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Ever have a hard time reaching the top branches of the tree while trimming them down. Every one of us has such times. However, you don’t have to worry as a pole saw can do just the right job for you. A pole saw is designed to cut the thick branches or the vines of the trees and plants that can’t be reached with the pruning saw.

Using a pole saw is quite an easy task if you know how to handle it and run it smoothly. We here will take a look at how to use a pole saw and make the best use of it. Read along.

How to Use a Pole Saw?

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Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a pole saw without having to worry about calling in a professional again.

Clear the work area

  • The first step starts with the clearing of the area where you’re intending to trim the branches. You wouldn’t want the branch to fall onto someone or something or worse at someone’s else property. This is why you need to analyze the branches and finalize the working area. Clear the area of any obstructions and keep your things away from the area. Also, make sure to let the kids know about staying away from the work area.

Analyze the tree and plan the cut

  • The next step after the clearing of the area is to identify the tree branch that you need to cut. Make sure you analyze the trees and see which of the branches needs a cut. Once you have decided on the branches then you have to plan the type of cut that you want to make. Be sure to decide pre-hand about whether you’ll need a horizontal cut or a diagonal cut.

Set the position of the saw

  • Now when you’ve cleared the area and also have planned the cut for the tree the next step is to set the position of the saw. You can do so by taking hold of the saw by both of your hands and then place it in a vertical position to the branch. You can also make sure to check the weight and the control to make sure that the position is suited for the cut.

Set yourself in the position

  • The next step thereafter is to set yourself in the position. Since you already have the saw in hand and have placed it aligning with the branch, next up you have to position yourself at the right posture. Make sure that you hold the end of the pole saw at your chest level. This will give you the leverage of the angle when you cut the branch.

Start to cut in a groove motion

  • Once everything is in place and you’ve set everything out, it’s time to cut the branch and the twigs. You need to start by moving the saw in controlled slow strokes at the first. Make the mark with the slow strokes as it will give you the leverage to cut deeper and faster. Then perpendicularly move the blade on the grove. The first few strokes will be harder to position but once the motion sets it will become easier.

Finish cutting off the branch

  • Once you have set the groove motion in action and have had the first few strokes then you can continue the cutting in the motion. Your speed will likely increase with the cuts and will become easier. Make sure to do the pull stroke at the end when you’ve reached the last part of the branch. The pull stroke will allow the branch to fall off.

Clean the working area

  • When you’ve cut the branches and the twigs with a pole saw, there is bound to be a mess around. It’s normal and that is why we had recommended the clearing of the area before putting it into work. Once you cut the branch then you should clear the area and collect all the twigs and branches. Clean the area so that no twigs or anything is lying around as it may harm you or your family.

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Safety Tips while using a Pole Saw

Always make sure that you follow safety precautions while using a non electric and electric pole saw. Here are some of the safety norms that can keep you and your family safe:

  • Always keep the work area clear and avoid having any kids playing outside while you are about to use a pole saw.
  • Make necessary adjustments and mark the area where it will fall so that you can retreat to safety.
  • Do not rush into sawing as it may in turn break the branch and it may fall off.
  • Never saw any trees or branch nearby or with the power line.

Whenever you use a pole extension then make sure that it’s sturdy.

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