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10 Best Miter Saw For The Money 2023 – Expert Reviews & Guide


Are you struggling to make the perfect crosscuts, miter cuts, and bevel cuts for specific material and specific work like woodworking and construction work? Then you probably need something that can provide the maximum possible accuracy, stability, and of course, safety as well. People generally compare the handheld circular saw with a typical miter saw for woodworking projects. But the reality is, both types of saws are perfect for helping you with different cuts. Suppose if you want to cut across the wood board, then undoubtedly, the miter saw would perform better than a standard circular/handheld saw. As its name suggests, a miter saw is perfect for making the miter cuts; for this, almost all the miter saws come with the angle adjustment. It ultimately helps you to cut any wide wooden board on a specific angle as you want. However, professional workers consider saws that must have the capability to crosscut, miter cut, bevel cut, and if possible, then the compound cuts.

Best Buy Miter Saw Reviewed

In short, if you want to speed up your woodworking project or any other construction project where you need to cut down various materials. In this situation, a miter saw can really come handy and can save a lot of your precious time. But the actual problem occurs when it comes to making the buying decision in favor of right miter saw. Most people find themselves in a confusing situation at this point; it’s because there are too many brands present that are providing too many variations in this category. Ultimately it becomes challenging for a buyer to identify which one would perfectly suit his/her needs related to woodworking, crafting, and other construction work. Thankfully, you don’t need to mess up with this type of confusion because here we are with some of the highly trustable, tested, and efficient options that value for the money. We have been through deep research to find these ten best miter saw options that you can buy right away.

#1. DEWALT DWS779 Miter Saw


DEWALT DWS779 Miter Saw



Because this post is all about offering the maximum possible value to readers of their time investment in reading, that’s why we first want to start with the top-selling option. On the very first spot of this list, we have decided to include the DEWALT DWS779 Miter Saw. It got nearly two thousand five star ratings on the online stores, so you can get an idea about the price to quality ratio of this miter saw. Without any further ado, let’s straight dive into this saw’s specification, and first, we want to let you know about the blade. So, it comes with the 12 inches diameter and 80 teeth, and the best part is that the kerf of this blade is very thin.

15 AMP of the highly powerful motor is behind all the smooth cutting tasks that this saw can perform or help you in. The primary motor can rotate the 12 inches of the blade with up to 3800 RPM on the normal load. This miter saw the back fence would help you make the perfect cut with proper accuracy on various angles, so you don’t even need to worry about it. One more big highlight about this miter saw is that it can slide forward and backward, helping you make cuts across the wider boards.


  • A dedicated blade guard present that would automatically slide off when you pull the saw down for cutting materials, so in terms of safety, it gets full marks. 
  • This specific DEWALT saw model can help you with crosscuts, miter cuts, and bevel cuts on 45 degrees.


  • None so far

#2. Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw



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Are you looking for a saw that suits your budget, and also provide various helpful features? Well then surely, you should give a shot to the next spot of the miter saw, so on the second spot of this list, we are here with Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw. The surprising thing about this miter saw is that it provides all the features or ideal specifications at a lower price point. However, the Hitachi brand is quite reliable and popular for its advanced technologies. Talking about this specific model of the compound miter saw, let’s start with the primary motor.

So, here you are getting a 15 AMP of powerful motor, which can beat other normal saw’s motor in terms of performance. It’s clear that because of the high-performance motor, you would get a smooth cutting experience. However, it is not just about motor power, but also the blade plays a considerable role. So, here you are getting a ten inches diameter of the blade with ideal tooth density. Talking about this saw’s different angles, it is useful for miter cuts of 0 to 52 degrees angle and bevel cuts with 0 to 45 degrees. And if we talk about the cross cuts, so because of the stability and think kerf, you will be able to cut different materials precisely.


  • At this price point, you are getting a compound miters saw that comes with 15 AMP of the motor; it is such a surprising thing.
  • Features like blade guard, teeth density in the blade, fantastic stability, and thin kerf are the features that make this saw more valuable than standard options.


  • Some users complained that the fence of this saw is not a proper square.

#3. Metabo HPT C10FCGSM Compound Miter Saw


Metabo HPT C10FCGSM Compound Miter Saw


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Do you need a compound saw under a low budget with almost all the specifications and functionality? If yes is your answer, then this is the option that you might find a bit interesting. On the third spot of this list, we have decided to develop a refurbished saw option, the Metabo HPT C10FCGSM Compound Miter Saw. First, it is a typical compound miter saw, which means it can offer you all the variety of cuts that you can expect from a miter saw, like a crosscut, bevel cut, miter cut, and course compound miter cuts.

The table comes with the angle measurement and proper rotation so that you can adjust it as per your need to cut a material piece from a different angle. However, to cut the pieces diagonally in different angles, you can adjust the primary motor section till 0 to 45 degrees. Additional features make it more useful and continent to use as it comes with a vacuum dust collector’s functional capacity and the blade guard.


  • This compound miter saw the price point is pretty aggressive; therefore, it becomes the most valuable saw at this price point with a great price to quality ratio.
  • The overall weight is not that heavy, which means it would be super easy for you to shift this miter saw from one stand to another.


  • The build quality seems a bit cheap at first, but it is quite acceptable according to the price point.

#4. TACKLIFE EMS01A Miter Saw





No doubt that the versatility of a saw is another excellent factor that matters a lot for workers. So, if you are looking for a highly versatile miter saw, then here we got something special for you. Here we want to let you know about the TACKLIFE EMS01A Miter Saw on this list’s fourth spot. The biggest highlight of this specific miter saw is that you can control the blade’s speed as per your need, the normal load speed is around 3200 RPM, and the 4500 RPM is full load speed.

Talking about some other aspects of this saw, so let’s first focus on the blade type. Here the manufacturers are providing three blades for cutting various material types without having any issue. With various blades and this saw’s adjustability, it seems a great combination of different angled cuts. One other feature that we liked the most about this saw is its sliding functionality. Therefore, it would become too easy for you to cut a wide wooden board without using any other cutting tool or saw.


  • The Primary 15 AMP of the powerful motor is the main reason behind this flawless and high performance of this miter saw.
  • The combination of three blades, adjustability, and the sliding functionality of this saw makes it a superior option at this specific price point.


  • None so far

#5. CRAFTSMAN V20 Sliding Miter Saw


CRAFTSMAN V20 Sliding Miter Saw


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Every person has different preferences in terms of buying a particular product. Right? And the same applies in the case of buying miter saws, so if you don’t want to mess up with the wiring type of stuff while using a saw, then you should explore the category of cordless miter saws. On the fifth spot of this list, here we are with the CRAFTSMAN V20 Sliding Miter Saw. As we mentioned earlier, this miter’s most significant plus point is that it is a completely cordless option. The best part is that almost all the buyers found it quite useful for their work; therefore, they gave it higher star ratings on online stores that you can check out.

Going deep in the specification segment, so it comes with a V20 cordless system that powers up a 4 AMP of the primary motor. Yeah, the motor is not that powerful, but the blade rotation speed of 3800 RPM is just impressive. It ultimately indicates that you can use it as a standard miter saw for home and commercial uses.


  • It comes with the lithium-ion battery, which is capable of running this miter saw on its maximum load to generate enough rotation speed.
  • The lightweight design, simplicity, and easy operation are some excellent features of this sliding miter saw.
  • There are various combos, and packs present related to this specific miter saw by CRAFTSMAN on the online store, so you can explore them and get the additional tools with this saw.


  • None so far

#6. Delta 26-2241 Sliding Compound Miter Saw


Delta 26-2241 Sliding Compound Miter Saw 


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Next, here we are with a unique design approach of the compound miter saw, this time we have included the Delta 26-2241 Sliding Compound Miter Saw. From a unique design approach, we meant about the extendable arm section that it comes with. This extended and flexible arm feature is the biggest highlight of this saw, and ultimately it is responsible for its fantastic versatility. But the only thing to keep in mind before making the final purchase decision in favor of this saw is that it is a premium quality of saw. Which means this compound miter saw by Delta may cost you a bit higher than other options of this list.

You can expect to cut 16 inches of crosscuts without any issues because of the extended arm function. However, it is possible to cut in various angles with this compound saw, no matter if you want to make bevel, compound, miter, and crosscut. The accuracy level is also pretty great; even you can operate it with one hand only. Basically, the adjustable fence and this saw’s stability make it more accurate and easy to use to some precise cuts.


  • Dual bevel lever allows you to adjust the saw’s angle as per your need, and for this, you don’t even need to go behind the saw.
  • This saw is a great example of top-notch cutting performance and safety features as well; therefore, the price to quality ratio is a bit high here.


  • The price point might not suit some users’ budget because it is a premium segment of the miter saw.

#7. Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw

Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw


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We have decided to put another premium miter saw for this post’s readers going down to number seven. This time, we have included the Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw. Bosch is one of the most globally famous brands for its latest technology implementation. While selecting a compound miter saw, you should definitely consider this option of our list because it is offering almost all the features that you can expect from a miter saw. The first and most significant highlight of this saw is the adjustable design that it comes with.

Not only the primary motor section, but you can also rotate the table to make a precise cut as per your need. For better clarification, we want to let you know that this miter saw comes with almost all the cut type such as crosscut, bevel cut, miter cut, and compound cut. The accuracy is also on the next level, but the other thing that makes it more controllable is its handle section. The manufacturers have offered an ergonomic design of grippy handle for better grip and control over the saw arm.


  • Because of the top-notch accuracy, you can ensure to make precise cuts, and therefore it seems a perfect saw for commercial use. 
  • Double trigger safety and blade guard are the features that are making this miter saw safer for use at the construction site. 


  • This miter’s overall weight is more than 60 lbs, which is way too hard to shift from one place to another.

#8. Makita Compound Miter Saw


Makita Compound Miter Saw


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Coming back to the decent price point of miter saws, we picked the Makita Compound Miter Saw. This miter saw the price point seems reasonable, but the overall performance and functionality you will get here will be top-notch. But before we want to let you know about something important, it is a pretty lightweight design of saw, which makes it convenient to use for both commercial works as well as home use. Thankfully, the manufacturers have offered a 15 AMP of powerful primary motor taking this saw’s performance on the next level.

The motor can rotate the primary blade with 4600 RPM average and constant speed on the normal load. That simply indicates the overall performance the smoothness of this miter saw. With this saw, you can make the miter cuts on 0 to 45 degrees left, and 0 to 52 degrees right. However, the bevel cuts with up to 45 degrees are possible with this compound miter saw by Makita.


  • The compact and lightweight design allows you to shift this miter from one place to another without any issue.
  • Double safety trigger on the handle section is making it much safer to use for a novice person. 


  • Some users complained that the build quality is not that great here, ultimately it seems a bit cheap at first. 

#9. SKILSAW SPT88-01 Sliding Miter Saw


SKILSAW SPT88-01 Sliding Miter Saw


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Do you want every single functionality and feature in your miter saw? If yes is your answer then look at this particular option of our list, on the ninth spot of this list, we have added the SKILSAW SPT88-01 Sliding Miter Saw. But the key thing to remember is that it might cost you higher than other options of this list because it is a premium segment of the miter saw. Now let’s jump into the specification section, so let’s first talk about the extraordinary features. The saw comes with electric brake, worm drive gearing, and shadow light like advanced features.

The features mentioned above can enhance the overall user experience of a person with this miter saw. This saw’s smoothness is also pretty impressive, it cuts the wood, and other materials like a warm knife cuts butter lobe. And the primary reason behind the excellent smoothness is the power that the primary motor generates. For better clarification, we want to let all the readers know that this sliding miter saw comes with the motor’s dual field and 15 AMP.


  • Bevel cuts from both sight and left sides up to 45 degrees angle, providing top-notch flexibility for various construction works. 
  • The best feature that many users and we liked the most is the light shadow feature that enhances this saw’s overall accuracy in a simpler way.


  • The price point is way too high than our list’s other options, but it is worth it if you want advanced features in a saw.

#10. Ryobi Sliding Mitre Saw

Ryobi Sliding Mitre Saw


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Finally, we are on the final spot of this list, and we didn’t forget to offer the value to our readers; therefore, we are here with the Ryobi Sliding Miter Saw. The best thing that we liked the most about this specific sliding miter saw is its impressive lightweight design. So the shifting and storing process of this miter saw will be super easy for you, especially taking it to different construction sites. It is a small-sized miter saw with a seven ¼ inches of blade diameter, but the interesting thing is that the RPM speed is more than 5350, on regular load. However, it is possible to make wide crosscuts, angled bevel cuts on both right and left sides, and the miter cuts with proper measurement.


  • The primary, credible-tipped blade is capable of cutting hard materials with buttery smoothness, and the fast 5350 RPM of speed always supports the smoothness of this saw.
  • The saw head’s sliding functionality with better angle adjustment seems a great combination for precise cutting of various materials.


  • None so far

Types of Miter Saw

Before you buy a miter saw, one of the most important things to understand is that many different types of miter saw are available on the shops. In such a case, you need to decide which miter saw you would need. To make that decision, you need to know the difference between all the miter saw available on the market. In this section, we have shared the different types of miter saw available and the difference between them. Go ahead and check them out below.

  • Sliding Miter Saw–This type of miter saw has rails attached to the blade assembly. These rails allow you to move the blade back and forth across the wood. The advantage of the sliding miter saw is that you can get a larger depth of cut without any extra adjustment. A majority of the sliding miter saw available in the market also has the ability to make compound cuts. This is a perfect saw if you want to make deep cuts in 2×12 lumber or something similar.
  • Compound Miter Saw– The compound miter saw gives you the ability to adjust the bevel and the miter before you cut. The base of the compound miter saw also has a scale for making the adjustments easy. These features are great when it comes to molding work.
  • Compound Sliding Miter Saw– The next type of saw available is the compound sliding miter saw. This is an excellent option if you are looking for cross-cut capabilities along with the bevel adjustment only in 1 direction. You can use this saw to cut 2×12 lumbers, and it is a great tool that combines the benefits of the compound miter saw, and the sliding miter saw.
  • Dual Compound Sliding Miter Saw– In some cases, the bevel adjustment in one direction might not be good enough. You might want something that can help you adjust the bevel in both directions. For such cases, you should buy a dual compound sliding miter saw. This type of saw eliminates the need of flipping the material while


How To Choose The Best Miter Saw

It is very understandable to us how hard it is to select the right miter saw options because there are many good options present. But if you are struggling to come up with a solid buying decision, then don’t worry, this detailed buying guide will help you out. Here we will share and deeply talk about some essential points that you shouldn’t ignore while making the purchase related to miter saws. So, let’s get dive deep into this buying guide to strengthen your buying decision.

1. Select The Right Type

Selecting the right type of miter saw should be your first approach; mainly, four different types of miter saws are present. The first and most common type is the Standard Miter Saws. This type of standard saws comes with the capability to cut wood and other material with various cutting angles, but only from one side. Talking about two other types, then they are the single, and double compound miter saw.

You can tilt the single compound miter saw’s head in one direction only, but the double compound miter saw allows you to tilt the head in both left and right directions. The last but not least type is the Compound Sliding Miter Saw, in this type of saw you can move the main motor with a blade in the forward plus backward directions. 

2. Motor Power

Do not try to ignore the Motor Power section of any power tool or electric miter saw; its because ultimately, the overall performance of the miter and other saw depends upon the motor power. But when you head over to the market, you’ll realize that there are too many variations present in this segment. But we suggest that you should choose an option that at least comes with 10 to 15 AMP of motor power. Thankfully, on this post, we have added the majority of options that come with high motor power like 15 AMP.

3. Blade

Eventually, the overall performance of a saw can be determined by the smoothness in cutting; therefore, it is a recommendation for you not to ignore the blade section of a saw. The blade’s size may vary from 7 inches to 12 inches, but we suggest that if you are buying a miter saw, then a 10 inches diameter of the blade would be the right choice. However, the material of blade and teeth density also matters a lot while choosing the right blade. So, you also keep an eye on the material and the number of teeth that manufacturers are offering in their blades.

4. Accuracy Enhancement Features

Professionals always prefer miter saws because they know how accurate this option is. But still, you need to consider this accuracy enhancement feature section because many manufacturers offer great features in their miter saw to improve the accuracy. Here we are talking about features like shadow light, laser guide, arm stability, etc. These are some of the features that you can look for while choosing a miter saw to ensure proper accuracy in your work.

5. Safety Features

You shouldn’t compromise with safety features in any kind of power tool, nor while selecting the right miter saw for your work. Always ensure that you are getting a miter saw that comes with nice handle grip, double trigger switch, and blade guard. If any options are not providing these features, it would be great for you to skip that particular option and look for a much safer one. The good news is that above on this list, we have added ten options, and almost all of them have these features that we are talking about.

Tips for Miter Saw Safety

Miter saw is one of the basic pieces of equipment used in carpentry yet at the same time you also need to consider a few precautionary means for your safety. We here look at five of the safety tips for the miter saw to follow.

  1. Always keep your eyes on the saw: Though using a miter saw may seem like a straightforward deal, never take your eyes off the saw for any instance. It’s the basic and the most important safety tip your could ever follow. Never tend to work when you’re not in full control of yourself or while in stress, anxiousness, and while being annoyed. Always maintain your concentration on the miter saw.
  2. Pay attention to maintenance: As a workman, you should always pay attention to the maintenance of your equipment. Never just use the machine and set it aside. An ill-maintained machine can cause accidents and mishaps while a well-maintained miter saw will work charmingly well for the long run. You should always check the blades and the saw rotary motor to see if everything’s working fine or not. Also, make sure to oil the motor from time to time.
  3. Use Safety precautions: You should always use safety precautions while working on the miter saw. This means using Google for eye protection, ear coverings for ears and helmets. You should also wear gloves to improve safety and lessen the risks of accidents. Do not go into using the miter saw unattended as it may end up causing accidents.
  4. Follow the brake control: There’s a process to use a miter saw and it revolves around pulling down the handle of the saw with the blade towards the wooden piece. This will cut the piece into the desired size and give the right leverage. Once you’ve cut the wood you should use brake control and let the saw blade stop spinning. Only then should you place the next wooden piece. Do not ever try to put another wooden piece with the blade still spinning. This will result in nasty accidents.
  5. Never cut the pieces too small: The ideal size of the wood to cut should never be less than 8-inches. It’s down to the design of the miter saw and the way it functions. Anything smaller than this would mean the blade may damage the surface on which it’s affixed and may end up bouncing out of it. This may cause devastating accidents at the workplace or site.

Miter Saw Frequently Asked Questions

A miter saw could be used to make straight cuts? Or should I purchase another saw for making straight cuts?

Yes, miter saws could be used to make straight cuts. However, most of the people who purchase a miter saw do not use them for making straight cuts, but, instead of making angled, beveled, and miter cuts. To those who are planning to purchase a miter saw, if you just need a saw that could make straight cuts, do not go for miter saws, miter saws are expensive. Unless you need a saw that could make angled cuts, miter cuts, angled cuts, and straight cuts, you should not waste your money on miter saws.

Is it necessary to bolt down the miter saw on the floor or any surface?

No, as far as we know, the miter saw does not have to be bolted to any surface. One of the advantages of a miter saw is that it could be moved from one place to another. Bolting down would restrict such portability, therefore, it is not necessary to bolt it down. On the other hand, if the user wants, he/she could bolt down for extra safety and stability. However, the manufacturer does not recommend it.

I have never used a miter saw in my life, is there anything I need to know before using it for the first time?

Yes, a miter saw is one of the saws on the market that could be used to make precise and complex cuts. However, you should know the right way of doing it. No matter, how good your miter saw is, if you do not have the skills and experience to use it in the right way, it is good for nothing. Therefore, the first thing you should do is read the instructions and watch expert guides on YouTube. Apart from this, once you get your hands on a miter saw, try practicing by making different cuts. Get familiar with using the saw.

10-inch or 12-inch miter saw, which one should I purchase? What is the key difference between them?

Both the miter saws serve the same purpose, however, the efficiency and features differ slightly. 10-inch miter saws are faster as the blade size is small. On the other hand, 12-inch miter saws are slower as the blade size is large and therefore the blade weight. Now, if the price is compared, 10-inch miter saws are cheaper than 12-inch miter saws. However, it is not just the blade size, 12-inch miter saws come with blades with teeth and they could handle harder work pieces.

Is there an alternative to miter saw? Could I purchase and use any other saw instead of a miter saw?

Circular saws are a common alternative to the miter saw. However, the efficiency and functionalities offered by the miter saw could not be enjoyed in any other saws. Yes, miter saws are precise and could be used to make diverse types of cuts, but, alternative saws like circular saws cannot offer such diversity.

Is it safe to place the miter saw on a polished floor and use it?

Placing a miter saw on any flat surface is what the manufacturer recommends. However, if you place the miter saw on a polished surface and use it, it might lead to accidents. If the miter saw has anti-slip legs or coating on the bottom then it could prevent such incidents. But, most of them do not come with such additions. The one thing you should remember while purchasing a using a miter saw is that, for the best result and comfort, it should be placed on a table or any surface at the height of your chest at least.


Are you feeling tired of scuffing your finger on your smartphone screen for just getting some relatable suggestions regarding miter saws? If yes is your answer, then congrats, you stepped in the right place because this whole in-detailed post was all about you. Here we have listed the ten best miter saw options after conducting in-depth research on this particular topic.

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