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The 8 Best Jigsaw Blades 2023 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Diablo DJT20S 20 pc T-Shank Jig Saw Blade


Your cutting instruments are as good as the blades that you use with them. The jigsaw puzzle is no exception to this rule. Projects built with the finest jigsaw blades show off complicated designs without the need for additional effort. The best jigsaw blade for Hardie board is an excellent choice when you have to get into tiny spots or cut out a certain form or pattern. When compared to a circular saw, they are significantly more versatile and just as straightforward to operate. Even the best saw on the marketplace is rendered ineffective if it is not equipped with a good blade, and that’s where we come in. In the same way that a soldier rarely goes into combat without the proper weapons, a woodworker never walks into the shop without the proper tools. A carpenter is already familiar with the value of different tools.

Reviews Of Best Jigsaw Blades

Despite the fact that it is impossible to have all of the tools, some are unavoidable. For example, one of these tools is a jigsaw, which is particularly adept at cutting curved and circular shapes through thicker plywood sheets with unshakable ease. It should go without saying that if you wish to reap the benefits, you should spend some time searching for the perfect jigsaw blade. Finding the proper blade entails a significant amount of research. The list continues on and on, from tooth number to blade style, to size, to material kind, and so on. During the testing, each of the blades demonstrated remarkable performance and the ability to create clean cuts with minimum tear-out. As a result, the below-mentioned review will assist you in comprehending and selecting the most appropriate jigsaw blade available on the market. . 

1. BOSCH T-Shank (T5002)


BOSCH T-Shank (T5002)


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A variety of blades is required in order to make the most of a jigsaw. What better way to do so than by purchasing a Botch combo? It has 10 different blades that can be used to cut through plywood as well as other soft and hardwood varieties. If you sometimes work with metals, this T-Shank Jig Cut Blade set includes blades for both thick and thin metals, in case you need to do so. As a result, the adaptability of this diverse collection is difficult to overlook. Blades for most jigsaw brands are available, like Metabo, Milwaukee, Makita, Hitachi, Botch, and a slew of other names. Plywood and other softer timbers are best cut with high carbon steel (HCS) blades, which are available in five sizes. They are perfect for regular, everyday use in conjunction with other materials, such as leather. Suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, this set is a good investment.

Each model will be represented by a pair. The models included in the BOSCH T-Shank Multi-Purpose Jigsaw Blade set to include the T118A, TI44D, T119BO, T101B. As a result, it can be used for a variety of applications. If you need to make smooth cuts through fragile material, there is a T119BO T-shank scroll best jigsaw blade for cutting pegboard available. The T-shank design provides stability and helps to lessen the wobbling impact on the ground. There are five main factors towards the far end of the machine that communicate directly with and fit in the respective positions. The grip holding of the blade ensures that the maximum amount of power is transferred through it.


  • T-shank fitting with a positive result
  • An all-in-one plywood jigsaw set of blades is available.
  • The wobbling effect has been reduced.
  • Transfer of the most amount of power possible
  • Plastic case with a long life span
  • A combination of high-carbon steel & high-speed steel is used in this application.


  • After a prolonged period of use, cutting becomes more difficult.

2. DEWALT (DW3742C)




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When it relates to manufacturing power tools & their attachments, Dewalt is unquestionably the best in the business. This collection contains a greater variety of items than the previous set. As a result, in addition to plywood, this puzzle cut blade set may be used for a range of other jobs. The blades are also equipped with a T-stank design, which ensures that the blade does not stray throughout the cutting process. Botch & Dewalt jigsaw blades are compatible with all of their respective jigsaw models. There are ten HCS and four bi-metal blades in the set. Surprisingly, even the combination of these blades retains the price range within reasonable limits.

The BIM(Bi-Metal) blades can be used to cut through tough materials without breaking or dulling the teeth, which is a significant benefit. These are among the finest jigsaw blades for carving curves in hardwood and metal, according to the research. They are an investment for the long haul. This 14-piece set includes saber saw blades with 6, 10, 12, 18, and 32 teeth per inch, respectively. Each blade model is sold as a set of two. There are blades that are 3-inches long (18TPI/32TPI) and blades that are 4-inches long (6TPI/10TPI). You may, however, be unable to locate flush-cut saw blades among them. With their five-point contact system, these blades are very well-suited for use in the machine. The blades are extremely simple to replace out, and the material used ensures that they maintain their shape cut after cut. The blades are packaged in a case to make storing the blade more convenient. When used with care and without abusing the wood, the blades have a reasonable life span.


  • 14-piece blade set
  • A container for storing things
  • Blades with 18 and 32 TPI for smoother cutting are available.
  • Both plywood & metal are suitable for use.
  • Blades made from a combination of HCS & BIM
  • Durable
  • Construction of the highest quality


  • They may not be the best choice for Makita jigsaws.
  • Blades made of bi-metal are a little short.

3. Black + Decker jigsaw blade set


Black + Decker jigsaw blade set

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With this comprehensive 24-piece jigsaw saw blade set, whether you are a do-it-yourselfer working in the home shop or a seasoned woodcutter, you will never be short of options. With the black and decker jigsaw blades variety set, it is possible to cut metal, wood, and plywood sheets with same blade size, which is convenient. The blade’s sharpness must be maintained at all times in order to avoid unexpected halts while working. As a result, the blades are of high quality & retain their sharpness for an extended period of time. Never before had it been so simple to cut through porcelain, metal, and wood. Thank you to the diverse collection of blades included in the BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw Blade Set. Hardwood and softwood as well as particleboard can be rough cut with the 5 blades having 6 TPI included in the package. Additionally, there are 4 with a TPI of 10 for cutting with a comparatively smoother finish.

These Best jigsaw blades for scrolling are essential if your DIY or professional tasks necessitate the use of sensitive cuts. A 10-tooth per-inch proportion scrolling jigsaw blade and 5 scroll jigsaw blade are included. Blades with 18TPI and 24TPI thicknesses are available for cutting into medium and think metal. This vast collection will therefore meet all of your requirements, as you would expect. It has been fine-tuned to perform optimally for non-contractor grade applications and is capable of accurately cutting 3/4-inch pine boards.


  • Compatibility with the vast majority of jigsaw puzzles
  • Blades for use with all types of materials
  • Blades made of thin metal for smooth cutting
  • Light-duty applications are more appropriate.
  • Unbreakable
  • During use, it does not shatter.
  • A smoother cutting surface


  • It generates a lot of dust.
  • The blades have been shortened a little.

4. Contractor jigsaw blades


Contractor jigsaw blades


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What’s the point of paying $5-$10 per blade? Our saw blades are of the same or better quality than name-brand products but at a quarter of the price. a set of 50 contractor jigsaw blades in various sizes. Meet your day-to-day requirements. For straight, clean, and fast cuts in wood material, HCS is made from SK5 high-carbon steel (which is 50 percent better than CRV).


  • It has a longer lifespan in wood material and is made to last. 
  • HSS-Made from high-speed steel that is real HIGHT SPEED.
  • High-quality production ensures that wear tolerance & life are significantly improved. When cutting metal, it is important to use the proper lubrication.
  • The T-Shank is compatible with most major brand jig saws like BOSCH & DEWALT jigsaws.
  • The set comes with a sturdy storage case that keeps blades grouped for quick retrieval.


  • The number of blades is less for some users

5. KOWOOD Jigsaw blade

KOWOOD Jigsaw blade

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For improved quality and precision cuts, the best jigsaw blade for laminate flooring is made from premium quality HCS/HSS/Bi-Metal for use with jigsaws. There are 21 pieces in this set of jigsaw blades, which are perfect for use on wood, metal, and wood that has been nailed. Offer general household cutting requirements as well as a diverse range of materials. The T-shank design is compatible with the majority of jigsaws. Direct Sale from the Manufacturer, which allows for the lowest possible price while maintaining high quality.


  • Comes with blades with reverse-toothed serrations
  • Reverse-tooth blades slash on the downstroke, reducing chip-out on the facing side of work when it is necessary to place the best face of a workpiece up throughout the cutting process.
  • A few of these blades are required when cutting a drain cutout on a table surface. A T-shank interface is a type of interface.
  • The 5 points of contact provide more power, while the T-shape design provides longer life.
  • TPI blades are available in a variety of sizes.
  • When it comes to woodworking jobs, there are always several different requirements. 
  • Higher TPI saw blades can produce smoother woodcuts, whilst lower TPI saw blades can produce faster cuts.


  • It is slightly expensive 

6. 60 piece T-shank blades


60 piece T-shank blades


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60 piece T-shank blades are also a popular one, and this is yet another name that is cost-effective and gives good value for the money tools. It is possible that this jigsaw blade set, which is a reasonable cost solution, will be a great choice for consumers who are working with a limited budget. In this box, you will find a complete of 60 blades, which is good at this pricing point.


  • Since it is a well-known name for saws, you will also receive a two-year warranty with it, which will give you an additional layer of protection and comfort. 
  • In fact, the fit and finish supplied by it are noticeably superior to the vast majority of other low-cost alternatives currently available on the market.
  • A carrying case is included to make transit and storage more convenient.


  • After excessive usage, cutting gets slow

7. 25 Piece T-shank blades


25 Piece T-shank blades


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The best jigsaw blade for butcher block are compatible with the majority of jigsaw models that acknowledge T structure Shank Jigsaw blade, including Bosch, DEWALT, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, Metabo, Porter-Cable, and Craftsman jig saws, among others. A total of 25 pieces of blade contribute as a flexible addition to the tool collection. The T525P SET Jig Cut Blade includes a variety of blades that are excellent for wood, plastic, and soft metal sheet applications. These blades allow you to expand the capabilities of the handy jigsaw and satisfy a variety of requirements. Jigsaw blades are included in the 25-piece set; this T525P SET is a perfect set for delicate and general intent woodworking, as well as soft thin metals; 


  • T shape shank form is stable to hold in the jigsaw and simple to install and remove
  • It also helps limit the possibility of breaking your gadget.
  • The entire jigsaw blades are produced from high-quality materials with high steel.
  • HCS blades are excellent for cutting common wood, whilst HSS blades are excellent for cutting hardwoods and metals, as well as reinforced plastic and fiberglass.


  • Comes with short blades

8. Diablo jigsaw blade


Diablo DJT20S 20 pc T-Shank Jig Saw Blade

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There are a number of materials used to construct the Diablo jigsaw blades included in this kit. The 20-piece set may be used on a variety of materials including wood, metal, and plastic, with blades manufactured from components that are specifically suited for each purpose. When compared to their price, these best jigsaw blade for cutting masonite offer excellent value. The 20 pieces of the jigsaw will be sufficient for your daily need. Blades constructed of high-quality materials with high steel and high-speed steel are used in the production of these blades.


  • The plunge cutting tips on the blades have been designed by experts. These will enable you to begin a plunge cut in a more efficient manner. Each point has a greater ability to puncture the surface;
  • Blades made of bi-metal, high-carbon steel, & high-speed steel are included in this set. 
  • This allows new woodworkers the opportunity to experiment with each blade to determine which ones they prefer to use; these blades are designed to function in the vast majority of jigsaws now on the market. This indicates that there is a significant chance that they might fit into your present jigsaw puzzle arrangement.


  • In this pair, the blades appear to be a little thinner. It’s possible that this is the reason for the reduced pricing point. It is possible that they will not survive as long as the other blades reviewed here.
  • Quality control is less severe in a less expensive manufacturing process because it is less expensive. It is possible that the set will include blades with minor flaws in tooth position or edge. 

Different Types of Jigsaw Blade

There are many multiple kinds of jigsaw blades available, each of which can be used for a variety of different cutting purposes.

The best jigsaw blade for cutting laminate countertop you choose will have an impact on the amount of material that can be slashed, the pace at which the machine cuts, and the finish that is produced. The numerous jigsaws, their blades, and most importantly, the usage and advantages will be discussed, whether you are a contractor seeking to remain on time & avoid construction adjudication or even a homeowner looking to perform some improvements. Before we get into the blades, let’s have a look at a few of the greatest jigsaws currently available on the market. It is possible to divide jigsaw blades into several categories, depending on their shape and number of teeth (measured in TPI, which stands for teeth per inch), the type of metal from which they are produced, and the materials that they could be used to cut.

Types of Shank

The shank of a jigsaw blade is the section of the blades that engage with the blade clamps of the saw. It is significant since the shank is indeed the primary method in which various blades are classified, with the majority of them having either one T-shank or even a U-shank.

T-shank blades

Knife blades with a T-shank are the most extensively used and are suitable with the vast majority of current jigsaws on the market. They have grown so popular since they are simple to use and make it much easier to swap blades between jigsaws or to switch between different jigsaws in general. At the top of the shank, they have a tang that allows them to be fitted into the tool’s tool-less blade clamp.

Universal shank blades

Those that use U-shank blades will notice that they have a U-shaped cut out towards the top of the shank. It is important to note that some old jigsaw machines need a hole inside the shank underneath the U-shaped cutout in order to function. They used to be the most common type of blade accessible for a jigsaw, but since the vast bulk of jigsaws are now manufactured with a tool-fewer blades changing that can cater T shank blades, the U shank blades aren’t any longer as widely used as they once were, according to the Woodcraft Institute. When in doubt, double-check the kind of jigsaw blade that saw is compatible with it before you go out and buy a new blade for your saw.

Blade material

The material from which a saw blade is constructed will have an impact on both its longevity and the types of materials that can be cut with it. A jigsaw blade is often manufactured from one of 4 metals: high-speed steel, high-carbon steel, bi-metal, or tungsten carbide, depending on the use

How to Choose Best Jigsaw Blade

Keep the following factors in mind while choosing the best Jigsaw Blade. This includes

Kinds of jigsaw blades

T-shank vs. U-shank blades 

The term “shank” is the end of the tool that goes within the machine. The T-shank blade is more frequent than the U-shank blade, which is less prevalent. They provide a more tight grip within the machine and result in a less shaky effect than other options.

They take pride in the fact that they can be replaced quickly and without difficulty. T-shank is a best jigsaw blade for plywood, as it provides higher cutting performance. Most of the time, a vertical screw system is used to secure the blade in place.

Blades with U-shanks are shakier and less sturdy than blades with straight shanks. In addition, they are held in place by a manual lock screw that is turned by hand.

Blade material

High carbon steel, carbide, tungsten, steel, bi-metal consolidations, and carbon steel are the most common materials used to make blades. Their suitability for a given job is determined by the workpiece.

The best jigsaw blade for vinyl plank flooring is made of high carbon steel: If you’re dealing with plywood or other woodworking jobs, the high carbon steel blades are the best choice.

They are often inexpensive and are most commonly utilized for straightforward projects. The material is soft, and it can tolerate being bent and chopped without breaking.

High-strength steel jigsaw blades are extremely strong and long-lasting. If you have jobs that require softer woodcutting, you may want to consider using them rather than the high carbon steel blades. Mahogany, cedarwood, and lightweight metals, among other materials, are preferred cutting materials.

Bi-metal blades are particularly well suited for cutting more difficult materials like as strong steel and hardwood, among others. They are able to be constructed in a variety of ways while remaining durable. They are capable of delivering the benefits of both HCS & HSS blades. Given that they combine a number of the components indicated above, these can be among the more expensive jigsaw blades available.

Tungsten carbide blades are the most durable of all the blades available. When it comes to cutting into ceramic, glass, & masonry projects, you may choose them over other options.

Rather than a jigsaw tooth, they have a coating of tungsten carbide sand on the cutting edge to make cutting easier.

Size of jigsaw blade

When purchasing a jigsaw blade, the general rule is that a short blade with fewer teeth per inch produces rougher cuts than a longer blade with more teeth per inch. Increases in TPI ratio make them more acceptable for use with plywood and laminated materials.

In addition, you may be able to purchase specialized blades for jigsaws on the market. It’s possible that you’re already familiar with them if you’re an experienced woodworker. In addition to reverse tooth blades, plunging cut blades, scroll blades, flush cut blades, and many more types, there are also many other types. Their usefulness is dependent on the project.

Blade thickness

An inherent restriction of the design of the jigsaw blade is its construction. The only way the jigsaw blades establish communication with the machine is by the use of a shank. As a result, there is always the possibility that the blade will make an angle cut as a result of the blade’s wandering.

To buy the greatest jigsaw, however, it is necessary to take this factor into mind. One method is to use thicker blades that have the ability to maintain their shape and not bend in their position.

But keep in mind that one blade is not appropriate for all situations; for straighter cuts that produce a precise right angle, a wider blade is preferable.

You require a blade that is flexible; therefore, thin blades may be more appropriate for making curves. They are more maneuverable and provide greater versatility when it comes to sheet cutting.


Now when you are aware of the best jigsaw blades, make sure you choose the right one that comes with safety factors and can be used by both beginners and experts easily.

Additionally, in order to achieve the best possible results when using a jigsaw, it is critical to ensure that you use the proper blade, which is extremely crucial. As a result, we’ve listed some of the top jigsaw blades in this post up in the above section. Have a look at the important features and options of the above-mentioned jigsaw blades and make a proper selection from it. This comprehensive shopping guide can be best helpful for you.

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