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DEWALT 20v Circular Saw (DCS570B) Expert Reviews & Guide


7-1/4 inches circular saw is one of the most popular sizes in this space, and these tools are very versatile. You can use 7-1/4 inches for many tasks, and it is also a popular choice for construction workers. This sized circular saw is available in corded and cordless versions. The market is flooded with such tools, and if you are looking for a cordless 7-1/4 circular saw, we are sure that you would have come across DEWALT 20v 7-1/4†Circular Saw (DCS570B). This model is a very competent circular saw, and it can improve your efficiency by a huge factor.

Today, we have compiled a review of DEWALT 20v 7-1/4†Circular Saw (DCS570B), and we are sure that after reading this review, you will be able to conclude the purchase decision. So, go ahead and check out the details now.

DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1-4-Inch Circular Saw

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DEWALT 20v 7-1/4†Circular Saw (DCS570B) Motor

While buying a power tool, you should look for a tool that comes with a brushless motor. The brushless motors are easy to maintain, and you don’t have to change the carbon brushes often. If this is what you are looking for, then DEWALT 20v 7-1/4†Circular Saw (DCS570B)will fir your requirements. This saw comes with a brushless motor. The motor of this saw has the power of the corded saw, but at the same time, it works with a lot of agility because it is a cordless saw. The motor is optimized to use minimal energy and give you the maximum output. With the help of such a design, you can achieve twice the life of this tool. The maximum speed of DEWALT 20v 7-1/4†Circular Saw (DCS570B) under no-load condition is 5500 RPM, and hence it cuts almost everything easily. The motor can maintain the speed when you put a load on it.

DEWALT 20v 7-1/4†Circular Saw (DCS570B) Blade

Talking about the blade offered with DEWALT 20v 7-1/4†Circular Saw (DCS570B), you will be happy to know that you get a carbide-tipped blade in the pack. This blade has a 24 TPI configuration which works well on most of the material. The saw and the blade are not designed to cut the metal, but you can cut the wood, fiber, and other materials. The blade offers you a cutting capacity of 2-9/16 inches when you are cutting at a 90-degree angle. If you choose to set the bevel angle at 45 degrees, you will get a cutting depth of 2 inches. You can use the blade-changing wrench that is offered with this saw to change the blade.

DEWALT 20v 7-1/4†Circular Saw (DCS570B) Comfort & Grip

Talking about the comfort and the grip associated with the DEWALT 20v 7-1/4″ Circular Saw (DCS570B), you will find it pretty comfortable to use the saw. The saw is portable, and the cutting speed is two times that of the other local offerings. The saw has a top handle with a soft grip, and the low weight of 7.5 lbs helps you achieve the desired accuracy. We found the grip to be confidence-inspiring, and the lower weight of the saw ensures that you don’t encounter any issues during the use. The powerful motor, along with the sharp blade, ensures that there are no kickbacks even if you encounter an embedded nail in the wood.

Other Features

DEWALT 20v 7-1/4†Circular Saw (DCS570B) is highly efficient, and the speed of this circular saw is phenomenal. The saw gets a runtime of 330 crosscuts when you are cutting 2×4 planks made of pine. This model has a bevel capacity of 57 degrees, but you have bevel stops at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees. There is an integrated rear pivot which also improves the utility associated with the saw. Apart from this, the electric brake enhances the security aspect since it stops the blade as soon as you release the trigger. Most circular saws don’t have this electric brake, but we are glad that Dewalt integrates this option. In the package, you also get a rafter hook.


Voltage 20V Soft Handle Grip Yes
Cord/Cordless Cordless Tool Free Bevel Yes
Length 113 IN Bevel Capacity 57 Degree
Warranty 2 Years LED Yes
Voltage 120 AC/DC Adjustable Handle Yes
Weight 7.5 lbs Built-in Blower No
Blade Type 24T Rear Pivot Yes
No Load RPM 5500 Battery Included No
Spindle Lock Yes Electrical Brake Yes


  • The brand offers three year warranty on a DEWALT 20v 7-1/4†Circular Saw (DCS570B). The policy also includes a one-year free service along with a 90-day money back guarantee.
  • There are LED lights integrated into the saw, and these lights are very helpful in getting the desired accuracy. The cutline is visible because of the illumination.
  • The presence of the electric brakes makes this saw a lot safer to use, and hence you won’t come across any safety concerns while using DEWALT 20v 7-1/4†Circular Saw (DCS570B).
  • The blade of the saw has carbide teeth, and it is pretty impressive for ripping purposes. You can use this circular saw without any concern.
  • DEWALT 20v 7-1/4†Circular Saw (DCS570B) is very powerful, and there are no kickbacks while using the saw. The accuracy levels are also phenomenal.


  • Some people complained about the lower battery life, and they opt for some aftermarket batteries to get a higher runtime.
  • The dust blower is missing in this circular saw, and the addition would have been great for the accuracy. Also, it would have been nice if Dewalt offered a storage case with the saw.


You have been through the detailed review of DEWALT 20v 7-1/4†Circular Saw (DCS570B), and we are sure that you would have loved the saw. We recommend you to purchase only the tool if you already have Dewalt batteries at home. If you want to buy the batteries, you can look for aftermarket choices since they can also prove to be cheaper. The warranty support and the proactive customer approach helps Dewalt in establishing itself as one of the best circular saws available in the market. Overall, we recommend the purchase of a DEWALT 20v 7-1/4″ Circular Saw (DCS570B) if you are looking for a 7-1/4 inch circular saw.

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