10 Best Metal Hole Saw 2023 – Hole Saw For Cutting Thick Metal

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Top 3 Picks

#1. GoSports

#2. Lenox

#3. LC Lictop

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Hole saws for metal cutting are the versatile tools that are overpowering the drill spade these days. Primarily because of its low power consumption, a metal saw has many advantages over the conventional ones. However, the purpose being the same, a hole saw for metal is portable and easy to carry as well. A metal hole saw is an essential tool in the house. It can quickly get things done without involving any professional or heavy-duty machines. Moreover, the weightless feature of the metal hole saw makes it more attractive to buy. All the more, the usage of such tools is required, and metal saw serves significant purposes. Having such devices at home can save more time and effort too. An incredible piece of machine is available on the market. There are many. Selecting one among them is a tricky task. To ease out this process, we have a few recommendations made. These metal hole saws that we are mentioning here are the top class ones. Every aspect of the machine is analyzed before displaying it here.

Best Buy Metal Cutting Hole Saw

The metal hole saw serves many purposes at home. We have kept all the factors in mind and have recommended only the best. Moreover, the price factor of every tool is also taken into account. All you need to do is, select the one that suits your requirement. Oh yes, you must know your requirement before going through this article. On the other hand, we have also made some suggestions regarding its uses as well as the factors to check before purchasing a metal hole saw. Let us first understand the applications of a metal hole saw. Let us begin with the basics. An excellent metal hole saw helps you to drill holes in the door to make lock set arrangements. You can conveniently do it without anyone’s interference. Likewise, if you are planning to fix any lights on the walls, you can right away pick this tool to drill a hole and get the job done in a snap. Further, metal hole saws have various uses in installing drainage pipes. There are many types of hole saws available. Each one of them has the same purpose. They differ in performance. The difference is also due to their durability. Of course, metal tools have their expiry, and the time taken to wear off is also one of the factors that determine the difference. We have offered variety in the list by bringing only the best for the money. They are best in many factors. Some may last longer, and a few may consume very little power.

#1. GoSports 6″ Hole Saw


GoSports 6" Hole Saw


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It is a premium-grade tool that offers a secure service. It is an excellent metal hole saw that can accurately cut 6 inches in diameter. The heated carbon alloy steel makes the metal so sturdy. Not only that, but the drill bit also lasts longer too. The excellent handle and incredible performance make the hole saw a must-buy too. You can use this tool to drill holes in Corn hole boards, ceilings, air ducts, and much more. The versatility of the device is blended with the durability of the machine. This is an excellent combination, and the best part is that the tool has a longer lifespan. The 7 to 8-inch blade depth makes it safer, and the tool can drill deeper too. The handle is very convenient, and that makes the machine more comfortable to use. GoSports 6 inch metal hole saw has cutting-edge technology to drill neat holes without any hassle. Toughened steel gives maximum performance, and it is the best tool that needs to be available at home.  Another factor that you will relish is, it can fit 3 inches to 8 inches drill bits. The non-shaking tool shall give you a perfect cut every time you use it. If you are planning for a homemade cornhole tool kit, then this would be it. The steel design is excellent, and it stands strong for a more extended period. 


  • Robust heater carbon steel saw blade
  • Variations in drill bits is a fantastic customization
  • Highly precise cutting 
  • Heavy-duty steel design and body


  • Nothing as of now

#2. LENOX Tools Hole SawLENOX Tools Hole Saw

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Lenox has unleashed yet another fantastic tool for domestic as well as industrial usage. This bi-metal hole saw has incredible performance imbibed in that through T3 technology. The device is capable of cutting 50% faster than any of the current metal hole saws. With its magnificent cutting tooth, the speed at which you shall accomplish is a commendable task. The durability of the machine is worth mentioning here. The sturdy body and the metal drill bits made of finest quality materials make it serve longer than expected. The unbeatable performance and efficiency make this tool most sought after. A well established professional shall understand the effectiveness of the instrument. A speed slot is a well-thought option offered in this tool. This enhances you to plugin and ejects faster than ever. The tool is named for its high-class durability. It can cut through metal, and it can happen twice as fast as any of the metal hole saws that are available in the market. The thicker walls of the hole saw facilitate faster and more reliable cuts. Also, this tool tends to lose fewer teeth in the longer run. The larger and longer teeth cut seamlessly. This is a must need the device in the house if you are planning to drill holes for any household purposes. Also, it prevents you from spending a lot as there shall no need for any expert. As such, you will become an expert using this tool. Also, the overall price plan and the effectiveness blend well to give you the best of the hole saws.


  • Fabulous accuracy in drilling holes
  • Capacity to remove sawdust and chips very easily
  • The tool and bit is taller than the previous Lenox tools
  • Reduced tooth loss due to thicker walls is a much sought after feature
  • Low power consumption too


  • The massive tool might break softer boards and wood if handled inappropriately.

#3. LICTOP 65mm / 2.5 Inch BI-Metal Wood Hole Saws


LICTOP 65mm / 2.5 Inch BI-Metal Wood Hole Saws



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If you are looking at smoother, faster cut, then it must be LIC TOP. The incredible HSS tooth blended machine gets the cleaner and sooner. The fantastic spring technology in the drill bit shall automatically eject the tool out of the hole once it has drilled. A perfect 2.5-inch bi-metal hole saw shall solve many of your drilling problems. You can use this drill wood boards, pipes, and also fire hose. More importantly, the tool is lauded for its safety feature too. This is designed in such a way that even an amateur can handle this is with the utmost ease. The more exceptional performance is due to the drill bit and shank performance. The 0.35-inch shank gives high power cutting in a short duration. The metal body is so sturdy that the vibration is very less. This one of the hole saws that can be bought by first time users and professionals too. The machine is designed in an excellent way that the handle shall not slip too. It is a high profile home usage hole saw that can be used to drill holes in almost everything. The durability of the tool is optimally managed, and the reliability of the cuts is maximum. The lesser tooth loss, high stability of the machine makes it an excellent combination. The high power motor makes the cuts finer and smoother. The entire operation is stable, and the price also in the affordable range. It is a must buy.


  • Excellent Home usage tool
  • The spring technology in the tool is commendable
  • The durable unit makes it the perfect fit 


  • The device shall not drill through metal sheets.

#4. Heavy Duty 2″ Hole Saw


Heavy Duty 2" Hole Saw



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This is one of the universal hole saws that fit with mandrels from Lenox, Dewalt, Milwaukee, and also Bosch. The 2-inch hole saw is made from the finest quality bi-metal that can get your job done quickly. Moreover, the carbon steel body that is attached to the drill bit unit is named for its sturdiness too. The electron beam welded machine offers complete satisfaction of the job that you undertake. This device is capable of bi-metal construction also. The metal saws are designed and manufactured for incredible durability and sharpness. The more excellent cuts happen in a snap. The best part about the saw is that it can cut through copper, aluminum, and iron. Such a durable metal saw with high levels of durability makes the device a fantastic piece. The tooth pitch also varies from 4 to 6 teeth per inch. This ensures a smoother cut. The cutting speed is also improved by making the gullets in various depths. This helps in clearing the dust easily too. The wall thickness is adjusted, thus making it 50% faster than any of the machines so far. The long life span is one of the reasons to buy this Product, and the metal saw also comes with an attractive price. 


  • A complete rust-free product
  • The machine has the highest durability levels
  • The tool can last long and can cut iron to copper as well


  • The noise made by the device is so high

#5. Bosch HDG1 1 In. Diamond Hole Saw


Bosch HDG1 1 In. Diamond Hole Saw



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This is an amazingly engineered device that can be used in industries as well as for domestic purposes. The bi-metal compound makes the tool highly durable. It can last long even after drilling holes in wood, stainless steel, and also metal. A fabulous product with outstanding performance makes HDG1 the best device in the market. The fantastic cutting hole technology pierces through the toughest of the materials too. The high steel carbon makes this possible with marvelous high-speed performance. The vacuum brazed diamond establishes more excellent cuts in a shorter duration. The quick-change adapter makes your job easy too. The drill bit can be changed in a snap, and the more good news is, the clearance of debris is so easy with this tool. The metal saw is named for high-class precision. The tool’s performance is highly lauded, and it is wholly attributed to the material with which this device is made. Moreover, the well-segmented teeth help in reducing heat too. The Product has high-efficiency features and that’s something that attracts the experts. This tool is a true champion in terms of long-lasting capacity and high-quality cuts. This is the most needed device in the market so far and Bosch has made its mark once again.


  • A well-segmented teeth formation reduces heat while working
  • The debris removal is made so easy with this tool
  • The tool is capable of drilling holes in the toughest of the materials too
  • The durability is appreciated


  • Nothing as of now

#6. EZARC Carbide Hole Cutter


EZARC Carbide Hole Cutter



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EZARC comes with a complete drilling unit. When we say comprehensive, it comes with a wrench, Drillbit, and spring. This means to say, the need for buying any extra accessories is reduced. Moreover, the hole cutter is named for its high-class cutting technology. The device is capable of piercing any of the most robust materials. The carbide hole cutter at least lasts ten times more than any of the hole saws in the market. This is an industry-standard metal hole saw that can be used for domestic purposes. The durability of the tool makes this mostly a one-time investment. The smoother and precise cuts that you are dreaming off comes to reality with this high-performance tool. You can also drill more than 500 holes in metal sheets before even thinking of changing the drill bit. Such a secure unit comes with a fantastic price plan too. The more exceptional cut and compatibility with many mandrels make this a most sought-after tool. The sturdy material and the best quality finish make this a must-buy too. With the price being affordable, this is a perfect combo for perfection.


  • Carbide body and drill bit makes it sharper and finer
  • High-class durability lasts ten times longer than a usual metal hole saw
  • The tool is sturdy enough to cut through any tough materials
  • The high-performance tool with incredible precision
  • The machine is named for its seamless performance too


  • Nothing as of now

#7. Bi-Metal Hole Saw Drill Bit HSS Hole Cutter


Bi-Metal Hole Saw Drill Bit HSS Hole Cutter



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This tool is the talk of the town. It is merely because of the factor that the machine can be used on any materials. A high-performance metal hole saw is compatible with many mandrels. This is one tool that is enough to solve all your drilling problems. A versatile machine with more power gives accurate cuts at a faster speed. The vibration caused due to the drilling process is vastly reduced. The hole saw is made out of two types of steel. They are joined together to bring a more sharp cutting edge of the saw. The high-speed drill is connected to the softer spring makes a fantastic combination. This combination gives high precise cuts consistently. It is often observed that any bi-metal saw can easily cut through softer materials. This tool is versatile; it can be used for the most robust materials too. The high-speed steel used in this tool does the magic here. More importantly, the device has high durability levels. The unwanted shake and vibration are quickly damped with a well-segmented tooth too. The electron welded shatterproof technology makes this Product most sought after. You can use this tool for piping purposes and any household purpose as well. 


  • The high-speed steel material used in this tool makes it an excellent tool
  • The Product has high levels of durability
  • The device has well-segmented teeth that reduce vibration immensely
  • The tool has two steel alloy joined together at the cutting edges.


  • Nothing as of now

#8. Rannb 60mm /2.4″ Hole Saw BI -Metal Hole Cutter


Rannb 60mm /2.4" Hole Saw BI -Metal Hole Cutter



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The heat-treated carbon alloy brings a sturdy metal hole saw to the market. An incredible piece of machine that can help drive drills in soft boards, wood, and pipes. It has a sturdy body, and that ensures repeated use. With 3.4 inches of total length, this drives drill safer too. The best part about the drill saw is, it is well balanced. That means to say, and it can cut faster and also make consistent holes with accurate measurements. This is a highly professional tool that is customized for domestic use too. The chip removal holes make this metal hole saw a convenient one to use. This does not hamper the speed as well. The machine is suggested to use it at a slower speed and increase the speed step by step to drive deeper holes. That too, in hard materials, it is instructed to use it sporadically. This is a soft board drill material that can be used to fix door locks also. The vibration is made less with the help of a sturdy and robust body. The teeth are well-segmented to clean the debris along the way as you drill. A collective tool kit that is required for any drilling purpose comes along with the package. 


  • The Product is versatile and robust
  • The high performance of the tool is most commendable
  • The extra-large shank can give more precise holes
  • Faster cutting technology enables us to complete the task soon too


  • Nothing as of now

#9. ZXHAO 2 3/8 inch 60mm Hole Saw


ZXHAO 2 3/8 inch 60mm Hole Saw



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The M42 High-speed steel is used to make the steel drill bits. This is one factor that has made this Product highly required. The M42 steel ensures sharper and softer cuts even through the hardest of the materials. Moreover, Bi-metal combination makes the tool highly durable too. The seamless cutting options that the machine has needed an applaud. This is an unshakeable metal device that cuts without causing any vibration. Any perforated panels or metal sheets can be easily pierced. The HSS teeth are the best match for this and do a commendable task as you use. The higher toughness and higher cutting technology make this tool a fabulous one. Also, the cutting depth is made apt for most of the tasks. The price is very affordable; this is a suitable option for domestic as well as industrial usage.


  • High-class materials used
  • The durable device lasts longer as well
  • Named for its consistent cuts


  • None as of now

#10. Eliseo 6 inch 152 mm Hole Saw Blade


Eliseo 6 inch 152 mm Hole Saw Blade



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This is the best tool for varied drilling purposes. An amazing Eliseo 6 inch metal hole saw has its task cut out in offering smoother and finer cut. The HSS carbon steel does the magic here. The superior performance is the most lauded feature of this hole saw. Highly capable of drilling holes in the toughest of the materials too. The durability of the tool is most appreciated. This can drill over 500 holes before you could change the drill bit alone. This is designed for industrial purposes and is customized for domestic usage too. The best part is the vibration of less movement. The tool has shock-absorbing aspects that do not harm you too. It protects you from abnormal shakes and also provides consistent accurate cuts. It is suggested to start slower and take it to the next level of speed to ensure the unit is intact. You will also receive extra central bits, and that adds to the reliability of the Product. It is indeed excellent value for money. 


  • High Profile industrial equipment customized for domestic purposes too
  • The Product is named for high performance
  • Also, the machine is durable


  • Nothing as of now

How To Choose The Right Metal Hole Saw

There are numerous uses that a metal saw can offer. The fame and popularity of the metal hole saw are increasing day by day. That means to say, its usage at home and industries have increased. Moreover, there are many companies now that are manufacturing hole saws. You need to buy the right tool for your requirement. Only then it shall be money’s worth. Having shown ten incredible metal saws, you must what to check to buy the right fit. This column shall help you understand the factors that you must check while buying an excellent metal hole saw.

1. High-class Materials

The central aspect that you need to check is the drill bit in the meta hole saw. If the drill bit is not made of the finest materials, there is no use in buying it. Usually, the tips are made of diamonds, But that’s not the case with the tools shown below. If you have a metal hole saw that is made of carbide or carbon, then it must be the best choice. Also, the metal drill bit must not break, if it is made of such materials, the life of the metal hole saw is longer as well. Also, tungsten joins the party in making the drill bit more durable and sharper. Please decide as to what are you going to use this metal hole saw for? Then go for the decision. If you are planning to go for a metal cut, then go for more durable metals. 

2. Types of Hole Saw

This again revolves around the same requirement concept. It is easy to choose the electric metal saw, as the usage is effortless. But many other saws can offer varied types of cuttings too. Check for the usage and choose the best.

3. Length of the drill bit

This is sheer common sense. A lengthier drill bit is safe, while the shorter ones are steady. Choose the ones based on your purposes, and you may find it easy to work as well. 

4. Choose the correct Size

As with the Hole saw, there are different sizes in it. It depends on what sort of project you are going to use it for. If you have anything specific, then get the exact size so that your purpose is solved. On the other hand, many hole saws come in a customized fashion that you may opt too.

5. Price Factor

This is the last factor you must consider. We suggest you narrow your search based on the criteria given before. And compare each one of them. Finally, select the one that works s out cheaper for you too. There must be a balance between the features as well as the price. This shall make your choice comprehensive and effective.

Metal Hole Saw Using Safety Tips & Guidelines

Metal hole saws are perfect tools to help dig big holes and to enlarge the existing holds. But there needs to be an air of caution while using this particular saw. Let’s check out the safety tips you need to follow while using a metal hole saw:

  • Always bore a pilot hole before going deep: One of the very basics yet important factors is to bore a pilot hole every time you want to see a metal hole into the wood or surface. Sawing a pilot hole will allow you to get a direction and focus point to use the metal hole saw properly. Make sure you mark the center with a small pilot hole before going all guns blazing with the metal hole saw.
  • Focus on alignment: Using a metal hole saw requires proper alignment if you want to ensure the ultimate safety of yourself. Make sure that you align your hole saw with the pilot hole properly before proceeding to dig the hole. Properly aligning the saw to the hole will allow you to save yourself from any slippage and more.
  • Always start slowly: Whether it’s a metal hole saw or any other kind of saw, following this basic principle is most important. Always start with slow motions and push the drill slowly with a little pressure. You can then increase the pressure and then go for the speed levels. This way there won’t be any breakage or slips and your drilling will be done in complete safety.
  • Focus on proper setup: This is a very important safety tip for anyone who is looking to use a metal hole saw. Always try to use the proper setup before you go for the drill. A proper setup would refer to the correct size mount, properly connected power source, and safety gears. Using a proper setup will allow you to then use your metal hole saw without any chance of injury.
  • Use Clamps: This may seem like a simple piece of advice, though this might turn out to be one of the best safety measures you can use. Using clamps allows you to secure the wooden surface into place which makes sure you can properly do your work without worrying about any issues. This will also hold the pieces in place and won’t cause a hamper in the friction and the drilling.
  • Keep the drill straight: Always keep the drill going straight if you want to have the best results and ensure complete safety. A straight posture will protect from wobbles and more.

Metal Hole Saw Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a metal hole saw on metal?

Yes, you can use your metal hole saw to drill through metal. There are points that you need to take care of before you start the process. We always recommend using a high TPI metal hole saw for drilling a hole in metal. In addition to this, you must always use cutting oil while drilling the hole as the oil will reduce friction. In addition to this, the oil will keep the surface of the metal and the blade cool. The oil will also remove the metal shavings from the kerf, and it will make the drilling more accurate. One thing to note here is that you must not use any oil while drilling a hole in cast iron.

What sizes does a metal hole saw come in?

There are a lot of options when it comes to the size of the metal hole saw. You will find metal hole saws that have a diameter of 1 inch. You will also come across the saws with a diameter of 2 inches, 4 inches, and many other options. A simple search in the marketplace will help you in finding the right size as per your projects. You can also make a bigger size hole using the metal hole saw, and we will talk about that later in the FAQ section.

Can I use the metal hole saw without the pilot bit?

The main idea behind having the pilot bit hole is to ensure that you are making the hole in the center. The saw teeth don’t bite well in the wood when you compare it with the drill bit. In such a case, it is always a better idea to use the metal hole saw with the pilot bit. If you can start the hole without any problem, you can go ahead with the drilling without the pilot bit. So, in theory, you can use the metal hole saw without the pilot bit, but in terms of the practical application, you would need the pilot bit to drill the hole.

Can I use the metal hole saw with the cordless drill?

You can use a cordless drill with a metal hole saw. There is no such problem associated with that, but you must ensure that you can adjust your cordless drill speed. It is always better to have a variable speed drill to get the required accuracy when using the cordless drill coupled with the metal hole saw.

How can I enlarge the existing holes with a metal hole saw?

To enlarge the existing holes, you would need a piece of plywood. Draw the center of the existing hole on the plywood and attach it to the existing hole. Now use your metal hole saw to make the saw with the pilot bit aligned to the center that you have worked. If you do not have a larger metal hole saw, you would need to sand the existing hole to get a bigger hole. You can also wrap sandpaper around the rotating tool and make the hole bigger by sanding the hole’s inner perimeter.

Final Words

The models that we have displayed are good in their features. They have specific as well as varied uses too. As we said earlier, look into your requirements and select the best one of your choice. Also, go through the previous column once again and narrow down your search. All the Best!!!

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