How To Use A Circular Saw Without A Table? – A Beginners Guide

Circular Saw Without A Table

When it comes to working on DIY projects or creating a beautiful furniture set, the use of modern equipment can make things easier. The design of modern equipment is kept simple so that everyone can use it without having any experience.

The same goes for the circular saw. The simple and easy to use design make it highly reliable for various type of jobs. If you are using a good brand circular saw then you may know the advantages. It is a powerful tool that reduces the efforts, help in easing up the complete job, help you get a perfect cut with better accuracy and whatnot. Using a circular saw is beneficial but the question comes to mind that can you use a circular saw without a table?

Usually, a circular saw require a workbench to place it firmly and make fine cuts. If you don’t have a table, the issue of balancing the circular saw is irritating. So, is there any method to use a circular saw without a table? Well, we are here with some quick tips which will help you use highly powerful tools without a table.

Circular Saw Without A Table

Tips To Use Circular Saw Without a Table

It is all about choosing the right method to avoid facing any issues. So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a deep dive into the procedure –

Step 1

Using spare wood for stability purpose seems like an effective alternative and it can do the same thing that you can expect from a table. You can go with hard plywood which is treated with pressure. No doubt that this hardwood will give you similar advantages as a table. Make sure that this plywood has a non-stick covering to make things smoother.

Step 2

You can easily find that there are different names for a different part of the circular saw. If you are unfamiliar with the parts name then you can use the manual guide to learn about it. One of the common part names is the edge guide. You can use this feature to make perfect cuts from one point to another. Make sure that you protect your hands by maintaining space and do not touch the blade ever.

Step 3

Now you are using hard plywood for stability purpose and you will be putting material on this plywood to cut. But, you have to ensure the right depth of the cutting blade. If the length is too much then it will cut through the hard plywood along with the material. A quarter inch is good enough to opt for.

Step 4

Place the cutting material on the sawhorses to have a perfect cut. You will be able to cut in both manners without any problem. If you are not getting enough space at the sawhorse then you can use large plywood to have a firmer experience. Using the right type of blade will help protect yourself and cut any kind of material safely for sure.

Step 5

In the last step, you can cut but do you know that the use of the right blade and the right type of tool is adequate for making any adjustments with ease. Many people are using the wrong equipment and the chances of facing issues increases in such cases. So, it would be a better choice to avoid going for the wrong tools. Make sure that you find the perfect tools for the job to make things quicker.

Step 6

You can ask someone to help to hold the hard plywood so that you get enough grip on the circular saw. By this mean, you will be spending less time holding on to material and cutting the material with ease.

Step 7

There is nothing more important than wearing safety gears and if you don’t have the right gears, then you can buy them online. Using earbuds, dust protective mask, and eyes protective goggles will come in handy and provide you with the best use of all kind. There are many alternative methods that you can also use while cutting material with a circular saw but without a table.

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Bottom Line

Inspecting the tool before using it on any material is crucial to avoid any risk of an accident. You must ensure that the wire of the circular saw is in the right shape and it isn’t coming in between the cutting material and blade. The second thing to ensure is no rust on the blade. If there is rust, you can buy a new blade and change it.

Meanwhile, if you are buying a circular saw and don’t want to spend money on a table then some powerful tools can come in handy. You can use online buying guides to find out the specific circular saw which can be used without the need of having a table.

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