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How to Sharpen a Table Saw Blade

Table Saw Blade sharpening

Table Saws are very efficient, and they reduce the time required on a project. A sharp blade on the table saw can give you precise cuts. Just like all other blades, the table saw blade also loses its sharpness. In addition to this, if you haven’t used the table saw for a long time, there is a chance that the rust would have developed on the blade. If your blade is splintering the wood or if you notice that the edges have become dull, then you should consider sharpening the blade. We always recommend our readers to sharpen the blade a couple of times before they plan a replacement.

Sharpening the blade of the table saw will leave it like new, and you will be able to restore the precision in your work.If you are still unsure when you should sharpen your blade, let us add a little more details here. Some of the signs to look out for include discoloration of wood while using the saw, chipping or splintering of wood, and the smell of burning wood. If you notice any of these signs, then you would need to sharpen the blade. Let us now get into the details on how you can sharpen the blade.

Ways to Sharpen the Table Saw Blade

Table Saw Blade sharpening

In this section of the page, we have listed some of the ways that you can use to sharpen a table saw blade. Go ahead and check them out below.

1. Using Taper File

You can use a taper file to sharpen the hand saw blade, but you can also use these taper files for sharpening the table saw blade. To sharpen the table saw blade, you need to start by securing the blade in the vice. Now, hold the file in your dominant hand and place the other hand on the tip of the file. Stroke between the teeth while maintaining the angle, and you will end up with a sharpened blade. Maintain consistency in a number of strokes to get precise results. Remember that setting and filling the teeth is an important part of this process. This method is time consuming, but it is inexpensive, easy to learn, and a precise way to sharpen the table saw blade.

2. Using Crank Sharpener

The crank sharpeners are used for sharpening the chainsaw blade, but you can also use them on your table saw blade. This is the easiest to use method, and it is also efficient in terms of the timings. The only cons of this method is that it is expensive to follow this method. To sharpen the blade using the crank sharpener, you need to insert the sharpener over the blade and wind the saw blade. Pull the sharpener towards the cutting desk, and it will sharpen the saw blade for you.

3. Using Diamond Wheel Sharpener

The last method to sharpen the table saw blade is via a diamond wheel sharpener. These wheels spin at high speed, and they sharpened the saw blade very well. The diamond wheels are coated with 400 diamond grit hardness, and they work very well with the carbide-tipped saw blade. The results are fast, efficient and the saw blade comes out to be very sharp. The only cons here is that this diamond wheel sharpener is expensive, and it can easily damage the blade if you are not working correctly.

Start this process by removing the saw blade and replace it with the diamond blade. Once the diamond blade is in the right position, you would need to align both blades’ teeth. In this step, you can use tape or a marker to mark the teeth. Bringing the table saw blade to the diamond wheel will help you in filling the teeth. Do it for one tooth at a time and process the whole circumference of the saw blade. Once you cover all the teeth, you can remove the diamond wheel sharpener and install your saw blade again.

Is it worth sharpening the table saw blades?

Replacing the blade as soon as it becomes blunt will prove to be an expensive affair. Replacing the blade without sharpening it would also be a waste of resources since you will be throwing a good blade that you can use for many more projects. We understand that keeping that blade sharp is important, but replacing the blade every time is not a solution. Remember that the sharp blade will eventually become dull when using it on hardwood or any hard material. If you use a high quality carbide-tipped blade, then you should be able to sharpen it anywhere between 15 to 20 times before need a replacement. To answer your question, it is worth investing time in sharpening the blade, and you must always sharpen the table saw blade before replacing it.

Final Verdict

We have listed the ways to sharpen the table saw blade, and we are sure that you will be able to sharpen the blade easily. In addition to this, it is very important to keep the blade clean. To clean the blade, you can submerge the blade in warm soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes. After taking out the blade, you can wipe it with a soft cloth. Repeat the process once more, and then dry it before storing the blade. It is advisable to clean the blade after sharpening it. Apart from this, if you have any queries, you can leave a comment, and we will respond to you shortly.

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