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10 Best Wire Saw 2023 For Camping, Backpacking & Survival

best wire saw


Top 3 Picks

#1. Kutir

#2. Skyocean

#3. Troroda

Kutir 48 Inch High Reach Tree Limb Hand Rope Chain Wire Saw Pocket Chainsaw with Paracord Handle
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During the camping trips, you would need a bonfire. The fire protects the campers from the wild animals, but it also helps you cook food. It is not always feasible to carry the fuel with you, and hence the campers may have to be dependent on the dead logs and branches in the forest or at the camping site. It is practically impossible to lift a huge log or to carry a machete for slicing the long. The practical solution to this is a wire saw. A wire saw is a compact tool that can fit into your backpack, and it works like a full-size saw. It has a barbed wire that can cut through the wood, PVC, and other similar materials. It has hooks at both sides so that you can move it back and forth. This moving action cuts through the logs or whatever material you are using it on. Another advantage of a wire saw is that it is very compact. It can easily fit into your backpack. They would not increase the weight of your backpack, and there are many such good wire saws available in the market.

Best Wire Saw Reviewed

It is worth having a surviving wire saw in your backpack when you are traveling. It can even work as a survival tool for you. The saw can help you in making different kinds of utility tools when required. With so much utility, it makes it a no brainer to buy one. If you are confused between the different offerings, then you can leave it on us. We are going to help you in choosing the best wire saw. To make the purchase easy, we have listed some of the best wire saws available for the money. You can go through the list below, and you can browse through the buying guide to know more about these offerings. Here are more details – 

#1. Novsix Survival Stainless Steel Pocket Wire Saw


NOVSIX 2 Pack Survival Stainless Steel Hand Pocket Wire Saw


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Moving on to number 4, we have a wire saw from Novsix. This pack contains two wire saws for emergency use. This product is also available at a very affordable price. Talking about the material, the brand uses four-strand stainless steel wire for manufacturing the wire cutter. These layers of wire add a lot of strength to the wire saw. The handles are designed in the form of rings, and they can be rotated 360 degrees. This way, your hands remain comfortable while you are operating the saw. The material used for manufacturing the saw is resistant to rust, but you can still use some drops of vegetable oil for maintaining the saw in good condition. Do not worry about bruised hands as the material is safe for clothes as well as hands. It will not cause any injury to you. The length of the wire is 59 cm, and the diameter of each ring is 8 cm. The total length of the wire saw is 75 cm. The saw is also lightweight as it weighs just 25 grams.  You can use it to cut through plastic, wood, rubber, bones, and metal.


  • This pack contains two wire saws, and they are available at an affordable price.
  • The wire rope is made of 4 strands of stainless steel wire.
  • You can use the saw for cutting through different kinds of materials.


  • You can use it to cut the wood only with a diameter of 3 inches.

#2. General Tools PVC Hose, Pipe & Tubing Cable Saw


General Tools 858 PVC Hose, Pipe & Tubing Cable Saw



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We have talked about many wire saws that have stainless steel or plastic handle. Some people prefer a tube-type grip on their wire saw, and here is a perfect product for such customers. This wire saw comes with a serrating cable of 24 inches. The wire saw can be used for cutting multiple things like wood, pipes, and even bones. You do not have to worry about PVC, ABS, or PE tubing. These things do not stand a chance in front of this wire saw. Because of the compact design, you can even use this wire saw in a small place. It is straightforward to use this wire saw near the wall as well. The handle is made of soft tubing that covers the steel wire. These handles make it easy for you to use the saw, and it also makes it easy for you to apply force when required. The saw has a better utility for plumbers and construction workers. 


  • This saw has a tubing grip that makes it comfortable for the user to drive the saw.
  • The saw is very compact, and it has a 24 inches cutting cable.
  • The can be used for cutting ABS, PVC, and even PE.


  • The cutting wire of the saw is slightly small.

#3. Cobra Products PST110 PVC Cable Saw


Cobra Products PST110 PVC Cable Saw



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The next product on our list is from Cobra, and this is especially for the people who often work with pipes. It can be difficult for you to get your saw in the tight space to cut the pipe. The easy way to deal with such a situation is to use a wire saw designed to cut the pipes. You just need to wrap the cable of the saw around the tube in a V shape. With minimal movement, you will be able to cut the pipe. It is a blessing for people who are doing a plumbing job. It can easily cut through the PVC pipes.  The pipe has a soft-grip handle to make it easy for you to use it for long hours. The wire doesn’t prick your hand. It is easy to use, and the saw is quite durable as well. If you are not looking for an outdoor saw, but if you are looking for an indoor saw, then this will be the best option for you.


  • It is one of the most flexible indoor saws that can be used to cut PVC pipes.
  • The handles have a soft grip, which makes them easy to use it.
  • The cable retains sharpness for a long time.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#4. BlueStraw Survival Pocket Steel Chain Wire Saw


BlueStraw Survival Hand Pocket Steel Chain Wire Saw



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At number 7, we have an offering from BlueStraw. This pack has three wire saw in it, and they can be used as a survival tool. You can use it to prune the branches, and you can even use it for cutting the branches. The stainless steel loops at the ends of the wire will make it easy for you to use it. There is no need to exert a lot of pressure or force while using the wire saw as it does the job with minimal power. The cable of this wire saw is also made of 4 strands of stainless steel, and this feature gives a lot of tensile strength to the wire saw. The loops can rotate 360 degrees, and hence you will not develop rashes on the fingers. The lightweight and compact design make it a perfect camping companion. The length of the wire is 59 inches, and the total weight of the wire saw is 25 grams.


  • It is available in a pack of 3.
  • The saw is lightweight as it weighs just 25 grams. This feature makes it easy to carry the saw.
  • The wire saw is made of good quality material, so they do not break.


  • Some people may feel the need for gloves while using the saw.

#5. Lyka Distribution Stainless Steel Wire Saw


Survival Wire Saw Outdoor Emergency Mini Hand Pocket Stainless Steel Saws


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The next option available on the list is from Troroda. This pack has a total of 6 saws in it. Since you are buying a larger package, the price per piece comes out to be lower than $2. There is no compromise on the quality as these saws have four strands of stainless steel. This configuration is pretty much the standard when it comes to the wire saw. Apart from this, the total length of the cable is 58 cm, whereas the full length of the saw is 73 cm. The diameter of the wire saw is large, and hence it is very easy to use it. There are no such concerns while using the saw, and you can use it to cut through various materials. It is possible to cut soft metal, wood, rubber, plastic, and bones with the saw. You can use it for other low-density materials as well. If you need something in bulk, then this is going to be a good choice for you.


  • The wire saw is small yet sturdy. It has four strands of stainless steel wires on it.
  • The total length of the wire saw is 73 cm.
  • It can be used for outdoor as well as indoor activities.


  • The standard pack has six saws, and it is not available in lesser options.

#6. Drchoer Mini Stainless Steel Wire Saw



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The first wire saw on our list is designed with stainless steel. This saw is made of high-quality material, and the handles are designed with plastic. The total length of the wire saw is 60 cm, and hence it lets you cut even thick logs. The handles have a width of 6 cm, and it makes it easy for you to hold the wire saw. The chain in the saw is flexible, and it is also very lightweight. These things make it very easy for you to carry the wire saw. You will be able to use this saw for cutting wood, bones, plastic, soft metal, and even rubber. The sharp metal makes it easy for you to cut through different materials without exerting a lot of force. The compact design makes it easy for you to carry it on trips and you can use it as a camping saw. On the other hand, you can use it for pruning the branches as well. If you are looking for an inexpensive wire saw, you can go ahead and opt for it.


  • The wire saw is designed with stainless steel, and it is resistant to rust.
  • The saw has a total length of 60 cm with a handle width of 6 cm.
  • The wire saw works with multiple items like soft metal, bone, plastic, rubber, and wood.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#7. Aufee  Steel Wire Rope Cable Survival Wire


MACHEE Commando Wire Saw Bulk


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The second option available on our list is from Aufee. Here is a commando wire saw that is ideal for the survival kits. It is also made of stainless steel, and the length of the cable is approximately 65 cm. You can use it during outdoor activities, and it can also be an ideal companion for camping and hiking tours. The wire in this saw is made using four strands of stainless steel. There is a metal ring at each end, which you can use for driving the saw. The brand provides a warranty on the quality of the saw. Overall, it is a sharp saw, and it is also very lightweight. Because of multiple strands of the wire, the strength is unmatchable. You can use the saw for various purposes, and it will not disappoint you with its performance. Since the loops are made of stainless steel, they do not break off easily.


  • The loops in the saw make it easy to drive the saw while cutting the objects.
  • The wire saw is designed with four strands of stainless steel wire, and it also gives a lot of strength to the saw.
  • The saw is sharp, and it requires very little effort to cut the tree.


  • Some people do not like the handles of this wire saw.

#8. ASR Stainless Steel Wire Saw Camping Hiking


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Here is one of the cheapest wire saw available in the market. The saw is priced at a very low price, and the brand even offers a discount on it. This has been tested on the field, and it makes an ideal survival gear. You can make use of it at home, and you can even use it for outdoor activities. If you need a saw to cut branches, this will be a nice choice. The brand already has a good reputation in the market, so you can purchase it without worrying about the quality. The saw is made of synthetic material, and the wire of this saw is quite sharp. The groves on the cable make it very easy for you to cut through the wood or similar material without applying a lot of force. The handles are also designed with synthetic material, and they are durable. It is a pocket-size cutting tool, and it can fit inside your backpack easily.


  • It is one of the most affordable.
  • It can cut through wood, plastic, and other low-density material.
  • The saw is lightweight and thin.


  • The synthetic material is not very safe for humans because of the toxins.

#9. Vbestlife Emergency Wire Saw, Steel Wire Sa


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We have now reached the end of the list, and here is the last wire saw that we are going to review today. This saw is designed with stainless steel. The material is resistant to rust, and it is also very durable. This is lightweight, and at the same time, it is also very easy to carry. You can loop it and stuff it in your bag. The two ring handles help you get the optimal grip, and you just need to move the saw back and forth to cut through the objects. There is no need to apply any force while using the saw. Overall, it is a premium wire saw available in the market, and you can use it indoors to cut pipes, or you can use it outdoor for cutting wood, rubber, or soft metal. The saw can even be used for cutting bones. 


  • The handles are made of soft material, which makes it convenient for the user.
  • The total length of the wire is 87.5 cm, and it is the longest one on our list.
  • The saw can handle emergencies, and it can even be used for cutting plastic, wood, bone, metal, and rubber.


  • This saw is slightly more expensive than other products on our list.

#10. Best Glide Adventurer Spiral Wire Camp Saw

Best Glide ASE Adventurer Spiral Wire Camp Saw

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Are you still not able to find the perfect product for yourself? If you are looking for something premium, then have a look at this wire saw from Best Glide ASE. This uses a spiral cutting blade that has a diameter of 0.05 inches. The blade is made of stainless steel, and it is also 24 inches long. The handles are both 2 inches in diameter, and the construction makes this wire saw very durable. Overall, the saw has lightweight, and it stays coiled up for easy storage. This wire saw can be used at home to cut the tubes, and it can also be used in camping kits. The flat blade improves the efficiency of the saw, and hence you do not have to struggle while driving the saw through any tough material. The brand takes pride in its quality, and you will be surprised to know that this saw is used even by the military for over 30 years. There are no quality concerns as the product is manufactured in the USA. 


  • It is a premium saw with flat blade construction.
  • It can be coiled up for easy storage, and hence it is perfect for the camping kits.
  • Manufactured in the USA.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

How To Choose The Best Wire Saw

In this section of the page, you will find some important points that you need to consider while buying a wire saw. You can refer to these points, and you can consider what is important for you. This way, you will be able to buy a saw that is useful for the purpose that you need the saw for.

1. Material Used

The first thing that you need to consider is the material used in making the wire saw. The three common options are Titanium, Stainless Steel, and Steel. Titanium are the best ones in the market. They are resistant to corrosion, and they are also lighter than other materials. The titanium is stronger than the stainless steel, so you have the edge over there. Stainless steel ranks second in terms of durability. This material is non-toxic, and it is also resistant to rust. The last option you have is steel. These are affordable and durable, but they are not very much immune to rust.

2. Weight

If you intend to travel with the wire saw, you would also have to look at the saw’s weight. It is an important aspect of the purchase. It is always better to buy a lightweight model but do not compromise on the durability. You will easily find the wire saws that weigh between 4oz. and 10 oz. You can make a choice, depending on your preferences.

3. Type of Grip

You will also have a lot of options when it comes to the grip of the wire saw. The most common choice is plastic. The saws with the plastic material are quite easy to use. They are not expensive, and they offer a lot of benefits for you. Usually, the plastic grips last very long. The second option you will find is the steel grip. These are made in the form of loops, and they are a lot stronger than the plastic grip. Using the saw with steel grip for a long time may hurt your ends. You will also come across the saws that have a rubber grip. Rubber grips are the most comfortable option, and they also absorb the shock very well. Rubber can start developing cracks in extreme temperatures, so you need to be aware of that.  If you are looking for any other option, then you are left with polyester straps that are durable but not very comfortable.

4. Material that saw can cut.

There are different types of saws available in the market. You will come across the outdoor wire saws that are made for cutting wood. These outdoor wire saws are also lightweight. You will also come across the construction wire saws, which are designed to cut the hard surfaces. Then you will find the engineering wire saws that can cut through crystals. These are usually intended for fragile materials. The last option is the glass wire saw, which is designed to cut glass.

5. Portable

Another thing to check for is portability. While the saw should be lightweight and we have already talked about it. The saw should also be portable. You should be able to carry it easily as there are many other things that you would have to carry in your backpack. In such a case, pay attention to the compactness of the saw and ensure that you only buy something easy to pack.

6. Sharp Wire

The next point on the list is sharpness. Ensure that the wire saw has sharp teethes. A saw with sharp teethes would reduce your effort by multiple folds. You will need a lot less energy to cut through the large pieces if the wire saw is sharp. Buying a saw with a dull wire will waste a lot of time and effort.

7. Price

The last point in the buying guide is the price of the wire saw. Usually, the wire saws are affordable, and you will not have to worry about the price. However, there can be certain outliers, and you might want to steer clear of such outliers. If you are planning to buy an expensive wire saw, then first look at the extra feature that it offers you for a premium price. Remember that it will not be possible to sharpen the wire saw, so buy it according to your utility. 

Wire Saw Safety Tips & Guidelines

Wire saws require following up with the right safety measures to make sure that you’re on the safe side. Here are a few of the safety measures that should be on top of your list:

Check whether the machine is working correctly or not: One of the first and foremost things to know is whether the machine is working correctly or not. For this, you need to take a look at the rotary wheels and the wire. This way you can see whether the machine is performing correctly or not. A bad misfit machine will impact performance and cause accidents.

Always use Safety gear: Safety gear is most important when using a wire saw. Safety gears like goggles, earpieces, and helmets help to protect you from any wooden bits and pieces that may end up flying and causing harm to you. You should also use gloves to make sure that you have the best safety measures with yourself. And in case you’re out in the fields working over large boulders or stones, you should consider using full-body protection too. This will ensure complete all-around safety.

Always follow the instructions: A wire saw comes with a set of instruction manuals about how to use it. You should always make sure that you follow those instructions to ensure complete safety and superior performance. Wire saws are best suited for cutting through tough surfaces and you should always use them accordingly.

Maintain optimum wire tension: When you use optimal wire tension then you’d achieve the best accuracy. This also helps lessen the chances of accidents and mishaps. Always make sure that you locate the two idler wheels for the wire to move along and place them accordingly at a minimum gap of one to two inches for back and forth movement. This will ensure easy maneuver of the wheels and allow smooth operation and decreased chances of accidents.

Adjust the arm clamps properly: This is another of the tips that you need to follow along to make sure you use the wire saw safely. Always take a look at the diameter of the object that needs to be placed for using a wire saw so that you can set the adjustable arms accordingly. You should adjust the arms in such a way that it grasps the object in a proper and secure fit. This will allow the right clamping and you can then easily go on to use the wire saw without any worries.

Wire Saw Frequently Asked Questions

Can I carry the Wire Saw in my cabin luggage?

A wire saw is made of relatively sharp wire, and because of this reason, it is not allowed in the cabin luggage. If you are taking it with you to the airport, ensure that you check in your back to avoid being flagged at the security checks. Since the wire saw is very compact, it is usually easy for you to keep it in the luggage. You can save a small pouch in your luggage to carry the wire saw. Please keep it away from the fabric and the clothes, or else there are chances that the wire saw may damage your clothes.

My wire saw keeps breaking; what should I do?

One of the reasons for wire saw breaking is the use of excessive pressure. If you are using extreme pressure while driving the wire saw, there are chances that it will break because of obstructions. The right way to use the wire saw is to move the saw without applying a lot of pressure. You should let the sharp wires do the task instead of applying a lot of stress. If you are using the wire saw correctly, you will reduce the chance of breaking the saw. Another point to note here is to ensure that you are buying a good quality wire saw. The bad quality saws would easily break, and they would end up being a useless purchase.

How can I improve the grip of the wire saw?

If you are buying a saw with metal loops, that should provide you with the best possible grip. The metal loops do not slip even when it is raining or moisture around the material. If the metal starts pricking you, you can add a little silicone on the loops, improving the grip by multiple folds. The silicone would make the grip soft, and at the same time, it will also ensure that your figures do not slip while using the saw.

Can wire saw the damage to the pipes?

Many people use the wire saw to cut PVC pipe sections, and some people are afraid to try such repairs. You can use the wire saw to cut PVC pipes’ area, but then you need to be careful. You must ensure that you are cutting straight while you are attempting any such repair. To do so, you can start by marking the cut around the pipe. It will help you ensure that the cut is straight, and it will help you avoid any rework.

Is it possible to sharpen the wire saw?

No, it is not possible to sharpen the saw again. You would need to replace your wire saw once it loses sharpness. The wire saws are available at a nominal price, and hence you must not worry about burning a hole in your pocket. If you see yourself using the wire saw often, you can also buy a combo pack with two or more saws in the same package.

Final Verdict

The truth is that the wire saws are quite awesome. They can make a difficult task very easy for you. Using them is also very easy, and it is no difficult task. If the saw is sharp, it will even be easier for you to use it. It will take a lot less energy to cut through a log if you use a reliable wire saw. Remember to keep it safely in the bag. The price of these wire saws is quite affordable, and this is yet another factor that can impact your buying decision. The quality of these saws also depends on the material that is used to manufacture them. A better approach would be to go through the buying guide before buying the wire saw. This buying guide is available on the same page so you can scroll up and go through all the points that you need to consider while choosing the wire saw. If you still have any questions, you can reach out to us, and we will clarify your doubts.

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