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Chop Saw vs Miter Saw: Which One Is Better?


Choosing either a chop saw or a miter saw from the market is not that easy if you are not familiar with both of them. Also, you may end up with the conclusion that both saws are the same and buy the wrong one for your application. Both chop saw and miter saw indeed resembles some basic functionalities, but that doesn’t mean that they are the same. They still have some differences and that you need to know before selecting any of these saws over another. 

Though chop saws seem the same as the miter saws, you need to understand both of them while choosing one option out of these two options. In this article, we are going to let you know about both the chop saw and miter saw to help you in choosing the right tool for your work. 

Chop Saw Vs. Miter Saw – Comparison

Chop Saw

Chop saw comprises a large circular blade to cut the materials from top to down. Usually, chop saws cut the materials when the handle on the blade is pressed towards down. Apart from cutting the wood, chop saws can also cut other materials with ease. Also, these saws are ideal for making straight cuts faster than other saws. Moreover, it is powerful than a miter saw and can cut the materials efficiently. Therefore, these saws can also be used in woodworking workshops for cutting high-grade materials. 

Chop saws are the best choice to make straight cuts on your workpieces. They use a sturdy blade, which is larger than a miter saw blade. The chop saw blades are made of abrasive material and offer excellent finish to the cutting surface. Also, the blade of this saw is powerful and safe to use for cutting different materials. The blade size of a chop saw is about 14-inch, which is efficient for cutting different materials confidently. 

Usually, the quality of chop saws varies with brand, size, and power. If you talk about the price, then both chop saws and miter saws are priced from a hundred dollars to a few hundred dollars. Therefore, it is easily affordable by the hobbyists and workshop owners to take their work to the next level. If you are planning to use a chop saw, then you can check its features and price to get a professional-grade tool for your work. One drawback of the chop saw is it creates noise during the operation. 

As chop saws produce sparks during the operation, you may get injured while operating it if you are not careful. Also, you need to ensure that there is no flammable product near to the chop saw while operating it. But the sparks of a chop saw is not so powerful that it can burn our skin. However, when compared with miter saws, chop saws are not the safest option to use. Chop saws can cut only one angle, and that is 90 degrees. So you can consider using a chop saw only for straight cuts. If you want to do some creative designs with some angled cuts, then chop saws are not a good option for you. 

Miter Saw

Miter saws also use circular blades and are ideal for making both straight and angled cuts. These saws are mostly preferred for making excellent finish cuts on your workpieces. So if you want to make perfect cuts on the wood, then miter saw is ideal for you. Miter saws feature a simple design and are one of the safest saws to use for making different types of cuts. With this saw, you can perform molding, flooring, and decking operations with ease. As miter saws can cut only wood materials, these are not versatile like chop saws. 

The blade of miter saw is adjustable according to your needs and allows you to make multiple types of cuts with ease. Unlike chop saws, miter saw blade doesn’t spark during the operation. The normal size of a miter saw blade is around 10 to 12-inch, which is smaller than the blade of a chop saw. So, this saw is not ideal for cutting any hard materials. Also, miter saws come with many safety features to keep it safe and let you do your work with ease. Usually, there is a blade guard in the miter saw to keep it secure when it is not in use. 

Miter saws are priced the same as chop saws. Because of the useful features and easy-to-use design, miter saws are ideal for use for making different cuts conveniently. As miter saws are available in different types and include different features, you can consider your needs and easily get a miter saw for your application. If you are looking for a saw for casual woodcutting works, then miter saw is the right choice for you.            

Miter saws are ideal for cutting only wood. Even if you try to cut other materials with a miter saw, then the blade may get damaged. However, this saw features many angles to let you cut the wood from different angles as per your needs. With a miter saw, you can achieve crosscut, bevel cut, miter cut, and compound cut. If you want to design a picture frame or make other angled cuts, then a miter saw is an ideal option for you. 


Both miter saws and chop saws have some similarities that anyone may think both are the same. But they also have some differences that let people select the right saw for their work. Usually, chop saws are powerful than miter saws and comprise a large blade for making efficient cuts. Though these saws are sturdier than miter saws, they can only make straight cuts. But miter saws are a good option to cut your workpiece from different angles according to your needs. Also, chop saws are ideal for cutting different materials, but miter saw is only capable of cutting the wood. 

So, for hobbyists who don’t need a versatile tool to use, a miter saw is a perfect choice. With this tool, they can achieve all types of cuts on the wood at an affordable price. But if you need a saw to use in your workshop for cutting wood as well as metal materials, then a chop saw can be handy for you. This saw can provide efficient cutting performance to make your work easier. 

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