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10 Best Scroll Saws 2023 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Top 10 Best Scroll Saws 2020 - Expert Review & Guide


For making ultra-intricate cuts in pieces of wood, a scroll saw helps a lot. If you have ever come across wood art, you might have seen how wood is finely carved, and the patterns appear to be perfect. These arts are often smaller, and you must think about how the artisan would have done it. Well, to help achieve such amazing designs, many hobbyists and artists use a scroll saw. You just have to move the wood pieces across the blade, and the scroll saw help in making the cuts that you need in the design. These days many people have started picking up the hobby of carving designs in wood. In contrast, others try to carve wood for their projects. Most of the time, people make amazing pieces, such as a wooden jewelry box that is very popular these days. However, the application of scroll saws is not limited to that. These tools are also used hugely in the toy industry where the manufacturers make toys like jigsaw puzzles and much more.

Best Buy Scroll Saw Reviewed

Carving on ivory is also done with the help of scroll saws. You can also use these saws to make marquetry, intarsia, templates, and even lettered signs. How brilliant is that? Many carpenters are also known to use scroll saws for cutting dovetail joints in small furniture. If you want a scroll saw we can help you with your choice. Today, we are here with ten of the best scroll-saws that you can find in America. We have tried to describe all of these tools in the most descriptive way. We have also added a buying guide at the bottom. Without waiting let us now start the discussion –

#1. WEN 3921 16†Scroll Saw


WEN 3921 16†Scroll Saw


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First up, we want to come to the scroll saw by WEN. This one has a model number of 3921 and can be used in two directions. All of that is possible because its blades have a unique design so that the ripping capacity of the tool can reach maximum capacity without any difficulty. Its table is 16 X 11 inches; therefore, whatever you cut in it, the whole process will be incredibly intricate and detailed. Other than that, making angled cuts with this scroll saw is also very easy.  For wood, we would say that you must not use pieces that are thicker than 2 inches.

If you do, that will just make the blade blunt over time. This scroll saw also features a fantastic thumbscrew blade adapter to make blade changes without needing any tools for the process. Additionally, the throat depth of this saw is 16 inches. Think about all the long wood pieces that you will capable of cutting smoothly with this tool. The product also features pieces like – a base made from iron, an air pump, a dust port, a flex light, three blades, and a foot lock clamp. What more can an artist wish for in a scroll saw?


  • The thumbscrew blade adapter works very well and does not require any tool for a blade change.
  • Even beginners can use this scroll saw easily. 
  • The table of this tool is spacious enough for giving shape to large workpieces. 
  • The tool can handle both pinless and pinned blades easily.


  • We found no cons so far.

#2. Delta Variable Speed Scroll Saw 


Delta Variable Speed Scroll Saw (Power Tools 40-694)

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Scroll Saws from Delta have a special place in our minds and heart. The reason being their longevity and smooth cutting of material. Hence, we are here with their 40-694 scroll saw, which weighs 60 pounds and is powered through electricity. The best thing is that its speed can be adjusted. However, the speed range lies between 400-1750 SPM. You can use this ranging speed to finish an array of cutting projects with different types of material. This way, you will pick up multiple projects at a time and still finish them without delay.

Its design has an arm with a dual parallel link so that the tool does not vibrate too much while you are using it. This way, you will always be able to make clean cuts with the utmost precision. After all, these days people keep quality over all the other things. The tool’s upper arm also lifts smoothly and locks in a position when you are thinking of changing the blade. This feature can also be used and incorporated while you make blade position changes during fretwork. With a blade-tensioning lever and a flexible dust blower, this scroll saw is everything that you have been asking for. 


  • The locking feature of the arm comes handy when you make blade changes. 
  • The dust blower is highly flexible. 
  • Its speed is variable, and you can choose the speed that you are the most comfortable with very easily.


  • We do not have any cons till now.

#3. Shop Fox W1713 Scroll Saw


Shop Fox W1713 Scroll Saw

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These days many people pick scroll saws that run on variable speeds over the ones that do not. This is because, for different people, the speed that they are most comfortable with is different. Hence, the saw’s variable speed allows them to use it as per their ease and finish their projects in a better way. This is why we are here with another scroll saw that can be operated at different speeds. This tool is from Shop Fox and has the model number of W1713. We would also add that this is one of the most loved scroll saws in America. 

It only weighs 37.4 pounds and has the cleanest design from what we have witnessed in scroll saws till now. It runs on 110 Volts of voltage and can be easily powered with electricity. As far as the scroll saw’s motor details are concerned, we would mention that it has a frequency rated at 60 Hertz. The maximum cutting width that you can reach with the use of this scroll saw is 16 inches. Additionally, you can use both pinned as well as plain blades in this tool. It is highly portable, and you will also love its gooseneck work light along with the dust port and the dust blower.


  • The design of this scroll saw is immaculate.
  • Its load speed has the range of 550-1700 SPM. 
  • You can fit pinned as well as plain blades in this tool.


  • You cannot use it to cut thick plywood.

#4. SKIL 3335-07 Scroll Saw


SKIL 3335-07 Scroll Saw

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When scroll saws have lights, it is easy to work on projects even in low light conditions. This way, the artisans can also work when the light of their workplace gives up and in situations of emergency. This scroll saw by SKIL has a fantastic light that will help in doing everything that we defined. It also comes with a dust removal system so that the cutline of the scroll saw is always free from unwanted debris. When debris sticks to the cutline, you will see nasty cuts in the material you are cutting, which is never a good thing.

The LED light in the tool can also be used even when you are working in high-light conditions. This light will then allow you to have a well-lit cutting experience and finish everything with precision. And don’t you think that you cannot control the speed of this tool. You most definitely can and work in the best ways possible. The dimensions of its table are 16 X 10 inches. This table can also be tilted from zero to 45 degrees. Like many other scroll saws, this saw also has a throat depth of 16 inches, and you can use the tool to cut a huge variety of materials.


  • The table of this scroll saw can be tilted to make better and cleaner cuts. 
  • It has an LED light for a well-lit working space.
  • The longevity of this tool is high.


  • The blades are quite dull when you compare them with the blades of other scroll saws.

#5. Dremel Scroll Saw MS20-01


Dremel Scroll Saw MS20-01

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Most of the users of scroll saws often want a compact product as they choose to work with small pieces of wood or metal materials. Large scroll saws do not work for them as they do not allow them to make more miniature carvings and cuts. If you are an artisan like this, you must choose the MS20-01 scroll saw by Dremel. It works at a voltage of 120 volts and has a wattage of 120 Watts. Therefore, for operating it, you will have to have access to electricity in your workplace. For optimal cutting, you can operate it at the speed that you are comfortable with.

This tool comes with a dust port adapter, which helps keep the line-of-sight free from debris and the whole workplace clean. For a smooth change in the accessories, you can take the help of the quick-change mechanism. This mechanism will also allow you to have optimal blade tensioning throughout the working experience. You will also be impressed with the detachable copying function, which will help you use the tool in a handheld way. All in all, this compact Dremel scroll saw is what you need right now!


  • The fast clamp base can be attached to different tables, surfaces, and benches.
  • The tool has a detachable coping function through which you can take it directly to the workpiece. 
  • The tool is more compact than other scroll saws.


  • The guide locking levers with a blue edge guide does not come included in the package.

#6. Proxxon 37088 Scroll SawProxxon 37088 Scroll Saw

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Proxxon Scroll Saws have made a safe place in the market, and you should not wait to get your hand on their scroll saw with the model number of 37088. The stroke rate of this tool can be electrically controlled within the range of 150-2000 strokes per minute. This way, you will make high precision cuts no matter what the type of material is that you are cutting. The blade guide of the product is also equipped with an integrated blower, which helps a lot when it comes to keeping the work parts free from dust.

You will also appreciate the vacuum cleaner adapter, which works very well in preventing all sorts of debris and dust particles from the workplace. This scroll saw only weighs 2.55 pounds and has the dimensions of 13 X 8.6 X 5 inches. This way, you won’t have any trouble moving it inside the workplace at any time. This scroll saw has good ratings on the internet, and from that, you can know how reliable it is. It is an ideal scroll saw for model building and other delicate projects like toy manufacturing.


  • This scroll saw can be used to make cuts in softwood as well as hardwood.
  • Its head part is patented and can be adjusted easily in three different positions. 
  • The tool has a cast aluminum frame with a deep throat. 


  • The color of the tool may vary a little.

#7. Hegner 18†Scroll Saw


Hegner 18†Scroll Saw

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Till now, we have added the scroll saws with the price at the low end. However, this scroll saw by Hegner is a high-end tool that most of the professionals in the country invest in. When it comes to high-end scroll-saws, what we like the most is their long warranty period. This way, you get free repairs on all types of defects in the parts. If the defect is irreversible, you can also get a replacement. In this scroll saw the warranty period is seven years long. You will see that all the steps are straightforward and won’t make you feel any hassle for claiming it. 

Even after being a high-grade professional scroll saw this tool is still lightweight. Its weight is given to be only 50 pounds. How amazing is that? The red paint on all the machine parts prevents all types of corrosion and keeps them free from rust in all situations. You will also enjoy using the system of double quick-lock tensioning in this tool. It is one of the most precise scroll saws in the country and is claimed to be highly reliable by many skilled professionals in the USA. If you want to take your work to a very high level, this is the scroll saw that you must invest in.


  • Its induction motor’s speed can be controlled easily. 
  • You will get a warranty of 7 years in this scroll saw. 
  • It weighs 50 pounds and also has a corrosion-resisting paint on its parts.


  • The price of this scroll saw is high when compared to the other options.

#8. Genesis GSS160 16†Scroll Saw


Genesis GSS160 16†Scroll Saw

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Many people wish to have professional-grade scroll saws as they are known to help make the cleanest cuts in woods and plastic materials. However, they are unable to find one with a price that lies in their budget. If you are also struggling with such problems, you must look at this fantastic scroll saw by Genesis. The GSS160 comes with a motor of 1.2 Ampere and has a throat length of 16 inches. Therefore, you will be able to cut long pieces in your work very easily.

It has a quick-change system which will allow you to change the blades very easily and quickly. Its die-cast table is also known to freely turn left and right for allowing you the proper platform for better and intricate cuts. What many buyers appreciate the most about this scroll saw is its quiet operation and smooth performance. It is a well-designed scroll saw which can impress anyone. With a flexible blower, it will also help in blowing small dust particles that might get settled in the parts of the saw. Invest in this scroll saw now!


  • Its induction motor works smoothly and quietly at all times. 
  • The product will come with an Allen key and a set of two blades. 
  • You can turn its base 15 degrees to the right and 45 degrees to the left while working on it. 
  • The design of this tool is very effective and efficient.


  • Sometimes its table won’t stay in a fixed position.

#9. Jet 727300B Scroll Saw


Jet 727300B Scroll Saw

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This 120 pounds scroll saw will help you make the most detailed carvings when working with wood. It is mostly chosen for its applications in the toy manufacturing companies, and it is known to be the best for cutting jigsaw puzzles. Many people also use it for personal projects such as making small items like jewelry boxes from wood. You can cut softer as well as harder wood using it. However, its price is quite high, so think of investing in it only if you have the budget that can reach the price tag easily.

One of the best features of this scroll saw is that it comes with a throat capacity of 18 inches. Generally, we have seen that scroll saws have a throat capacity of 16 inches on average. However, this one is slightly more and will allow you to fit those pieces that you find difficult to cut in other scroll saws. The tool’s lower blade holder is removable, and you can securely and quickly attach it to one place. With the provision of a steel table in its design, it will allow you to have limiting vibrations at all times.


  • The steel table does not vibrate too much while you work on the tool. 
  • The throat length of this scroll saw is 18 inches. 
  • The table is also slotted for a better and quicker blade change.


  • The price of this scroll saw is higher than the average price.

#10. ALLWIN Scroll Saw with Flexible Shaft Attachment


ALLWIN Scroll Saw with Flexible Shaft Attachment

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If you are an artisan who does not have an unlimited workspace, you must buy this fantastic, and compact scroll saw by ALLWIN. It is designed for all the hobbyists who are short on space and still want to create something exceptional. The best thing about the saw is that it is highly compatible with most of the Dremel-type accessories. You will also find that it has a flexible shaft attachment. It will allow you to have a fantastic cutting and carving experience working with wood pieces on the tool.

Most of the reviews on its usability on the internet are positive, which will help you know whether or not you can rely on this tool. You can cut many wood pieces with it no matter how long they are because the product’s throat length is 16 inches. It works very well at all times and is known to last a long time as well. As you keep working with the saw, you will get better and better. However, we wish the tool to have some type of guide because cutting straight lines with this scroll saw is not a walk on cake. Other than that, we do not have any complaints.


  • It is a compact scroll saw, and you must buy it if you are short on space.
  • It is excellent for hobbyists who work on personal projects. 
  • The build of this scroll saw is impressive.


  • A guide in the design is needed for helping with straighter cuts.

How To Choose The Best Scroll Saw

Here are some important points you should consider during the purchase of scroll saw:

Arm Rigidity

Without mentioning the rigidity of the scroll, say its buying guide cannot be finished. The rigidity of the arm can be easily known from the details. From there, you will have to check whether the arm has a one pieces design or not. In such designs, the blade tension starts getting pulled with every upstroke. This can prove to be exceptionally problematic for you as you won’t be able to make clean and straight cuts. It will be good if you avoid these types of scroll-saws at all costs.

Scroll Saw Blades

Most of the scroll saws are compatible with pin-end blades; however, the others are compatible with the plain end blades only. In pin-end blades, you will notice the pins to be protruding out of the end of blades. Scroll saws that can be fitted with such blades will allow you to have an easier blade change because the pins will latch on without the need for clamps. On the other hand, plain-end blades are the ones that will require you to use tools whenever you think of securing and replacing them. Look for what types of blades you are the most comfortable with and make a choice.

Throat Length

The distance between the back of the scroll saw, and its blade is known as its throat length. This is the length that truly determines what kind of project you can take overusing your scroll saw. Generally, artisans go with a scroll saw with a throat length of 16 inches. This way, they become capable of cutting long pieces of wood or plastic very easily with the tool. You can look for the details on the throat length of the scroll saw as you read its description. It is generally mentioned in terms of inches.

Speed and Power

The speed of the scroll saw is defined in strokes per minute. Generally, these days manufacturers have started building scroll saws that can be operated at a variable speed. This is because many users of the saw find it easy to work at low speed while others want to finish the task in a fast manner and operate it at high speed. So, keep looking for saws like that. Other than this, you can also check the power requirements of the tools. You can have a look at the frequency of their motors and their voltage requirements to make the right choice.

Noise and Vibration

Earlier, there were only a few options of scroll saws; therefore, people had to settle with the saws even when they created a lot of noise. That is not something that you will have to do now. We are saying this because these days, you can easily find the scroll saw that produces noise that is equivalent to the noise of a normal conversation. You must also watch out for scroll saws that do not vibrate a lot. Vibrations will only make you end up with a rough cut in the pieces. This will affect the overall precision of your work, and you won’t be satisfied in the end. Less vibration during working is equal to fewer mistakes. 

Scroll Saw Safety Tips and Guidelines

Scroll Saws are considered as safest saw among all powers saws. However, it also causes serious injuries if not used properly or safely. According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission Data, in 2009 more than 35,000 injuries were caused by a power saw. Most scrolls saw injuries are related to cuts, damage and laceration. By following the safety tips, users should be ready to prevent unintentional scroll saw injuries:

List of Safety Tips:

  1. For your body safety, always wear safety glasses/ goggles and a face shield when working with a scroll saw. Besides this, wear suitable hearing protection to protect your ear from the noisy task.
  2. Always wear a dust mask when using a scroll saw.
  3. Never wear rings, jewellery items, a watch, loose cloth and a tie when using a scroll saw. Any of these items can easily fall onto the scroll saw and can damage easily.
  4. tie long hair back and put it under a long cap.
  5. Before starting, make sure the belt guard is closed and tight enough; also assure the blade guard is in an accurate place.
  6. Don’t use the wrong saw blade as an alternate for the cutting task. For curving cuts, always use a thinner blade.
  7. Regulate the hold-down to the wideness (in length) of the wood which is being used for the cutting task. Start cut with a flat bottom surface.
  8. Adjust the machine speed as per the type of scroll sawing task.
  9. Don’t put your finger under the saw blade.
  10. Never allow your hands to be in direct contact with the saw blade.
  11. Maintain at least two inches of distance in between your fingers and blade when the saw is moving.
  12. Secure stock in a “V†fixture when cutting round stock.
  13. Before making scroll saw adjustments turn off the power supply button and wait for the blade to stop moving.
  14. Use a brush stick to clean away wood waste around the working area.
  15. Never use your hands directly to clean scrap from the saw blade.
  16. If the blade comes loose or damaged, stop using it.
  17. Turn off the power supply source without risking yourself.
  18. Inform your leader, guardian or project leader immediately if you are injured by a scroll saw.
  19. If the injury is serious, contact a medical expert immediately.

Scroll Saws Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of scroll saws?

Like the other popular saws in the market for professionals, the scroll saws are also available in two major types. One is corded and the other one is the cordless scroll saw. However, there are a few brands that have a combined type of saw that can be used as both corded and cordless scroll saw. So, choose the one that suits your needs and power requirements.

If you are looking for a better option for yourself, we will suggest you to go with the combined form of corded and cordless scroll saw that combines the best things of both the worlds and offers a better value for money along with outstanding usability.

What are the different types of saws blades for a scroll saw?

Though the scroll saws come preloaded with the saw blades, you can easily replace them with the different types of blades according to the needs and projects’ requirements. Some of the most common types of scroll saw blades available in the market are crown tooth, double tooth, Mach speed, and pin end. All these saw blades are great to go with and you can easily choose a better saw blade according to the saw you are using and the kind of projects you have in hand

How to change the scroll saw’s blade?

Changing blade in a scroll saw is quite easy, and in fact, you can get numerous videos and guides online for changing the saw blades. However, we will suggest you to refer to the user manual of the scroll saw for removing or replacing the saw blade easily and flawlessly. So, relax as changing the scroll saw blades is not a rocket science, just a few careful steps and you will be able to change the blades with perfection.

What is an ideal life for a saw blade?

The life of a saw blade (regardless of the type of saw you have) depends on the usage and how you handle the blade. Often the blades are made up of heavy-duty metal that makes it last for a couple of months or so. However, if you are involved in professional woodworking projects and use the blades a little too harshly, you may need to change the blade in a month.

Are the scroll saws worth buying?

The scroll saws are a great tool to have, for both professionals and DIYers. IF you are looking for the perfect woodworking saw that can handle a wide range of wood and projects with ease, you can rely on the performance of the scroll saws. The scroll saws are available from a number of brands and you can easily choose the best one out of the many options available in the market. Additionally, the scroll saws can be used for different materials and this makes it an ideal choice for the professionals as well as the homeowners who are looking to have a single saw that can be used for a variety of projects.


We have only brought some light to the best of the best scroll-saws that you will ever come along in America. All these scroll saws are known to last long without needing huge maintenance. However, you must still know a few things about scroll saws before investing in them. Scroll saws are amazing tools, but you have to be extremely cautious with them so that you do not end up hurting your hands. We have also attached a vivid buying guide that will help you choose the right scroll saw as per your needs. So, do not forget to read that as well. We hope you found your scroll saw from our list.

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