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How To Change A Miter Saw Blade : In 3 Simple Steps

Change Miter Saw Blade

As technology develops and gets more affordable, a compound miter saw has become a more readily available product for professional carpenters and even hobbyists alike. Those who believe that power tools are a superfluous investment and that even the most talented carpenter can create works of art with simple hand tools may believe that they are correct. However, once you have a Miter Saw in your possession, you will quickly recognize the advantages of having a powerful and also the value it offers to your project.

What Are the Benefits of Changing a Miter Saw Blade?

For instance, if the blades on your saw are worn, it has the potential to cause damage to the material you intend to work on. Also, there are situations when the blades simply do not work with the miter saw’s application. If you wish to cut the metal, you will need a special type of blade that has been manufactured specifically for this purpose.

Different types of blades are available for different types of materials; for example, the 100-tooth blade to cut wood pieces & the 24-tooth blades to cut studs are both available.

When should you replace the blade on your miter saw?

Change Miter Saw Blade

  • When the blade on your miter saw begins to wear down, you must replace or sharpen the blade to maintain maximum cutting power.
  • When the haircut takes significantly longer than usual, you will quickly realize what you have done. It is also occasionally recommended to use a certain blade for certain sorts of materials, which is dependent on the substance.
  • To conclude, here are some general guidelines for changing the miter saw blade, because it is an important and serious task:
  • In any event, disconnect the saw from the power source when changing the blade.
  • When changing saw blades, wear gloves since a substantial percentage of saw blades is extremely sharp.
  • When the screw link is loosened, make sure the blade is securely fastened so that it would not turn.
  • If the device does not have a locking feature, just place a tiny, extended plank of wood between the blade as well as the guide plate to secure the device.
  • Don’t forget to locknut (or screws) one more time. Improper fastening might be fatal if not done correctly.
  • Before changing your blades, the first thing you should do is read the instruction handbook that came with your saw.
  • Indeed, according to the manufacturer, the technique of replacement varies from one type to another and is dependent on the manufacturer’s specifications.

Quick Instructions for Changing a Miter Saw Blade

  • The miter saw plug should be disconnected from the wall outlet.
  • To release the spindle lock, turn the bolt counterclockwise.
  • Remove the miter saw blade from the miter saw.
  • Install the new miter saw blade in the miter saw.
  • Tighten the bolt by pressing down on the spindle lock.

Instructions on how to change the blade on a Miter Saw

Instructions on how to change the general saw blade is provided in this lesson. Kindly refer to your miter saw’s owner’s manual for instructions on how to change its blade on your particular model.

Step 1: Disconnect Spindle Cover

Swivel the blade guard to the top of the handle. Using your fingers, gently pry the spindle cover away from the spindle and allow it to pivot on the rear screw & drop out of the way behind you.

Step 2: Carefully remove the blade

 To completely lock the spindle, push the spindle lock button. If the spindle lock is unable to be fully locked, crank the spindle with just a 10mm tool while applying pressure on the spindle lock until it can be fully locked.

  • While pushing the spindle lock, remove the bolt with a 10mm wrench while still pressing the spindle lock.
  • Remove the bolt & washer from the joint.
  • The blade should then be removed from the miter saw.

Step 3: Replace the blade with a new one

 The process of changing the blade is the inverse of the method of separating the blade. Remember to install the blade in the correct orientation by following the direction arrows indicated on the blade. Change the washer & bolt with new ones. The spindle lock should be pressed in and the bolt tightened with a 10mm tool. The spindle cover nut should be replaced, and the blade guard should be lowered.

Check this video demo for miter saw blade replacement:

Make a few adjustments to your miter saw

Our miter saws tend to become out of alignment over time. Even completely new saws out from the box require adjustments from time to time. To make correct cuts, one must ensure that the blade is parallel to the tabletop and that the fencing is level to the blade, respectively.

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