Best Horizontal Band Saw – Top 3 Picks Of 2023

Top 3 best horizontal band saw

A horizontal band saw is a powerful unit used to stabilize the workpiece. It is widely used in metal fabrication stores and large construction companies due to its ability to cut multiple materials. These include plastics, graphite, titanium, metals, soft metals, plastics, and even exotic metals. This versatile tool is ideal for cutting larger pieces such as delicate cuts, bar stock, or pipe to length. Metal cuts that look professional and straight can be cut easily using a horizontal band saw.

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No matter how small it is in size, it gives full access to place your workpieces so that the blade can cut. A horizontal band saw is popular for its smooth, vibration-free operation with minimal noise. Moreover, it minimizes wastage whether you cut wood or any other metal. This type of band saw allows you to cut thicker and tougher material as compared to the vertical band saw.  If you’re finalizing to buy a horizontal band saw, you can check out the below listed three option that suits your cutting task.

#1. RIKON Horizontal Cutting Bandsaw 


RIKON Horizontal Cutting Bandsaw 


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This 15-400 horizontal band saw by RIKON is designed in such a way that you can use it as a horizontal bow saw, as well as a vertical bandsaw when a table is involved. With the three-speed option, which includes 80, 120, and 180 FPM, the RIKOM 15-400 can easily handle any cutting task, whether it is wood or metal. These blades are ideal for enhancing slice performance. Also, this feature will ensure that you can chop accurately and smoothly as per your project. 

When it comes to flexibility, it will make sure to reach into the material by giving movements to hands. If you’re not interested to do work manually, you can leave it to work automatically since it features a spring-assist torsion system. Once the cutting job is done, the saw will shut down automatically. This feature will make the horizontal band saw completely convenient. 


  • It features an automatic shut-off option.
  • This horizontal cutting band saw also works as a vertical band saw.


  • The unit is relatively heavier. 

#2. KAKA Horizontal Band Saw 


KAKA Horizontal Band Saw 


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BS-712 N model by KAKA Industrial is a universal horizontal and is best suited for both home and small business use. It is a powerful & sturdy model that features a 1.5 horsepower motor that is used to cut multiple materials with ease. Being one of the versatile bands saw used vertically and horizontally. Using its rotating clamping plate, you can easily achieve a 0°-45° cutting angle. Though, this is an incredible function of this band saw. 

In addition to mentioned features, its hydraulic down feed provides maximum control that has a micro-adjustable feed rate, unique hold valve for better durability & easy angle. The only problem with the saw is steerable wheels which disturb your movement. 


  • It is ideal for both home and commercial use.
  • It features a powerful motor.
  • The saw has an efficient cooling system.


  • The un-steerable wheel of saw is a major concern.

#3. JET 414459 Horizontal Bandsaw


JET 414459 Horizontal Bandsaw


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JET 414459 can cut metal pieces around 7 x 12 inches. This band saw is great for your shop, workspace, site, and home, and you can use it as a horizontal or vertical bandsaw. It is thoughtfully designed to provide reliable performance for long-lasting years. The sturdy construction of the saw includes a heavy cast iron bow, bed, toughened & ground worm gear for better durability. 

For added quality, it has an Automatic Shut-Off and Coolant system, which prevents loss of control or accidents. Plus, it automatically shuts off once the job is done while preventing overheating of the coolant system and ensuring stable and smooth operation. It also features an adjustable roller blade to accommodate different materials. You also need not worry about its maintenance & care since it offers a chip tray that helps keep your workplace free of debris & dust. The best thing about this bandsaw is that it comes with a two-year warranty.


  • It has an automatic shut-off option.
  • It is equipped with a powerful motor.


  • Bit expensive.

Things to Consider while purchasing Horizontal Band Saw

While choosing a horizontal band saw, you should stay cautious with the cheap products as they claim to be good but have nothing on their sleeves. It would be better to check out the below-given aspects and then make an informed decision – 

  • Blade Length

 Band saws are available in a wide range of length options but, when it comes to the horizontal band saw, you have limited options. An expert will choose a machine that offers a sweet spot for cutting small as well as medium size pieces. To ease up the decision, we would recommend you consider going with a 10-inch blade-equipped machine for better usability.

  • Reputed Brand and Warranty

Horizontal band saw works on a simple mechanism of moving the blade at a higher speed to cut through materials. So, there are a lot of electronic parts inside, and having a long-term warranty of these parts can come in handy. Thus, you should go with a reputed brand that offers at least three or five years of warranty on the motor as well as other equipment. 

  • Safety Features

Power tools are helpful in almost every way, but they have a risk factor attached to the same. You must always look after the safety features offered with the horizontal band saw. Learning to use clamps, angle cutting moves and other features can make it easier for you to be productive. 

  • Price and Comparison

While comparing two horizontal bands saw, you can’t be riding the horse of price factor only. There are many things to account for and we believe that you must check the size of the machine, weight, portability, power input type, and then look for the price point. There is certainly a value for money factor that you should figure out based on your needs also. 

  • Check Feedback to Finalize

In case you end up getting stuck on two products that are quite similar, have the same price point and both deals are catchy, then reviews can be handy here. You can check plenty of reviews and compare them to know about the pros and cons of a particular product. 

Final Words:

Whether you’re a professional craftsman or carpenter, no matter how selective your cutting tools are, always consider several options to make sure you’re making the right choice.