscrews are included with the kit. The Milwaukee Rip Fence Kit has the following features: it offers a level cutting edge and it is designed to be used with the Milwaukee circular saws. When used in conjunction with Milwaukee circular saw models, the Milwaukee Rip Fence Kit ensures a straight cutting edge is maintained. The package includes two thumbscrews as well as a level cutting edge for cutting straight lines.


  • Exceptional rip fence
  • A set of thumbscrews is included.
  • It has a level cutting edge that is ideal for cutting.
  • It is effective and inexpensive


  • It is critical to handle things with care.

4. Best Overall: Kreg KMA Circular Saw


Kreg KMA2685 circular saw


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When it comes to making accurate, consistent cuts with a circular saw guide, this could be a tool that is well worth your time to investigate further. Because of its maximal cut size of 24″, it is an excellent size that will provide you with plenty of capacity for generating all of the cuts you require. It also has a built-in measuring scale, which saves you time by eliminating the need to measure each time you set up the guide, allowing you to work more efficiently. It is compatible with the vast majority of sidewinder circular saws, both in right- and left-bladed versions. Unfortunately, it cannot be utilized using worm drive saws due to the design of the blade. Simple to set set up and maintain, it also has an enlarged edge that allows for more exact control during the cutting process. However, in general, this is a very well circular saw guide that sells for a very affordable price, especially considering its quality. If you require greater accuracy and precision in your task, this could be a terrific solution.


  • It is possible to perform a variety of cuts due to the 24″ maximum cut width.
  • The presence of a built-in measuring scale eliminates the need to check each time.
  • Compatible with the vast majority of circular saws, including both left- and right-bladed models
  • It is possible to cut many pieces of the same size with confidence, making repetitive cuts straightforward.
  • A larger cutting edge allows for more accurate control throughout the cut.


  • Sidewinders are only suitable with them, can’t be used with worm drive saws
  • The plastic rip fence is not as durable as a metal rip fence would be

5. Best Overall: Makita Rip Fence Saw


Makita 164095-8 Rip Fence


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Makita’s 55-inch circular saw rip rail is the next product reviewed in this circular saw rail review. It is available in a huge length measuring 55 inches. This device will reduce the number of repeatable adjustments that you may have to make when using a short-length saw rip fence. Metal was used in the building of the product, which also contributed weight to the guide rail, resulting in a total weight of 6.61 pounds for the product. Smooth operation is achieved by using this product, and it is believed to be great for ripping sheets. However, there is indeed a problem with this model’s compatibility with other models. With this device, you’ll need to use only a few specific routers and saws. The router adapters that are compatible with this machine are 194579-2, or the saw connectors are 196953-0. As a result, you must proceed with caution and ensure that your purchase is compatible.


  • The saw rip fence is long, which is a plus.
  • It has a smooth and consistent performance.
  • Exceptionally well-suited for tearing wooden sheets


  • This model is incompatible with a large number of circular saws.
  • It weighs 6.61 pounds, which is a substantial amount.

6. Best Overall: BOSCH WD7RIP Rip Fence




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With the Bosch WD7RIP, you will no longer be required to mark and label the workpiece regularly. Its steel construction is intended to last for a long time. It is made up of metal and the size is kept to 15. It works well with the worm drive saws models including 1678, 1677MDT, 1677MD, 1677M, and CSW41. One can also use it with the Sidewinder Circular Saws models like CS20, CS10 & CS5. It’s a moderately sturdy fence that’s also less expensive than other types of fencing. To attach the fence to the saw, I’ll need to purchase a 6Mx15 wing bolt. Both the width and the width are an exact match, resulting in a good and moderately snug fit in the holes in the shoes of the saw. In addition, it comes with a retention screw and spring, both of which are compatible – the screw has the correct size & thread pitch, for example.


  • It’s a tough, well-made Bosch item 
  • Available at a fair price
  • Represents a terrific value in today’s market


  • Too big, require grinding

7. Best Overall: Hitachi Rip Fence


Hitachi rip fence


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It is possible to use the Hitachi Rip Guide with Hitachi circular saw versions because it is a parallel guide. This rip guide is simple to operate. Simply position the rip fence at the correct distance from the blade, and then insert its rip guide through the slots in the front of the shoe to complete the process. The screw with knobs is included in the rip guide. Other than wood, there isn’t anything else required. The Hitachi Rip Guide is guaranteed to the original buyer for 30 days from the date of purchase to be free of defects in the quality of workmanship under normal use. Every Hitachi component is created to the best standard and put through a thorough testing process to ensure that it is both functional and long-lasting. Since its beginnings, Hitachi has been a leader in the development of breakthrough technologies that have helped to raise the overall standard of workmanship around the world. Hitachi is a world-class leader in power equipment research and development, and the company has set numerous industry records in this field. Hitachi is continuing the heritage of innovation & engineering today, adding additional features to its already impressive list of quality offerings.


  • This rip fence is an excellent fit for the circular saw
  • The screw that will be used to fasten it down is supplied. 
  • Highly recommended by the experts


  • The fence does not fit squarely into the slot that is molded into the saw’s housing.
  • It extends only a little bit beyond the slot on the right.

8. Best Overall: Ryobi Circular Saw


Ryobi Circular Saw


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Many people believe that Ryobi Circular Saw is one of the greatest circulars saw guides available on the market today. This model boasts a terrific range of features that make it a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced users. The Ryobi Circular Saw is equipped with anti-chip strips, which is a first and essential feature. Anti-chip strips help to keep your wood from splitting or splintering when you’re sanding or painting. Additionally, the track allows making cuts up to 50 inches in length. With the adaptable edge guide, one can create a straight edge, a rip cut, or a circular saw cut with relative ease. Circular saw rail versions, on the other hand, should be simple to operate. Some customers have complained that it is difficult to construct and that it does not come with instructions. It does not have similar clamp edge characteristics as some other versions, which means it is simple to accidentally press the guide fence while working on it. It is possible that the circular saw blade will become out of line with the circle saw rail as a result. Experienced users, on the other hand, appear to rate this as one of the greatest circular guide rail options—provided, of course, that you know what you’re doing.


  • The blade track is extremely lengthy.
  • Can make different cut types


  • On long cuts, the blade slides.
  • When cutting, the guide rail does not feel particularly smooth

9. Best Overall: Black Decker Circular Saw


Black decker circular saw


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This product is available with a 3-year warranty, which is ideal for individuals who want to feel secure about their purchase. Because it is composed of metal, however, it will add some additional weight to the item. The self-clamping technology keeps it strong and stable, allowing you to appreciate the precise cutting of wood while working on it. This product will provide you with the smooth sawing performance that you require. It is a power saw with a blade that is 55 inches in length. The length is sufficient for cutting larger boards without encountering any difficulties. On the flip side, this saw is prohibitively pricey and so out of reach for those on a tight budget. In addition, the product weighs far more than many of its competitors’ products.


  • A three-year warranty is included.
  • Allow for a smooth sawing performance.
  • The length is a whopping 55 inches.
  • It is possible to cut larger boards with a single adjustment.


  • The downside is that this product is extremely pricey.
  • The weight of the model is greater than the weight of many rival models in the market.

What you should know about the best circular saw rip fence

By the time you’ve finished reading all of the circular saw guide reviews; it’s probably too late to inquire if you need one. Even yet, you might be looking for something unique that isn’t covered here. So, here’s a quick tutorial on picking out the right accessories & using them correctly in general. Perhaps you will discover these suggestions to be of assistance.

How to Select the Proper Circular Saw Guide

Let’s presume you’re smart enough to recognize that searching for a “skill saw guide rail” means you’re looking for a Skilsaw. You are dissatisfied with the amount of precision it gives on its own, and you wish to advance to a higher level. This implies that you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with these tools, including what sorts of wood you will use, what size the features will be, etc. Listed below are the considerations you should keep in mind when choosing a circular saw rip fence for use in your home workshop. Each of them would be significant in his or her way.


It is the factor that determines how comfortable you will be when functioning with a guide rail. A length that is too lengthy will necessitate additional space, whereas a length that is too short will be insufficient. An extendable guide appears to be the ideal option – but if you need to modify the length of the guide regularly. Alternatively, you can choose between a kit of 2 rails or even a single rail, depending on your requirements and the size of your workshop space.


As you’ve learned above, there are several different types of different ways to do things. The choice between DEWALT Circular Saw Fence and Milescraft saw guide, or their equivalents are dependent on your tastes as well as the type of work you typically perform.


Aluminum is the most commonly used material for guide rails, and the benefits of using it are undeniable. However, there are other options, such as strong steel from Milescraft or handcrafted wooden alternatives. Plastic can be used in some parts of it (such as sleds). The materials used in these are less lasting, although they are usually replaceable as well. Nonetheless, you must choose whether replacements are simple to acquire and send to you promptly. If you need to make a large number of pieces of a similar size, either from a single larger workpiece or from several smaller ones, you should use a saw that can keep the blade fixed perpendicular to the workpiece. If it is not required, then this is not a significant criterion.

A guide’s splinter shield is an extremely vital component. The greater the thickness of the incision, the less likely it is that you may unintentionally create splinters to contaminate the cut. Angled cuts should be possible with a suitable guide. Typically, the maximum angle that they will allow is 45 degrees. If you do not intend to make angled cuts with them (at least in the foreseeable future), this is not a concern.

Check the kit, of course. 

Keep in mind that more vulnerable components may require replacement. The experts have brought this up because some people made the same mistake, failing to plan ahead of time on how to obtain a replacement sled when theirs broke.

Things to keep in mind

Considering you are already familiar with the operation of a hand circular saw, the following are the fundamentals.

  • To use a saw, you must first draw a line along that you intend to cut. This line has been drawn on a workpiece – or perceived to be drawn on the workpiece. Its location is determined by the size of the feature you wish to remove from the piece of wood.
  • To properly set up the saw, you must first take readings of the workpiece as well as the width of the guide itself. It should be possible to see the circular saw’s blade a little below this width, but just a small amount. If it reveals more, it’ll be considered too hazardous. If it is less, it will simply not be able to cut the wood effectively.
  • Attach your circular saw to a guide once all of the measurements have been taken. It is recommended that you research how it is done with your specific saw and guide arrangement, given the number of options available.
  • If you are confident in your hands & able to manage the saw, one can treat the guide as if it were a standard ruler. All that is required is that you press the edges of the saw against the edge of a guide while the guide is fastened to the workpiece. Similar to drawing a line with a pen & ruler, but in this instance, the line would be cut instead of being drawn.
  • Using the sled which comes with numerous guides will make it easier to be more responsible with the saw. It delivers far greater fixation and virtually little deviation. A saw that has been properly fastened will move without deviation.
  • You can keep the saw set on a guide while working on the next detail if you need to make multiples with the same measurements. It is possible to utilize the fresh cut edge of the piece as a guide to connecting the guide to the workpiece. Some guides are more or less appropriate for this purpose.
  • A circular saw safety guide does not take the place of circular saw safety guidelines. It can help you feel safer, but additional precautions, like eye and ear protection and monitoring the electrical equipment, are still required.

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