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How to Use a Compound Miter Saw? – A Beginners Guide

Compound Miter Saw is known to be the most versatile saw. It is powerful, efficient and it offers a high level of efficiency as well. You would never come across a workshop without a Compound Miter Saw. The Compound Miter Saw will help you increase the speed of your projects, and it also helps you get very precise cuts. If you haven’t used the Compound Miter Saw a lot, then do not worry. In this article, we have shared the ways to use the Compound Miter Saw efficiently. Go ahead and check them out now.

Tools Required

There aren’t many tools that you would need while using the Compound Miter Saw. This power tool is a complete package in itself, and hence there is nothing much required. You can still go ahead and check out what you should have when using this tool.

  • Compound Miter Saw
  • Marking pen
  • Measuring tape
  • Tool Stand or Workbench
  • Vacuum port connection

Apart from these tools, you must always use safety equipment while using the saw. Three things that you must use include a hearing aid, protection gloves, and safety glasses. These tools can help you in staying safe from any injury.

Steps to Use a Compound Miter Saw

Compound Miter Saw

Now, assuming that you have installed the Compound Miter Saw, you can go ahead and start following the steps listed below to use it.

  • Before you begin using the Compound Miter Saw, you must always mark the cuts. Measure the length, mark lines using a scale, and ensure that you are very accurate while putting the markings on the wood. You must also take into account the thickness of the blade of Your Compound Miter Saw.
  • Once you have the required markings, put the plank against the fence and ensure it is properly secure. You can now position the clamps and ensure that there is no tool on the plank. Always put the clamps at least 6 inches away from the blades and secure them properly.
  • Adjust the angle and the bevel of the Compound Miter Saw. Once that is done, you must verify the angles again. After that, press the trigger to turn on the saw. You can now move the saw close to the plank and start sawing.
  • Ensure that your hands are away from the blade and do not be distracted while using the Compound Miter Saw. Do not exert any pressure on the blade, or else the blade may shatter. There may be a minor kickback, so you should be prepared for it.
  • Remember that cutting too slow will splinter the wood, and cutting too fast may leave burn marks. In such a case, you need to understand the right speed for making the cut.
  • You can make different types of cuts using the Compound Miter Saw. You must also remember that while making the perpendicular cut, you should set the angle to 0. When you have to make the angled cut, you must adjust the angle before you make the cut. Most of the Compound Miter Saws can cut at an angle of 45 degrees in both directions.

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Safety Tips

Compound Miter Saw is a very powerful tool, and you must use it very carefully. Below are some of the safety tips associated with the safe use of Compound Miter Saw.

  • Do not plug the Compound Miter Saw until you are using it.
  • Ensure that your workbench is stable and it is properly latched. You must always use clamps and good-quality blades with your saw.
  • Do not be distracted while using the Compound Miter Saw, and ensure that you are using both your hands to get the proper grip. This will also help in ensuring that your hands are away from the blades.

As a standard rule, you should avoid wearing loose clothes in the workshop. Lastly, wear your safety equipment to prevent any injury. You may also want to add a dust mask to your safety clothing to ensure that you are not inhaling the sawdust.

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