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How To Change A Table Saw Blade

How To Change Your Table Saw Blade

For carpenters & do-it-yourselfers, changing and replacing a table saw blade is a fundamental task that may be required on several different projects throughout a career. In building sites or in-home workspaces, table saws are essential instruments for a wide range of tasks. They are also the foundation of many work projects.

Sometimes it is necessary to replace blades since they have got dull and worn out over time. Table saw blades, on the other hand, can be changed to suit the material getting cut for the particular project at hand. Table saw blades come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including ripping blades, smooth cutting blades, & dado blades, to mention a few.

How To Change Your Table Saw Blade

The easy method

In this section, we’ll go through the fundamental procedures involved in changing a table saw blade. Following that, we’ll have a look at several additional approaches that you might want to consider using.

This method may be used with any type of table saw, namely jobsite table saws, contractor’s table saws, cabinetry table saws, & hybrid table saws, and it is simple to implement. Nonetheless, because each model is unique, it is recommended that you study the user manual before attempting to replace the blade.

Disconnecting the Power

Table saws, like any other power instrument, can be highly hazardous if you don’t use them with care and follow all safety guidelines. Consequently, before you do anything else, make sure your table saw is turned off & disconnected from its power supply before proceeding forward.

Removing the Throat Plate & Blade Guard

The throat plate and blade guard should be removed after you have ensured that your table saw has been unplugged from the power outlet.

You may need to consult your table saw’s instruction manual if you are unsure of how to complete this task because every table saw is built differently.

Raising the Blade

Remove the throat plate & blade guard from the blade and lift the blade to its highest point possible. When it comes time to remove the blade, this will allow you to do so with the least amount of difficulty.

Loosening the Arbor Nut

When using a table saw, the blade is kept in position by a piece of hardware known as an arbor, and to separate the blade from the arbor, you must first loosen the arbor nut.

For this purpose, a pair of screws should be included with your table saw. While one screw is used to secure the blade in place, another is used to twist the arbor nut on the opposite side of the blade.

Removal of Arbor Nut Manually

The arbor nut can then be unscrewed and removed with your fingers once the wrench has been used to loosen the nut. Precautions must be taken to prevent the arbor nut from falling into the table saw the body. After you’ve removed the arbor nut, you’ll need to detach the washer that was attached to it.

Remove its blade & replace the same with a new one

After removing the arbor nut and washer, you may now release the blade from the arbor.

Remove the old blade and replace it with a new one. Keep in mind to set the replacement blade with its teeth pointed towards you rather than away from you when performing this procedure.

Replacing the Washer & Arbor Nut

It is worth replacing the washer and nut on the arbor after the new blade has been installed on it.

Re-tighten its Arbor Nut

One can now re-tighten the arbor nut by following the identical procedure that you have used to loosen it in the beginning. If you used 2 wrenches, proceed by keeping the blade steady with one wrench and tighten with the other, holding the blades still with the other wrench.

Even if you chose a different approach, you can apply the same procedure in reverse to tighten the arbor nut if you choose. Please see the section below for other alternatives.

Replacing throat plate & blade guard

The throat plate & blade guard should be replaced. Now that your new blade has been mounted, it’s time to put it to work.

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A Practical Tool – Especially When Equipped With the Proper Blade

As previously stated, a table saw is one of the most essential tools and options you can buy – however, it is effective as the blade that is used to cut the wood with.

A sharp blade, as well as one that is appropriate for the cutting work at hand, will always provide you with a high-quality cut, no matter what the situation. Blade replacement is a straightforward procedure, and if you follow the instructions in this article, you must be able to complete it without difficulty.

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