How To Sharpen a Dovetail Saw? In 4 Steps

Dovetail Saw Sharpening

Dovetail Saws are a great tool to have if you are a wood working professional and are looking forward to make great quality furniture. The saw lets you work precisely and can help you a lot in making great quality furniture. Even though if you aren’t a professional woodworker, you can easily find the saw useful in repairing the furniture at home. In all, a dovetail saw can be a handy addition to your toolbox if you are a professional or even if a DIYer.

However, like the other precision saws, the dovetail saws also need good maintenance. And if you have a dovetail at home, then you will agree that why the maintenance is an important thing to talk about the dovetails.

In this article, we are going to talk about sharpening the dovetail saw. Yes! you heard it right. Like the other types of saws, the dovetail saws also fade with time, and if you are using the faded dovetail saw for your projects, then getting the perfect results is just unquestionable. So, read the article till the end and know how you can easily re-sharpen the dovetail saw at home with a few simple tools and a little patience. With these two things, you can easily make your dovetail saw as it was new.

Dovetail Saw Sharpening

Why you should consider re-sharpening a dovetail saw?

Re-sharpening a dovetail saw is a great decision as to when it gets fade with time, the dovetail saw not only becomes risky to use but it may also ruin all your efforts made to make the furniture look and feel great. So, if you think your dovetail saw is not working as it should be, check whether it needs re-sharpening or not.Next, we will be talking about the step-by-step guide of resharpening a dovetail saw. So, let’s get started.

A step-by-step guide to re-sharpen the dovetail saw

Step 1: Secure the saw

The first step that you need to follow in order to re-sharpen the saw blade is to secure the saw. Make sure to use a clamp to fix the saw while working. Face the teeth-side up and move to the second step.

Step 2: Mark the height to which you need to work on

The second and the most important step is to make the markings. Be sure that you don’t go too deep as it can ruin the balance of the saw. For this step we will suggest you to take reference to the existing teeth of the saw. This will help you get a perfect teeth height if you are reforming the teeth.

Step 3: Choose the right file and other tools for the re-sharpening the dovetail

The next step is to choose the right set of tools for working. Make sure to choose the right file size depending on the diameter and size of the original saw teeth.

Step 4: If the teeth are deformed, work on the actual shape and re-form the teeth with the help of the available tools

Lastly, if the teeth of the saw have become totally flat, we will suggest you to reform new teeth accordingly while considering the angle and size of the teeth in mind. This step may take time depending on the tools you have and how much work you need to in your saw. So, be patient and work slowly.

Note: Check the sharpness of the teeth and work on a sample project to check whether the teeth are sharp enough to work or not.


This was the detailed step-by-step guide that you should follow in order to re-sharpening the dovetail saw. We will suggest you to follow these steps as they are with the right set of tools. These steps are extremely easy to follow and even if you haven’t sharpened the saw before, you won’t face any major difficulty in following these steps and end up with a sharpened dovetail saw like a new one. So, try these steps and save your money to buy a new dovetail saw.

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