How To Sharpen a Pole Saw Blade [Step By Step Guide]

Pole Saw Blade in use

Pole saws are among the most useful saws for homeowners who have a garden and are looking forward to maintaining the garden like a pro. The pole saws are the most efficient and easy-to-use saws to cut and trim and tree branches.leifarne ikea  big ten tournament apparel  stanley router plane  burberry quilted  מרכז מבקרים זכוכית  viidakko verhot  vince neil mugshot  youtube link to mp3 converter  can you connect usb microphone to soubd card  gopro app windows xp  oggetti per arredamento moderno amazon  hawaiian prodotti solari  puma basket trim block  dulap exterior dedeman  נחד משקפיים 

And though these saws are extremely easy to use, it is essential to maintain them well. With lack of maintenance, these saws last for a very small time, and if you don’t care for them well, you need to buy a new pole saw, or the saw blade real soon. To keep them well-maintained, we will suggest you to keep an eye on the saw blade’s health.

In the article, we will be talking about the re-sharpening of the pole saw blades. If you think that your pole saw is not performing as it was used to be, then we will suggest you to consider the blade’s health and if you think that it needs re-sharpening, you should do it is as early as possible. By re-sharpening the blades, you can easily enhance the overall life of the pole saw.

Why Should you sharpen a pole saw blade at home?

Pole Saw Blade

Pole saws are considered a great tool to have at home if you have a garden in the backyard and are willing to keep it free from unmanaged branches and hedges. These saws are great value for money as they vanish the need of buying ladders and tree trimming saws. Like the other saws, pole saws’ blades also get fade with time, and in order to keep them working as efficiently as a new one, you should keep them sharp to get the best results.

And unlike many other saws, pole saw blades can easily be sharpened at home with a few simple tools and a little patience. If you know the right process of re-sharpening the pole saw blades and have the right set of tools at home, you can easily re-sharpen the blades without any expert’s assistance.

Step-by-step guide for sharpening a pole saw blade

Step 1: Keep the saw stable by placing it in a suitable tabletop clamp

The very first step that you need to care about while re-sharpening the pole saw at home is to secure the saw. You can do this by placing the saw in a suitable clamp. By this, you can be assured that the saw won’t move when you work on the blade for sharpening it.

Step 2: Choose the right tool/file to get the perfect sharpening of the teeth

The next big thing you should care for while planning to re-sharpen the pole saw blade is the right set of tools. Though it depends on the method you are looking for re-sharpening the saw blade, in general, you will need suitable files,a grinder, and others. Make sure that you have the tools handy and know how to use them effectively.

Step 3: Choose the perfect angle for sharpening the pole saw’s teeth

Apart from choosing the right tool and file for sharpening the saw blade, it is essential that you use the file in the right angle. Be sure to work at the exact angle as the original saw teeth. This will help you to make the saw to work exactly as before.

Step 4: For the different edges, you may need different types of files. So, make sure that you are using the right file for re-sharpening purposes.

You may need a round-shaped file and triangular file to work on the different edges of the saw blade. So, choose the right set of files.

Step 5: Once done, remove the saw for clamp and check whether the saw is working properly or not.

Check this video for guide:


So, these were the five steps that you need to follow to re-sharpen the pole saw blade easily at home. So, try your hands on these steps and get the best results. Be sure to use the right set of tools to get the precise and desired results.

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