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How to Sharpen Circular Saw Blades [Step By Step Guide + Video]

If you are a woodworking professional or involved in a DIY woodworking project, then the most important tool for you will be a circular saw. The circular saws, unlike the other saws, are easy to use and offer better results even if you are using them for the first time. The usability and performance of the circular saws make them the most important and widely used. The most important thing in a circular saw, or with any other saw is the saw blades. The sharpness and maintenance of the blades define the performance of the saw and thus it is essential that you take good care of the circular saw blades.

Circular Saw Blade sharpening

Do you require sharpening the circular saw blades?

Even if you use them with the utmost care, the saw blades fade with time. And if they fade, there are two options left for you; one is to buy a new blade, and the other and more affordable one is to resharpen them.

In the article, we are going to talk about resharpening the circular saw blades at home with ease. So, if you think that your circular saw’s performance is degraded with time and it is not as efficient as before, wewill suggest you to resharpen them as per the following guide. By doing this, you can easily resharpen the blades and check whether they need replacement or not. So, be with us until the end of the article and know about resharpening the circular saw blades at home, without any prior experience.

Five-step Guide to sharpen the saw blades effectively

Step 1: Disconnect the saw from the power source/battery

The first step for replacing or re-sharpening the saw blade is to disconnect the saw from its power source. Whether it is a battery-operated saw or attached with a power source, make sure it is disconnected.

Step 2: Remove the blade for the saw

The next important thing to do is to remove the blade from the saw. Some users prefer sharpening the blade when it is attached to the saw. We suggest you to remove the blade first to be safe and for effective sharpening.

Step 3: Mark the points on blades

Next big thing that you should care for while re-sharpening the blades is to mark them. While working you may get confused and may overwork on the teeth. That’s the reason why you should pay importance to the markings.

Step 4: Choose the right triangular file to work on the blade

Another important thing to consider while re-sharpening the saw blade is to choose the right tool. For the circular saw blades, the best file to use is the triangular file. By using the triangular file, you can make the new teeth evenlyat required angle.

Step 5: Make sure to secure the blade before working on it

Before working on the saw blade, make sure that your blade is safe and secure to be worked on.

Step 6:  Reassemble the saw blade. And you are done

Once you are done with re-sharpening, the last step is to check the angle of the teeth and replace the blade on the saw.

How you can maintain the health of circular saw blades?

So, this was the step-by-step guide that you can follow in order to resharpen the circular saw blades. Also, there are a few tips that can enhance the life of your existing saw blades. Let’s look at some of these tips so that you can get the maximum value for money and use the same saw blades for a longer time than expectations.

  • Keep the saw blade clean
  • Use the recommended lubrication
  • Check the alignment of the saw blade after working on heavy projects

By following the above-listed three points in mind, you can easily enhance the life of the saw blade and get the best value for money. Try them and notice the difference.


So, this was the complete information about resharpening and maintain a circular saw blade. If you have a circular saw at home or are working with them in your workshop, these tips and guides will be extremely helpful for you to get the best value and life of the saw blade. Try to keep them in mind and experience the enhanced performance and life of the circular blade saw.

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