How to Use a Wet Tile Saw? – A Beginners Guide

Goldblatt G02770 Tile Wet Saw

A wet tile saw is one of the handy pieces of equipment that you can ever use. Thinking of redoing your kitchen or relaying the tiles in your bathroom or maybe redesigning the flooring at the front porch, wet tile saw comes of use everywhere. A wet tile saw is a perfect companion for all the tile cutting and laying works.

Relaying the tiles can be an easy task if you know how to handle the wet tile saw. But quite a few many people tend to go for constructing or relaying companies who tend to charge quite a lot. Only if you could know how to use it just like those professionals, it would be a definitive game-changer for you. Here’s us taking a look at how you can use a wet tile saw and do the professional level of work when it comes to tiling.

wet tile saw

Understand the parts of the Wet Tile Saw

When you are about to use a new wet tile saw, then having a brief idea about the various parts can be handy for you. This can help you understand the saw as a whole and make the work easier. Here’s what constitutes the wet tile saw:

  • Saw Handle: These are designed to hold the saw and move in the required direction while cutting the tile.
  • Trigger button: This button functions as the switch for the wet tile saw. When you press the button, the saw starts operating and stops when you switch off by clicking on the trigger button again.
  • Shoe of the Saw: This is the part of the wet tile saw that functions as the guide for the cutting of the tile. This allows you to maintain control over the use of the saw and also keep the blades on the tile.
  • Rubber Mat: This is an additional tool that comes with a wet tile saw. The main purpose of this mat is to keep hold of the device at the fixed place so that you can cut the tiles as desired.
  • Bevel Adjustment: This is the adjustment button that allows you to adjust the slide and lock it to the shoe so that you can cut the tiles into the desired shape.
  • Water Tank or Pipe: A wet tile saw needs a continuous flow of water for the operation and the safety of the user. The tanks functions as the storage option for the saw.

How to Use a Wet Tile Saw?

Once you get to know the wet tile saw, you can then easily go to the steps and use it as desired. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a wet tile saw. Read along.

1. Start by Preparation

  • The very first step in this process of using a wet tile saw is preparation. You need to start by collecting all the required supply materials for the wet tile saw. Make sure you have a wet tile saw, water, and safety equipment like a helmet and glasses. Also, make sure to have a pencil and a measuring tape for marking.

2. Measure the Tile

  • Once you’ve collected all the supplies with you then it’s time to mark the tile and the shape that you want to cut it into. Use the measuring tape to measure the dimensions and mark with the use of a pencil. Draw lines to help you overview the cut.

3. Set the position of the for cutting

  • The next step is to position the wet tile saw and adjust its position. Make sure to have a secure fit so that the machine stands sturdy and locked. If you can find a stable surface-like table then set your saw over there.

4. Fill the water tank

  • Once the position is set along with the measurement of the tile size then it’s time to gear up to cut it. For this, you need to first fill the water tank with clean water. Since the wet tile needs stream of water for the saw to cut through the tile you’ll need to fill the tank with the water.

5. Place the tile into position

  • Now once you’ve filled the water tank then it’s time to place the tile into position. Make sure to put the tile right underneath the saw into the fence line. If you are looking to cur the tile in a straight line then keep the tile in a straight pattern and if you want diagonal cut then place the tile at an angle of 45-degrees.

6. Switch on the saw and cut the tile

  • Once you’ve placed the tile into position now you can switch on the saw and then proceed to cut the tile. But make sure that you spray a bit of water at first onto the tile so that there won’t be any damages. Make sure that the water flow is working. Move slowly and in a rhythm to cut the tile perfectly. Make sure that you are in full control of the wet tile saw when you’re cutting the tile.

Wrapping Up

Using a wet tile saw is pretty easy and is a handy skill to learn. All you need is a wet tile saw and you can easily cut the tiles and relay the tiling at your home at a minimal cost.

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