How to use a Chop Saw? – A Complete Guide and Key benefits

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In today’s world tools are an indispensable product in every field of work like manufacturing, repairing, cutting woods, etc. Among all these tools, the chop saw is one of the great innovations by humankind. The other word for chop saw is cut-off saw. It is a circular saw, which is used to break hard material like floor tiles, heavy stones, and metal products.

The cutting blade is like a disc or CD, which works like a wheel and cut the hard material from where ever we want. The chop saw can be used in under-construction sites of houses, offices, malls, etc. as it is also used for cutting floor and wall tiles. Every tool has its purpose and way to use it and a chop saw has its own.

The way to use a chop saw is described following –

How to use a Chop Saw

1. Check the condition of the chop saw

The first step to use a chop saw is to check the condition of the chop saw, as it is a hazardous tool for an operator; it has to make sure that the tool is in perfect condition and ready to use with a suitable blade.

2. Measurement of a particular material

The second action to use a chain saw is to measure the material according to the requirement and mark it to form it, which is the requisite role of the chop saw. For instance, if we are cutting the floor tiles we need to measure all the blocks or tiles to cut, the same method applies to all material as per the requirement of the material.

3. Fix the material in the place

Chop saw has a surface in which we can keep the substance and lock that substance to cut it down so that it can be formed properly according to measurement it can be a steel plate, pipe moreover cables can also be cut by a chop saw. Fixing is the major part to use a chop saw, as the product needs to be cut properly and shaped accordingly.

4. Gripping on handle

When we start cutting the material we have to grip the handle with our right hand and use the Thumb accordingly as there is a trigger in the handle, which is pressed with the index finger to start the wheel blade to cut the substance, and it should be held until our task is not completed.

5. Cutting of Substance

The next method is slowly put manual pressure to cut down the substance, few substances emit some spark, so we have to be careful with that it can be hazardous and harm the eye. We should maintain a proper distance and wear eyeglasses to protect them from unwanted sparks. If we are required to grind the product, we can use the side face of the wheel blade and Bravo! Your task is complete and makes sure that you never forget to switch off the tool, as they are risky.

Benefits of Using Chop Saw

Several reasons make chop saw impressive in daily use. If you are willing to have better productivity and get more work done with ease then the below given will help you understand the use. Have a look –

  1. Powerful machine

Chop saw has a circular blade used for 90-degree angle cutting. It is more powerful than the mitre saw. If you are a fabricator, or you are working to build a house for this, you need to cut rafter, joists, etc.  For this, a good chop is better than a mitre saw, as chop saws are powerful machines.

  1. Usage

Chop saw is used for metalworking, construction, and home improvement as it is bigger starts from 12″ and more powerful. It can cut tougher metals, if you are working with steel cutting always recommend chop saw over mitre saw. Miter saw is used to cut wood, plywood, and softer wood not for cutting heavy material. However, a chop saw is used for cutting a different variety of material.

  1. Easy to use

Chop saw is very simple and easy to use; as it cut only straight 90-degree, the angle cut does not require complex settings.

  1. Material of blade

 The material of blade used in chop saw is an abrasive material that is why it cut any type of heavy material, rods and help in the smooth cutting of material as compared to the miter saw. The blade of the chop looks similar to a grinder.


 No doubt, there are greatly innovating new tools for giving good outputs and to save a lot of time, which you can see in a chop saw. It only required a good circulating wheel blade and a substance to cut, which saves a lot of time and workforce and forms a suitable product in few minutes.

However, these power tools are hazardous, so the operator should be trained and cannot afford any mistake, which can harm his body and use eye-protecting glasses, rubber gloves in case of the hot substance or protecting from sparks. Power tools need some little manual power to operate so that they can give a good form to the product.

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