How To Use A Table Saw Safely?

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Mankind is doing great in the tools industry for the last few decades and the table saw is the most indispensable tool. Table saw is used for cutting the wood for a plethora of purposes, for instance, home furniture, cricket bat, etc. Table saw is a great innovation in the machinery sector but it must be only used by professionals or carpenters as the machine has a rotating blade and have sharp ends.

A table saw help in cutting large wooden board into the right size and reduce the efforts required. Doing the same work with a regular saw can take plenty of hours but a modern table saw is capable of doing the same work at a higher speed with much more accuracy and ensuring the best use. Learning about the right method to use a table saw is necessary for safety purpose.

Guide To Use Table Saw Properly

Table saw from different manufacturers might have different features. So, you should learn about the machine through the manual guide to learn key things about it. To begin, here are some easy to follow the step which will guide you throughout the complete procedure of using a table saw –

How To Use A Table Saw Safely?

Step 1 – Table Saw Stability

After getting your first table saw in the workspace, you should place it accordingly. Make sure that the table saw is on a firm surface and doesn’t move at all. There are small wheels that you can lock with a small liver. You can check the stability level to ensure that the table saw doesn’t move at all.

Step 2 – Know About your Table saw Capacity

The table saw has a surface of 3’x3′ and it can be adjusted to the larger size of 4’x6’ according to your need. There are many materials used in the manufacturing of table saw top and the most preferred materials are cast steel, cast aluminum or cast alloy.

Step 3 – Adjust the Blade

After checking everything, you should ensure that the material you are cutting won’t be touching the blade before the machine starts. Make all the adjustments before starting the machine. Start by adjusting the blade depth and you can choose the different height of the blade to ensure a quality cut as per your need.

Step 4 – Start the machine

Turn on the power of your table saw and make all the adjustments before that. Now place the material you want to cut and keep it few inches away from the blade. Turn on the rotation of the blade and move the wooden board toward the blade. Wear all your safety gears before doing it. When you are moving the wooden board, you can use other accessories to push the wood toward the blade. Make sure that you do not take your hands close to the blade.

Step 5 – Use Mitre Gauge for Adjustments

You can find a small mitre gauge which is required to make all the essential adjustments. You can use a mitre gauge to get crosscuts with higher accuracy. There is a rip fence next to the saw blade and it is parallel to the blade. When you are moving a wooden board through the blade, you can get the perfect cut with ease.

Step 6 – Use Blade Guards

You must use blade guards to protect your eyes and workspace from filling up with wooden debris. The small wooden particles can go inside your eyes, ears and fill the entire room with wooden dust. Having the blade guards will protect your fingers from getting into the sharp blade and the top layer on the guard is prevent all the debris from spreading all around.

Crucial Table Saw Safety Tips

Safety should be the primary objective while operating the table saw and few steps are mentioned the following –

  1. Wear safety equipment like eyeglasses so that wooden particle should not enter your eye
  2. Always take care of the power plug before cleaning and changing the blade. By following this method, you are able to eliminate the possibility of saw turned on when the table saw is being in use.
  3. The operator should always have to maintain a suitable position while cutting the wood, so that no kickback occur and the stock is not going to hit in the body by kicking in opposite direction.
  4. Using a push stick is also a major step to be safe from the blade or get a cut on hand so that we can push the wood through the blade, it will be safer for the woodworker
  5. When the blade is in motion the operator should never go near to adjust the blade or make any fence, he/she should wait for the blade to stop and then do the desired modifications or clean the blade
  6. Cleanliness is a must take a step for the safety of the person using the table saw there should be no left-behinds and sawdust.

Going through these easy to follow safety tips will ensure that you don’t end up harming yourself while using the table saw.


A table saw is easy to use the machine and requires you to pay attention to key safety factors. Following the right method and knowing about what tool you are using is the best way to avoid any accidents during work. Make sure that you choose a fully functioning table saw instead of buying an old one to learn. We hope that you have a great time using the table saw.

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