How to Use a Scroll Saw?

Scroll Saw

Many projects require you to carve the cut-outs or design. It can get challenging to accomplish that with the hand and a chisel. The best way to get this done is to use a scroll saw. The Scroll Saw has a thin blade that can help you with curves and corners. It is the only tool that can help you with minute inlay work. Apart from the inlay work, Scroll Saw is used to design musical instruments and make dovetail joints. Scroll Saw is something that you will find in every enthusiast’s workshop. It can help you make wooden toys, maps, and decoration pieces, and it can even help you make cut-outs.

If you have purchased a Scroll Saw and if you are trying to understand how to use the Scroll Saw efficiently, then we are here to rescue you. We have listed the detailed steps that would help you in using the Scroll Saw quickly.

Tools Required

Let us first talk about the tools that you would need to use the Scroll saw. We have listed them below, and you can ensure that everything is ready.

  • Ear Protection
  • Respirator
  • Safety Glasses
  • Scroll Saw
  • Scroll Saw Blades
  • Spray Adhesive

We have listed the spray adhesive as that can help you in combining different materials. The spray adhesives are quick to dry, and it reduces the wait time by a significant factor. You can go ahead and buy extra blades for the Scroll saw as well. The scrolls saw blade is very thin, and hence it is also easy to break. Having extra Scroll Saw blades would ensure that you do not have to stop the work. Let us now move ahead and look at the steps of using the Scroll Saw.

Steps to Use a Scroll Saw

Scroll Saw

We always recommend you to know the tool properly before you start using it. Some of the essential components of the Scroll Saw include blade tension knob, sawdust blower, focus light, drop foot lock knob, throat plate, drop foot, and sawdust exhaust. The sawdust exhaust and the sawdust blower are for getting rid of the dust generated during the working. Apart from this, the tension knob helps you adjust the tension of the blade. The drop foot lock ensures that the material stays on the throat plate. Lastly, the speed control knob helps you control the speed of the blade. Check out the other steps now.

  • You need to first mark the cuts on the material and ensure that you are precise with it. Once the markets have been made, you can make other adjustments like the blade tension, speed, and vacuum port.
  • Start the saw and start pushing the material to reach the cut marks. Turn the material as and when required to get the right design. Always ensure that you are moving the material forward when you are making turns, or else the blade can get damaged.
  • You can make external cuts or internal scroll cuts, depending on your needs. Another way to make interior cuts is to make a hole in the material, install the blade through the hole, and then use the Scroll Saw to make the cuts.
  • If you have to cut through a stack of materials, always bind them together using spray glue, or else the blade may get damaged. Turn off the saw once it is done.

Safety Tips

There are certain safety tips that you need to follow once you are using the Scroll Saw. One of the major things here is to ensure the proper tension in the blade and to replace the blade when required. The blades can get worn out quickly, and you do not want to compromise your safety by using worn-out blades. Another safety precaution here is to ensure that you are moving the material forward while making the cuts. This way, you will eliminate the risk of the blade getting tangled and breaking.

While using the Scroll Saw, you must also wear proper safety gear, including the safety glass and a mask. The mask will ensure that the dust doesn’t get into your respiratory system. The Scroll Saw is very fast, and you should never wear loose clothes or Jewellery while working on Scroll Saw.

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