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Best Cordless Band Saw – Top 3 Picks Of 2023

Advances in technology have made it easier to cut wood and metal with cutting tools such as the band saw. This tool can cut multiple materials with little effort. There are two versions available in the band saw, which include the corded and cordless versions. Both are widely used due to their thin blades and high speed. For smooth and precise cuts, every workstation should have a cordless band saw. Plus, it improves your cutting speed in the wood or metal you usually work with.

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With the use of the best band saw, you can cut through any material even faster by ensuring safety. Unlike corded band saw available in the market, cordless saws get you ready for any project or site work without getting bogged down in multiple cables. They are also cheaper than a corded band saw. The tool creates a safe environment for you and eliminates the risk of falling by removing the cord. Here, we come up with the top three cordless band saws that make your cutting journey easier.

#1. Dewalt DCS377B Compact Bandsaw 


Dewalt DCS377B Compact Bandsaw 


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Dewalt is a leading brand of band saw that offers a wide range of models from corded to cordless. DCS377B bandsaw has 1-3/4 cutting capacity; which means you’re able to cuts in small-sized metal through. It weighs 6.6 Ibs, making it ideal for one-handed cutting applications. For versatility, your band saw comes with features such as a variable-speed trigger, speed dial, which enable easy speed adjustability to match the material being cut. With this band saw, you’ll be able to reach the dark surface of the material since it comes with LED light. This tool is lightweight, compact, and versatile as well. In the package, you’ll get a band saw, blade tracking wrench, TPI blade but charger and battery are not included in it. Moreover, it comes with an integrated hang hook for safely hanging without damaging the font handle. 


  • The construction is extremely sturdy.
  • It enables you to make PVC, wood, even metal.


  • No replacement blades are available for this model.

#2. Milwaukee 2429-21XC Bandsaw Kit


Milwaukee 2429-21XC Bandsaw Kit


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On this list, M12 is one of the most compact size cordless band saw by Milwaukee. Most woodworkers or carpenters require precise and clean-cut wood which would be better offered by this band saw. The package comes with an M12 red lithium battery, a case, and a charger. It features a space to store the battery and an extra battery comes in the kit. If you have multiple M12 batteries in your workstation, you can store them there. As it comes with LED light, you will be able to work in any environment where lights are dim. Comparison of bigger saws, it takes less space in your area. Additionally, it features a powerful motor that can cut three and forth EMTs in less than 5 seconds. You can get cuts in different inches and pitches. 


  • It has an LED light.
  • M12 band saw offers a one-handed cutting.
  • It comes with a five-year warranty.


  • The battery used in the saw is only 3Ah.

#3. Makita XBP04Z Cordless Band Saw


Makita XBP04Z Cordless Band Saw


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Makita 18V is a compact, portable band saw designed for a range of metal cutting tasks. You can use it for metal fabrication, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, installation, or any work that requires a cordless band saw. The handy design is perfect for one-handed operation in small and large spaces. The saw is equipped with Built-in LED while brightening the work area where there is no light or dim light. For protection, it has a catch bar that prevents accidental during the repetitive cutting task. This 18 V cordless band saw system is powered by lithium-iron slide-style batteries which ensure long-lasting operation. These batters take less time to charge, so you spend more time working and less time waiting on the charger. 


  • It features a brushless motor.
  • As it has a blade tracking dial, you can adjust it with ease.


  • It is a little expensive.

How to Choose the Right Cordless Band Saw?

The endless cordless models and extra features will leave you confused as to which one is best suited for cutting tasks. Therefore, there are several factors you should consider when buying a cordless band saw. These include:

Power Source

Since a cordless band saw has a cut with battery option, you’ll need something that delivers decent power.  The band saw with high cutting ability and power will help you cut material easily and quickly. A low power source, on the other hand, is not going to be able to keep up with the cordless band saw’s speed, accuracy, and cutting speed.

Speed and Blade

Many bands saw manufacturers provide numerous blades in the kit. These blades can cut materials in different ways and angles. For wooden cutting, you have something perfect for slicing through wood. Apart from the blade, you should consider speed settings. For instance: If you plan to cut metal, you need a band saw that works at low speed. Therefore, we are advising to choose a cordless band saw that features variable speed control settings.


Another most important aspect to keep in mind is the motor when purchasing a cordless band saw. You can check by horsepower. If you’re an expert in doing DIY projects, then you should have a band saw of more than 1.0 Horsepower. For cutting large metals or hardwoods, you should choose something that has around 1.5 to 2.0 horsepower.


As a woodworker, you know better that a band saw is one of the safety cutting tools. No matter how secure the band saw is according to the users when you choose your own which comes with safety features. It is advisable to look for a band saw that has a blade guard as it protects you from injury.

Final Words:

Like any other operating tool, a carpenter or professional can handle this machine with just one hand due to its light size, compact, and portability features. Hopefully, the post will give you the right direction about choosing a Cordless Band Saw. 

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