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How to Use a Circular Saw? – An In-depth Guide for beginners

As the name indicate “Circular”, which means round in shape and ‘Saw’ means a cutting tool. Together Circular Saw means a circular tool that is used for cutting purpose. It is probably more comparable to other tools because of its smooth functioning and it did not strike into the material like other tools. A circular saw also provides straight, deep, and clean-cut.

With the help of a circular saw, you can easily change the angle of the cut due to its lightweight design, and it can be moved from one place to another place easily. If you cannot take wood or material to the large table saw, you can take a circular saw to the wood. It is also less expensive in comparison to other options.

Although the circular tool is easy as compared to other tools but still you have to follow instructions and safety instructions properly. It is also dangerous if you do not have proper knowledge of using it. Before you use any tool, you must know the procedure to use with safety and right method otherwise it will be dangerous.

Proper knowledge of using tools also helps in increasing efficiency, accuracy and reduce the risk of an accident.Here we are mentioning the complete method along with other essential factors so that you do not risk your life with such a powerful machine. Let’s get started –

Steps For Using Circular Saw 

Carbide circular saws

To get started, it is important to know that what material you are working on and what kind of blade is required. Once you have equipped everything perfectly, you can follow the below-given steps and use a circular saw with ease –

Step 1 –Learn About Guide Marks

Every circular saw has guide marks that help you know about the cutting angle and position. The mark on the notch of the circular saw has different shapes based on the manufacturer, but it will make things quicker and easier. When you know the position, you can align the outsider mark to the material you are cutting and it will help you get a precise cut.

Step 2 – Support the Workbench

It doesn’t matter that what kind of workbench you are using, or you are using the circular saw in open woods, having support to place a sheet of wood is necessary. If you are cutting into the thick wood, things become easier as you can make sharp cuts. Placing the sheet of wood or any other materials firmly on the table and adjusting the depth of the blade is necessary here. Many ways can help you support the workbench but going with the easy method is always the practical one.

Step 3 – Know the Depth

As mentioned in the previous point, you need to adjust the depth of the blade. Once you have supported the work, know the thickness of wood or material you are cutting. Now, make sure that your blade depth doesn’t go beyond the thickness. You can adjust the blade to the proper thickness or slightly extra depth to make the first cuts. On the other hand, you should not try to use the blade at maximum depth as it is risky and require proper support to the workbench.

Step 4 – Start Straight

If you are using the circular saw for the first time, it would be an excellent choice to start straight and learn the procedure. Make marks on the wooden board and place it firmly. Clamp the wood so it doesn’t move and start cutting through the wooden material. After making find straight cuts, you can learn to use the blade at different angles. In the beginning, learning straight cut should be your priority.

Step 5 – Always use the manual guide

Most manufacturers add a manual guide along with their circular saw but you must learn about the circular saw features, buttons and other factors from the manual guide itself. You can use the circular saw at different speed settings due to accuracy and speed purpose. The rotation speed makes a big difference but you should not try high speed on the first try.

Step 6 – A Quick Recap of all steps

The easy way to use a circular saw is to learn from the manuals. You can learn about the guard switch, arc saw toe and other features. After learning the basic, mark the cutting area, place your circular saw in the right place, and wear all the safety gears. Hold the power button and the blade is rotating, Move the circular saw firmly and make sure that the wire doesn’t come in between. For angle cuts, you can adjust the blade setting and go for angled cuts easily.

The Final Verdict

Safety is a must before you use the circular saw. It is a tool used for making straight cuts in a variety of woods. Make sure that you wear a dust mask, safety glasses, earmuffs, and sturdy closed shoes. Dust and splinters make you feel uncomfortable and affect your eyes. Before you use a circular saw must inspect the saw, check the blade. Keeps your hands away from the blades when the saw is in motion, and when you change the blade make sure that you remove the battery and unplug the blade. When a circular saw is properly operated with safety, it decreases the chances of injury.

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