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Best Portable Band Saw – Top 3 Picks Of 2023

Top 3 best portable band saw

Joining woodworking with improper saws is quite risky as it enhances the risk of injuries and uneven wooden cuts that are of no use. When it comes to fine slices of wood, a portable & perfect size band saw comes in handy. A band saw is commonly used in woodworking and weighting fields because it can make notably detailed cuts even in hard types of wood. In addition to wooden surface or base, it can also be used to slice much other toughened material such as aluminum, metal, tile, wood, etc. Sometimes you can’t be at your workstation, so you can use this saw to fulfill your customer’s wooden or metal chopping needs.

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Nowadays, the best band saw comes in a variety of sizes, their blades also come in a wide range of tooth pitches and sizes, which enables them to cut a wide variety of materials and to be highly versatile. To make your selection easier, we have come up with the top three portable band saw options. 

#1. DEWALT 20V MAX* Portable Band Saw


DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw


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With a cut capacity of 5-inches, this DEWALT band saw is accomplished of cutting larger & sturdy materials than many other bands saw, which is available in the market. This band saw features an integrated hang hook that enables users to hang the saw without harming the front base or handle. Plus, it has an LED light that can light up in 20 seconds and allows you to reach a dark work surface to get precise cuts without the need for additional accessories and gears. It has a variable speed option that is not only intuitive to use but also allows you to match the speed of the band saw to the task in hand motion. Though, their speed option ensures better control and versatility. More than that, the unit is equipped with a brushless motor for durability and long-lasting performance.


  • It has a powerful motor that ensures 15% faster cutting.
  • The big fronts handle saw better movability.


  • It doesn’t have a trigger lock. 

#2. MILWAUKEE’S Portable Band Saw




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MILWAUKEE, on this list, is one of the solid bands than the other two. You just need to invest 8 pounds for buying this saw. The saw is handy and very portable; you can slide it between wood and metal by using one hand. This small size makes it suitable to fit into small sizes. As per user reviews, the saw offers fast cutting with the included extreme blades. Whether for commercial use or day-to-day lumbering, this would be an excellent choice. This saw has a great capacity at 3.25. The dimension of the saw includes 17.9 x 6.3 x 11.6 inches.  ‎2829-20 has been designed in such a way as to feel comfortable during operating. Another notable aspect is that the saw is manufactured in China. If you’ll have any issues with a saw, you can easily contact the main office. 


  • The brand is itself popular in this industry.
  • It weighs 7.67 Pounds.


  • The trigger lock will have to depress to achieve a comfortable grip. 

#3. WEN Portable Band Saw


WEN Portable Band Saw


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If you’re looking for a band saw that is able to cut a large piece of wood or metal, WEN Portable Band Saw would be great. As it has the ability to make cuts up to five inches wider and 5 inches deeper. Moreover, this saw has variable speed operation, which will allow you to work as per your requirements. Plus, this feature adjusts the blade speed smoothly without any interruption. Even though the motor equipped in the saw is powerful it can cut metal, plastic, and other materials. The lightweight band saw is portable yet functional, also weighs 14.5. Due to these handy features, you can use them with ease. It is a perfectly designed band saw that also has a TPI metal cutting blade which is enough sharp & strong. The best part is, it comes with a two-year warranty.


  • It has an adjustable front handle.
  • It is perfect for cutting through various materials.


  • The blades wouldn’t track adequately.

How to Pick a Portable Band Saw?

Do you think being selective with three options is enough? Maybe Not! Before buying, you need to understand what the features are looking for in a portable band saw to know if it is a perfect model. It’s a big investment, so you need to make the final decision to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Here are some aspects that you should keep in mind when looking for the portable band saw:


The first and most important aspect is your comfort. You should consider a jigsaw that has adjustability designed for natural operation. In simple words, the saw that you are going to buy should have padded handles and gears for easy operation. In this aspect, the weight is also included. It is advisable to go with a lighter unit as it will make your cutting job easier and reduce fatigue.


A band saw should be versatile to track a variety of different metals. A premium quality band saw never disappoints you and can cut everything from wooden to toughened metals with great ease. It’s not all about the sharpness of the blade, you also have to check whether you are getting the desired cuts or not. Make sure, you’ll be able to cut adequately with fine edges. In addition, you should consider the easy accessibility of your saw. See whether it’s lightweight, cordless, or can cut in a variety of situations.

Further Features

Band saws are getting advanced these days. Most bandsaw features a variable speed option that ensures accuracy and precision in your projects. There are also band saws that come with an LED light for accessing a darker surface. Besides this, you should check some other advanced features including an adjustable blade, protection against overheating and overloading, etc.

Final Words:

Indeed, a portable band saw can make your cutting job even easier and faster. Being a wooden professional, you need to look for the best band saw