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What’s the Best Electric Chain Saw in 2023? [Top 9 Reviewed]

Top 10 Best Electric Chain Saw 2020 - Expert Review & Guide


Almost all the industries require different types of tools because those tools are the base of a particular industry. If we take the example of the wooden craft industry, then there is one tool that is like a gift for the wooden craft industry, and yeah, you got it right, we are talking about the chainsaw. Before the chain saw came into play, the industrial workers used the manual cutting tools to trim or cut the trees. Which is for sure is a very tough and time-consuming task, and the scaling rate was very slow for the wooden craft industry. But when we stepped into the modern era, where the actual technology implementation started and became available for normal people, many awesome industrial tools also came into play. And there is no doubt that the chainsaw was also one of them, but in the beginning, there were only the fuel-powered or gas-powered chain saws available on the market. This type of chain saw usually was quite heavy, and not only this but the noise levels were also very too high. But now, because of the modern technology implementation, we have the electric chain saw options. A basic electric chain saw usually has multiple benefits like energy-efficient, less noise, lightweight, and higher cutting or trimming power.

Best Buy Electric Chain Saw Reviewed

And do you know where the actual problem occurs while purchasing an electric chain saw? When it comes to buying the best out of the best electric chain for the money, saw for commercial and home yard maintenance purposes, most people find themselves confusing. It happens because when you head over to the market, then you will come to know that there are too many variations present in the section of the electric chain saw. But if you are willing to spend your money on a good quality electric chain saw, this post will help you out. Here we have listed nine best rated electric chain saw options that can make the selection process much easier for you.






First up, on the very first spot of this list, we want to introduce the battery-powered type of electric chain saw. And therefore, we have given a chance to the DEWALT DCCS670B FLEXVOLT Chainsaw. Let’s first focus on the power section of this electric chain saw, so as per the manufacturers, this chainsaw can provide more than 70 cuts in a single charge. In this way, it seems very useful for industrial purposes; however, the great design and functionality of this chainsaw also allow you to use it for regular home gardening and yard works. The cutting teeth of this chainsaw are the hard metallic built ones; therefore, it is worth expecting the higher and smooth cutting performance from this chainsaw. Going down to the overall design section, so it’s quite a lightweight type of design, and you won’t get any issue holding it in your hands for a long time. The auto oiling or auto oil supply ensures to lubricate the teeth and chain of this chainsaw for smooth performance. In this way, you won’t get any jamming issue in the future with this DEWALT’s chainsaw.


  • The chain brake functionality also presents in the overall design, which provides the kickback protection and also to stop the chainsaw instantly. 
  • Because it is a battery-powered unit, you don’t need to mess up with wires while cutting or trimming wooden lobs.
  • It is lightweight, plus the holding design is pretty ergonomic, which will help you to use this chainsaw without needing any rest continuously.


  • None so far

#2. WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw


WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw



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If you are dealing with a strict budget issue while purchasing an electric chainsaw, then you must take a look at this particular option of our list. On the second spot, we are glad to introduce the WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw to all the readers of this post. And the price is the biggest highlight of this chain saw that we liked the most about this particular option. However, it doesn’t seem cheap, not at all, but the overall performance is quite good. Here you will get a chainsaw with 12 AMP motor, and at this type of budget, it seems quite enough. Going forward to the other features, we want to talk about the main cutting chain of this chainsaw. So, here you are getting a decently long Oregon bar on top of that you will get the main cutting chain. Talking about the spacing between each metal teeth, we are sure that it won’t disappoint you while performing cutting tasks. We liked the most because while cutting the trees and wooden lobs, it doesn’t produce too much noise.


  • Like we mentioned that it’s a budget-friendly option, but here you are still getting the auto oiling feature like the premium chainsaws.
  • Super lightweight design with compact size allows you to operate it properly while performing cutting and trimming tasks.
  • The affordability is another excellent reason why we are introducing this electric chainsaw on our list.


  • Some users complained that there are not many teeth present on the chain.

#3. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020B Chainsaw




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Now it is time to share the most popular electric chainsaw model to all the readers of this post. On the third spot, we are here with the BLACK+DECKER LCS1020B Chainsaw. BLACK+DECKER is one of the most reliable brands, making several industrial tools and not only this, but it offers superb value at a reasonable price point; therefore, many people prefer this brand. Here you are getting a chainsaw with 10 inches long Oregon bar and a metallic chain. The number of teeth present on the chain seems pretty enough, and the best part is that those teeth are very hard for helping you to cut wooden lobs smoothly. One other important thing that we want to let you know is that it is another battery-powered version of the electric chainsaw. In short, while using this chainsaw, you do not need to mess up with wiring stuff. The primary motor works on the 20 V max, that’s why you can expect great performance from it. The auto-oiling system also presents here, so you don’t even need to worry about the lubrication.


  • Its compact and lightweight design becomes a perfect chainsaw option for home yard or gardening and commercial purposes.
  • The manufacturers are offering the premium type of Oregon bar at around a hundred bucks only.
  • Another good thing is that it won’t produce too much mess while cutting the trees. 


  • Some users say that the oil feeding doesn’t properly work in this chainsaw.

#4. Makita Electric Chain Saw


Makita Electric Chain Saw


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We have another corded type of electric chain saw, but this time we have included the Makita Electric Chain Saw on the fourth spot of this list. There are plenty of benefits that you can get with this model of electric chain saw, but let’s first focus on the primary motor. Here, you are getting a decently powered electric motor, but the best part that we liked the most is that it comes with the current limiter. This built-in current limiter helps to protect the primary motor from the uneven power supply or voltage. If we talk about the Oregon bar of this chainsaw, you are getting the 16 inches long Oregon bar. And this thing will help you while cutting the wider trees and wooden pieces. Other than this, the lubrication of the chain also matters a lot while cutting and trimming wood; therefore, the Makita manufacturer has provided a large oil supply option here to ensure proper lubrication while performing cutting and trimming tasks. The cord length is also pretty long so that you won’t get any issue in this section.


  • The best thing that we liked the most is that this electric chain saw requires minimal maintenance to focus more on your work.
  • The primary motor of this chainsaw is decently powered, but you won’t feel anything less while cutting or trimming the wooden pieces or trees.
  • Here the manufacturer has provided the rubberized grip of handles with ergonomic design, so you will feel very comfortable while using this electric chainsaw.


  • The price point of this electric chain saw seems a bit high at first.

#5. SALEM MASTER 6220G 62CC Chainsaw



SALEM MASTER 6220G 62CC Chainsaw



If you only want the superior quality and high power performance from a chainsaw, then you shouldn’t ignore this option of our list. On the fifth spot of this list, we are introducing the SALEM MASTER 6220G 62CC Chainsaw. As we mentioned, high performance is the biggest highlight of this chainsaw, so let’s explore it a bit more. Here you are getting the primary gas-powered motor, and that is pretty powerful to produce high power. The primary motor is capable of rotating the chain up to 8500 rpm, which is a super-fast speed. Going forward to the other aspects of this chainsaw, so let’s consider the safety features first. To prevent unwanted kickbacks, the manufacturers have provided a special type of mechanism that prevents sudden kickbacks and stops the chainsaw instantly. Other than this, the auto-oiler ensures to keep the chain and Oregon bar lubricated to provide a smooth performance to you. However, moving forward to the build quality section, then you won’t find anything less or cheap in the overall build.


  • Because of the high performance and the powerful motor, you can perform multiple cuts in one minute, which is fantastic.
  • Superb build quality won’t disappoint you in the long run; it means this chainsaw can serve you for several years.
  • There is not much spacing present between the teeth of the chain; that’s why the cutting performance of this chainsaw becomes too smooth.


  • None so far

#6. Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw



Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw



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We know how hard it is for a person to choose the perfect chain saw under a strict budget; it’s because there are only a few or limited options present that is budget-friendly. But if you are seeking a chainsaw option that must have a lower price point and good specification, then look at this one. On the sixth spot of this list, we have added the Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw. First thing first, the Oregon bar’s size is bigger than other chain saws, which means it is the perfect option for trimming and cutting branches. However, the overall design is very light in weight; thus, you won’t feel any pain in your arms or hand while holding it.  The primary motor is a 14 AMP power of the motor, and because it is a decently powered motor, so you can expect that it will perform pretty well in the usual tasks. Talking about the safety features, so the manufacturers have offered the handguard and kickback protection like functionalities as well. 


  • The overall design is not that bulky and heavy; therefore, it is easy for a user to hold it for a long time.
  • The 18 Inches long Oregon bar with a safe lubrication feature is another big reason we put this option in front of all the readers of this post.
  • For sure, the price point is another great reason to let you know about this electric chain saw.


  • The cord length of this chain saw is not that long, so you should need to use a wire extender.

#7. Greenworks Electric Chainsaw 


Greenworks Electric Chainsaw 


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If you have a good budget to spend on premium quality and full-fledged types of electric chain, saw then make sure not to miss this particular option. On the seventh spot of this list, we have added the Greenworks Electric chainsaw, but for better clarification, we want to tell you that it is a full kit with some accessories. First of all, it is a battery-powered type of chainsaw, which means to get rid of the wirings while cutting or trimming the wooden pieces. If we talk about the primary motor performance, you are getting a powerful motor that works maximum on 40 V consumption. On the 16 inches long Oregon bar, you will get the sharp and right amount of teeth of the chain to help you cut down the wooden lobs and trees smoothly. Another great thing is that it doesn’t produce too much noise while performing the cutting tasks, and also while holding it in your hands, you will feel fewer vibrations than normal chainsaws.


  • Accessories like battery and the charge also come out of the box, that’s why this chainsaw deal seems reasonable. 
  • With 30% more torque and 70% fewer vibrations, it becomes the most convenient type of electric chainsaw for commercial purposes. 
  • Because of the superb build quality, you don’t even need to worry about its long-lasting performance. 


  • Unfortunately, if you are dealing with a strict budget issue, this electric chain saw option is not for you.

#8. Husqvarna 120 Mark II Chainsaw



Husqvarna 120 Mark II Chainsaw



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For offering more value under the price point of two hundred bucks, we want to introduce another chainsaw option on this list. This time we have given a chance to the Husqvarna 120 Mark II Chainsaw. Unusually people face issues while starting up the chainsaw, but with this one, you don’t need to worry about it. The manufacturer claims that you can easily start this chainsaw within a few seconds only. The 38.2 CC engine of this chain saw is the biggest reason for improving this chainsaw’s overall performance. The 16 inches long Oregon bar seems ideal for this type of chainsaw, but if you want to do the regular cutting and trimming task with this chainsaw, you will not get any issue. If we consider the design section of this cutting tool, here you are getting the ergonomic design with a grippy handle to hold it properly. However, the overall weight of this chainsaw is around 10 lbs only, which seems a bit light; therefore, you can get a firm idea about the convenience that it is offering to you. 


  • Built-in safety breaks can prevent sudden kickbacks easily, and it is also useful to stop the chain from rotating instantly. 
  • In terms of the build quality of this Husqvarna 120 Mark II chainsaw, there is nothing to complain about. 
  • The 38.2 CC engine provides excellent performance, which allows you to cut down the wooden pieces smoothly without extra effort.


  • None so far

#9. Oregon CS1400 Electric Chainsaw



Oregon CS1400 Electric Chainsaw


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Finally, we are on the last spot of our list upon electric chainsaws, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t have anything exciting for you at the last spot. On the final spot of this list, we have added the Oregon CS1400 Electric Chainsaw. It is a suitable type of electric chainsaw, which is ideal for commercial and home use. Before going forward to the feature section, we want to let you know that it is a typical corded type of chainsaw. The cord’s length is also decently long, so you won’t get the accessibility issue while using this chainsaw for your work. After purchasing this electric chain saw, you don’t need to go through any assembly process; it requires very minimal assembly and the maintenance process. We are sure you will love one more feature, and it is tightening the chain without taking it off from the bar of chainsaw. The auto-oiling system works flawlessly; therefore, while using this saw, you won’t find that it is not lubricating the chain for a smooth experience.


  • The manufacturers claim that it performs very silently while you are cutting the tree or wooden lobs; it happens because of the high rpm and better chain design.
  • The main engine or motor can generate and rotate the primary chain on higher rpm; therefore, the cutting experience feels buttery smooth.
  • At this price point, you are getting all the essential and required features, which is impressive because not many brands are doing this.


  • None so far

How To Choose The Best Electric Chain Saw

It is understandable how hard it is to choose the right type of electric saw from dozens of options. But if you are feeling unable to make the solid buying decision, then don’t worry; this detailed buying guide on chainsaws will make it easy for you. Here we will list some of the points that people usually ignore while purchasing an electric chainsaw. And if you don’t want to miss any essential points before making the final purchase decision, make sure to go through each point of this buying guide. In this way, you can come to know which electric chainsaw options suit your needs.

Different Types

Because this post was all about the electric chainsaw, which means we are not going to discuss the other chainsaw options like gasoline-powered or other fuel-powered ones at this point of different types. When it comes to the electric chainsaws, there are only two types of chainsaws present in the market, one is corded, and the second type is battery-powered or cordless. No one can’t tell you which option or kind you should go with because it completely depends upon you. However, in terms of convenience, the battery-powered chainsaw looks pretty good because you don’t need to mess up with wires. On the other hand, the corded chainsaws also have their advantages like, usually, you will get the lightweight design, and after plugging in, you can continuously work for hours, unlike the battery-powered ones, where you need to charge after a few cuts only.

Motor/Engine Power

Motor or engine power also matters a lot while making the final purchase in favor of electric chainsaws. In this section, there are too many variations present in the market. Some brands offer the low-powered motor with decent torque. On the other hand, some other brands offer high powered chainsaws that generate high torque. But while choosing the right type of motor power, you should also keep in mind that it also has a connection with the overall power consumption. With most chainsaw options with higher RPM rotation and high torque, they also consume a higher amount of electricity.  

Safety Features

It is the most important point that you must keep in mind before going with a particular option related to chainsaws. It should be necessary to wear safety equipment like a helmet, thick gloves, eye protector, and other protective wear for your safety. To keep safety first in mind, you should always buy an electric saw with multiple safety features. In this post, we have added some chainsaw options with safety features like kickback protection, hand protection, and other protective features. To make your buying decision smarter, you should consider or give more importance to the safety section.

Chain And Bar Length

Length of the chain and the bar on which the chain present also matter a lot while choosing the best out of the best electric chainsaw. Especially, the bar’s length takes a serious place because while cutting the wooden lobs or tress, you must need something that can cut deeply and efficiently within one cut only. And unfortunately, if you have bought the shorter length of a chainsaw, you have to put more effort into cutting down the tree or wooden pieces. Therefore, many experts suggest that you shouldn’t ignore the bar length and the chain length before making the final purchase decision. A 16 to 18 inches long primary bar in a chainsaw will be the right option for you.

Teeth Positioning On Chain

Teeth on the chain play the leading role in cutting down various things, and without the teeth, you can’t use a chainsaw to cut anything. But the surprising thing is that these teeth usually do not come very sharp, which is strange. Isn’t it? When the primary motor rotates the overall chain, the teeth can cut down the wood and other materials. There is one more thing that matters a lot, and that is the positioning of the teeth. If there is much space present between each teeth unit, then for sure, you won’t get the smooth and cleaner cutting experience. Therefore, it is a recommendation for you to choose an electric chainsaw that has less space between the teeth on the primary chain.


Auto-oiling is another factor that you should ensure that your desired chainsaw has it. The auto-oiling feature helps to lubricate the chain while cutting the wooden lobs and trees. If your chosen chainsaw doesn’t have any kind of lubrication system, you have to do it manually; otherwise, you can face the jamming issues. Make sure that you buy an electric chainsaw with the auto-oiling or auto-lubrication feature to prevent the jamming problems and provide you a smooth cutting experience.

Electric Chain Saw Safety Tips and Guidelines

As we mentioned, an electric chain is used for outdoor tasks like chopping firewood, pruning shrubs, clearing logs, among others.  However, using electrical equipment without safety precautions can cause extremely serious injuries. By following these simple safety measures, you will be able to operate the chainsaws safely, also protect yourself from accidents and injuries.

Safety Tips:

  • When using the chainsaw, always choose a stable surface. The use of trees, ladders, and scaffolds will become the reason for falling.
  • Uphold your legs and balance on the surface.
  • Do not operate a chainsaw to cut overreach trees and branches.
  • Use both hands to hold a chainsaw. Maintain a good grip by covering your thumbs and fingers all over the place.
  • Clear your work area of pets and children. Ensure no wooden remains has already fallen there.
  • Move the throttle at high speed. The speed and hand’s pressure should be remaining similar until the wood being chopped. Allow blades to stork in the middle and don’t apply too much force.
  • Ensure there are no nuts, bolts, and sharp objects inside the object. This can cause flying kickbacks and it may lead to serious injury.
  • Before cutting a tree trunk, lay on the flat surface or ground, maintain pressure in the downward direction to cut properly. Make the required distance between you and blades, hence it can damage the saw and cause personal damage.

Operating Precautions

  • Wear head protection, face shield, safety goggles, hearing protection, steel-toe task boots, leg guards, heavy-duty work gloves while operating chain saw.
  • Avoid using chainsaws that have damaged blades, misplaced blades, or loosen the handle. Frequently inspect the blades of the chain to make sure that it is in good condition.
  • Avoid using a gas-powered engine in your yard; it may dangerous for your entire family due to hazardous carbon monoxide dust.
  • Ensure the supply power button is off and the chain brake is visible before locating the saw down.
  • Always clean the handles after every use. Also ensure, it will get rid of fuel or oily mixture.
  • Be careful before starting the engine. Take further safety measures when handling fuel.
  • Make sure someone else is not there during the operation.
  • Keep your hands, face, and arms from the engine’s wrap, as it exhales heat.
  • Stopping your engine from overheat, you must spread greased over it frequently.
  • Maintain proper force or pressure on the blade.
  • Read all safety instructions for your specific chainsaw before start begin.

Electrical Chain Saw Frequently Asked Question

Do Electric Chainsaw works well?

The electric chainsaw works better than the gas-powered chainsaw. They are lighter in weight, and they do not smoke either. You do not feel the burden when you are carrying the electric chainsaw with you. They are the best tool for basic yardwork. You can also reach the tall branches easily with the help of the electric chainsaw. Apart from this, there is not much maintenance required with the electric chainsaw. Starting them is easy as it takes just a press of a button to start the electric chainsaw.

How long does the electric chainsaw last?

The runtime of the electric chainsaw depends on the power source. The corded models will work until the power is connected, but it gives you less movement flexibility. If you are buying the cordless chainsaw,you would need to check the chainsaw’s battery capacity. The cordless models would usually run for 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your usage and the battery capacity.

Which is better between electric and a gas chainsaw?

The answer to this question is very subjective. It depends on the kind of work that you need to do. If you find yourself cutting large trees and branches, you must go ahead with the gas chainsaw. However, if you find yourself doing only some basic yardwork and cutting small branches, then you can opt for an electric chainsaw. Both types of saws have cons. The electric chainsaw has less power than the gas chainsaw, and they also last for a smaller duration compared with the gas chainsaw. On the other hand, an electric chainsaw is a lot cheaper than a gas chainsaw. The gas chainsaws are challenging to maintain, and they are louder.

Is electric chainsaw more dangerous?

Electric chainsaws are more comfortable to operate. They weigh less, and they offer a significant amount of flexibility. Talking about the danger of the electric chainsaw, well, it is the same as the gas chainsaw. There is no difference between the risks associated with the electric or gas chainsaw. Both of them can take your life or cause a severe injury if you are not careful around them. So, always treat your electric chainsaw with respect and ensure that you are very attentive when using the saw.  

Can I use an electric chainsaw in the rain?

No, you must never use the electric chainsaw in rain or snow. The battery can get damaged because of the water. Moreover, the motor and the blades will also take a beating if you start using the electric chainsaw in the rain. It is always better not to use your electric chainsaw in the rain.

Does electric chainsaw overheat?

There are two tips to stop the chainsaw from overheating. The first tip is to clean the chainsaw regularly. You must clean the debris that sticks to the blade and the shaft of the chainsaw. The second tip is to avoid running the chainsaw continuously. You can take small breaks and then run the chainsaw. The short pauses will help the motor and the blade in cooling down. It will also avoid any overheating of the battery. Both the tips should also be used when you are using a gas-powered chainsaw.

How should I store the electric chainsaw?

The electric chainsaw should be stored in a safe and dry place. You must not store the electric chainsaw in a wet or humid area. Keeping in a damp place will lead to the electric chainsaw catching mold as well. You can even invest in a storage case to keep the electric chainsaw properly.


Are you feeling bored after scuffing your finger on your smartphone’s screen to choose the right type of electric chainsaw? If this is the case, and you don’t want to go through any specific research stuff, then this whole in-detailed post was all about you. Here on this list, we have picked some best out of the best options related to electric chainsaws and titled this post “Nine Best Electric Chain Saws in 2021.”