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10 Best Drywall Jab Saw 2023 – Expert Reviews & Guide


Generally a drywall jab saw is used for cutting dry walls, as the name says. However, this tool can also help a lot in serving as a cutting tool in most of your DIY projects. If the jab saw is designed for strenuous jobs, it can even cut through PVC and plumbing parts. When you work on your house, a jab saw is a tool that you will need. It pokes right through the drywall and makes the cutting easier for you. These saws are also known to be perfect for cutting holes for most electrical boxes. When you cut drywall with a regular knife, you will realize how tough the whole job can be. This is mostly because of the shape of the blade of regular and standard knives. Thus, in such cases, it is always wise and helpful to go for a jab knife.

Best Drywall Jab Saw Reviewed

Other than having a sharp edge, these knives also have a sharp tip. This is why puncturing drywalls is easier when you use them. Some people even choose to tap these saws with their hammers to make the jabbing easier. All in all, a jab saw will help you cut drywalls in smoother and faster ways. However, you have to make sure that the jab saw gives you a good grip and a well-sharpened edge. As you find them in the local tool store, you will realize how challenging the task is. But do not worry anymore. We are here with the ten best rated jab saws for drywall that we could get our hands on and try on our own. All of these jab saws are described well below. Let us have a vivid look at each one of them 

#1. LENOX Folding Drywall Jab Saw


LENOX Folding Drywall Jab Saw


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When it comes to jab saws, you might want to consider buying the one that does not weigh a lot. After all, extra weight can compromise the movability and accessibility of the tool. Therefore, we have one good option for you today. The jab saw that we are going to describe by LENOX. It only weighs 0.1 kilograms, so you will never have any problem carrying it at all. The blade of this jab saw is 4 inches long and is known to quickly move through most of the cutting materials. When you purchase a local jab saw you might have some problems regarding its locking mechanism. However, in this jab saw you would find that mechanism made from aluminum. No matter how harshly you use it, you will still never complain about the blade getting removed while using the tool. For flush cutting, this is the best jab saw that you will ever find. It can easily cut through plaster, drywall, plastic, and even metal. Its handle is interchangeable and is highly compact and durable.


  • The blade of this jab saw is very useful in cutting drywall and metal.
  • You can also choose it if you wish to jab through plaster and metal. 
  • It is one of the lightest weight jab-saw that you could find.
  • The blade will always let you do the task with full precision.


  • We have not come along any cons of this jab saw by LENOX till now.

#2. Milwaukee Plaster Rasping and Drywall Jab Saw


Milwaukee 48-22-0304 Plaster Rasping and Drywall Jab Saw



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We have reviewed a lot of tools from Milwaukee, and nonetheless, we have found all of them to be exceptionally top-notch. Today, on the spot two, we have their 48-22-0304 drywall jab saw. The best thing about this tool is that it has a rubber handle. If you have ever used a jab-saw, you might know how difficult it is to control them when you are a beginner. A rubber handle will help a lot in such cases. It will always give your fingers and palm a good grip so that you never lose control. For renovation and demolition jobs, we have seen many professional workers vouch for this jab saw. It can easily with jabbed through drywalls without a lot of pressure and force. It also has a flat end. Most people hammer this end so that the poking becomes even more comfortable for them. When you look at its blade design, you will find four holes made side to side. With the help of a jab saw design like this, you will find it easier to use when compared to other standard jab saws that you find in the market. 


  • The rubber handle of this jab saw will help you have a good grip even when your hands are slippery. 
  • The holes in the blade’s design help in comfortable poking through drywalls.
  • The texture of the cutting edge of the blade is such that sawing will get optimized. 
  • The flat pommel can be tapped with a hammer for quick jabbing through drywalls and other materials.


  • We do not have any cons yet.

#3. IRWIN Standard 2014102 Drywall Jab Saw


IRWIN Standard 2014102 Drywall Jab Saw



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It is challenging to find a jab saw with a stable blade. Even when you get lucky to find such jab saws, you are likely to have stiffer blades. It is quite easy to use control over them, and in the worst situations, you can even have an accident. We do not want to jinx it, but this is just the truth. However, we can indeed say that tragedies like that can be avoided quite easily if you pick the IRWIN Standard drywall jab-saw. For more details on this saw, keep reading ahead. This jab saw has such a fantastic blade that you will always have stable control over it. Its teeth are made bi-ground so that you are always capable of making smoother cuts. Do not worry as this is not going to alter or bring down the pace of your work. Instead, it will fasten it. Its handle is made using hardwood and has a round design. Round handles can be gripped very quickly, but make sure you do not use such jab saws when your palm and fingers feel slippery.


  • This jab saw can be used for cutting out plumbing, electrical openings, HVAC, and even ceiling tile openings. 
  • Its blade will let you finish the job quickly. 
  • The teeth in the blade are made bi-ground so that you always achieve smoother cuts with it. 
  • The stretch of this jab saw is incredible.


  • The round handle of this jab saw may slip if you have greasy of slipper hands. 

#4. Klein Tools Folding Jab Saw


Klein Tools Folding Jab Saw



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With a folding jab-saw in your toolbox, handling the tool will become a lot easier for you. The housing will also help in protecting the sharpness of the blade of the saw at all times. Therefore, on number three, we are going to shed light on the description of the jab-saw by Klein Tools. A majority of Americans know very well about Klein Tools. If you are into building stuff, there is no way you do not have at least one of their tools. All their tools are known to be longlasting and well-performing. These are the few reasons why we chose to describe their jab saw. This tool comes with a carbon steel blade and is known to be exceptionally robust and sturdy. You can cut drywalls with it in both directions. How amazing is that, right? The tool also has a Lockback mechanism so that the jab saw is always secured and does not face any breakage. For more relaxed and better palming, you will find a cushioned handle on the jab saw. You are never going to lose your grip on this jab saw at all. 


  • The handling of this jab saw is easier and better when compared to the others. 
  • You can fold the blade so that it does not get damaged when kept along with other tools. 
  • With the Lockback mechanism, this jab saw can be opened at 125 degrees as well as 180 degrees.  
  • You can cut in both directions with the help of the blade of this jab saw.


  • The blade of this jab saw is not replaceable.

#5. METALPP Drywall Saw with Soft Grip Handle


METALPP Drywall Saw with Soft Grip Handle




When the blade of a jab saw is not of the right size, you will have many problems while jabbing through materials like plastic and drywall. This jab saw is made by METAKOO and comes with a blade that measures 6 inches. It is excellent for trimming materials and can quickly jab through plywood, drywall, plastic, and wallboard. We have seen many workers having this jab saw with them while they are doing some construction work inside the house. We are not exaggerating when we say that this is the most accessible jab saw that you could find. But the best part is that it comes at a very affordable price. When you look for jab saws made by well-known companies, you might come along big price tags. You won’t have to suffer from that if you think of picking this superb jab saw today. It is designed especially for helping in making precise cuts in many materials. If you are a farmer, contractor, or a woodworker, then you might have this tool with you while you are working. It is very efficient, and it will also turn out to be one of the most convenient tools for you.


  • It is very convenient to use this jab saw. 
  • Its blade is made from 1065 manganese steel. 
  • It has a TPR handle so that the saw never slips from your hands. 


  • We have got no cons of this jab saw so far.

#6. DEWALT DWHT20540 Jab Saw


DEWALT DWHT20540 Jab Saw



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On spot number six of this extensive list and reviews of the best jab saws for drywalls, we have the one made by DEWALT. It only weighs 0.3 pounds and comes with a steel blade that is six inches long. The tooth design of this tool is quite aggressive. This way, this saw will work on all types of materials that need to be jabbed and cut. Mostly people use it on plastic and drywall, but you can also choose to try in on other materials such as metal parts used in plumbing. All its teeth are induction-hardened and help in cutting 50% faster than the traditional jab saw tooth designs. You can also choose to buy it in a pack of two. This way, the jab saw will cost lesser. Many people have used it, and they all claim the jab saw to be exceptionally easy-to-use. As you keep honing your jabbing skills, you will find that this saw will become easier to use. If you do not know how to use a jab-saw, you can learn the skill online or from a person you think can help you.


  • Its teeth will stay sharp no matter how harshly you use this jab saw. 
  • You can use it for cutting hard drywalls pretty quickly. 
  • Its handle to blade attachment is very durable and sturdy.


  • You won’t find a lot of reviews of this jab saw on the internet.

#7. Stanley 20-556 Jab Saw


Stanley 20-556 Jab Saw



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Another great addition to our list of a jab saw for drywalls is the one manufactured by Stanley. This imported jab saw comes with a blade that is neither too thin nor too thick. It is known to help cut drywalls 50% faster than local jab saws you see in the market. Most people incorporate the use of a jab saw in their DIY projects. In such projects, people often cut plastic and metal material with ease with a good jab saw. If you take those projects, you should pick this jab saw. The blade of the product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Once you get the hang of this jab saw, you will try to use it wherever you can. Its precision in cutting drywalls is so high that your jaws will drop to the floor. Its handle resists slipping and comes with an ergonomic design. You should think of buying this jab saw for drywalls now! Its blade’s tip is well sharpened so that puncturing drywalls is always easy for you. You can use it in wood and plastic work as well.


  • This is one of the most ergonomic jab saws that we have ever discussed. 
  • Its design is highly innovative. 
  • With a sharp blade tip, you will be able to puncture drywalls quite easily with it.
  • It is built for doing strenuous cuttings efficiently.


  • The handle’s quality of this jab saw can be enhanced and improved.

#8. Shark Corp Drywall Jab Saw


Shark Corp Drywall Jab Saw



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The Shark Corp jab saw has been a famous tool amongst many woodworkers. But it also helps a lot when it comes to jabbing drywalls. When you look at the handle of this jab, saw you are going to find a few finger points. These are the points that will help keep your fingers in place while you use the saw on the drywall. Most people also use it for modeling work, as it is known to be an ideal jab saw for such work. Moreover, you will like this tool also comes with a one year warranty. Like many other jab saws, this saw also has a six-inch blade. This blade is designed in such a way that it is broader at the base while being comparatively narrower towards the tip. Because of this reason, you will be capable of poking it very easily in drywalls and plastic material. In every inch of the cutting edge of the blade, you will find seven teeth. If you consider jab saw blades, such a number of teeth is quite sufficient and will let you do the cutting work quite easier than you expect.


  • The shape of the blade of this jab saw is the reason why it is very accessible. 
  • There are a pair of cutting edges on the saw so that pushing and pulling the blade is easier. 
  • The teeth in this jab saw are diamond ground. 


  • The accuracy of this jab saw can be a little improved. 

#9. Klein Tools 725 Jab Saw


Klein Tools 725 Jab Saw



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Our love and appreciation for Klein Tools have made us add another jab saw by them to this list of best jab saws for drywalls. With a blade made with carbon steel, this is undoubtedly the jab saw that would last a lot of years in your toolbox. No matter how tiny or big the jabbing in a material is needed, you will find that the saw will be your biggest friend in all your endeavors. People also use it for cutting plastic. This way, you can also use it if you make models on your own. For a faster and smoother cut, the blade of this jab saw has triple ground teeth. This blade is also beveled so that the cuts that you make are always on point. Plunge cuts and scoring with this jab saw will be so quick that you would not even notice the time passing by. The handle of the tool is made using a tough material, so there is no way that it is going to break and get away from the blade at any cost. You can cut with this jab saw in both directions. This means that you can push and pull the blade while cutting the drywall.


  • The blade of this jab saw is made using carbon steel. 
  • The quality of this carbon steel is top-notch.
  • The handle of this jab saw is known very well for its durability. 
  • We also like the shape of its handle a lot.


  • This jab saw does not come with a sheath.

#10. Goldblatt Drywall Jab Saw


Goldblatt Drywall Jab Saw



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Unfortunately, this is the last jab saw that we are going to describe and review for you. However, you should not underestimate it just because it secured the last position. The advantage of this jab saw is that you can try cutting PVC and plywood with it, and it is not going to make you feel disappointed. Its handle offers you a soft grip so that your palm does not pain after jabbing through drywalls for a long time. The best thing about this jab saw is the design of its teeth. These teeth are triple ground, so you can already imagine the precision that they are going to offer you. The bi-metal blade cuts in both directions and comes with eight teeth per inch in its design. You will also find deep gullets between the teeth of the jab saw. These gullets work very well in preventing the build-up of material in the blade. You will be able to punch and jab through a variety of building materials once you think of investing in this fantastic jab saw by Goldblatt.


  • You can fold the blade of this jab saw into its handle to protect it from losing its sharpness. 
  • For added comfort, its handle will give you a softer grip.
  • Its construction is highly portable, and you can carry it in your bags when it is folded.
  • It can prove to be an excellent tool for your DIY projects.


  • It is not an ideal choice if you think of using it in heavy construction projects. 

How To Choose The Right Drywall Jab Saw

There are always a few factors that you should think of while you buy a jab saw. We have lined them all below for you. Let us discuss them – 

Blade of the Jab Saw

The blade of the jab saw must be your biggest concern while you think of choosing a good jab saw. We will suggest that you should not go with a blade that measures less than 6 inches in length. If you go lower than that, you won’t be able to move it well through drywalls and other material. This way, you will waste a lot of time while doing your cutting projects and tasks.

Teeth per Inch

Like other saws, you have to consider the TPI in jab saw as well. Lesser teeth will make the tool take a lot of pressure and force for making cuts. However, more number of teeth will make the saw less safe to handle. Generally, we suggest people choose jab saws that have 6-8 teeth per inches in the blade. Such details can easily be taken from the description of the product that you can access online. You can also see how these teeth are constructed to know their durability.


When it comes to the jab-saw material, you are supposed to consider the materials of both its blade and handle. Usually, you will find jab saw handles made out of hard plastic. But if these handles come with a rubber grip, it will be better. Most workers like rubber handle because of the way they offer a better grip on them. Such handles can also be easily held when your hands are greasy or slippery. As far as the blade material is concerned, it is better to opt blades made out of carbon steel as it is known to be very durable and strong.


We are mostly surprised that these days the manufacturers of jab saws have started to put a lot of innovation in their designs. You will find jab saws with a sharpened blade tip for better poking. Some blades might even come with holes for a better jabbing in drywalls. Other than that, you can also find foldable jab saws these days. Such jab saws protect the sharpness of the blade. You can also carry such saws in your bags when they are folded. This way, you won’t have to worry about your bags getting torn or anything.

Price of the Jab Saw

Jab saws are easy to afford tools. However, that does not mean that jab saws will always come at an affordable price point. Therefore it is necessary for you to get an idea of their average cost. All of this can be easily done by referring to commercial sites on the internet. You can also try comparing the same product on different websites to get a better picture. You should not go overboard with high-end jab saws. Always choose the one that is high on quality and is economical as well.

These were the five factors that we had for you. We hope that you go through all of them before you order or buy a jab saw. Most people tend to ignore them. But trust us, we have lined them after a lot of research. These factors are surely going to help you make the right choice. 

Drywall Jab Saw Safety Tips and Guidelines

A drywall jab Saw or wallboard saw is specially designed for sheetrock and drywall cutting operations. It can be used to create dumps for electrical outlets, piping, light switch plates, fixtures, and usable plugs in your home and workspace. With its sharp teeth, you can give perfect shapes to your windows and door. This versatile tool is not designed for pulling large wooden pieces. This hand-held tool also can lead to injuries due to its sharp edges and teeth. By following safety precautions, you will implement your sawing skills whether you’re working with drywall.

Operating Precautions

  • Always make sure the teeth of the saw function properly. Ensure no break, damage, and misplace teeth in it.
  • Choose the correct blade size for the object/ material being sliced.
  • Before begin to work, read all instructions given in the user safety manual.
  • Pointing the teeth forwards at the object. Then, keep the nuts tight until the blade is under pressure.
  • Draw a cut mark on the object with a pencil. Next, keep the frame aligned, and teeth stiff.
  • Use straight strokes to cut the object.
  • In each cutting hit, use the entire length of teeth.
  • Keep teeth away from bumps and damage, thus you can inspect them frequently while cutting.
  • Start slowly and do not force the saw to cut wider objects.
  • After every use, make it clean to keep it away from dust, debris, and dirt. You can use a handle brush for its cleaning.
  • Do not apply too much force on the handle of the saw as the teeth may damage.
  • Do not move when applying force.
  • Do not use the saw when its teeth have been misplaced.

Safety Tips

  • Always wear a face shield, safety glasses/goggles, ear protection while operating a drywall saw.
  • Choose a saw of proper size, teeth, and shape for the object being used.
  • For getting a perfect finish, you can choose a saw which comes with several teeth.
  • Keeps your arm straight and strong also keeps your wrist in the horizontal position.
  • Check the length and width of the saw before dealing with it.
  • Ensure there are no knots, nails, and other things fixed at the material as that may damage teeth.
  • Start cutting slowly to prevent teeth from flying.
  • When the teeth are placed downward, and then apply your complete pressure.
  • Hold saw’s handle tightly.
  • If there is long stock, someone else should be there for giving support.
  • Keep saw blades clean and store them in a secure place when not in use.

Drywall Jab Saw Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a drywall jab saw, what could it do?

Drywall jab saw is different from most of the manual saws available on the market today. If you compare the drywall jab saw with other saws, a drywall jab saw is long and they are narrow. This saw could be used to cut small and complicated features on the walls. It is this cutting feature of the jab saw earned it the name drywall jab saw. The blades of a drywall jab saw have teeth on them which makes the cutting easy.

How to use the drywall jab saw in the right way?

Most of the people do not have an idea of how to use the drywall jab saw in the right way. While a jab saw is not a complicated tool, if you use it in the wrong way, it could simply destroy the exterior finishing of the wall. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the instructions mentioned. First, with a pencil mark the scoring line, now, with a sharp utility knife poke the wall to make an entry hole for the jab saw. Once the entry hole is made, insert the drywall jab saw and position it to cut through, and follow the pencil marking. Based on the type of wall material increase or decrease the speed of cutting. Too much tension on the saw could result in improper cut finishing.

Why is it better to use a drywall jab saw rather than any other saw to cut the drywall?

Several electric or gas-powered saws could cut and demolish drywall, however, the purpose of drywall jab saw is not to demolish. Instead, a drywall jab saw is designed to simply cut the drywall according to the user’s requirement. Since the drywall jab saw is manual, the level of destruction and affect it could have on the overall integrity of the wall is low. This is why a drywall jab saw is recommended to be used for modification and artwork on the wall.

I have never used a jab saw in my life, but I am planning to purchase one, are they good? Is it a waste of money?

Why do you need a drywall jab saw? What is your purpose of use? If you need a jab saw to make holes or cuts on your drywall then, it is not a waste of money. On the other hand, if you are planning to use a drywall jab saw to cut metal or plastic, you might not succeed. While drywall jab saw is comparatively more stiff and sturdy, they are not designed for cutting metals or any other material.

A jigsaw could be used for cutting drywall instead of a drywall jab saw?

Yes, of course, a jigsaw could help you cut walls. However, the type of cuts that you could make would be limited. A jigsaw could make rectangular, standard, and plunge cuts only. However, if you need to make complicated cuts, then you should consider using drywall jab saw as they are designed to perform complex cutting on the drywall.

Is there any way to cut drywall without spreading dust all around?

Yes, there are several way’s to cut the drywall without spreading the dust all around. However, these methods might not serve your purpose. The first method is to stick a plastic bag on the wall below your cut/workspace. Stick it in such a way that all the dust and waste fall into the bag. The next method is to use a vacuum cleaner while cutting the wall. Hold the vacuum near the cutting space or below the cutting space. Apart from this, you could improvise and use other methods.


We have discussed ten of the best jab saws for you. We hope that you came to like at least a few of them. However, if you are having a problem picking the one from our options, you can go through our buying guide. Getting a jab saw will help you get along and finish a lot of your projects very easily. If you have a jab-saw already, you can also take a look at all the options that you find to have a more modern design. All our options are tried and tested well. So, no matter what jab saw you pick, you won’t have any disappointments with your purchase.

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