How to Cut Pinewood Derby Car with a Coping Saw

Top 10 Best Coping Saw 2020 - Expert Review & Guide

If you don’t have availability of a band saw, you can work with a coping saw. Coping saws are a cost-effective tool that can cut a variety of forms and curves. Coping Saws are designed for carving curves in thin materials, but they may also be used to cut the body of your Pinewood Derby vehicle.

Top 10 Best Coping Saw 2020 - Expert Review & Guide

Make certain that the front of the automobile is parked at a similar end of the blocks on both sides of the intersection. A coping saw is used to cut a curve in this example. Start by setting a saw blade down in which the line you traced intersects the edges of the block to begin cutting. Continue to hold the saw at a correct angle to the blocks in order for it to cut both sides of the blocks equally.

How does a coping saw work?

A coping saw is a tool that employs a really thin metal blade extended over a metal frame to produce turning cuts in various materials such as wood, plastic, and metal, based on the blade used. The U-shaped frame is equipped with a swiveling spigot (clip) at either end, which is used to hold the blade ends in place. During the cut, the user can turn the blade with the help of a hardwood and plastic handle.

How thick pinewood a coping saw can cut?

Cutting very tight curves using a coping saw is a specialized handsaw that is typically used on thinner stock, such as trim molding. The can be used for outer (from its edge) cut on moderately thick stock; for example, up to two or three inches thick in a pinch.

It is recommended that you strive to get a final balancing position of the car that is one inch or less at the front of a rear-wheel when selecting where to weigh your car. In order to accomplish this, 2/5 of the additional weight should be placed behind the rear axle and the other 3/5 should be placed at the front of the rear wheels.

When purchasing a coping saw, seek a frame that is lightweight, sturdy, and strong because this will allow the blade to be held securely and taut. However, according to best sellers, the wooden grips are more comfortable; however, the handle must be properly fastened to the frame in order to offer a more accurate cutting result.