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Corded vs Cordless Circular Saw: Which One Is Better?

Circular saws are one of the most important tools that you can find in a wood workshop. Along with providing the users with the ability to deal with the larger wooden logs to get in shape, the circular saws also offer users to deal with the other materials. These materials include plastic and other light metals. The circular saws can be used to get a straight and more cleaner cut that can’t be achieved by the normal saws used in the workshop. This makes the circular saw as one of the most versatile and useful saws used by the professional. 

However, like the many other saws, the circular saws have also been divided into two categories. You can now either go with the corded circular saws as you would have seen in the traditional workshops or go with the modern and easy to use cordless circular saw. If you are also confused about whether you should opt for the corded or cordless circular saw, then you should once go through the article. By spending a few minutes on the article, you will be able to find the right circular saw for yourself according to your needs and budget.

Corded and Cordless Circular Saw – Brief Comparison

First, let’s compare the corded and cordless circular saws on the points which a buyer usually refers while purchasing new saw. Have a look at them and know which type of circular saw offers better usability and performance. 


The first thing that all the buyers look for while purchasing a new circular or any other saw for the projects is the power or motor’s efficiency of the saw. By relying on a bigger and more efficient motor, you can easily get the best-in-class performance and faster results. So, whenever you are out to buy a new circular saw for yourself, make sure to check the power and efficiency of the saw. 

Comparatively, the corded circular saws are more powerful and stable than the cordless circular saws. So, if you are looking to have a circular saw that can handle your projects with ease, regardless of the complexity, the corded circular saws would be the right choice for you. Try your hands on the variety of corded circular saws and find a reliable one for yourself with adequate power and efficiency. 


Another important thing to consider while purchasing a circular saw is Handling. The circular saws can be extremely dangerous if they are not handled carefully. So, it is always suggested to try hands on the saw that has been tried by the users before and has a better safety and usability features than other saws available in the market. 

Relatively, the cordless circular saws are considered as a lot safer than the corded circular saws. As they can be moved freely, and there is no wire to restrict the movement of the saw, you can cleverly make your moves and best cuts possible without compromising the safety.


The next big thing that can help you buy the best circular saw is the list of features. Though the list of features is solely decided by the brand and the price of the saw. But if you compare the corded and cordless circular saws in general for the features, then the cordless circular saws offer a better list of features. As they are designed for modern users with the need for mobility and usability, the cordless circular saws offer a list of features that can help them become easier to handle and maintain. 

Also, the cordless saws are relatively lighter in weight. So, if you are looking for a feature-rich and efficient circular saw, then you should opt for a good quality cordless circular saw that can help you get the best results. 

Value for money 

The last and the most important thing to consider while purchasing a new circular saw is the value for money. As there are several models of circular saw available in the market from the different brands, you must choose a saw that completely worth the money and offers great value for your money. 

Value for money for a saw depends on various points, including usability, brand value, and functionality. However, if you compare the cordless circular saw and corded circular saws, then the cordless saws offer greater value for money. The major reasons for this enhanced value are usability and performance. So, if you are looking for better investment and want to buy a reliable saw that completely justifies the price, you should opt for the cordless circular saw for yourself. 

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Pros and Cons of  Corded and Cordless Circular Saws

Another way to decide between the corded and cordless circular saw is to look at the pros and cons of the two. By having a look at the positives and the negatives of the saws, you can easily decide which one of them would be a better performer for your project, and which one should better be avoided. 

Corded Circular Saws


  • Better power and efficiency
  • Great for handling heavy and larger projects
  • Offers better stability


  • Heavy and hard to get used to.

Cordless Circular Saws


  • Portable
  • Easier to maintain
  • Easier to carry and store


  • Battery dependability makes them restricted

Final Words: Corded or Cordless Circular Saw: Which one you should buy?

In all, choosing the one out of the corded and cordless circular saw mainly depends on the projects you have, and how you use the saws. For the buyers who have a fixed workshop where they deal with the different types of projects, the corded circular saws would be an excellent product to go with. Whereas, for the buyers who travel a lot and do not need a heavy-duty saw for them, the cordless circular saws would be a better option to make. So, check your needs, go through the pros and cons of both the saws and you can easily figure out a better circular saw for yourself. 

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