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Which is the Best Makita Impact Driver for 2024?

Are you looking for the best Makita impact driver for the job? Read on to discover what we recommend…

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As the year goes by, advances in power tools has make work easier for DIYers and professionals. And one of the essential toolkits for tradespeople is the drill. A cordless drill is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use tools in any homeowner’s toolbox.

However, normal cordless drills do not have the power to tackle more complex tasks, such as driving in long-lag bolts or heavy-duty screws. This type of work necessitates the use of an impact driver.

Impact drivers are similar in appearance and operation to cordless drills. Still, they have been purposefully engineered to have more torque than conventional drills so that they can do tasks that standard drills cannot. 

One of the best impact drivers is the Makita impact driver. This best Makita impact driver is the perfect option for individuals searching for an impact driver that can be used for various purposes due to its powerful performance and compact design. The quality is outstanding. While other manufacturers may be more well-known, only a few can match Makita regarding the amount of performance you get for the price.

Choosing the best Makita impact driver might be a difficult decision. Hopefully, the knowledge in this post will assist you in your search…

Someone using a impact driver to screw in a screw

Essential Features Of The Best Makita Impact Driver

The Voltage Power

The best Makita impact drivers come with 12V and 18V. Although 18V versions have a higher maximum output, they are often more cumbersome, and their batteries need a longer charging time. This makes the 12V model ideal for DIYers, while an 18V model is perfect for professionals who need to perform repetitive, complex tasks like driving screws into solid lumber on the job site frequently.

The Torque Strength

The fundamental difference between impact drivers and normal power drills is torque or twisting power measured in inch-pounds. While a Makita impact driver of 12V can produce up to 1,200 inch-pounds of torque, the 18V can deliver up to 1,500 inch-pounds.

On the other hand, Makita has developed a feature called assist mode to address common problems like wrist discomfort, which helps to avoid a sudden spike in torque.

The R.P.M. and I.P.M.

It is essential to compare Makita impact drivers based on power and torque, as well as impacts per minute (I.P.M.) and revolutions per minute (R.P.M.).

With Makita impact drivers, you can alter the speed by varying the pressure applied to the trigger. However, some concepts also help to set specific speeds, which isn’t necessary for the general use of these tools.

The Star Protection 

Makita’s exclusive battery and performance monitoring system is called Star Protection. This feature tracks how often the tool is used to safeguard against overheating, overload, or battery discharge. And this extends the battery’s useful life.

The Weight

It’s easy to overlook the weight of a heavy tool at first, but working for long periods with it can lead to exhaustion. Fortunately, the best Makita impact drivers are one of the lightweight tools in the market. However, the tool’s weight will also be affected by the battery you choose.

The L.E.D. flashlight

With the push of a button, you can activate the L.E.D. Flashlight installed in front of Makita impact drivers. This gives you a good view of the work area and the screw or bolt you plan to drive. It also has an automated shut-off feature that conserves battery life when the light is not in use.

The Grip

Vibration is a major problem when using most impact drivers. However, the best Makita impact drivers include a molded grip to assist minimize hand fatigue that may arise while using the tool for a long time.

The Best Makita Impact Drivers Review

Are you searching for the best Makita impact driver for your trade work? Here are our top three picks for you. The best Makita impact driver listed below comes in two forms: the complete kit and the Makita impact driver itself. Read on to learn more on this…


Makita DTO3Z 12V Max CXT Impact Driver (Tool Only)

Makita DTO3Z 12V Max CXT Impact Driver (Kit)

Makita’s 12V max C.X.T. Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver packs a powerful punch in a small package, making it ideal for driving and fastening applications. It is made available in two forms. The complete kit comprise of the 12V DTO3Z impact driver and Lithium-Ion slide-style batteries. The Pod-style batteries give way to the more balanced and ergonomic Makita 12V max C.X.T. Lithium-Ion slide-style batteries (sold separately). Also, an on-board L.E.D. charge level indicator is included in the batteries.

The 12V DTO3Z Makita impact driver weighing 2.3 lbs and max torque: 970 in.lbs. (with 12V max 2.0Ah battery sold separately) This is the appropriate impact driver for those looking for a more compact impact driver with less weight or for applications in confined locations.

Makita XLT01Z 18V L.X.T. Angle Impact Driver (Tool Only)

Makita DTO3Z 12V Max CXT Impact Driver (Kit)

This impact driver is made available in two forms. The complete kit comprising of the Makita XLT01Z impact driver (which can be sold alone) and the 18V L.X.T Lithium-Ion battery. 

The Makita 18V L.X.T. Lithium-Ion Cordless Angle Impact Driver (model XLT01Z, tool alone) delivers cordless impact power into hard-to-reach places. The multipurpose XLT01Z has ample torque for various fastening and loosening chores. Still, it weighs just 3.9 pounds (with battery, offered separately) and has a thin design with over one foot of tool extension. It is a component of Makita’s ever-expanding 18V Lithium-Ion series, the world’s most extensive cordless tool line-up powered by an 18V Lithium-on slide-style battery. Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries have the quickest charge speeds in their categories, meaning they spend more time working and less time charging.

Makita 18V LXT Impact Driver (Tool Only)

Makita 18V LXT Impact Driver (Kit)

The Makita 18V L.X.T. Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Impact Driver Kit (XDT131) offers optimum adaptability and performance, with an efficient Makita B.L. Brushless Motor for up to 50 percent longer run time, higher power and speed, and longer tool life. Because it takes just 30 minutes to charge fully, the 18V L.X.T. 3.0Ah battery included in the package has the quickest charge time among batteries in its category. This means that there will be less downtime and more productivity as a result.

The XDT131 impact drivers are designed to perform various driving and fastening jobs, such as fastening deck screws, T.E.K. screws, cabinet screws, and tightening down lag bolts, among many more applications. It is perfect for professionals in heating and air conditioning (HVAC), electrical wiring and plumbing, automobile repair, woodworking and remodeling, and any other professional contractor who needs the finest cordless impact driver in its category.


We feel confident recommending all of the above three as the best Makita impact drivers. For DIYers, tradespeople, and contractors, you can choose any of the above best Makita impact drivers, making them ideal for a wide range of applications

What about other Brands?

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