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The 9 Best Jobsite Table Saws of 2023

A table saw is a real workhorse and widely used on jobsites across world. Being essentially a table with a circular saw blade mounted in the middle, it can perform a variety of sawing tasks easier than other tools. But if you’re looking for the best jobsite table saw, how do you know which one to pick? Well, we’ve assembled a list of what we think are the top 9…

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Skil table saw with a worker
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So, how do You Choose the Best Jobsite Table Saw?

When choosing a table saw, you have to be careful with the features because not all the features are important. You need the essential features which will help you get the job done. Table saws that have great functionality and safety features can lend you a better product for sure. Below are the 8 features you can’t ignore in a job site table saw.

1. Blade Speed or RPM 

No one likes wasting hours cutting wooden blocks into small pieces. Getting this kind of work done in less time should be the goal. So, RPM is an important factor here. RPM stands for Round Per Minute, which is the blade speed. As RPM increases, you can find that cutting wood easier. Any that goes beyond 4500 or 5000 RPM will help you get a smooth cut. This is directly linked to motor power, torque, and speed. Also, being able to adjust the RPM can also give you flexibility with higher accuracy during a long-hour job. In the beginning, slow RPM seems fine, but when you compare it with a quality option, you can spot the difference.

2. Accuracy and a Smooth Cut

Wooden work can get expensive, and every tradie or handyman would prefer to minimize any kind of mistakes and wastage. When working with a job site table saw, you need accuracy. When choosing a table saw, you have to consider the table saw blade because it should be extremely sharp and strong to cut through any kind of wood. If the blade isn’t sharp, it might be less accurate, and you can’t expect a smooth cut. There is always a small fence that fixes wood securely. For higher accuracy, you can look for a meter gauge. This small feature is available in almost every table saw, but accuracy varies from model to model. When going with a premium or mid-range option, you can expect better accuracy and a better cut for sure.

3. Motor Horse Power

All the boys like talking about horsepower. And the tradesman who want a table saw a cut above the rest should be considering the horsepower of the options available. An underpowered table saw has issues with smoothness, speed, and accuracy. They can slow down when you are going against hardwood. RPM might be high with low-key motors, but if the horsepower is high and the RPM is also above 4,500, then you can expect an even smoother flow. An average jobsite table saw motor is capable of providing 2 HP, and it can easily cut through 2 inches thick wood. In case you are working with greater thickness, you’ll need extra horsepower. A simple suggestion for those who want to work with 3 inches or greater thickness should choose 3 to 5 hp motor.

4. Drive Type 

There are two kinds of drive types available for portable job site table saw….

Direct Drive: In direct drive, the blade is directly connected to the motor, and transferring all its power directly into the blade. There is mostly no loss of power, and you get better efficiency. There will also be less vibration working with this type, and you can expect less noise also. But, if you have bigger projects, a direct drive may not be the best option.

Belt Drive: In a belt drive option there is a V-belt used that connects the blade to the motor. The pulled system is used and you can find much more torque and power here. The efficiency might be low, but you can get higher power. However, if you are cutting thicker woods, you can expect a smoother flow and cut.

5. Safety Features to consider 

Anti-Kickback Pawls: This feature latches onto the table so you can decrease the kickback and not get a piece of wood in the face.

Blade Guard: A guard that protects you getting your fingers close to the blade and chopping them off.

Push Stick: The push stick is a stick that lets you push the wood or material into the saw and keep your fingers further away.

Riving Knife & Splitter: this knife sits behind the blade and is quite effective at stopping kickback.

6. Reputed Manufacturers 

Jobsite table saws are manufactured by a number of brands, but figuring out the best brand for you could be an issue. Going with a top brand can help you feel ease. Not all the brands are as good as one another. Due to this, we recommend going with well known brands. Make sure you compare brands based on their reputation, product’s quality, durability, after-sale services and reviews.

7. Budget 

If you are a professional tradesman and have been in the business for years, you definitely know the importance of a quality tool. A higher budget means you are going to get better quality and enhanced features. A lower priced table saw will still have a number of features, but might be a better option if you have a tight budget.

8. After-Sale Services

Choosing a well-established brand is a better choice here. This saw has a powerful electric motor that requires maintenance. You have to choose a brand which can provide you a good service. No one likes bad customer support because it is going to affect your work.

DeWalt saw with two workers cutting a piece of wood
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The Best Jobsite Table Saws Reviewed

This list contains some of the best job site table saws which plenty of different features. Checking on your needs and comparing the features of what each table saw offers will help you zero down the list to a reliable choice. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a deep dive and explore some of the best options available in the market….

#1. Dewalt 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw

One of the most value for money deals that you can expect in the whole list is from the Dewalt brand. It is a credible brand offering Jobsite tools that are highly reliable and easy to use as compared to the other options. The build quality of Dewalt (Dwe7491rs) 10-Inch Table Saw is extremely impressive and hard to avoid.  There is a powerful motor equipped inside to give you an ideal rotation speed to cut the wood into small pieces. The speed and accuracy are unmatchable, which makes this the most reliable product of choice. Portability is the key quality that can get you a suitable product without any kind of issue here.


  • Get impressive portability with this lightweight and easy-to-move table saw. 
  • The build quality is impressive, and you can expect a better flow of work.
  • Safety features are intact, and it has an anti-kickback plate for prevention.


  • No cons reported about it. 

#2. Metabo HPT Jobsite Table Saw

A product that might be slightly expensive but packs a range of features about stability and accuracy is Metabo HPT Jobsite Table Saw. If you want a comfortable working experience, then this well-made Jobsite table saw won’t let you down. It has a higher rotation speed of 4500 RPM. You need 15amp power to turn on the motor, and the noise from the motor is less than other options. Blades are made of the strongest alloys, and they are also rustproof. It also provides an onboard storage option so that you can keep some small tools inside. Safety features are impressive, and they will provide you effective working experience.


  • Rotation speed is above 4500 RPM for effective use.
  • The build is sturdy, and you can expect a safer working experience.
  • A stable base will get you higher accuracy and easier control of the same.


  • Noisier than others. 

#3. Oliver 10in Jobsite Table Saw with Roller Stand

To cut thick woods, you need higher power and torque. Well, the purchase of Oliver 10in Jobsite Table Saw with Roller Stand can provide you incredible power and easy to work option. The motor is providing intense power for better accuracy, and cutting large wooden boards won’t be time-consuming here. The workflow enhances with meter gauge, and you can expect quality use here. Transporting this Jobsite table saw might be slightly typical due to the large size, but if you consider the design and use, you will be impressed. It is slightly heavy, so you might have to put some effort into taking it from one place to another.


  • You get a direct drive feature and impressive functionality.
  • Smooth operation while cutting down large wooden boards. 
  • Safety features are impressive as you can find an extra layer of protection with stability.


  • It is slightly heavy, so portability gets affected by a little.

#4. SawStop JSS-Mca Legacy Jobsite Saw with Mobile Cart

In case you want an affordable Jobsite table saw, then going with SawStop JSS-Mca Legacy Jobsite Saw is not a bad choice at all. This table saw is designed for quick transportation, and it is extremely lightweight also. When it comes to using this table saw to cut wood for design or décor purposes, you can easily feel higher convenience here. The overall design is unique, sturdy, and long-lasting that you can find in the reviews section. When it comes to giving angel cuts, you can feel higher convenience during the use, which makes this the most reliable option of all kinds. The blade is easy to remove, and you can go for any size wooden board while using this table saw.


  • Cut down large wooden boards into small pieces using this table saw. 
  • It is quite affordable as if you look at the features of this machine. 
  • It is one of the most portable options due to its lightweight design.


  • For large projects and cutting thick wood, this might be a poor choice. 

#5. Ridgid R4513 15 Amp 10 in. Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw with Stand

As if you want a belt drive and willingness to work on large projects, then you need something sturdy. The same functionality is offered by Ridgid R4513 15 Amp 10 in. Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw here. It is a great quality Jobsite table saw that comes for a mid-range price point. The features are quirky, and all of them are about creativity and higher productivity. As you, if you look at the motor power, it is going to offer you a rotation speed above 5000RPM. So, It is a great value for money deal based on the features. Accuracy is also incredible, and you can go for angel cuts using this Jobsite table saw and expect a safer use. The only issue is with slightly extra noise from the motor.  


  • It is easy to use, and a highly portable table saw for Jobsite purposes.
  • The build quality is strong, and it packs all the safety features in one place.
  • All metal construction ensures a sturdy design and higher durability here.


  • Stability is slightly poor, which might affect accuracy by a little.

One of the most lightweight worm drive tables saw is SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw. You can expect maximum power and torque from this table saw as it has a 15-amp solid construction with a dual-field motor. You can increase the cutting speed and still get an extended motor life. There is 25 inches rip capacity, and it is also offering 3-1/2 inches depth of cutting on a wide number of material types. The overall usability enhances that’s why you can consider it as a great choice. It also has a self-aligning rip fence, which can enhance the overall usability, and you can find on-tool storage for true cuts.


  • It is compact in terms of design for better portability.
  • The overall weight of this table saw is 49 pounds, which is comparatively low. 
  • It has a 15-amp solid construction with a dual field motor for excellent power.


  • The availability of this model is poor.

Bosch is one of the most reputed brands around the world, and they are manufacturing some of the high-power motors that are incredible. Well, you can expect the same from Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw. It is a high-power table saw which can easily meet your demand with intensive speed and great power. The thick metal design is sturdy, and it allows you to cut thick wood into small pieces. It is a versatile table saw as you can use it for several purposes. The compact design and lightweight body get you impressive portability as compared to the other options. The motor can easily offer you a rotation speed of 5000 RPM for smooth operation and better use.


  • It is easy to use a table saw with high-end portability features due to its compact design.
  • The build is sturdy, and there is thick metal framing for stable working.
  • Motor speed gets you better versatility as RPM can reach up to 5,000 rounds. 


  • Slightly expensive. 

Hitachi is also a well-liked brand and known for its quality tools for professionals. If you want a job site table saw from a reputed brand like this, then going with Hitachi C10RJ 10″ 15-Amp Jobsite Table Saw will be the best choice. There are three reasons which make it an impressive option. The very first thing is the motor speed of 4500 RPM. The very next quality is stability and accuracy that you can expect during a long work shift. It will get you better versatility and precise cuts that can make you get better functionality. The overall build is also sturdy. The last thing is the lightweight design because it is 96 pounds only even after all the impressive features.


  • You get a better working experience with this thick metal Jobsite table saw.  
  • The overall build is sturdy, and it is also a versatile choice due to extreme motor power.
  • It has 10 inches 40 Tooth carbide-tipped blade for an effective cutting experience. 


  • There are a few negative reviews about the accuracy of this table saw.

In case you are looking for one of the best designs of all kinds and are willing to pay slightly extra bucks then DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite use can enhance your overall productivity. It is a well-made, sturdy Jobsite table saw which can provide an extreme rotation speed of 5800 RPM. No doubt that this much speed is incredible. The manufacturer is offering a guarantee on tough metal, which ensures that you will be getting a stable use. There is onboard storage offered here, and you can get a variety of cuts with 24.5 inches of rip capacity. The adjustments are easier, which can provide a safer use. The last factors are overall experience and reviews, which are extremely heartwarming and positive here.


  • You can expect better stability with the guaranteed tough metal body. 
  • Portability is not going to be an issue as this machine is very compact. 
  • You are getting an intense rotation speed of 5800 RPM, this much speed is incredible.


  • You have to spend a little time learning the basics and important features. 
  • It is for professionals and experts only. 


What are the Different Types of Table Saws?

There are eight types of different table saws available for the users. Below is more information about them.

  • Benchtop Table Saw – The benchtop table sawsare assembled on a bench, and it is very compact, and it is easy to carry, and it is also lightweight. This table saw is usually used for cutting soft material like particleboard.
  • Cabinet Table Saw – If you are looking for something sturdy, you can get a cabinet table saw. The body of this saw resembles a cabinet,which is why it is called table saws. You can deal with hard and dense wood with the help of thesetable saws.
  • Compact Table Saw – If you are looking for universal table saws, then you should buy compact table saws. It is excellent for large scale loads, and it can be used for cutting large pieces of wood as well. The accuracy level of compact table sawsis quite impressive.
  • Contractor Table Saw – Contracts need to do a lot of complex tasks, and for such tasks, the contractor table sawsare the ones for you. It has a large & strong blade which deals with any challenge, and the big motor belt drives the blade, and it is highly efficient.
  • Hybrid Table Saw – if you want the best contractorand cabinet saw, you should buy the hybrid saw. It is affordable, yet it is very versatile. You will find cabinet mounted hybrid table saws and the table mounted version of table saws.
  • Jobsite Table Saw – This table saw is overall larger than the benchtop table saws, and it comes with a side stand. Many contractors and carpenters use jobsite table saw, and you can use them for doing all the laborious tasks without any issues.
  • Mini/Micro Table Saw – The smallest table saws in the market in Mini or the Micro table saws. It has a small 4-inch blade used for minor and DIY projects, and architects also use it for building models.
  • Sliding Table Saw – The sliding table saws have a sliding mechanism that helps you cut large pieces of wood. The sliding table saws are expensive, and they are also large.

So, it is all about choosing an ideal job site table saw. Portability is the key quality with such equipment. Here, we made a list of top choices that are intact and sufficient for a first-time buyer of Jobsite table saw. We are creating this list after considering the essential aspects like portability, working, design, power, and much more.

Tips For Jobsite Table Saw Safety

When you use a table saw at jobsite there are quite a few things that you need to take care of. These can range from safety measures, precautions to tips and tricks to lessen your workload and time. we here take a look at some of those safety tips for jobsite table saw to help you.

  • Avoid using gloves: You should always avoid using gloves while working on a table saw. The table saw requires gripping to ensure that you are safe and using gloves hampers that. It affects the gripping power and causes a lack of tactile sense to the user. This can often cause hindrance in properly suing a table saw and even lead to mishaps and accidents.
  • Use protective gears: Always wear protective gears for your eyes and ears. You should also wear helmets to accompany it. Using safety goggles and ear protection will allow you to be safe from any flying bits from the saws and also protect you from the sawdust. Also using saw results in loud screeching noises that can often cause hearing loss for workmen. It is strongly advised to use hearing protection and eye protection for your best safety measures.
  • Use short sleeve clothes:When you have to use table saws a good idea would be touse short sleeve clothes. Short sleeve clothes allow you the ease of use and flexibility to the worker while the long sleeve clothes may get caught in the saw during operation. It’s a reason why most of the workers use short sleeve clothes at the jobsite.
  • Keep your area clean: This can be easier said than done but is quite important. When you use a table saw, dust and debris along with wooden cut pieces are bound to get scattered and lie here and there. This can cause problems like slipping or even falling for you. To help protect yourself from any mishaps, try to clean the area once now and then.
  • Always use non-slip shoes: When you work on a table saw jobsite, you are not actually in control of the floor where you’ll be stepping onto. The surface can be slippery at times. To help protect yourself from slipping off and to create a good balance for your feet, it is advised to use a non-slip shoe. Not only do they protect you from slipping but also give you good balance and control over your footing. Also, look to stand comfortably a few feet apart between your two feet for better balance.

Jobsite Table Saw Frequently Asked Questions

Jobsite table saws are different from contractor table saws? If yes how?

Yes, jobsite table saws are different from contractor table saws in functionality and build. While jobsite table saws are comparatively easy to move from one place to another, contractor table saws are designed to be stationary and it is not easy to move them around. Yet another key difference is that jobsite table saw is not designed for heavy-duty tasks. But, the contractor table saw are one of the most powerful table saws available and it could handle almost everything.

Is it true that you need an extra table with jobsite table saw?

It is not a requirement. All table saws are not very big, if you have a large work piece, pieces larger than the table itself, then attaching the jobsite table saw with another table of the same height could help you handle larger work pieces with ease. However, it is not necessary, instead of a table, you could use any support.

Is there anything that I should know before purchasing a jobsite table saw?

Yes, jobsite table saw should not be purchased simply based on brand and the price. But, it should be based on the type of functionality it offers. There are different models of jobsite table saws available out there, you should check the features, size, brand, and price while purchasing a jobsite table saw.

Are jobsite table saws safer than other table saws?

Every table saw possesses a risk and it could prove dangerous if used without care. Most of the accidents that are related to a table saw happen because of carelessness and improper use. However, unlike other table saws, jobsite table saws come with few safety features that could prevent accidents to an extend.

Does the blade size of the different models of jobsite table saws differ based on the model and brand?

Yes, of course, different models of jobsite table saws come with different size blades and other features. While some of the models have the same blade size, some of them are big and therefore the blade size also increases.

How is jobsite table saw different from hybrid table saws?

Jobsite table saws are different from hybrid table saws in different ways. While both of them are the most popular type of table saw, hybrid table saws tend to be superior to jobsite table saws. Hybrid table saws are even superior to the contractor table saw in terms of the diversity of functions. Mentioning every difference between jobsite and hybrid table saw is not easy. However, the key difference is the precision itself and power itself. A hybrid table saw is very precise and less powerful. On the other hand, jobsite table saw is less precise and has comparatively more powerful motors. Apart from this hybrid table saws are expensive than jobsite table saws.

Is there anything I could do to increase the safety offered by a jobsite table saw?

Most of the latest jobsite table saws come designed in such a way that it has advanced safety features. However, as far as we know, if you need an extra level of safety then, you could add guards at the sides of the blades. Search google and use your creativity to make one. Remember, do not try to overdo it.

A jobsite table saw could make highly precise cuts?

No, if you need a table saw that could be used to make highly precise cuts, then it is best that you consider purchasing a hybrid table saw instead. This does not mean that jobsite table saws are poor in precision, but, they are not highly precise.

The Final Verdict

Once you compare all the features of a table saw, it will be easy to figure out a reliable option. Make sure that you don’t go with poor quality Jobsite table saw because they are highly dangerous to work with. It is your choice that you want a credible and safe table saw or a cheap-priced and highly dangerous option. We hope that this guidepost will come in handy to figure out the best option.