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Husqvarna 525pt5s Pole Saw – Expert Review

Husqvarna is one of the oldest running companies in the tools world, known for gardening-related power tools. Its catalogue has a versatile range of power tools, including chainsaws, leaf blowers, pole saws and hedge trimmers. So, whether you are looking to prune your trees or clean your garden, Husqvarna got you covered. The Husqvarna pole saw 525pt5s is a popular option for trimming trees down. But is it really worth the hype? This article attempts to answer this question by reviewing its features and weighing its pros and cons.

Husqvarna 525pt5s Pole Saw Review

Before diving into the nitty and gritty of the Husqvarna 525pt5s, it is essential to discuss the types of pole saws available on the market. Pole saws typically come in gas-power, electric and battery-powered variants. Gas-powered pole saws are the most potent options on the market but heavier than others. Meanwhile, electric and battery-powered are light in weight and lack the power for professional use.

The Husqvarna 525pt5s is a gas-power pole saw that offers the maximum working height and ease to its user. Made for professional use, the tool is super comfortable to hold because of its superior balance and ergonomic design.

husqvarna 525pt5s

Features and Specs

Let’s discuss the impressive features of the Husqvarna 525pt5s pole saw:

Auto Restart Button

To ensure maximum user safety, Husqvarna 525pt5s comes with an auto restart switch as a button. It automatically returns to the original position so you can easily power on the pole saw for the next round.

Intuitive Controls

Husqvarna pole saw 525pt5s has intuitive controls, especially the position of purge and choke for easier access. Thus, any new user who hasn’t used a Husqvarna pole saw before can easily understand the mechanics and get the job done.

Telescopic Tube

One of the critical components of any pole saw is its extension rod. Most pole saws have unreliable and confusing mechanisms for extending the length of the rod. Luckily, 525pt5s uses a telescopic extension tube. This way, you can easily adjust the height of the rod to suit your needs.

Sturdy Clutch Housing and Impact Guard

Husqvarna 525t5s pole saw has a sturdy clutch housing made from magnesium alloy. It is lighter yet durable than traditional aluminium alloy casing. Also, this pole saw comes with a rear impact guard that protects the engine from wear and tear. As a result, you won’t have to spend much on maintenance and servicing.

Automatic Oiling Mechanism

Most pole saws now have an automatic oiling system to keep moving parts well-lubricated. The Husqvarna 525pt5s is no exception here.

Air Remover

Air bubbles trapped in the fuel compartment can reduce the performance of a pole saw. 525pt5s has a specialised air removal system that removes air bubbles from the fuel system and carburettor.

Air Filters and Metal Plate

Husqvarna 525pt5s pole saw further saves your bucks on maintenance. The metal skid plate attached to the engine protects your pole saw from heavy objects. While the efficient air filters keep the engine cool and free from debris.

X-Torq Engine

The X-Torq engine is a two-stroke engine innovation by Husqvarna. It offers high torque values over various rotation speeds to generate excessive cutting power. As a result, the X-Torq engine reduces fuel emissions by up to 60% and fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

The important specs are:

  • The Husqvarna pole saw has a cutting speed in the range of 3,000 to 8,500 rpm.
  • The X-Torq engine, at its peak, generates a power of 1.36 hp.
  • It wields an impressive 12-inch bar saw that can easily cut branches up to 10 inches in diameter.
  • The Husqvarna 525pt5s pole saw, excluding the weight of the cutting tool, weighs 15.4 lb.
  • Considering average arm length, this tool can cut branches 14 ft from the ground.

husqvarna 525pt5s

Pros and Cons of Husqvarna 525pt5s

All these benefits ensure the following pros:

  • Powerful pole saw made for professional use
  • Easily cut thick branches
  • Maximum working height of 14 ft

You must also consider the following cons:

  • Heavier than most electric and battery-powered pole saws
  • Needs to be close to the fuel source
  • Must be stopped for refilling fuel
  • Ear protection must be worn while using a pole saw

husqvarna 525pt5s



What’s the bar chain length?

12-inch long bar chain.

How thick of a branch can this tool cut?

Can cut branches 10 inches in diameter.

What is the maximum speed that the 525pt5s Husqvarna pole saw can reach?

Can reach the maximum rotation speed of 8,500 rpm.

What is the length of this tool?

Fully extended with the cutting tool, is 158.3 inches (13.2 ft) in length.

Is the Husqvarna 525pt5s pole saw available in electric power mode?

No, Husqvarna 525pt5s is a gas-powered pole saw specially designed for professional usage.

Do I need to add oil to the moving parts?

No, you do not need to add lubricant to the moving part yourself. It has an automatic oiling system that can do this for you.

Which lubricant do I need for the oil system?

Husqvarna 2 stroke or equivalent lubricant at a 50:1 ratio.

Is this tool suitable for homeowners?

This Husqvarna 525pt5s pole saw is not suitable for homeowners. It will surely get the job done, but it is wise to choose from Husqvarna occasional-uses pole saws for better results.

End Note

The Husqvarna 525pt5s is a powerful pole saw with incredible features. It is a decent option if you plan to buy this tool for professional use. But could be an overkill for homeowners, and occasional users, as gas-powered pole saws can be tricky to manage. Therefore, you must consider the pros and cons of this pole saw before ordering it. Now, if you’re still in the look out for pole saws in general, feel free to have a look at ;

And if you’re more interested in maintaining a pole saw well, have a read of;



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