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Compound Miter Saws Vs. Miter Saw: Which One Is Better?

Compound miter saws vs miter saw

The miter saws are one of the most efficient and useful saws used in the professional wood workshop. With the semi-stationary arrangement, the miter saws are used for making both straight and angled cuts. The Miter saws are primarily used for cross cuttings. And if you are looking to have a  saw that can perfectly handle the crosscuts, the Miter saws will be a better choice for you than the table or any other saw.

The miter saws are great to have in the workshop, however, if you are involved in the projects where you have to deal with clean angled crosscuts, then using the Miter saws can be a bit tricky. And this is where the compound miter saws come into existence. The compound miter saws come with variable angled cuttings and if you are looking to make cleaner and smoother cuts. 

In this article, we will be talking about the brief comparison between the normal miter saws and the compound miter saws. Go through the comparison and choose which one of these will be a better choice for your workshop and projects. 

Miter Saws vs Compound Miter Saws: A brief comparison

When it comes to comparison, there are a few important points that you should consider while purchasing a better and more suitable saw for your workshop. We are comparing a few such points here that are surely going to help you decide better. 


Whether you are looking to buy a miter saw or a table saw, the first thing that you need to consider is the power and efficiency. And the same implies when you are about to decide between the Miter and compound miter saws. Make sure that the saw you are looking to buy has adequate power that can handle the projects efficiently without any performance issue. Also, be sure to go for a higher power option so that you can buy a future-ready saw for your workshop.

Comparing the saws on the basis of power, can’t be a reasonable point. Both the miter and compound miter saws are available in a wide power option and you can buy a suitable one according to your budget and projects’ needs.


Versatility is another important thing that you should be looking for while choosing between a Miter and compound miter saw. The compound miter saw can make clear and more reliable crosscuts at an angle, the miter saws can be used for a wide range of cuts including the crosscuts.

Comparatively, you can say that the compound miter saws offer better usability and versatility. The compound miter saws offer varied cutting angles, including the zero angles to make straight crosscuts along with the brilliant angled cuts. So, if you are looking to buy a more reliable and versatile saw that can help you deal with various projects, the compound miter saw will be an excellent choice to make. 


Another important thing that you should consider while buying the miter or compound miter saw is the handling. It is always better to choose a saw that has better usability and handling. And on comparing the miter and compound miter saws for usability, the compound miter saws are much easier to handle and use for long hours. 

Mostly the compound miters are more compact and reliable for the professionals as well as the intermediate woodworkers. So, if you are also looking for easy usability and handling, you should go with the compound miter saws.

Value for money

Another thing to compare while choosing a better saw between the miter and compound miter saw is the value for money. Value for money or a better-valued product is decided on many other points, like the list of features, usability, and performance. So, choosing a saw with better value is extremely important while purchasing a professional tool for the workshop.

Relatively, the compound miter saws offer a better value for money as they can be used as a perfect angled crosscutting along with all the tasks that a normal miter saw is capable of performing. So, if you are looking for a saw that has better usability and offers amazing value for money, you should opt for the compound miter over the normal miter saws.  

Pros and cons of Miter and compound miter saws

To make a better decision, it is essential that you thoroughly know about the pros and cons of both Miter and Compound Miter saw. So, here are a few pros and cons associated with both the saws that you should consider as a buyer. Have a look at them and then decide which one of these saws would be a more suitable choice for you. 

Miter Saws


  • Great usability
  • Easier to handle than table saws and other saws
  • Better for the crosscuts and many other tasks


  • Can be hard to use for the first-timers

Compound Miter Saws


  • Amazing performance 
  • Has better versatile design
  • Can be tweaked with numerous design hacks


  • None so far

Final thought: Compound Miter Saws Vs Miter Saw; Which one you should buy for yourself

As you would have known until now that both miter and compound miter saws are a great addition to the workshop. However, if you are looking for a better value for money and efficiency, the compound miter saws would be a better option to go with. Along with the better functions and easy usability, the compound miter saws can easily perform the functions of a normal miter saw quite easily. 

So, if you are looking to buy a better saw for your workshop and aren’t too keen to have numerous tools and saw in the workshop, we will suggest you to try your hands on a compound miter saw. You can easily find a perfect compound miter saw according to your needs and budget. There are numerous renowned brands in the market that deal with the compound miter saws. You can try them and buy a better saw that works ell and offers excellent value for your money.

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