Electric Chain Saw Vs Gas Chain Saw: Comparison

In the last few years, new inventions and tools have been brought out for cutting wood. Of all the equipment’s, an electric chain saw and gas chain saw are popular. They can save your efforts and time too. Choosing which one is better is still a big question. However, few people think that an electric chain is an ideal option in terms of functionality, durability, outcome and maintenance. While gas chain saw cannot be convenient in cutting speed and power. In our opinion, you should know an adequate difference before making any final decision. In this blog, we have mentioned aspects that will help you to determine the right chain saw for you. Without wasting any time, let’s discuss them:

About Electric Chain Saw

An electric chain saw is majorly popular and well-known for its working capacity. They are subdivided into two types namely Cordless and corded. Both types follow the same functionality way to drive the chain. The only difference between the two is, cordless chainsaws require batteries to activate while corded chainsaws want electricity from an electrical passage.

Essential features of electric chainsaws:

An electric chainsaw majorly works with the help of electrical motors. They don’t have gas engines but have an armature which is known as an internal power-creating module.

How does it work?

The armature is an important part of an electric chainsaw that converts electrical power into mechanical power in the formula of rotation. This rotation enters the chainsaw through the chute. The entire process pushes the chain to spin all over the place inside the chainsaw.

Reasons behind choosing an electric chainsaw

There are numerous benefits to have an electric chainsaw rather than a gas chain saw. Let’s have a look

  1. The most prominent factor is that the built quality is top-notch. They are quite solid and lightweight as compared to a gas chain saw. Any size person can carry it easily.
  2. Another important reason to buy electric chainsaws is that they don’t create noise. They may create little noise while pulling the throttle trigger.
  3. To excess the electric chainsaw, you need to start with a single touch of a button.
  4. They don’t produce a petrol smell because they work by the power or electricity.
  5. Storing an electric chainsaw is even easier as compared to a gas chainsaw. You just turn off the button, unplug it and set it aside.
  6. You can use your electric chainsaw for various home or yard cutting tasks like cutting small logs, sprucing up tress, trimming libs, etc.
  7. Infect, the maintenance cost of an electric chainsaw is comparatively less. As there is no fuel to store, no engine parts to keep oiled and no filter to clean.
  8. Investing in electric chainsaws might be the right choice because they are cheaper.
  9. You will get the best value of money if you used corded electric models. Since they run forever as a long while cordless model requires battery charge.

The reason behind choosing a gas chainsaw

Here are some major reasons to choose a gas chainsaw. Let’s you know:

  • Gas chainsaws are best for heavy tasks like cutting down huge trees, peeling up firewood, trimming, and pruning and among others. In other words, to handle any heavy-duty work you can use a gas chainsaw.
  • The blade length of a gas chainsaw is long as compared to an electric chainsaw.
  • You have enough fuel or gas to run a gas chainsaw for the whole day.
  • Batteries can damage quickly after some use. But a gas chainsaw requires fuel to excess. They cut faster than battery chainsaws.
  • They are portable, faster and can be used anywhere when you require them.
  • A gas chainsaw is not limited to electricity supply just like a corded electric chainsaw.

Electric Chain Saw Vs Gas Chain Saw

Electric Chain Saw Vs Gas Chain

The below-mentioned points will help in making the right difference between the two chainsaws:


Electric chainsaws are extremely compact and lightweight. Thus, you can carry along with it while traveling or moving from one place to another. While gas chainsaws are heavy and require much space to store.


You will have to store fuel to start a gas chainsaw while an electric chainsaw is run by batteries or electricity. Gas chainsaws have a gas smell and create disturbing sounds while electric chainsaws work quietly and don’t discharge fuel on every use.


You can start electric chainsaws with a press of a button. They require a proper supply of electricity and batteries to work. On the other hand, a gas chainsaw should start with a press of cord. You can only use 2-cycle gas or oil and 4-cycle gas to make it accessible.

Work Capacity

Electric chainsaws are the best use for regular and basic garden or yard work while a gas chain saw can be used for heavy-duty jobs and all types of yard work.


Since a gas chainsaw depends on fuel, thus it needs regular maintenance and care. The maintenance cost of an electric chainsaw is comparatively less.


If you buying a corded electric model, you need not spend more while to buy an electric chainsaw you have to pay even more.


 A coded electric model can runs for a long duration if you use it in a proper manner. On the other hand, you need to refuel gas chainsaws to maintain their long working life.

Blades Size

Electric chainsaws are offered with 18-inches of blades length while a gas chainsaw has 72-inches of long blades.