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Jigsaw vs Circular Saw: Which One Is Better?


Jigsaws and Circular Saws are who of the most common and popular saw choice among the professionals. And though they have a clear set of functions, it is often seen that most professionals prefer buying one of them. Until you are a hardcore woodworking professional, one of these saws will do the needful. 

So, if you are also confused that which one of the Circular and Jigsaw you should go with, this article will help you choose a better saw and get the best value for your money.

Jigsaws and Circular saws are meant for making cuts, and more precisely, the Jigsaws can be used for making the curves too, which Is a hard thing to do when dealing with the circular saws. However, if you are after safety and speed, the jigsaw is not at all comparable to the Circular Saws. In all, both Jigsaws and Circular saws have their pros and cons and it is extremely essential that you know about them before making the purchase. 

How Does a Jigsaw Work?

The jigsaw has a motor that drives the narrow blade up and down. The reciprocating blade moves like a needle of the sewing machine. The motor is connected the eccentric gears which is then connected the blades. The gear are used to convert the rotatory motion to the reciprocating motion.

How Does a Circular Saw Work?

The circular saw has a round flat blade and it is used for cutting the metal or the wood. The circular saw has a motor that is connected to a gear assembly which is then connected to the blade. The torque from the motor is directly transferred to the blade and this rotates the blade. To use the circular saw, you need to first secure the material and then you need to mark the material where you would like to cut. In the next step, you need to set the depth and adjust engage the saw guard. Now, press the trigger and start cutting the material. The rotating action of the circular saw blade removes the material and makes the cut.

IN this article, we are going to compare the Jigsaws and Circular saws for those readers who are finding it difficult to choose perfect saw for their workshop. Long with the comparison, we will be talking about a few pros of both saws so that you can decide which you should go with a Circular Saw or a Jigsaw. So, stay with us until the end and we will help you to make the right decision.

Jigsaw vs Circular saw: A brief comparison

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The first aspect on which we are going to compare the Jigsaws and Circular saws is the performance. And though they both are a great performer in their respective field, the Circular saws provide better accuracy and cutting efficiency than the Jigsaws. With better design and better stability at higher speeds, the Circular saws offer better performance in different projects and if you are looking for a better performer and usability for the price, we will suggest you to go with the Circular saws instead of investing money on the Jigsaws. 


Another important thing to consider while purchasing a new saw for the workshop is usability. Regardless of your proficiency to deal with saws, it is always recommended that you choose a saw that is easier to use and manage while operating at higher speeds. And when we are talking about the Jigsaws and Circular saws, the Circular Saws are far better saws to have. The Circular saws are compact and have smaller yet sharper teeth. This makes the Circular saws safer and more reliable than the Jigsaws. So, if you are looking to choose a better one out of these saws, you should prefer going with a circular saw.


Versatility is another important thing to consider while purchasing a new and more reliable saw for the workshop. Along with the design and usability, the Circular saws also have a great adjustable feature that makes them suitable for numerous types of projects. Apart from cutting and smoothening, the different types of circular saws offer more detailed cutting and this makes them a perfect buy for the professional involved in minute detailing projects.

 Talking about the Jigsaws, the unique motion of the saw makes it cut better and longer cuts, but the cuts are not too smooth in comparison. So, whether you are after speed or accuracy, the circular saw will be a better choice for you to go with. 

Value for money

Lastly, let’s talk about the value of money. For the professionals, the quality of the cuts and usability play an important role, and these are the two points where the Circular saw scores much higher than the jigsaws. So, if you are looking to have a saw that works well for different projects and provides flawless results, the Circular saw will be a better value for money products for your workshop. So, try your hands on Circular saw and find a better saw according to your budget and brand preferences. 

Pros of choosing Jigsaw

  • Easier to use. 
  • Has a better list of features
  • Durable

Pros of choosing Circular saw

  • Has a better design
  • Faster and more accurate than the Jigsaw
  • Easier to maintain

Final Verdict: What you should choose?

In all, the final decision always depends on the projects you have and how much money you want to spend on establishing the workshop. Both Circular saws and Jigsaws have pros and cons and have their categories of buyers. However, if you are looking for a better value and are looking for a safer and more effective saw for your workshop that can help you create masterpieces with ease, you should consider buying the  Circular saw. They are definitely a better choice for the buyers, especially those who are involved in professional woodworking and do not have space and budget issues. 

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