How To Use A Miter Saw? Quick and Easy Steps

Miter Saw

When it is about wooden work, the use of the right tool can enhance speed, help you get precise cuts, and make things of desire with much accuracy. Using a quality tool will enhance your performance and it will also give you room to focus on other stuffs. When it comes to cutting wood, a table saw and circular saw seems like the prominent option, but there is no in-between.

Well, you are wrong, a miter saw is the optimal choice that offers advantages of both machines. You are getting the lightweight design, ability to move your miter saw with better portability, precise cuts, and quality work done. Using a miter saw seems like the most reliable choice and most of the people are shifting to this new style. If you are willing to make fine cuts into wooden boards then you can consider buying a miter saw. It is easy to use and highly reliable.

Guide To Use Miter Saw Properly

But, what to do if you don’t know the exact method? Well, don’t worry. We are here with our quick and easy-to-follow guide for the miter saw. Without wasting any more time, let’s get started by learning about the right method to use a miter saw –

Miter Saw

1. Make Marks

A table saw has a rip fence to make you precise cut but it is a very unlikely situation with the miter saw. You don’t have any marking and it is necessary to understand what design you want. So, always make precise marking on the material. It can be anything material, wood, plastic, acrylic sheet, or soft metals. When you are marking the material, you are ensuring that you will get better cuts.

2. Positioning the Clamps

Using such a powerful machine might be risky and taking precautions is necessary. So, it is always a better choice to position the clamp to protect your hand from getting in contact with the blade. Make sure that you place the clamp at least 6 inches away from the material so that you are getting enough space to move your hand and keeping it safe from the blade. You can find a small knob that will help you position the clamp and going firmer with the use of a miter saw.

3. Prepare your miter saw

The blade must be sharp before use. If you are using an old or rusty blade, then it increases the risk, and chances of getting the precise cuts are less likely. So, always clean the miter saw blade and ensure that there are no rust signs on it. You can adjust the miter and bevel now. You can follow the manual guide from the manufacturer of miter saw you are using. Following the manual will make things easier and quicker in many ways.

4. Saw

Turn on the blade rotation by using the power button. Before turning on the blade, it is important to place the cutting material under the miter saw. When you are placing the material, adjust the position accordingly and use clamps to secure it in one place.

Now, use the handle to pull the blade down on the material and make a cut. Do not move fast and try to have patience for the first time cutting. Go slow and after having a little cut, move the blade up and check the material. If the machine isn’t aligned perfectly with the marks, you made earlier, then make adjustments.

5. Making Angle Cuts

Chances are higher that you will use a miter saw for angled cut more than anything else. No doubt that miter saw is well known for angled cuts. Once you have placed the cutting material, it is time to make some adjustments. You can use the miter knob and loose it to make adjustment with the angle of blade. Choose the desired angle and start cutting. This method is also same but you will be placing clamps slightly differently this time.

Bottom Line

While using the miter saw, it is necessary that you follow the manuals by the manufacturer. When you are using the method mentioned by the manufacturer, chances of facing issues are lower and you can make better cuts with ease. There are many tricks that you can follow while using the miter saw but learning the basic by making fine cuts on a wooden material is enough to get started.

Meanwhile it would be a better choice to use all the safety gears to prevent yourself from any cuts. Most people avoid using safety equipment like gloves and eye wears. The debris from wood goes in air and it can easily get inside your eyes, ears, and or cut you. So, it is always essential to buy quality safety gears while working with a miter saw.

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