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Bow Saw vs Pruning Saw: Comparison

CRAFTSMAN CMXMCBA2300 10 in. Blade Folding Pruning Saw, Black

For cutting, pruning and trimming the tree, there are many types of saws available. Never use a saw to cut the branches, they are meant for felling, pruning and trimming. Our hand pruner is too small for this work, the solution is a pruning saw. There is mainly a bow saw, and a pruning saw are used for this work. Both are best on their own. The key difference for these saws is written below.

Design and shape

In a bow saw, a straight metal blade with machined teeth on it is attached to the H shaped wooden frame. This is mainly used to cut a little bit more thick branches of the plant or tree. The design of this blade provides extra strength to the blade, and the blade doesn’t bents while cutting the branches.

bow saw sharpening

Pruning saw a curved blade, with teeth in the concave side. A wooden handle is there for a grip. This is mainly used to cut the small branches of your tree or to remove the little unwanted plants and shrubs from your garden. Also, many other shapes and designs are available for your comfort.

Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw


The pruning saw is a little bit small compared to the bow saw. With this all, a pruning saw is now available in many foldable designs. But the bow saw comes with a sturdy and large framework. Bow saws are mainly used for the same garden again and again.

If you buy a pruning saw for your work, then you can take it anywhere easily by folding it. After folding the pruning saw, its blades are hidden behind its hand. So, you do have not to worry about any damage due to the blades.

If you are looking for a saw, which has better portability, you should choose the pruning saw.


Everyone needs a product that will work for a long period, to avoid purchasing again the same product. Both prunings saw, and bow saw is strong due to their design. You can choose any of them as your needs.

If you have to use a saw for daily use, then you should choose the bow saw, because its blade is connected with the frame from both sides. But if you have to use it occasionally then always buy a pruning saw, it is easy to carry anywhere. And also, a pruning saw is easy to handle by beginners.


Comparing the key part of a bow saw to a pruning saw, you can find no significant differences. Both types of saws are effectively usable and highly reliable. The functionality is different, but you can get the same work done using both types of Saw in a similar amount of time. However, a bow saw might feel easier to use as compared to the other options.

So, the overall verdict is, both types of saws are great to use. It is all about understanding your need and then finalizing the perfect one for sure.