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8 Best Gas Powered Pole Saw 2023 – Expert Reviews & Guide


If you have a lot of tall trees around your property, it would need to be trimmed frequently. The trimming of branches helps you maintain the landscape, but it also enables you to ensure that your property doesn’t get damaged because of the trees. One way to trim these branches is to climb the tree with your chainsaw, but this is very risky. It puts your life on risk, and you might want to avoid this way of getting the job done. The second and easiest way to get the job done is by using a pole saw. The gas pole saws are regular chain saws but with a long pole. This apparatus increases your approach, and you can cut the branches easily.

This way, you remain on the ground, and you remain stable. You do not risk getting injured. We are sure that you would like to go with the safer option while landscaping your property. The advantage of a gas pole saw is that they are powerful. They are cheap to operate, and you can use them efficiently to cut even the thick branches. Maintaining the gas pole saw is also quite easy, and you do not have to be dependent on the expensive batteries.

We understand the challenges associated with buying the tool. If you walk into an offline store, then there are high chances that the customer representative may upsell you an expensive model that you do not need. In such a case, it makes sense to research a little about the gas pole saws. We decided to help you so that you do not get ripped off while buying the gas pole saw. Here is a dedicated page about the gas pole saw, and on this page, you will find the buying guide, which will make it easier for you to purchase the gas powered pole saw.

Best Buy Gas Pole Saw Reviewed For 2021

In the section below, we have reviewed the top 8 best gas pole saws available for purchase online. You can go through the reviews. We have also talked about the strengths and weaknesses of each of these listings. So, let us now move ahead and go through the list of best gas pole saws available in 2021.

#1. MAXTRA Gas Pole SawMAXTRA Gas Pole Saw

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One of the best-selling gas poles saw is from Maxtra. It is quite an efficient saw when it comes to gas utilization. The structure is durable, and you will be able to trust the sturdy construction. The shaft system can easily be adjusted, and you can get a maximum length of 11.2 feet. It should be noted that you will be able to reach the height of 15 feet as the user’s height will add to it. The saw doesn’t vibrate a lot, and hence you stay well balanced on the ground. The engine is sturdy and robust. It has a 42.7 cc capacity, and the eco-friendly design ensures that the emission levels are limited as well.

The saw can easily cut through the branches that are 7 to 9 inches thick. Moreover, this saw is compatible with a variety of tools. You will be able to connect it to a brush cutter, string trimmer, hedge trimmer or an edger. You also get a portable bag free with your purchase, and this bag enables you to carry the stuff easily. The bag is also handy when it comes to storing the saw in your garage.


  • The brand offers a one year warranty on this gas pole saw.
  • The saw is durable, and it also has a powerful engine. 
  • The tool can be used for many other purposes, and you also get a free bag with it.


  • Some users find this gas pole saw to be slightly noisy.

#2. PROYAMA 26cc 5 in 1 Trimming ToolPROYAMA 26cc 5 in 1 Trimming Tool

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Here is another fantastic gas pole saw available in the market. This saw comes with an EPA certified gas engine that not only consumes less gas, but that also has limited emissions. It is possible to make multi0angle adjustments using the saw, and it is a 5 in 1 set. You can use this as a string trimmer, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, pruner, and pole chainsaw. The brand also provides ear defender, shoulder harness, face shield, gloves, and other protective equipment with the purchase. The extension of the saw varies from 8.2 feet to 11.4 feet. The cutting length is 12 inches.

This saw has a 26 cc engine, and it is enough to power it. You also get a tool kit in this gas pole saw set, and you can use the equipment for making various adjustments. Extending the saw is easy, and it takes just a few minutes to complete the setup. With the tank capacity of 700 ml, the saw can work long hours without running out of the fuel. Overall, the saw is quite reliable, and you can surely check it out once.


  • You get a one year warranty on this saw as well.
  • The engine is EPA certified, and this means that the engine produces fewer gases.
  • It is a 5 in 1 tool that can be used as a string trimmer, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, pruner, and pole chainsaw.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#3. ECHO 12 in. 25.4cc Gas Engine Telescoping In-Line Handle Pole PrunerECHO 12 in. 25.4cc Gas Engine Telescoping In-Line Handle Pole Pruner

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If you are looking for a gas pole saw with a long bar and chain, this could be the right option for you. This saw has a 25.4 cc engine, and it has a handle that is fitted with rubber grip. The drive shaft has a lot of protection on it, and the 12 feet extender gives it a lot of range. The main structure is made of aluminum, which keeps the weight low. Chain tensioner can be accessed from the side, and it does the job well. The total weight of this saw is 17 pounds, and it is also well balanced. You can easily cut the branch at the height of 15 feet by using this gas pole saw.

There are no issues with the quality, and the engine is quite smooth. Starting the engine doesn’t take time, and the choke is also very helpful. Removing the air from the carburetor takes a couple of seconds, which ensures that the engine runs continuously. Overall, the saw is of excellent quality, and you must check this out once. If you are willing to get more information about this gas pole saw, then you can visit the amazon page associated with the listing.


  • The saw can be extended to a range of 12 feet.
  • It has a powerful 25.4 cc engine that is also eco-friendly.
  • The saw is well balanced, and you can attach multiple attachments to it.


  • Some people find it to be slightly noisy.

#4. TrimmerPlus PS720 8-Inch Pole Saw with Bar and ChainTrimmerPlus PS720 8-Inch Pole Saw with Bar and Chain


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At number 4, we have TrimmerPlus PS 720. This model is also one of the best-selling saw in the market. A lot of people prefer this model over the electric pole saws. The saw is compatible with the string trimmer and a powerhead as well. It should be noted that the package contains a pole, chain saw, and a bar. You will need a motor to run it, and it is not a part of the standard package. This way, you can save money by utilizing the motor that you already own. The extension of this saw allows you to reach a height of 11 feet.

It should be noted that the saw can easily cut through the branches. You will not have to put a lot of pressure on the chain saw. The brand offers a two-year comprehensive warranty on the tool, and hence a lot of people feel more comfortable purchasing this. If you are looking for something affordable, then this could be the best purchase that you can make.


  • The saw can reach a height of 11 feet.
  • The brand offers a two-year warranty on this product. 
  • It is available at an affordable price.


  • The motor is not a part of the standard package, and you will need to have your engine to use the saw.

#5. Husqvarna 525PT5S 12 inch 25.4 cc Telescopic 156 inch Pole SawHusqvarna 525PT5S 12 inch 25.4 cc Telescopic 156 inch Pole Saw

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If you are looking for an affordable option, then you can also consider the saw from Husqvarna. This sab comes with an extension of 13 feet, and it will give you the maximum reach. The saw has the longest extender in the list, and you will be able to reach the branches at 17 feet as well. Apart from this, the saw is also well balanced. The weight is less, and the saw weighs just 15.43 pounds. 

The 25.4 cc engine offers power on demand, and it generates high torque as well. Since the engine is small, it has less weight, and it also creates less pollution. The engine has a guard at the backside, which reduces wear and tear. This saw also has an automatic chain lubricator that increases the life of the chain.


  • This saw comes with an automatic chain lubrication feature.
  • The saw has a maximum height of 13 feet.
  • The engine of the saw is efficient, and the saw is affordable.


  • No warranty information available.

#6. Remington RM25PS Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle Gas SawRemington RM25PS Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Saw

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The next gas pole saw on our list is from Remington. This saw is also an efficient model that will not only save the money, but it will also save efforts. Using the saw is very easy, and it is loaded with features. You can use it to trim, cut, or prune the tree branches, and this saw can reach a significant height. The two-stroke engine in this saw can take care of the power needs. The cutting head of this saw consists of an 8 inch chainsaw, and you can like it with a 7 feet extension pole. The maximum height that you can reach with this saw is 12 feet. 

Many saws require you to maintain the saw, and oiling takes a significant amount of time. You will not have to worry about the oiling if you are buying this saw. This saw comes with an auto oiler system that keeps the chain lubricated. It improves the efficiency of the saw, and it also enhances the life of the saw. You can connect various attachments to it, but the saw doesn’t with those. The quick-start system works like magic.


  • This saw comes with a 25 cc two-stroke engine.
  • The saw is also equipped with an auto oiling system that reduces the efforts required for maintenance. 
  • You can use various attachments with the saw, and it comes with a two-year warranty.


  • The maximum height is restricted to 12 feet.

#7. Poulan Pro PR28PS, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8 in. Pole SawPoulan Pro PR28PS, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 8 in. Pole Saw

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At number 7, we have a gas pole saw from Poulan. This saw features a 28 cc two-stroke engine. It also has an 8 inch bar at the end, which enables you to cut the branches. The engine of the saw is quite efficient, and it is also easy to start. The unique SureFire technology makes it possible to start the engine in the very first attempt. Another advantage of buying this pole saw is that it has lightweight. The metallic alloy used in the making the saw also gives structural strength to it. The fuel system also ensures that there is no wastage of fuel. The dual feel also ensures that the engine runs uninterrupted even when you are always moving around.

Prime, Choke, and Pull functions are comfortable, and the credit goes to the technology used in the design of the engine. The spring-assisted starter technology is a boon. Another feature that makes it quite a preferred saw is that the auto-return stop switch. The switch resets to on position, which makes it easy to start the gas pole saw. Purge technology used in this saw is very efficient in removing the air from carburetor.


  • The saw is made of metal alloy, which keeps the weight less but adds the strength to the structure.
  • It comes with a sure-fire fuel delivery system.
  • The motor of this gas pole saw is potent.


  • Nothing as such.

#8. BLUE MAX 53542 32.6 cc Gasoline Pole SawBLUE MAX 53542 32.6 cc Gasoline Pole Saw

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The last option on our list is from Blue Max. This gas pole saw is for the people who are looking for something a little more powerful. It has a 32.6 cc engine, and the total reach of the saw is 9 feet. If you are looking for something sturdy, then you can buy this. It is slightly heavy, and this is mainly because of the big motor. You will not find it underpowered, and it will give you the juice when you need it. You can easily alter the length of the pole and extend the range.

The saw’s pitch is 3/8 inches, and it has an ideal speed of 2700 RPM to 3400 RPM. The clutch engagement speed of this gas pole saw is 4500 RPM. The weight is well balanced, but we still found it quite heavy when we compared it with other saws. We were not able to use it for a long time without taking rest.


  • The saw has a powerful motor of 32.6 cc, and it is quite powerful.
  • The saw has 10 inches bar & chain, which does the job efficiently.
  • The saw is quite sturdy.


  • The saw is made in China, and it has a reach of just 9 feet.

How To Choose The Best Gas Pole Saw

You have already been through some of the best gas pole saws that are available in the market. By looking at those models, you would have got an idea of what are the features that are worth having. If you still need some help with the purchase of a gas pole, you can then check out this short buying guide about gas pole saw. 

Power Output

While cutting the thick branches, the power output will always be critical. It depends on the engine capacity. So, pay attention to the engine capacity and also look at the power produced by the engine. A high power gas pole saw will make your work very easy. It will enable you to cut through the branches easily. It should be noted that fuel efficiency, sound, and weight are usually directly proportional to engine capacity. 

Fuel Efficiency

All the models that we have talked about use gas. The price of gas has been rising ever since humans started using it. This gives you a reason to buy a gas pole saw that is efficient in energy consumption. It will save you a lot of money in the long run as you will be able to make the most out of the gas that you are using in the engine. Another point to note here is that you must never go by the efficiency numbers given to you by manufacturers. Most of the time, you will find inaccurate numbers. For accurate efficiency, you can check out the details shared by authorities or by users.

Easy to Use

The saw should be easy to use. The engine should not have trouble during the ignition process. The functions should be easy to use, and the vibrations should be limited. You should be able to prime, choke, and pull the saw easily. A spring-assisted technology will help you in starting the gas pole saw quickly.  You can even check for accessories available with the saw. Some of these accessories will make it easy for you to do multiple jobs.


You will be using the gas pole saw for tough jobs, and in such a case, you would need a sturdy gas pole saw. It should be durable enough to take on thick branches. Ensure that you look at the construction material. It is better to choose the saw in which bar and chains are made of the steel alloy. A gas pole saw with a metallic case will last a lot longer as the cover will protect the essential parts of the machine. In addition to this, the telescopic shaft should also be made of good material. 

Length of Saw

You will be using the gas pole saw to reach the high hanging branches. It is better to buy a saw that has a good reach. In such a case, you can check the length of the pole. The higher the length of the pole, the better reach the saw will have. There are some models in which the height can be adjusted, and hence you can try looking at those models as well.

Noise Levels

While cutting the branches, you do not want to be a nuisance for your neighborhood. In such a case, it is worth checking the noise levels of the engine. The better ones are those where the noise levels are below 100 dB. Purchasing a saw with limited noise levels will help you in keeping your ears safe as well.

Emission Levels

A gas engine will always emit greenhouse gases. Powerful engines would have higher levels of emission. Ensure that the brand that you are investing in has eco-friendly engines. The emission levels should be lower, and it should not leave a smoke trail behind you. This way, you will save the environment from getting polluted. 


We have covered a lot of significant points, but another thing that you must check while buying the saw is the portability. The weight of the saw should be manageable, and you should not have trouble cutting using the saw. You should be able to carry it quickly, and your hands should not ache after long hours of usage.


Most of the brands offer warranty ranging between 1 year and two years. In such a case, you must also check the warranty policy applicable to the gas pole saw that you are buying. Avoid the saws that do not have any warranty on it. You must also check what the terms and conditions in the warranty policy are.  A reliable warranty will bring in complete peace of mind, and you will surely feel confident about your purchase. 


It is essential to buy a reliable saw, and at the same time, it is crucial to choose something in your budget. You do not want to go through the guilt of spending extra after making the purchase. In such a case, the better idea would be to decide a budget before you start looking for a gas pole saw. You might have to make some trade-offs, but it depends on your choices and your needs. 

Tips for Gas Pole Saw Safety

Gas pole saws remain one of the most suited equipment around for sawing and removing the hard branches. They’re efficient pieces when handled well and can ensure great suitability. So how do you handle it well, by following these safety measures:

  1. Read and follow the guide: When you buy a gas pole saw, you’ll always be provided with a guide or a manual. This guide or manual contains details about the handling, using, and controlling of the tool. Always make sure that you read the guide before you use the gas pole saw. There are quite a few tricks and measures that you can learn from the guide for your safety.
  2. Always wear the right gear: Whenever you’re using a gas pole saw, make sure that you have the right protective gear with yourself. The right protective gear would include a hard helmet, goggles, earplugs, gloves, hard-toe boots, and leg support. These gears are there for your protection and you should always use them before you go out to the woods with the gas pole saw. Never avoid the protective gear.
  3. Know the purpose: Gas pole saws are designed for pruning and cutting the tree limbs and the hardy branches. That’s the main reason for their unorthodox design. Do not ever try to use a gas pole saw for purposes other than the aforementioned. Using gas pole saws for cutting bushes or trees or plants can lead to accidents and injury.
  4. Clear the area before pruning: When you go out with a gas pole saw, always check your surroundings and clear the area. Make sure that there are no obstacles around the trees and the landing area to help protect you from falling over. Also, check the weather report for the day and make sure that you’re not out using a gas pole saw during windy or rainy days.
  5. Examine the tree: When you plan to use a gas pole saw to cut the tree branch, make sure to examine the tree. It should not be a dead or a dying branch, nor should it be a decaying one as this can disturb the cutting process and cause accidents and slips.
  6. Examine the gas pole saw: Always make sure that you check your gas pole saw before working. Look to see if the saw blades are in the right order or not, whether the strings are well oiled or not, and whether the handle is stable enough or not.

Gas Pole Saw Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy an electric pole saw or a gas pole saw?

It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for an environment friendly saw, you can go ahead with the electric pole saw. However, the problem with the electric pole saw is that they will feel underpowered.  The weight of the gas pole saw is also well distributed, and they tend to be sturdier. The gas pole saw also offers you higher flexibility since you would not have to worry about the charge and the run time. So, if you have to use your pole saw rarely, you can go ahead with the electric saw, but if you are looking for a tamed beast, then buy a gas powered pole saw.

Can I cut thick branches with the gas pole saw?

The maximum thickness of the branch that you can cut with the pole saw depends on the specifications of the saw you are using. You must check the user guide to get the exact details. However, no matter how powerful your gas pole saw is, you must never attempt cutting the branches that are thicker than 8 inches. If the tree branches are thicker than 8 inches, you must call professional services to do the job for you.

How should I take care of the gas pole saw?

Taking care of the gas pole saw is relatively easy. You can start by looking at the chain oil reservoir and ensure that it has enough oil when you are using it. After that, you can look for loose screws & nuts. Tighten them and look for the worn-out parts that need replacement. You can also check for the blade’s sharpness, and after that, you can review the tension in the chain of the saw. Ensure that you are using the right type of fuel in the gas pole saw.

Why a lot of smoke coming out of my gas pole is saw?

The most common reason for the smoking gas pole saw is the lack of airflow. Ensure that the air filter is clean. Also, check the ideal speed of the gas engine. The next thing you need to check the oil in the engine. Too much oil or impurities in the fuel can also lead to a lot of smoke. Another reason for the smoke can be the lack of oil in the chain oil reservoir. The tension of the chains should also be right. Lastly, ensure that there is no debris making contact with the chain. Often, chips of wood can lead to smoke and a burning smell.

Can I increase the length of my pole saw?

Some of the brands sell extenders to increase the length of the pole saw. You can use them to increase the length of the pole saw. In addition to this, you can opt for the longer saws when you are making a purchase. We would recommend you to avoid trying DIYs to extend the length of the pole saw. Such DIYs can be dangerous, and they can cause injury to you.

Final Verdict

By now, you would be aware of what you need to buy to get the job done. You can go through the recommendations again, and you can choose one of those products. You can even check out the detailed specification sheet by visiting the amazon page associated with the listing. The reviews should make it easy for you to decide which product is reliable and which is not. We would recommend you to opt for a design that is not only portable but also very efficient. This way, you will be able to reduce emissions and save money on gas. The gas pole saw will make it safe for you to cut the branches, but it will also make it easy. If you have any questions about the gas pole saw or if you would like to see a review of any specific saw, then you can write back to us in the comment sections, and we will get back to you soon. Remember to wear all the safety gear while using the saw. Thank You.

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