Someone using a impact driver to screw in a screw
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Which is the Best Makita Impact Driver for 2024?

Are you looking for the best Makita impact driver for the job? Read on to discover what we recommend... Best Overall Makita 18V LXT Impact Driver  5/5 CHECK LATEST PRICE Best…
makita pole saw cover page

Which Makita Pole Saw Is the Best in 2024? [Top 3 Reviewed]

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Makita Cover Image Track Saw

Which Makita Track Saw Is the Best in 2024? [Top 6 Reviewed]

Makita Track Saw(s) are some of the best available in the market and out of their wide offering finding the right one could be tricky. So, in this article we discuss what you need to know before choosing the right one you. Makita tools are…
Man using a Makita Hammer Drill on concrete

Which Makita Hammer Drill Is Best In 2023? [8 Drill Kits Compared]

Are you wondering which Makita hammer drill is the best? Hammer drills are essential tools for DIY and renovations. You can mainly use it for drilling hard materials, such as bricks and wood. Finding the right product can be stressful and time-consuming,…
Makita Table Saw cover image

Best Makita Table Saw

I’ve been asked multiple times about the Makita Table Saw range. so thought of doing this short article if you are still looking. Unfortunately the short answer is, Makita Table Saw range is now discontinued. In the past they had a few…
Makita DHS680Z Brushless 18 V Li-ion Circular Saw Bare Unit, 165 mm by Makita
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Makita DHS680Z Circular Saw Review

  Being one of the most trusted tool brands in the world, Japan's Makita is liked by many knowledgeable DIYers and professionals around the world. This article aims to review Makita’s one of the best circular saws which is Makita…
Makita 7-14 Circular Saw (5007F) Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons
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Makita 7-1/4 Circular Saw (5007F) Read Before Buying

  One of the reputed names in the power tool industry is that of Makita. The brand has impressive goodwill, and the products from Makita are widely appreciated. The quality, service, and innovation are unmatchable. If you are looking for…
Makita 7-14 Circular Saw (5007MG Magnesium) Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons
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Makita 7-1/4 Circular Saw (5007MG Magnesium) Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons

  Using bulky power tools can be difficult, and it can make your work inaccurate too. When you are looking for a power tool, usually, you would want something durable yet lightweight. The criteria are the same when you are looking for…