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How To Use Portable Band Saw? – Step By Step Guide For Beginners

In the power tool industry, a miter saw, circular saw, and portable band saw is the most prominent option. Using any of these tools helps in speeding up the workflow and having an excellent working experience on any project. Most people are shifting to power tools and a portable band saw is one of the top choices among users. A portable band saw has rotating two rollers which are spinning a large blade on its axis. There is a powerful motor rotating it and you can easily cut any material throughout the blade. The machine is simple to use, and you can find several kinds of variants in the same. You can choose a portable band saw which works on battery power whereas you can also go with the corded version, both are excellent.

Guide To Use Portable Band Saw

Portable Band Saw

If you are working for the first time with the help of a portable band saw, going through the manuals alone is not an adequate choice. One should follow all the key aspects to avoid facing any trouble. Here in this guidepost, we are mentioning the right method to use a portable band saw with quick tips.

1. Know The Capacity

A portable band saw is designed to cut wooden material into small pieces. If you are not sure that what your band saw can do, then you can learn about it from the manual. Cutting metal, plywood, hardwood, plastic, PVC, and such other material is easy. Before using the tool, you should know that what you can cut using the portable band saw.

2. Get Familiar with Parts

A portable band saw has several key parts that you should learn about. Getting familiar with the parts name of a portable band saw will ease us to make a perfect guide for first-time users. You should know that where the motor is, where are the triggers, what are the main switches to operate, rip fence and more. You can search online about the parts name and learn with ease.

3. Preparing The Saw

If you have decided that what material you will be cutting, then you have to align the material with a portable band saw blade. You can cut anything, wood as well as metal. You can find band saw shoe meeting with the stock and have close contact with the surface. Maintain the same throughout the cut to get precision.

4. Make Marks

There is nothing more important than making marks on the material. If you are experienced in cutting different type of material using other power tools then you might risk without marks. But, having some extra marks on the surface will be good enough to cut through the different material safely and having excellent usability.

5. Clamp The Material

You need to fasten the material to a table so that it doesn’t slip while cutting. You can use a different kind of clamps while cutting the material into small pieces. There are many ways to hold the material in one place and the easiest one to always go with clamps. On the cutting outline, you can make firmer cuts when the material is guarded with clamps. But, if you want to work directly, then you need someone to hold the material from a distance.

6. Start Cutting Through Material

Use triggers to turn on the portable band saw to start cutting. When you are using the machine for the very first time, you should try it on test materials. Make small cuts and do not hold the trigger if you are having issues with grip on the portable band saw. Once you have a firmer grip on the tool, start cutting through and go slow.

7. Finish The Cut And Ensure Safety

You can make fine cuts using the power tools and to finish this job, cut through all the outline you draw with a pencil. While cutting, you should wear safety gears to prevent your body’s sensitive parts to expose to harmful dust of wood and other materials. The small particles can travel to the lungs through the air and they can hard your body in several manners. So, always wear protective gears like eyeglasses, dust mask and more.

The Final verdict

If you are using a portable band saw and you have rented it, you can search for the particle model online and find out the right way of using it. Always make sure that you use power tools that are reliable and have safety features. During the purchase time of a portable banding saw, you must check the motor power, rotation speed of the blade, and other safety parameters to grab the right deal. We hope that you have an excellent experience learning the use of a portable band saw.

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